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Unveiling SteamWorld Heist HD & DLC at PAX East

Howdy, partners! SteamWorld Heist is thriving on the 3DS, and very soon the game is launching on HD platforms as well. Just as with SteamWorld Dig, seeing Heist on a big screen is simply mind-blowing. Have a look: Play SteamWorld Heist HD at PAX East PAX East in Boston is around the corner (April 22-24) , and it’s the perfect time to […]

Video: Nintendo Direct How-To – Part 1 (Background and filming)

Howdy, partners! Today we start sharing our experience on working with Nintendo on SteamWorld Heist’s Nintendo Direct appearance. We share lots of behind-the-scenes info and discuss how Nintendo Direct directly impacted development on SteamWorld Heist. In part 2 (coming this Friday) we answer your Nintendo Direct related questions in a meaty Q&A. I hope you look forward […]

Video Q&A: Steam Powered Giraffe Answers YOUR Questions

Howdy, partners! In this week’s episode of The Engine Room we pass the baton to our good friends Steam Powered Giraffe (the band behind the official SteamWorld Heist soundtrack). In the game you see the band perform songs from the album in bars and other locations scattered throughout space. Luckily for us they’re not only in-game robots; the trio exists […]

Video Q&A: Future SteamWorld Heist DLC and Platforms

Howdy, partners! Today we answer YOUR questions about SteamWorld Heist in a rich Q&A! We discuss a wide range of topics, including: DLC prospects, future platform releases, our office habits and a shipload of bad puns. Enjoy! Here’s an extended list of topics for you to choose from (including timecodes): What is the next platform for SteamWorld Heist? […]

SteamWorld Heist Sales + Language Update

Howdy, partners! I’ve got a lot of things to share with you today, so let’s get cracking. I’ll start with a question many of you have asked over the past month: Is SteamWorld Heist successful? Yes, it is! So far SteamWorld Heist is an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig. Not just in terms of sales: Reviews and community feedback are […]

Happy Holidays + SteamWorld Heist Giveaway

Happy Holidays! Thank you for a fantastic 2015. SteamWorld Heist is out and the reception has been wonderful. It’s now sitting comfortably at 86/100 on Metacritic. Something we never thought would happen. We can finally relax and are taking some time off. We will return in January next year. As thanks for your incredible support we’re […]

SteamWorld Heist Soundtrack Winners

Hi everyone! Here’s a quick update to announce the winners of last week’s soundtrack giveaway, where three digital copies of “Music from SteamWorld Heist” was up for grabs. Entering the giveaway was as simple as describing a personal dream spaceship. The winners are: The Cordyceps, because a spaceship that “includes a zero gravity zone with lots of pillows” sounds like […]

Check out the SteamWorld Heist Launch Trailer!

Howdy, partners! SteamWorld Heist launches on Nintendo 3DS on December 10th (that’s only two days away at the time of writing!). You can read up on all launch plans in last week’s blog post. But here’s a quick summary: The game launches in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on December 10th on Nintendo 3DS […]

Appear In The SteamWorld Heist Launch Trailer – Ambassador Challenge #11

Howdy, partners! The December release of SteamWorld Heist is soon upon us. Until we announce the exact release date and price point we have a new SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge for you. We’ve made sure it’s both fun and accessible since it’s the last one for quite a while. The SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge Finale We’re currently editing the SteamWorld Heist release […]