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SteamWorld Heist Screenshots Fiesta – in 3D

Howdy, partners! I hope you’re well 🙂 In last week’s Nintendo Direct we – finally! – announced that SteamWorld Heist is launching this December on Nintendo 3DS eShop in the Americas, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. At the same time we showed a bunch of new footage from the game. Here’s the new gameplay in action: While we’re preparing […]

SteamWorld Heist Update + 3DS Screenshots + Photo Contest Winners

Howdy, partners! This week I’ll address the number one question people ask us daily: “How’s SteamWorld Heist coming along?” It’s going really, really well! Thanks for asking. The game is nearing completion and fairly soon we’ll be able to send the game to Nintendo for final approval. The game will launch this year and we can’t wait to show […]

Who is Billy Gill? – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #9

Howdy, partners! ALL main characters in SteamWorld Heist (including Billy Gill) have set personalities and backstories. Compared to SteamWorld Dig we’ve fleshed out the story and character arcs extensively! It’s something we hope you’ll enjoy discovering in SteamWorld Heist when we release it later this year. But while it’s still a mystery we thought it’d be fun to hear […]

Write the SteamWorld Heist Tagline – Ambassador Challenge #8

Howdy, partners! This week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge is simple to explain but equally hard to master: We want you to write the tagline for SteamWorld Heist. As you may recall, SteamWorld Dig has the subtitle “A Fistful of Dirt” (a not-so-subtle nod to the similarly named Spaghetti Western film). We want something even better for SteamWorld Heist and firmly believe that you are up to […]

SteamWorld YouTube Series + Ancient Relic Winners

Howdy, partners! How are you? We’re right in the middle of developing SteamWorld Heist and everything’s progressing smoothly. It’s going be a lot of fun letting you get your hands on the game later this fall! Last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge turned out to be a really fun experience, and your suggestions made made us laugh and think big when […]

Create Ancient Relics for SteamWorld Heist – Ambassador Challenge #7

Howdy, partners! Up until now you have helped us create many things related to SteamWorld Heist: graphics, lore, community activities, names for locations and items… and a lot of other cool stuff. It’s been really fun for us to have you develop the game with us! A huge “thank you” from all of us at the office 😀 But we’re not […]

SteamWorld Heist: 3D Screenshots + Space Bar Winners

Hi, everyone! How are you? The entries in last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge were truly awesome. Choosing winners proved to be quite difficult. We narrowed it down to two bar names that will appear in SteamWorld Heist. Scroll down for the results. Maybe your entry is there? Today we also release six brand new SteamWorld Heist 3DS […]

Name a Space Bar in SteamWorld Heist – Ambassador Challenge #6

Howdy, partners! If you were a robot space pirate, where would you charge your batteries after a heist? To Captain Piper and her crew the answer is simple: Space bars! The space bars are water holes scattered throughout space. They’re the go-to places for steam-driven robots wanting to refill on necessary (and unnecessary) liquids. The bars are also […]

SteamWorld Heist – 3 Minutes New 3DS Gameplay + Gamescom 2015

Howdy, partners! We’re back from vacation and are ready to rumble! We kick off with a new development update and show you more than 3 minutes of SteamWorld Heist on a New Nintendo 3DS XL. Watch the update vlog or check out the video summary down below. SteamWorld Heist at Gamescom 2015 Next week SteamWorld Heist will be playable on Nintendo 3DS at Gamescom 2015 […]