SteamWorld Dig hits GOG and Humble Store!

When it rains, it pours… and now it’s a veritable love torrent. 🙂 SteamWorld Dig is now also available through and Humble Store. Those two are not affiliated, but we thought it’d be nifty if we could get the game out there roughly at the same time. We’ll see if we’ll add other DRM-free […]

SteamWorld Dig coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in March, 2014!

We here at Image & Form are very proud to officially announce the release of SteamWorld Dig on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will launch on PSN this March. More exact release date will be announced soon. “We are thrilled to present SteamWorld Dig to the PlayStation community,” beams Image & Form CEO […]

Version 1.09 of SteamWorld Dig is live on Steam

We’ve recently released another patch for SteamWorld Dig. It is out now on Steam. Besides a few more added languages we’ve also added a scaling option for the UI that makes details like the map more visible. Hope that you enjoy the changes we’ve made! Detailed patch notes for version 1.09 are: Added Brazilian Portuguese, […]

Welcome to our new webpage!

Very welcome to our completely remade webpage! Our goal here is to have a tool to bring you news, insights and funny stuff from the creative minds from us here at Image & Form. Our vision is to share information about the games we’ve made and the games that we plan to do. You will […]