They may look like waste, but they can make a steambot rich!

Create Ancient Relics for SteamWorld Heist – Ambassador Challenge #7

Howdy, partners!

Up until now you have helped us create many things related to SteamWorld Heist: graphics, lore, community activities, names for locations and items… and a lot of other cool stuff. It’s been really fun for us to have you develop the game with us! A huge “thank you” from all of us at the office 😀

But we’re not done with the SteamWorld Ambassador Challenges. Far from!

This week’s challenge…

SteamWorld Heist is set in a post-apocalyptic future where there are no signs left of the human race. Some strange human item can still be found at certain shops, though. These items are referred to as “ancient relics” and go for ridiculous prices!

Ancient relics look a lot like everyday stuff from Earth in 2015. Like smartphones, keyboards or nuclear toasters. But they can also be simpler objects like potato peelers or preserved rolls of toilet paper.

Ancient human communication devices.

Ancient human communication devices.

We want you to describe an ancient relic we can put into SteamWorld Heist. Your relic should have a unique name, look, short description/backstory and not be bigger than a small TV or smaller than a pen. Our artists and writers will look at each entry and draw/write the ones they feel fit the game the most. You don’t have to draw your relic but are of course welcome to upload a quick sketch if you want to 😀

What you win…

If you win you’ll become a SteamWorld Ambassador and be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. The ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

How to enter…

Describe your relic (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your idea by Sunday August 30th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll reveal the winner in next week’s blog update (Tuesday). By submitting your ideas you give us the right to freely use them in our products and services. We reserve the right to judge if the winning entry appears in SteamWorld Heist or not.

You are completely free with your relic suggestion, but let’s keep it safe for work and enjoyable for everyone. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • Cameron

    *Ahem* The Goggles of Red Strain. It is an odd, red and black headset that looks like it should strap on your head, but doesn’t. Some have been found with two legs that we presume are supposed to be placed on a table, most likely so you can look into it. Historians believe it may have been some kind of torture device, but they are unsure exactly as to how to use it, since there doesn’t appear to be any way of turning it on.

    (It’s a Virtual Boy)

  • The Geek Guru

    What else describes our time? Our relic would be a “selfie stick”. 🙂

    • Haha xD It actually look like us!

      • The Geek Guru

        I tried lol

    • PersonSP

      That;s way too amazing for words. Like seriously dude, woah, epic. (<Best words I could find, it's a brilliant idea!)

      • The Geek Guru

        Thank you 🙂 I enjoy these contests so much!!

        • PersonSP

          Me too!

  • gerb1977

    The Ancient Steam – The oldest known steam powered robot. It had a long skinny trunk on its front with 3 spikes that we believed was used as a whip for protection against other ancient predators. It moved by shooting steam out of many little holes on the bottom to make it hover while shooting a stream of water out of a nozzle for propulsion. It had a special dial that could be set to match its clothes so it was always fashionable.

    (Electric Iron)

  • Peace Boy

    Rusti U. It looks like the Wii U GamePad but the only visible logo part is the second i and the U(just an idea), so the Steam bots called it a Rusti U.
    Did I do this right?

    • QuixoticRocket

      I was thinking something like this but for a 3DS 🙂
      Maybe there should be a platform specific artifact for each platform?

      • Peace Boy

        Yeah! That would be fantastic! 🙂

        • Sweet ideas 😀 @Peace_Boy:disqus @QuixoticRocket:disqus

      • Whymper

        agreed !!

      • PersonSP

        That’s a great idea!

  • jesse piensalmi

    Rusty barrel with googel eyes

  • Cakehunter

    A stack of knowledge.
    A collection of what seems like rectangular pieces of a cloth-like material stacked on top of each other, and then connected on one side. Each piece contains unique inscriptions. Archeologists believe that it might have been a method of storing knowledge or information.
    (This is obviously a book)

  • Shape

    Steam Reservoir Auxiliary Canister: Humans used this device to recharge their own power sources by, as rumors have it, drinking H2O or ‘Water’ as they called it. One of these canisters could dispense enough ‘Water’ for a entire family of humans.

    It’s a Brita water filter/pitcher.

  • Carl Gustavsson

    “Maroska dolls”. What appears to be wooden dolls that looks like a person in strange clothing who appears to have been sliced clean in the middle and with the inscription “Maroska doll” under it with some of the letters scraped off. When you shake the dolls it makes a sort of rattling sound and upon opening them, (yes, they can be opened by carefully lifting of the top of them) you find a smaller one inside with a different color scheme. You can also open that one and inside you will find an even smaller one! Supposedly they might have been used as prototype models for the military to somehow put a person INSIDE another person and perhaps help maneuver the first person and make them fasterand stronger, similar to how robots can operate other machines. Maybe it was to make the frase, “two heads is better than one” actually viable but with several people and bodies instead of just heads.

    (Matrjosjka dolls)

  • The Geek Guru

    The Hand of GUT (God in Swedish, but you know this already, lol)

    I think this is a must since most of us feel like Steam World Dig is the be all end all. 🙂 So Gut would of course be Rusty. So we have to liken Rustys hand and pick axe to that of Thor’s Hammer.

    • Jihad Laamiri

      Gud is actually god in swedish, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 😛

      • The Geek Guru

        When I looked it up before I did it. This was what I found so I used it. (See last one)

        • Must be a non-Swede spelling that one, Geek Guru! xD “The Hand of God” would be called “Guds Hand” in Swedish. Since you and me love real football so much, I have an anecdote for you:

          The “Hand of God” phrase was put to good use when Maradona scored his infamous “header” in the FIFA World Cup 1986 match between Argentina and England. He lunged forward, but being very short he realized he wasn’t going to reach the ball with his forehead – and instead discreetly punched it in with his fist. The referee wasn’t in a spot good enough to catch the misdemeanor, and the goal was approved to the dismay and heavy protests from the English players. Watch it here:

          When asked about the incident after the game, Maradona promptly dismissed it by saying that it must have been God that directed his hand. Some clever journalist added with some sarcasm something along the lines of “If God doesn’t know the rules of football, he should stay off the pitch.”

          To Maradona’s credit, it should be mentioned that he scored one of the finest goals in history just four minutes after the Hand of God goal, when he outran and tricked half of the English squad before netting behind Peter Shilton. Argentina won the game 2-1, became World Champions, and Maradona was named the greatest player in the world.

          A fellow Argentinian player – who’s arguably the best footballer ever – is Lionel Messi, whose style in many ways resembles Maradona’s. Amazingly, in 2007 he repeated the Hand of God in a game against Espanyol…

          …and got away with it. Incredibly similar!

          So the question is… is God from Argentina? And while helping people is nice, isn’t it a bit unfair? 😉

  • Agentdave7

    “Ahh… *Sigh* This device will never get old, well at least its name won’t. It kept your great-great-great-great …grandfather and his friends entertained for countless hours. This handheld device was revolutionary when it was released. Not only did it display stereoscopic 3D visuals, it did so without the use glasses. This is the last model made in the series. It’s called a new 3DS XL. I’m not sure if you’d still call it “new” though. It’s fairly rusty.”

    I’d really like to see a system in the 3DS family or the Wii/Wii U appear in the game. Especially since I’ve seen artwork of Rusty holding a GamePad, etc.

  • Phoibos

    “Better re-establish old ideas” – Back in the old days, when our ancestors didn’t know about using steam as a power source, they helped themselves with these small acid-filled packs, capable of storing energy……. As one could read in my glorious wordplay it’s of course a battery, probably a chunky 9-volt-battery.

    • Юрий Константинов

      not a battery, an entire Black Knight UPS.

  • Юрий Константинов

    Scratched N-Gage

    This silver N-Gage with a horribly scratched screen belonged to the kid who grew up to build the first Steambot (well, replace a regular bot’s battery with a steam engine). (DM me on FB if I won, I’ll be notified, I mostly use FB for signing into forums)

  • Tobbe1891

    “The emergency foam erupting container.” Give this small sealed metal cylinder a good shake and use the small metal tab to unlease the foam eruption. Will blow out any fire (including lava) within a few meters. It will also confuse most enemies and make them dizzy.

    What? A can of beer, of course. Preferrably a can of Tuborg, with the classic Storm P-drawing that was common in Sweden in the 70-ties and 80-ies. Hvornår smager en Tuborg best? Hvergang!

  • Goombasareawesome

    I have a couple
    The Source Of Life: It’s thought to be the answer to where all that exist come from because it seems to produce metal at will (In reality its a common stapler)
    The Control Glove:A fashion accessory with buttons on,What it was used to control is anyone’s guess(The Power Glove)

  • Jeremy Swarlos Branda

    The Lock Obliterator or The Master Key. It’s just a giant novelty paper clip that is used to pick locks open. Comes in multiple colors.

  • Barl0we

    Window to the Void: This ceremonial headdress sits uncomfortably on the face of the user, blocking all view of the outside world. It is believed that wearing this would allow primitive peoples to commune with their gods. This particular model of a Window to the Void has a pair of headphones attached. The total sensory deprivation experienced by covering one’s ears while covering the eyes might have been a more effective way of communing with one’s gods. (It is a VR headset)

  • Mikiri

    The Magic Portrait Maker: This strange handheld device takes momentary images of events in front of its optics and then makes them appear on flimsy cloth. (either a polaroid camera of an old Gameboy with the camera and printer attachments)

    The Unfireable Warmth Gun: A strange weapon-like object that seems to produce heat when fired but not enough to effect robots. It is thought to be the way that ancient beings kept warm in space. (It’s a heat gun. Or a hair drier if you really want)

  • Atticus Albright

    The dominion block. This strange button covered object seems to radiate an aura of great power. However, no one can seem to remember where they last saw it. ( By the way, it’s a television remote)

    • ZombiNight

      Cool ideas!

      • Atticus Albright


  • Saint Killjoy

    I want to win this one very badly… GAME ON!

  • Truemoocow

    The Piston Cat: A bronze mechanical cat. Was once owned by a proud robotic dictator before his demise. The cat is missing an eye, which is a small, red ruby. The cat runs on steam and at one time looked adorable. However, the cat is weaponized. If threatened, its claws can extend, and it’s robotic tail can spin so fast it can hover. It’s main line of defense, however, is its supersonic Meow, which can disrupt communications and even fry robotic circuitry.

  • Puzzle Cube (Rubix Cube) – An ancient, mysterious block of colors that can be twisted and turned in any direction. Some say that when the puzzle is solved, a great knowledge is passed down unto the beholder. However, some of the color plates seem to be missing, thus rendering the cube unsolvable.

    Idol of Decision (Bobble Head) – This small figure, likely crafted in the form of some ancient humanoid god, vibrates with a strange energy. The head shakes back and forth in disapproval, or nods up in down in agreement, at the slightest tremor. The shiners clearly had much more power back in their heyday than once suspected.

    Chanting Micropterus (Singing Bass) – This strange scaled creature from primitive times seems to have been mounted on a small wooden plaque long ago, but appears to still be alive. When it senses movement, it begins to speak a garbled tongue and thrashes around uselessly. He has seen better days, surely.

    • Gino Seconnino

      Love the descriptions

    • Awesome entries 😀 😀

  • mirkosp

    Hamburger – Unlike robots, which need only water and fuel to function, it seems that humans also needed something called food to be able to live. Unfortunately, not much of such “food” seems to have stayed intact to this day, aside from this one patty between bread slices. Silly humans, nothing that decays can be trusted!

    Obviously based on this:

  • Gino Seconnino

    The Holy Grill

    Look: Nobody is really sure what the Holy Grail looks like. Maybe it looks like a car radiator grill, or a barbecue grill, or maybe even a George Foreman Grill (lol)


    Dismissed by many as merely myth, the Holy Grill still holds a place in popular imagination. Believed to have mystical powers, the Holy Grill was the most important relic sought after during the age of chivalry. Whether it is myth or history, it is still one of the most coveted treasures. Some traders claim to be in possession of the true Grill and might be willing to part with it for the right price.

  • Gino Seconnino

    The Holy Grill

    Dismissed by many as merely myth, the Holy Grill still holds a place in popular imagination. Believed to have mystical powers, the Holy Grill was the most important relic sought after during the age of chivalry. Whether it is myth or history, it is still one of the most coveted treasures. Some traders claim to be in possession of the true Grill and might be willing to part with it for the right price.

    • PersonSP

      The pun is strong with this one XD

  • Gino Seconnino

    (or “Persuader” if that’s too graphic)

    This ancient torture device is a throwback to a crueler age. Robotimizers have been illegal for centuries but can still be found on the black market. Pirates will think twice about messing with you if you have one of these equipped.

  • shauntu

    The Lubrication Can — A plastic holder of liquid lubricant with a funnel in front, used to splash the lubricant on the subject for purposes unknown and deviant. In some languages called a Lota or a Bidet.

  • Bullminator

    Old rusty grinder-It has been a legend that humans were griding their daily fuel, before the invention of the steambots, who did that for them.
    This old relic reminds us of a old past, when steambots were still slaves to humans. Showing this item to a merchant in any shop will cause you to have a 5% discount on any purchase.

    *The item should look like a grinder, but upper part should be totaly in rust and lower wooden part would look like a stone wood.*

  • PanzerVaughn

    Pocket Bio-dome – “The small cylindrical containment unit holds a selection of flora and fauna from the ancient world. No one dares remove the protective matrix sealing the unit for fear of unleashing its primordial contents. The resilient lifeforms have survived ages locked inside the unit, imagine what havoc they could wreak if set loose!”

    Its a jar of bugs, maybe a twig or two, with a rubberband and cloth over the top.

  • Atticus Albright

    Wealth indicator. It would seem that rich ancient shiners would flout their tremendous water reserves to neighbour s by displaying it in these glass containers, even allowing other organisms to pollute the water to further exaggerate this fact. ( A fish tank, possibly with a frozen fish)
    Also, as the leader of the royalists is probably both very rich and vain,is it possible that they have a huge aquarium in their office to mock the poor?

    • Atticus Albright

      Almost forgot, I drew an appallingly bad sketch of the fish tank idea with frozen fish. I apologise for my utter lack of artistic talent

  • Whymper

    The Heisters Guide to the Galaxy-A torn up old book with the words heisters guide to the galaxy faintly imprinted on it and underneath picture of the solar system and at the very bottom a name which is Cogless Adams if you didn’t realise already this is a parody of the book a hitch hikers guide to the galaxy by Douglass Adams which is one of my favourite books of all time and I think it would be hilarious to see it In steam world heist.

  • Atticus Albright

    Sorry about the number of entries, this is just really fun!
    Mysterious meal: From unknown origins this culinary concoction has been found remarkably well preserved in the vacuum of space. It’s wrappings indicate that the previous owner had a perchant for items of headgear… ( The sandvich edible device from TF2)

    • No worries! I’m glad you enjoy it 😀 Keep em coming if you like!

  • QuixoticRocket

    Ony Alkma.
    A strange plastic box that opens to hold a smaller plastic box of ribbon. There seem to be some buttons that have long since stopped functioning. For some strange reason there seems to be an attachment to wear on your head. Perhaps it was some sort of fashionable ribbon dispenser for sewing parties.

    It’s a Sony Walkman with cassettes and headphones only some of the letters have worn off and the batteries are long dead.
    Alternate name could be “Fashionable ribbon dispenser”

    Heck.. these things are already ancient artifacts 😉

  • Quomenic Diquero

    “The Omnipotent Figure” or a store manikin. There could be a group of people that believe that the manikin is actually a God and they worship it. Then you can raid their ship in the game and find the manikin.

    • Really cool name!

      • Quomenic Diquero

        Thank man!

        • Quomenic Diquero

          Idea of what it would look like.

  • Whymper

    the throne of urinal- a chair that sells for a lot in the steam world universe and only very rich robots have such a luxury it is a very comfortable chair none of the robots know exactly where this ancient relic has come from but what they do know is if one of these is found in outer space it is a very valuable find.
    (of course its just a urinal)

  • Youabra

    The Army Bot (Yes, is a pun for amiibo)
    This ancient figure looks like it can be placed in certain machinerie, but it doesn’t look like the current technology can use it. Strangenly , just by looking at it, it feels like its value can rise and drop in seconds.

    Good luck to all :3

  • Atticus Albright

    Botched visual enhancer: It seems that some elderly shiners were unable to properly maintain their sensory circuits resulting in inserting new optical lenses a few inches away from the desired location. This problem was soon overcome by using scrap metal to secure the wonky lenses in a frame joined to the audio receptors. ( a pair of glasses)

  • effinlolz

    I don’t have an idea, but that trophy in the picture above looks a lot like the Heisman trophy. I think that’s the easter egg.

  • Virtuous Lumox

    A can of SPAM. but since it’s so old the Steam Bots had to guess at what SPAM stands for and came up with Steambot Portable Articulation Material. It has multiple uses (like real SPAM) and the in-fiction use is a Steam Bot rubs the meat on their joints and elsewhere. It can give a buff (permanent or temporary/reusable) to a characters movement speed, dodge chance, etc. because of the eternally greasy substance. Or it can give a concealment buff or initiative buff against organic enemies because it makes the Bot smell organic. Obviously, for licensing concerns, the Imageform devs can play with the name.

  • Carol Lepoudre

    The robots find an old spittoon which stands the test of time since it is metal. They think it is a hat!

  • Gabe Vangilder

    Before the dawn of steam robotics mankind created the genesis Cog a device that could create anything using nanotechnology steam technology the cog created mankind’s first steambots but this great technology became too much for mortal man too bear and was lost in time through humanities many steam wars using the cog if any creature being human or steamboat got there hands on this artifact again he could use it to bring peace to the world or create great creations and steambot armies

    • Thanks for the entry, Gabe 😀 Really fun reading it!

  • Atticus Albright

    The holy manuscript: Manafactuists believe that these blueprints and hole ridden planks are evidence that we steamboats were created by ancient shiners as this supposed machine would path the way for the first semi intelligent bots which would later become the planets dominant life form after the Armagearddon. However, all sensible steamboats dismiss this concept as a load of space junk. ( The blueprints and punch cards from Charles Babbage’s Analytical engine)

  • MowMow789

    This is an awesome challenge! I’ll try to enter if I can but I usually miss deadlines. I’m brainstorming some ideas now on my ipad. I’ve also got back to editing the SteamWorld Wiki and there’s quite a bit to do.
    I’ll post my finale design here when it’s ready! 😀

    • That’s so cool 😀 Hope you make it this time 😀

  • Your entries are AWESOME! 😀 You have until Sunday to enter if you’re still figuring your submission out.

  • TheGamingWolf

    there are some awesome entires here XD although it seems someone already done the “cube of rubix” anyway.
    The prophet: this large black ball seems to have been used by humans long ago to give advise and make decisions the humans just couldn’t do (its a magic 8 ball) anyway can’t wait to see what else appears.

  • AdamRoffel

    Poutinie-winnie: a magically preserved food item (in English: hotdog on a bun with stringy fries, gravey, and cheese curds) from a distant world (much like, you guessed it, Canada). It is unknown how it ended up here, but rumors say only the chosen one can eat it and receive it’s powers, preserving the relic within the body of the chosen one. All other die a horrible, untimely death.

  • Anubis316

    I think it would be awesome to have the console/device that is is being played on be a “relic” in each game. So obviously this would be different on different consoles, but it would be fun. Otherwise “Lo Real” It looks like a plastic tube of hair gel. This was used to protect the human’s head from the sun and acid rain.

  • Rasmus Vesik

    Coat Hangar or Coat Hangr
    “People used to store all of their clothes in the Coat Hangar. We have no idea how to use it today but there was probably some special trick to it.”
    Basically it’s a coat hanger with a trashed out e and then they think it says a there instead for a unlimited supply of clothes.

  • Orion Hermans

    What about this for an artifact: a grammophone. I’m talking about the non-electric kind. It could be playing an ancient song, or maybe the song from Steam Powered Giraffe.

    The lore could be that it once belonged to the shiners, before the existance of steambots. Since the steambots, it became obsolete. After aeons and aeons it still functions, since we all know, old technology (like nokia’s and gameboys) don’t break.

  • James Ridley

    Vacuum Sealing Adhesive Unit

    It is believed these devices would be attached to the limbs of a human, allowing them to scale steep inclines or walls. Why this was done remains unclear, perhaps it was for military operations, emergency exits from tall buildings, or at social gatherings were an inebriated human would find several of them, then turn to there friends and say, “Watch this!”.

  • LaTerry

    Plastic idol
    -An incredibly rare relic, even in the times of the humans. Research suggests that these idols were worshiped by a select group of adult humans. They were often enshrined within a plastic covering or put on display in prominent places. The idols themselves vary, there are some that are in the shape of odd, dis-proportioned humans, some in the shape of ancient animals, and one was even discovered that was either a kid or a squid. The most devout of humans had multiple idols, giving their whole lives and fortunes to obtain them. The only clue as to why they were so valuable, besides any religious practices that are long since lost to us, is a small piece of technology found in the base of the idol. It is unknown what the technology did, aside from possibly being capable of storing minor amounts of data. Oddly enough, in the majority of the idols discovered, it appeared that the technology inside had never been used.

    It’s an amiibo. Probably gave it away with that “kid or squid” reference.

  • James Kensel

    I’m thinking of an ancient Game Controller (not a Gamepad), like a basic 360 or PS layout (or a pro Controller), maybe some of the buttons could be worn away to keep it ambiguous. Call it… I dunno ‘Olden Order Instructor’ or ‘Accursed Command Giver’.

    On the other hand… Maybe a head of an old SteamBot simply called ‘Fred’?.

  • (Bloop Tooph Portable Speaker) – Humans often listened to a lot of music in the past. In an effort to carry quality sound with them everywhere they went, they invented this contraption to copy sounds from another music device to so they may enjoy high quality music on the go. Mind boggling….

  • Flatcross

    “Ström in a Can” or “The Perfect Ström”

    ‘A rare artifact of unknown origin. It makes a moist, squelching noise when shaken, and the bulging sides look like they could explode at any moment. Tales tell of entire human civilizations that fell to ruin upon the opening of one of these cans. What terrible secrets lie within, no one truly knows…’

    – A can of Surströmming; the quintessentially Swedish dish of fermented Herring. A true mystery for robots since they can’t actually smell it, and a subtle nod to the creators of the game 😛

    Possible quote upon discovering the relic: “There’s something fishy about this…”

    Images attached: an actual can of Surströmming, and my interpretation of the relic in-game

  • Whymper

    I’m so excited for the game!!!

  • Flatcross

    “Ström in a Can” or “The Perfect Ström”

    ‘A rare artifact of unknown origin, the bulging sides look like they could explode at any moment. Tales tell of entire human civilizations that fell to ruin upon the opening of one of these cans. What terrible secrets lie within, no one truly knows. It makes a moist, squelching noise when shaken.’

    – A can of Surströmming; the quintessentially Swedish dish of fermented Herring. A true mystery for robots since they can’t actually smell it, and a subtle nod to the creators of the game 😛

    Possible quote upon discovering the relic: “There’s something fishy about this…”

    Images attached: an actual can of Surströmming, and my interpretation of the relic in-game

  • Atticus Albright

    Errant navigating instrument: apparently containing ancient map data, researcher’s attempts to install astrographs were quickly scrapped as the devices are wildly inaccurate. ( A satnav that says ‘You have reached your destination’ when selected’

  • PersonSP

    I just picked some of my favourite things to turn into relics! I really love this challenge. 😀

    Waterdeflector: An ancient instrument from days when there was plenty of water. It kept steambots from getting rusty. It was so liked at one point, that it even got to mythical proportions. This one is from the later era when it was believed to enable flight. It’s got an exhaust pipe connected to it as a handle. No idea were the coal went to power it. It’s got some odd shreds in it’s mainstructure so it doesn’t fly anymore, but one can dream about the great ancients, right? (Tattered Umbrella)

    Multifunctional decoration: This rare ancient tiny green decoration is made from self restoring biomatter. It is believed to be very old, a reminder of different days even. Very popular with the richer steambots, it’s pickings can be used as an exquisite replacement for coal. Nothing better than a cozy wood fire feeling. A bit expensive, but only needs a drop of water to survive. (Tiny bonsai tree in glass bell)

    Ah, a fine mysterious piece. It has been confirmed to be an ancient time travelling device. It is said the shiners powered it by their imagination. After serious testing we discovered young steambots too can travel by it, yet no older steambot has ever been able to confirm it works. Therefore the Royalist army has put it up for sale. It is made from a brownish biomatter structure, compressed in a square. (Cardboard box)

  • Mikiri

    Ancient Ear Hat – rusted headband with slightly moveable foam triangular cones and a strange metal band perpendicular to the rest. It appears to be a hat worn by the Ancients to appear like an Ancient animal. Causes confusion when Scrappers attack. (Nekomimi Cat Ears)

    Egg Screen – When batteries can be found and plugged in you can grow small AIs on a small screen. There is no way to rescue the small AI so it will eventually die, or the batteries will. (Tamagotchi or a tamagotchi like app on a phone)

  • Valiant Corduroy

    The Pocket Pointifier

    When these strange devices were recovered from the wreckage of a Terran university shuttle dedicated for studying, they were considered useless human items and thrown in with junk from previous salvage operations. But when the energy suppliers inside the devices absorbed the radiation from the junk, it rendered the device strong enough to sharpen the points of bullets, perfect for piercing through robotic armor.

    (Handheld battery-powered pencil sharpener)

  • Valiant Corduroy

    Will there be any melee take-downs in Heist? Like moving Seabrass up to an enemy and decks ’em in the face? I think that would be an excellent risky strategy. It would be a strong, but also put your characters out in the open for the enemy turn.

    • There’s melee in the game! 😀

      • Valiant Corduroy


  • WUS| Jerk


    This mysterious artifact has been sought after from the moment it was discovered. Some say that if this object is placed on a special platform, it will come to life, granting eternal happiness to everyone that’s lucky enough to assist the event.

    PS: Am I allowed to send multiple entries? I have a few ideas that I would like to share!

  • shadowhive

    The screens of mystery
    A mysterious hinged device, it has two ‘screens’, an assortment of buttons including an oversized plus sign and a strange moveable roound stick. Pressing the buttons doesn’t do anything and it appears incompatible with current steam technology. A small cartridge can be removed from a slot, but again this does nothing.
    (A 3ds)

  • Adrian Brown

    The Geaconda is the finnest piece of art found until now. Dispite having a terrible taste for arts, some objects from the human race may be interesting for robots, but there’s no equivalent for the beauty of this exquisite painting, whose black and white details are said to express both sadness and hapiness. It was stolen from a famous museum many gears (years) ago.

    (A common sheet of paper with a QR code)

  • To this day,there’s still debate on the real purpose of this devise! Some think it was made to heat up food, others postulate it was made to dry up the air in small rooms, since it was often found in such places, while some even suggested it could have been a weapon used against some sort creatures sensible to sound, dismissing its heating properties entierly…. So we might never know what its true purpose was, but its a highly sought after item since steambots kids (wait, is that even a thing, “steambots kids”, how does that even works…?! oh well, lets just say Steambots for now, right?!) likes to pretend its a pistol and terrorised their unwary friends with a good scare, hence its most common name, THE SCREAMER, but you might also know this relic as a heatgun!!! Here’s a little sketch to help recognize it if you ever stumble upon it while searching the ancient ruins of the shiners!! Good Hunting!! ;D

  • th3potatowarrior

    The Short Staff of No Movement. A short staff from ages passed it is rumoured to have the power to stop a person in his tracks for a period of time if pressed in a specific way. It is actually a tv remote.

  • Atticus Albright

    Photosynthetic container: this tub made of compressed soil contains the one of the few know examples of living ‘PLANT matter’ ( Photosynthetic Light Absorbing Nutrient Technology) which produces oxygen vital for efficient combustion and when dried, sufficient cellulose for emergency fuel. These qualities make PLANT extremely valuable among space faring steamboats. ( A chipped and cracked terracotta flowerpot with a small sunflower growing in it)

    • PersonSP

      We appear to be thinking of similar things. 😉

      • Atticus Albright

        Indeed, but your bonsai is an awesome idea!

        • PersonSP

          Thanks! 🙂

  • Cargo Sushiimira

    Gary the 3D printed Rhino head, created by a scientist to be the first AI, Gary can see via a Kinect-like system implemented in his head, and has speakers in his closed mouth. He runs on a under-powered computer, since the scientist was poor, that causes delay and problems. He has a terrible sense of humour, only speaks sarcasticly, and hates everyone. He is kept in a glass cube, and has been turned off for years and years since he is out of batteries. He’s smart, he’s cyana-blue, he’s a rhino in glass cube.

  • Atticus Albright

    Just noticed that this is a very pikmin 2 pikopedia type challenge, were you guys inspired by that at all? Also, that toaster kinda seems fallout esq to me, anyone else?

  • PowerHouse

    Took me a bit to make but the classic digital clock: “While standing the test of time while telling it keeps moving forward, once used to wake the living is mearly a plaything by today’s standards.”

    • PowerHouse

      “Great for speedrunners”
      Finish your move in under a certain amount of time and get a bonus such as extra damage or tougher armor.”is the risk worth it”

    • PowerHouse

      Other version

  • Fabien

    Stick of Riches – Often found underneath seat cushions, this small, thin stick seems to have the ability to discover the location of ancient coins. No one has yet been able to unlock its true potential outside of its comfy environment. (DS stylus)

    EDIT: Just curious since this game will be releasing across multiple platforms… is the inclusion of such “relics” acceptable since this would be an obvious nod to the DS? Then again it IS just a stylus which isn’t really limited to the system in question. Owners of the handheld would find it funny as I’m sure we’ve all been there before!

  • DarkCoolEdge

    A special metallic edition of a 3DS that has survived the pass of time in a pretty good condition, although it is a bit rusty…
    When you boot it up you can see the logo of a a game about the robot vs. human wars…

    • DarkCoolEdge

      Its name would be Rusty 3DS

  • Galen F

    OK, I got it! The item is called Very Handy String, Aka VHS. It looks like a VHS tape and has Fistful of Cogs written on it. It could be used (if they’re supposed to be usable) as a lasso for grabbing just out of reach objects (hats etc) by throwing out a line of the film tape and winding it back in.

  • Here are the winners of this challenge. Did your entry make the cut?

  • PowerHouse

    Tho I’m late I still think this is a funny idea