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Enemy Alert: Meet The Scrappers

Howdy, partners! In the latest gameplay videos and screenshots from SteamWorld Heist focus is geared towards the player’s team. And rightfully so. Captain Piper and her rag-tag band of steambots are the protagonists of the game, after all. But whom they’re pointing their guns at are also of great interest. Among the first of the […]

Get Perspective! How To Choose Artwork For Your Video Game

Howdy, partners! At Image & Form we’re currently six people working on the graphics for SteamWorld Heist. Two more compared to when we developed SteamWorld Dig. The artists cooperate in a range of different areas: character design, concept art, animation, art direction, background art, cutscenes, user-interface, item design and much more.  A big team equals a multitude of ideas. Especially when it comes […]

Pimp Your Phone or Tablet with a SteamWorld Heist Wallpaper – #Heistuesday 21

Happy Heistuesday, friends! Last week we revealed that SteamWorld Heist is going to playable on two continents starting next month. We begin in the U.S. by visiting GDC and PAX East. Shortly after we’ll debut the game in Europe by attending EGX Rezzed in London. There we will show off the game for the first time in public. Expect to see a […]