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Pimp Your Phone or Tablet with a SteamWorld Heist Wallpaper – #Heistuesday 21

Happy Heistuesday, friends! Last week we revealed that SteamWorld Heist is going to playable on two continents starting next month. We begin in the U.S. by visiting GDC and PAX East. Shortly after we’ll debut the game in Europe by attending EGX Rezzed in London. There we will show off the game for the first time in public. Expect to see a […]

The Recipe for Great Game Graphics is Quite Surprising – #Heistuesday 18

Howdy, partners! Thanks for tuning in this #Heistuesday! Last week we revealed some of our best kept game dev secrets. But a game is nothing without its graphics. And here to tell you more about how we create the imaginative art and characters of SteamWorld Heist is our very own guiding light of graphic design: Agnes Mikucka. Julius: Hi Agnes! […]

Game Dev Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know – #Heistuesday 17

Today we’ll continue the series of SteamWorld Heist related interviews with a look at the technical aspects of making a game. At a rather small game studio like Image & Form not every role is easily defined. We have lots to do in a relatively small team. And while we have people specializing in areas like art direction, programming and level design, […]

#Heistuesday 15: Coding Of The Heist – Meet A Game Programmer

Happy Heistuesday! This week we’re starting a series of interviews with a number of people of the SteamWorld Heist crew. We’ll interview our artists, programmers, designers and many more! A few months ago I had a chat with Markus Månsson about his stellar work on level design. Today we’ll let you delve briefly into the analytical mastermind of one of our game programmers: […]