Anthill Gets NEW LEVELS and is Free on App Store + GIVEAWAY

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You’ve been asking us for months and finally we’ve answered your player prayers! Welcome Antology, the new level pack for Anthill on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It launches worldwide today as an in-app purchase in the latest version of Anthill (4.1). For $0.99 (or the equivalent) you get 8 fresh levels and a new Infinity Mode! And that’s not all: Anthill (excluding Temple of Bloom) is at the moment completely free on the App Store. The perfect time to introduce a friend to Anthill, don’t ya’ think?

So what has the Anthill team been up to recently? As usual they’ve gotten up to all sorts of antics, but they saved their top notch devilry for you, in form of the devilishly tricky levels in Antology. Those irksome insects are raising hell once again, and this time they’re stronger than ever before. It’s a no-brainer that General Hardass and the rest of the ants need your help. But beware: Antology is not for the faint of heart.

Just look at the new challenges stacked up against you:

  1. Ruby Tuesday
  2. How I Met Your Moth
  3. Heavy Hitters
  4. Feast
  5. Famine
  6. The Road Part 1
  7. The Road Part 2
  8. False Security
  9. Ceaseless Mayhem (Infinity Mode)

The real deal

We recommend that you play the latest campaign, Temple of Bloom, before attempting on Antology, since Temple of Bloom contains powerful upgrades for your ants. Unless your skills are more solid than the buttocks of General Hardass you’ll need the upgrades, as Antology is designed to give you long-time fans a good challenge. Or in the sweet words of Image & Form honcho Brjann:

”Even I can’t ace the new levels, and I’m one of the game’s founding fathers! It’s fr*cking tough, man!”


We listen to you and love your feedback! As thanks for your continued support we’re GIVING AWAY 5 free copies of our game SteamWorld Dig on Steam. To enter the drawing just leave a comment below with your answer to this question:

Why do you think the ants are collecting gemstones?

  • Costana Hornbaker

    Collect Gemstones for the Queen Ant stash!

    • Of course the Queen is filthy rich. But wonder what use she has for them? Comfy bed?

  • Terry Hart

    Deep in the Navajo reservations of Arizona Ants collect a gemstone called “Anthill Garnet” (or Ant Hill Garnet) this very rare garnet that is actually mined by ants.
    As the ants create their homes, they kick up dust. In this dust are pieces of garnet. When it rains, the pieces of garnet are not only naturally cleaned, but they pile together at the bottom of the anthills at a safe enough distance where they can be gathered by the native women there, the collector takes extra care not to disturb the Anthill as these are of course the hard working unpaid miners lol.
    As these “AntHill Gemstones” are only found due to the effort of ants, anything over a carat is incredibly valuable but these these “AntHill Gemstones” also give off a very unique color as well , they are known for their bright, ruby-scarlet tone, differentiated from other garnet which are generally very deep and dark, more of a dark crimson. Personally after playing the best game on the App Store “Anthill” I would love to get my hands on some of these rare gemstones lol

    • So there actually are real life ants who do this?! WOW! You just earned yourself a gem! Where can we get our hands on this special garnet?

      • Terry Hart

        Hi Julius, yes it’s true and you can easily by these believe it or not on ebay , try typing in goggle ” Arizona ant hill garnet ” there you can see photos, articles and where to buy these very rare shiny gem stones, I am loving the new levels and have already completed all many times and keep pushing to get my Ceaseless Mayhem score over 200,000

        • Terry Hart

          In case you are worried about ebay scams , there are many jewelry shops selling these , here I have found a video on YouTube advertising these AntHil Garnets …

        • Wow, just… wow! We should totally order some to our office. It’s incredibly cool!

          I’m glad you’re enjoying the new levels, and our developers think so too! 200,000 is incredible, I would never be able to make it that far! I’m actually not especially good at Anthill, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

      • Terry Hart

        Photo of some natural Anthill Garnets

  • Blair Death

    I think they are collecting gemstones because they want to made the world to a single big huge gem. 😮

    • What else? Who wouldn’t like to have a shiny gem beneath one’s feet at all times?

  • They are collecting gemstones because The (economic) Winter is Coming™

    • They’re bracing themselves for the downfall, right? Would that mean they’re hiding the world’s top economy forecasters under the anthill to be able to predict a future depression?

  • CapRussia

    Its to build a giant magnifying glass, so the ants can take their revenge upon the humans!! long live the ants!!

    • Of course! With a thousand gems they shall burn the humans to ashes! But what have we done to deserve that?

      • CapRussia

        In a time long ago, a small boy saved up his money to buy a magnifying glass, amidst the burning day, he wished to look closer upon the ants, he then realized that if the glass was warm enough the ants would BURN!!!,here our story begins, here that the dark one was born. All hope was lost, but one, one small ant survived and against all odds it reached the great clans of ant, he told them the terrifying story, and they vowed to get their revenge. Their scouts brought news of gems and what they could do, and it was here that plan ANTHILL was born, the ants would get their revenge on the dark one and his army eventually. The story has begun but how will it end?

        • You should totally become our Anthill Lore Master Assistant. It’s a great story! How does it end? Are there multiple endings?

          • CapRussia

            Even at this very moment the great seers on the ant clans are trying to decipher, and see who is the winner of this war, but they are unable to see it seems a higher force is stopping them to see the outcome, all the ants can do is collect more gems, this will be along and timeless war, for now the path to the future is hidden, day by day more ants die for the cause, and many more collect more gems, only time will tell the winner of the war.

          • Rip-roaring! PERFECTLY sets the mood for Anthill. It’s a very nice (and believable) backstory, too. If we ever release an official backstory for Anthill, would it be OK if we draw inspiration from the one you told? Of course we’ll credit you 🙂

          • CapRussia

            That would be cool, YES sure you can use my story, pleasure to help.

          • Thanks, man!

          • CapRussia

            No problem, give me a shout if anything happens

          • Will do! Thanks, again!

  • SignZ

    I think they are collecting those stones because they want to return something to the humans, especially those without huge magnifying lenses to burn those poor ants.

    • Yeah, those poor humans! 😉 Would be interesting to see how the ants would take on us giant, hairless bipedal monkeys.

  • Clarence

    They are collecting gemstones as currency to exchange for hot dogs.

  • Enrique Herrera

    Those ants are about to make a pact with the birds. It’s simple, don’t birds love shiny items? Here’s how it’ll go down: The ants offer the shiny Gemstones, and in return the birds must promise to never eat them again! And every now and then, the birds can receive Gemstones from time-to-time. Sounds like a good idea to me!=D

    • I believe you! I’m sure the ants are diplomacy experts as well as military geniuses. But now to the follow-up question: What are the birds doing with the gemstones?

      • Enrique Herrera

        Haha that’s a good one! If I were to guess, everyday birds bring these shiny Gemstones to their nests. It becomes one with the nest if I may say! ;D But why so many gemstones? I think this whole situation is a strand of follow-up questions.

        • Yeah, we can continue coming up with an infinite amount of follow-up questions until we end up where we started. What would the last follow-up question be (the one that takes us back to where we started)?

  • A giant magnifying glass is classic. It’s very Honey I Shrunk The Kids. It would be cool if they collected something to make something big for some form of end game or items. Like a leaf fort, use other bugs as a shield or weapon very voltron, hire other type of ants as mercs, or get dif queens for other colonies.

    • Oh, that would be nice! Maybe they’re planning something like that? One thing you can count on when it comes to the ants is that they’re incredibly unpredictable.

  • Are Sørum

    “Why do you think the ants are collecting gemstones?”

    They learned from their mentor, Rusty! He shared his wisdow that gemstones can be sold for money, and money can buy them all the sugar they desire!

    • Actually a very interesting idea. Are you proposing that the SteamWorld and Anthill universes are actually the same?

      • Are Sørum

        Yes, I am.

        (Small typing error in original post: “He shared his wisdom…” (not “wisdow”))

  • TriforceofLINK

    It’s because they know it’s a game.
    See, every ant in ANTHILL are actually actors, and all have low-income jobs and are forced to spend all their money on their haggy wife and bratty kids. They work long and hard hours just to barely stay afloat in this harsh ant-economy. It’s like every minute is an uphill (or should I say ANTHILL) battle. They were hired by you guys to act like they were being controlled in an awesome video game. Everything isn’t programming, its just simply acting.

    Or it could be because they’re shiny.

    • This is just between you and me: I suspect you’re right, but my boss Brjann just turns a deaf ear to me when I confront him about it. Maybe we should investigate this mind-boggling conundrum together?

      • TriforceofLINK

        I agree. Something seems fishy…

        My plan:
        We go undercover as Ants and learn their ways. Infiltrate their base and secrets, and also eat all their food.

        Lots and lots of food.

        • Great plan! When we’ve uncovered their secrets eaten all their food (and grown exceptionally strong) I think we should confront Brjann together. Right?

          • TriforceofLINK

            Not before rallying an army of the mightiest ants, of course. Only then shall our plan truly come to fruition!

          • True! Let’s bump on that!

  • Naomi

    To buy more upgrades! I have 12 stars with nothing to spend them on. The poor ants want to unlock upgraded exoskeletons!

    • TRUE! But the ants are incredibly strong now, aren’t they?

  • Thanks for your awesome entries, folks! We’re gonna decide on five winners this week and send out the Steam codes!

  • Sugi

    Anthill in android new level of what already exists

    • Sorry, I must be tired or something but I don’t exactly understand what you mean. Would you mind rephrasing your comment? 🙂

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    Michael G. Calvert
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    I hope the rest of you aren’t down in the dumps, we loved every single comment you guys left and it was awesome chatting with each and every one of you 🙂 I’m sure we’ll have a new giveaway again very soon. Keep your eyes peeled 😀