Behind the scenes: Making of the SteamWorld Heist gameplay trailer

Howdy, buddies!

We just released the first ever gameplay trailer for SteamWorld Heist, demonstrating the very core of the game. The footage is taken from a special demo stage we showcased to fans and press at GDC, PAX East and EGX Rezzed a few of weeks ago.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! 😀

What do you think? This is the first time we show the UI and the battle gameplay in action. We made sure to make the trailer the very best we could and spent a lot of time choosing just the right clips and transitions.

The process of making the gameplay is actually quite interesting. What we had to do first was to get some really nice direct feed footage of the game. What that means is that we recorded the game running on a PC so we had some shots to play around with in Adobe After Effects (the software we use to edit videos).

Our level designer Marcus handled most of the recording. He knows every nook and cranny of the game’s levels, so having him do it was a no-brainer! Most of the video was recorded using a capture device called Elgato HD60. He also used a program called FRAPS for additional shots. The Elgato proved to be a really nice tool as it easily recorded and saved video files in full HD.

We used FRAPS to record some shots for the trailer.Level designer Marcus Månsson knows every nook and cranny of SteamWorld Heist's levels. So having him record the gameplay was a no-brainer!

Once we had gathered the necessary clips our graphic artist and animator Jakob pieced everything together in Adobe After Effects (using every tool at his disposal). Jakob also adjusted the audio and animated the intro sequence.

Fixing the trailer's audio and special effects was our very own Jakob Wahlberg. Every tool is needed!Jakob has an unusual way of dealing with complex tasks like cutting video.

Making the trailer was a collaborative process. In a sense all of us and a few more helped creating it. The dev team made the demo, after all, and the rest of us provided valuable feedback and helped out in the planning phase. Even your opinions on social media more or less shaped the outcome. Thank you!

Over to you…

What do you think of the trailer?

Do you like getting a behind-the-scenes look like this?

  • MowMow789

    The trailer was great! It makes me all the more excited for the game and I love how great the art style works with the gameplay! The behind-the-scenes was cool as always but I felt the middle of trailer slightly lacked the action feel. Not the gameplay, just the way the trailer was presented if you know what I mean. This is still the indie game I’m most excited for this year though. You guys are up there with Nintendo and keep at it! 😀

    • Thanks, MowMow! Getting the pace right is very hard. We’ll definitely try to improve it in future vids! 😀

  • shauntu

    Awesome, look forward to play it on my Wii U…

  • minirop

    The trailer is another good reason to be envious of the people who played the demo at PAX/EGX. (and “Prepare for boarding” is an frigging incredible good song <3)

    • We’ll show even more in the near future, so stay tuned! Thanks for liking the music, btw! They are working hard to make it the best they can 😀

  • bui

    man, the game looks really easy in this trailer. i hope this trailer only shows the tutorial mission or something like that.

    • The game will definitely pack a real challenge. There will be several difficulty levels and many cool gameplay twists. The trailer demonstrates the very core of the gameplay.

      And yes, if this level appeared in the game it’d be one of the very first levels. Maybe not the tutorial, but maybe the third or fourth mission? The demo was made to let anyone at the expos jump in at any time and be able to get a feel for the basics 🙂

  • Fei Yang

    The game looked good. Like