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The Recipe for Great Game Graphics is Quite Surprising – #Heistuesday 18

Howdy, partners! Thanks for tuning in this #Heistuesday! Last week we revealed some of our best kept game dev secrets. But a game is nothing without its graphics. And here to tell you more about how we create the imaginative art and characters of SteamWorld Heist is our very own guiding light of graphic design: Agnes Mikucka. Julius: Hi Agnes! […]

Game Dev Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know – #Heistuesday 17

Today we’ll continue the series of SteamWorld Heist related interviews with a look at the technical aspects of making a game. At a rather small game studio like Image & Form not every role is easily defined. We have lots to do in a relatively small team. And while we have people specializing in areas like art direction, programming and level design, […]

#Heistuesday 15: Coding Of The Heist – Meet A Game Programmer

Happy Heistuesday! This week we’re starting a series of interviews with a number of people of the SteamWorld Heist crew. We’ll interview our artists, programmers, designers and many more! A few months ago I had a chat with Markus Månsson about his stellar work on level design. Today we’ll let you delve briefly into the analytical mastermind of one of our game programmers: […]

#Heistuesday 14: Gabriel “Sea Brass” Stubb

In SteamWorld Heist you recruit a team of rag-tag robots and fight explosive battles while boarding enemy space ships. A few months ago we introduced Captain Piper Faraday, the protagonist of the game. Though strong in mind and body, Piper is nothing without her hearty crew. Today we’ll introduce Sea Brass, the first of the many […]

#Heistuesday 13: SteamWorld Holiday Competition!

Howdy partners! This week we’re all out of the office for a well-deserved year-end break. But we’re still working on SteamWorld Heist: before leaving, we updated our 3DS test units with the latest SteamWorld Heist build. Six of us will be home enjoying the game over the holidays. The game is actually working most of the time, and […]

#Heistuesday 11: Your Best Questions Answered

Hi friends! Remember the t-shirt contest a few weeks ago? The three winners each gave us one SteamWorld Heist related question that will be added to the official SteamWorld Heist FAQ. But what are questions without answers? Nothing. So we sent the entries to our in-house SteamWorld lore master (CEO Brjann), who gave them the answers they deserve. And here they are! […]

#Heistuesday 7: Speed Painting + T-shirt Winners!

Happy #Heistuesday, friends! A few weeks ago we interviewed our level designer Markus about his contributions to (you guessed it) the level design in SteamWorld Heist. Today it’s time to look at other important aspects of the game, namely graphics and character design. In the video below our multi-talented graphic artist and animator Jakob shows you how to create […]

#Heistuesday 6: FAQ-ing Great T-shirt Contest

Hi folks! If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you know we at Image & Form LOVE clothes with our own brand logos printed on them. Especially t-shirts. Yes, we’re the most egocentric and narcissistic boasters in the industry (we actually installed a widened front door to be able to get our inflated egos inside the office). And a few […]