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#Heistuesday 4: Steambabies? This Is How Steambots Are Made

Steambots (just like any other species) have to reproduce in order to survive. Because steambots age, you see. And not always gracefully. Take Cranky from SteamWorld Dig, for instance. Just by looking at him you see that he’s way past his prime. Just like with human doctors, there are limits to what repairbots can achieve. That’s why steambot-kind invented […]

#Heistuesday 2: The Level Design of SteamWorld Heist

Welcome to #Heistuesday! Every Tuesday until release, we’ll introduce something new from our coming game SteamWorld Heist. This week I’d like share with you the first juicy bits on our level design. While we’re preparing to show you the first gameplay, I (Julius) sat down with our five-star level designer Markus Månson and had a chat about the challenges when working on […]

Introducing: SteamWorld Heist!

The cat’s outta the bag! Welcome, SteamWorld Heist! It’s the next game in the SteamWorld series and we aim to release it in spring 2015.  Platforms, price and release date are yet to be determined. We’ve been hard at work since last year and we think it shows. Earlier today, Brjann said with typical modesty: “It will be full of […]

Expect the unexpected on Tuesday September 16

Heading into development of the coming SteamWorld game, we decided early on to make it a big surprise. We love the unexpected. With SteamWorld Tower Defense for Nintendo DSi we gave our spin on tower defense games, and turned the “humans vs evil robots” trope on its head. With SteamWorld Dig we composed a potpourri of […]

New collab: Image & Form and Zoink

Howdy, everyone! I have something HUGE to share with all of you today. Unique things are brewing here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Two local renowned indie studios just started an intimate collaboration on self-publishing without merging. Can you guess WHICH studios? 😉 *DRUMROLL* They are: Image & Form and… Zoink! Together the two of us shall embark on a joint publishing […]