SteamWorld Dig Official Original Soundtrack

SteamWorld Dig is 50% off on Steam + Release of Official OST

Howdy, diggers! Between today and Sunday we’re slashing the price of SteamWorld Dig on Steam in HALF. That means you can get your hands on SteamWorld Dig for PC, Mac and Linux for $4.99 (or the equivalent). Not only that, but in celebration of the 50% discount we’re releasing some new exciting content for you. […]

SteamWorld Dig at Retrospelsmässan in Sweden

On May 3rd SteamWorld Dig will be playable at the retro game convention in Sweden called Retrospelsmässan. It’s Scandinavia’s largest convention for retro gaming and takes place in Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg. As a visitor you can try retro games, buy merchandise and participate in gaming competitions. Many other exciting events will of course take place […]

Breaking news: SteamWorld Dig about to get big update, will be renamed “Real-World Mining Simulator”

Hi again! We at Image & Form are pleased to announce a major update to SteamWorld Dig that will take effect later this evening. “This new update means that we’ll totally revamp the acclaimed gameplay and graphics in SteamWorld Dig,” beams excited CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “Rather than focusing on steam-driven robots in a steampunk Western […]

Welcome to our office

Welcome to our office here at Image & Form. We realised we didn’t really have any great pictures so we brought in a photographer who took some pictures. And we thought we’d share them with you! Hope that you liked the pictures and that it gave you an insight on how it is working at […]