Create EPIC ONE-LINERS for SteamWorld Heist and become a SteamWorld Ambassador

Create EPIC ONE-LINERS for SteamWorld Heist – Ambassador Challenge #3

Howdy, partners!

After last week’s reveal of the amazing hat design winners we thought it was time for a new SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge! Watch our CEO Brjánn introduce the challenge to you or scroll down to read the video summary.

This week’s challenge…

As Brjánn says in the video above we want you to create epic one-liners for the robots to say in SteamWorld Heist. More specifically we want you to create lines for the faction of robots known as Scrappers. They’re the scourge of the outer rim of habitable space and is the first enemy faction Captain Piper and her crew will encounter in SteamWorld Heist.

More specifically we want you to create three lines (in other words: three chances to win). Create your lines based on these emotions:

  1. Anger
  2. Glee (evil delight)
  3. Shock

Each line has to be three words or less. But other than that we give you free rein to create your one-liners. Try to make them as mean and menacing you can without venturing into inappropropriate territories. Offensive entries will be flushed down a digital drain somewhere.

Meet the Scrappers!

What you can win…

The winners will become SteamWorld Ambassadors. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. You and the other ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

How to enter…

Leave your entries (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your design by Friday May 22nd at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll pick a winner over the weekend and reveal the SteamWorld Ambassadors in next week’s Tuesday update. By submitting your one-liners you give us the right to freely use them in our games. We reserve the right to judge whether the winning entries appear in the final game or not, and might alter them as we see fit.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!


  • PersonSP

    Yay! I’ve been waiting all day for this! 😀

    • So glad you liked it, btw!

      • PersonSP

        Of course I liked it! One liners are awesome!

  • Andrew

    Here are my entries:

    1) Anger – “Melt in Hell/Heck!”

    2) Glee (evil delight) – “Whose
    scrapped now?”

    3) Shock – “Goodbye rusty world!”

    And my Twitter is XCWarrior1, since you guys didn’t really ask for how to contact us.

    • We get your e-mail addresses from the comments, but a Twitter alternative is also nice!

  • Warruz

    Anger – “Piece of Junk!”
    Glee (evil delight) – “Fragged Dem Good”
    Shock – “I’m Busted”
    Twitter – @Warruz

  • minirop

    Anger: “bloody steelheads”
    Glee (evil delight) : “bad luck all!”
    Shock: “Rust you!”

  • Jonzo Bear

    1) Anger – Rust off!
    2) Glee – Heist This
    3) Shock – I’ve been scrapped!/ I’m getting scrapped!

    Email is

  • BaronJ

    Lets kick this into high gear – Glee

  • monk.e.boy

    BLAM BLAM BLAM “Here. You need more iron in your diet.”
    “Argh! That’s not my stomach!”

  • Anger: Get ready to meet your maker!

  • TheGamingWolf

    Oh this one is going to be fun! epic one liners are one of the best things ever!
    For a moment there I thought we were in trouble- Butch Cassidy

  • monk.e.boy

    Stop shooting me, I have an allergy to bullets.

  • monk.e.boy

    You’re so old your code is in BASIC

  • Blair Death

    Okay, this is awesome. Could greatly imagine steambots saying all things written by others. :3
    Well… Anger is easier. “Graved Scrap!” Glee sounds a bit harder… Maybe something like “As calculated”. And a shocked robot could say things like “Pipes nerfed!”. Well… I hope this sounds as good for you as it sounds for me. Sometimes it´s hard to translate these things from german into english. xD But I personally like these sentences. Maybe you do like it to. ^.^
    Good luck to all the other people. The first entries are great and I think everyone has his own imagination how cool that all could be. 🙂

  • dnice417

    Anger “I’m steamed!”

    Glee “Scrap storm incoming!”

    Shock “Does not compute?”

  • Tops

    1) anger – “Let’s scrap ’em!”
    2) glee – “Bust some bolts!”
    3) shock – “They look steamed!”

  • 1) Anger – I’m steaming!!!

    2) Glee (evil delight) – Playing with steele.

    3) Shock – Oops!

  • Steven Nolles

    Anger: Damn Rusters! (Reference to “Dusters” from Dragon Age)
    Glee: PEW! PEW! PEW!
    Shock: Improbable! (Because they’re robots.. y’know. Calculating and all that).

    • Yeah, calculating is an integral part of being a robot 😀

  • Anger: I’m fumin’!
    Glee (evil delight): Gettin’ rusty?
    Shock: So much pressure!

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    1. Back off, metalhead!
    2. I’m steaming you…
    3. Oh, my nuts!

  • Toby Thornton

    1) Anger – Eat lead rust bucket!
    2) Glee – Right in the junk!
    3) Shock – I’m off to the scrap heap..

  • Korgoth13

    “Recycling waste materials!”
    “This is just a rust wound!”
    “Get salvaged!”
    “Rust God take you!”
    Twitter: @Korgoth93

  • Harold Rivera

    Anger; Coal sucker.
    Glee; This is the power of Steam!!!
    Shock; Im losing pressure!!

  • Юрий Константинов

    Glee: Serves ya, scrapbag!

    Shock/Anger: Stinkin’ blinkin’!

  • Bluefox2000

    Anger – Get scrapped!

    Glee – Incineration time!

    Shock – I’m getting scrapped!

  • MonotoneGamer

    Anger: Mah BLOOD’S OILIN’!
    Glee: Hehee! You’re rusted!
    Shock: Mah oil pressure!

  • Chris Oddie

    Anger-Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
    Glee-We’re steamin’ ahead
    Shock-Who goes there?

  • Diogo Pinto

    Anger : Piece of scrap!
    Shock : Greasier than expected
    Glee: The rust is real !

  • Tops

    1. “Grind these gears!”
    2. “Eat my rust!”
    3. “Holy gizmos!”

  • The Geek Guru

    I definitely am a fan of this contest! Really cool! 🙂

    1) Anger – Son of a Trash Compactor!

    2) Glee (evil delight) – Yippie Ki-ya Mother Scrappers!

    3) Shock – SHOT in the Sea Biscuits!!

  • Mattismen

    Anger: Get wrecked!
    Glee: Boil their oil!
    Shock: This is nuts!

  • Fabien

    Anger: You’re rust meat!
    Glee (evil delight): Heista la vista!
    Shock: Steam clean only! (in shock of having their hats shot off if they have lines for that)

  • John Leith

    Anger – “Watch the hat!” or “It’s recycling time!”
    Glee – “That hat is mine!” or “Keep hold o’ your hat!” or “That was greasy!”
    Shock – “Steam… running… dry…” or “Just you wait!” or “Have mercy!” or “Nuts!”

    I tried to fit them all into 3 words but it was quite hard. Good luck to everyone!

  • Frank Reyes

    Anger – “Pipe off!”
    Glee – “Allons-y!”
    Shock – “What the Rust!?”

  • cthreep

    1) Anger – “I’m scrapped”

    2) Glee (evil delight) – “Rust in pieces!”

    3) Shock – “Hinges scared stiff!”

    • jsty3105

      Sorry – Rust In pieces has been taken 😉

      • cthreep

        Meh, I deliberately didn’t read the other posts so I wouldn’t be influenced by them. I wanted it to come from the heart.

        • jsty3105

          Fair enough. It was in their video though. All the same, best of luck for your entries!

  • Eric Weichhart

    Anger: URGH! I’m steaming out!

    Glee: Don’t get rusty yet, I still need to screw you!

    Shock: By the zero-division law! That’s impossible!

  • Marty Coleman

    Anger: Take on me!
    Glee: Take me on!
    Shock: I’ll be gone!

  • Chris bramblett

    Anger- Bring It tin can
    Glee- Like my scrap pile?
    Shock- Does…not…comput

  • Geitz

    1) Anger : “I’ll grind your gears !”
    2) Glee : “Gettin’ rusty, sweety ?”
    3) Shock : “By my gears !”

  • Anger – I’m boiling over!
    Glee – You’re steamed, punk!
    Shock – nuts!… & bolts

  • FourteenCoast

    Glee: Ingot this.
    Shock: Well, I’m just steamed.

  • Anger – Wanna scrap?
    Glee – Muaha ha!
    Shock – It’s a scrap!

  • Barl0we

    Anger: I’ll scrap ya! / Eat lead, bucket! / Durn goody-goody / Git, junk bots!
    Glee: Hah! Rust-bucket! Y’all been decommissioned! / Scrappers win again! / Rock, scissors, scrapper!
    Shock: One…Zero..Zero… / Goodnight, sweet bot… / I been’ scrapped / I can lose?

  • DivineLevel

    1) Anger – Tin for tat

    2) Glee (evil delight) R-R-R-R-R-Robot Breaker! (Imagine with Killer Instinct voice)

    3) Shock – Holy Mercury! (a god and a metal)

  • Jason

    Anger: Can’t scrap me!
    Glee: You’ve been scrapped!
    Shock: Salvage me…

  • Cakehunter

    Anger: Damn, rusty bots!(as a reference to planet of the apes)
    Glee: No more pipin’.
    Shock: Well that’s unexpected.

  • Diaond

    Anger: Turn into garbage!
    Glee: You got “rusted”
    Shock: Too much steam!

  • Adrian Brown

    Anger: Don’t junk with me!!
    Glee: Recycle this!
    Shock: Holy Isaac (Asimov)!

    PD: Awesome contest.

  • Korpsian Maag

    Anger – For rust sake!
    Glee – Hah, the early bird gets the shot!
    Shock – What in the name of my old gears was that?

  • bluedogrulez

    Anger: RUST OFF !!
    Glee: RIM SHOT !!
    Shock: OH, SCRAP !!

  • mirkosp

    1. Anger: You grey goo!
    2. Glee: Lubrication is over.
    3. Shock: I’m thermal shocked!

    The three word limit was pretty harsh, hopefully this is fine.

    • It only shows for a brief moment, so it’s important it’s rather short to be able to read it 😀

  • MrGameluvr

    Anger: “Suck silver!”
    Glee: “Can’t dent me!”
    Shock: “Blisterin’ boilers!”

  • The Geek Guru

    1) Anger : This-Is-SCAPAA!!!

    2) Glee (evil delight) : Im ya Huckle-battery!

    3) Shock : OH MY GASKETS!!!

  • huxxny

    -Rust in Peace
    -“Bad to the Bolt”
    -Dry You / I’ll Dry You Down

  • Carol Lepoudre

    Anger- Bronze him!
    Glee-Oxidize that!
    I oxidized him!
    Shock-He oxidized me!
    I’m flaking!

  • NPeart

    1) Anger – Let of some steam
    2) Glee – Meet my rusty sword
    3) Shock – 0100110101101111011011010110110101111001

  • Espeon200

    Anger – Rust and Ruin!
    Glee – Ya been junked.
    Shock – INPUT ERRROR!

  • OhHaiMe

    Anger: “Bend yer’ Brass!”
    Anger: “Pop yer’ Rivets!”
    Anger: “Mash Yer’ Metal!”
    Anger “Melt yer’ Mama!”
    Anger: “Scrap Yer’ Hull!
    Anger: “Cog’s Bogs!”
    Anger: “Now I’m steamed!”

    Glee: “Yer warranty’s up”
    Glee: “Error: Glee overload.”
    Glee: “Yer Hat’s mine”
    Glee: “Out of steam?
    Glee: “I’m still Steamin’ ”

    Shock: “Pop my Rivets!”
    Shock: “Stars and Girders!”
    Shock: “Turn my screws!”
    Shock: “I’ll be jammed”
    Shock: “I’ll be boiled!”

    • Allen McBee

      You realize, the rules state that you’re only supposed to do one for each emotion, right?

      • OhHaiMe

        Actually I must have missed the part about only getting to enter three lines for three chances to win.
        Thanks for pointing it out to me.

        • Allen McBee

          No problem mate. Cheers to ya.

          • No worries, @OhHaiMe:disqus! Easy to miss. But thanks for helping out, @allenmcbee:disqus 😀

  • Christos Kapsalis

    Anger – Fuse blown!

    Glee – Steam-cleaned ya!

    Shock – Leaking oil here!

  • Webby-sama

    Anger – Your future? Disassembled.
    Glee – This is scraptacular!
    Shock – Screw this scrap!

  • Goombasareawesome

    Anger. I’m gonna make you wish you were never built.
    Glee.HaHaHa and people say I’m getting rusty with age.
    Shock.Don’t let them turn me into cheap kitchen appliances..

  • LazyShyGuy

    Anger- STEAMING UP
    Glee- That’s Heavy METAL!
    Shock- Error! 404!!!

  • Юрий Константинов

    Anger: Life is a dirty, dirty chore!
    Glee: Haha, Tinface!
    Shock: Drill me sideways!

  • Michael Hughes

    Igne ferroque! (With fire and iron!)
    Rusted and busted.
    It… hertz…

    • Thanks for your entry!

    • Mar_Kell

      Really nice the “it hertz” one liner, I was just imagining a robot saying it while hit to death.

      • Michael Hughes

        Thanks! Puns are my (dubious) specialty.

  • Michael Hughes

    When a Scrapper takes out Captain Piper? “Pipe down.”

  • yodamerlin

    Well, here are my entries:

    Anger – “We… are… SCRAPPERS!”
    Glee – “Scratched your mettle!”
    Shock – “I’m blasting off” (again)

    Anyway, question time as well, I guess.When you wake up, are you excited for what the day will bring? And, have you cut something from the game that you really wanted?

    • Awesome questions! Might answer them in future Q&As but for now here’s a short answer:

      I’m personally always excited for what the day might bring. Even if some days are less fun than others 🙂

      Yeah, as we said in the first Q&A we’ve cut multiplayer from SteamWorld Heist, we’d love to have it but it would add half a year in development time, which is something our budget wouldn’t be able to handle 🙁

  • Jose

    Anger – Blazing circuits!
    Glee – Rusted and busted!
    Shock – Oh sacred nebula!

  • SamSteel

    Anger – Ya grindin’ my gears boy!
    Glee – Whoo-he rusty!
    Shock – Imma hurt you for that!

  • Annonymous

    Anger – “My gears turn”
    Glee – “Prepare for rapairs!”
    Shock – “A malfunction”

  • Annonymous

    Anger – “My gears turn”
    Glee – “Prepare for rapairs!”
    Shock – “A malfunction…”

  • Joel Agruso

    Anger – Miserable little junkpile!
    Glee – All mine now…
    Shock – Yer kiddin’ me!

  • Heins guenter

    Nice Challenge!
    My entries are:
    Anger: YOU WILL SCRAPED!!!
    Glee: You’re my scrap!
    Shock: What the scrap?!?

  • Ricky Tam

    Anger – You’re just digging yourself into a deeper pit.
    Glee – I’m oiled up and ready!
    Shock – For Steam’s sake!

  • Edgar Robles

    Anger – No clanckin’ way!
    Shock – WHo!? WHAT!? WHY!?

  • nexxus6

    Anger: Darn talking tetnaus
    Glee: Assembled from scrap
    Shock: Disassembled to crap

  • Justin

    Anger – Kiss my scrap!
    Glee – Scrap senses tingly!
    Shock – No scrappin’ way!

  • gamewick

    Anger – “YOU WANT IT?!
    Glee – “OH MY…” (similar to Sulu from Star Trek)
    Shock – “Well that’s SHOCKING!”

  • 1) Anger – Bite my shiny…
    2) Glee – Rust in peace.
    3) Shock – Holy T-800!

  • Peter

    “You ain’t so hot!”
    “Get dented!”

    “Time for a bolting!”
    “You’re scrap, chap!”
    “Imma pound you outta shape!”
    “Eat lead, junk head!”
    “Here’s an offer you can’t refuel!”
    “Steel yourself!”

    “Hot coals!”
    “Holy furnace!”
    “Great grindin’ gears!”

  • Timothy Downs

    Anger: “Scrap’m Bots!”
    Glee: “Fresh scrap”
    Shock: “Look rivet holes?”

    Here are some lines specific to scrappers near SPG
    Anger: “No ticket! No entry!
    Glee: “Look an SPG fan”
    Shock: “Rocked out”

  • PersonSP

    Anger: Rust!
    Glee:Off with his hat!
    Shock: I spilled some oil…

    It’s pretty hard to select until there are only three one-liners left. I’m having way too much fun to leave it a three. Sooooo…here’s some random stuff: 😉

    “Get that coal burning!”
    “Into bolts and bits!”
    “Full steam ahead!”
    “To scraps!”
    “Running out of steam?”
    “Get that gear!” (That one is pretty bad, but it was too catchy to throw away :P)
    “From scrap to junk.”
    “Ashes to ashes, scrap to scrap.”

    I also got a question: What are your favourite one-liners? I mean any one-liner, stuff like “I am your father” counts too!

    • TheGamingWolf

      “Hasta la vista, baby” one of the greatest!

      • PersonSP

        Nice one! I think life would be more fun if we all had our personal one-liner. But it’s pretty hard to come up with one that fist perfectly. :-/

        • TheGamingWolf

          yeah also one liners tend to only really work one time in the right place at the right time.

          • PersonSP

            Jup. But it would be pretty cool nonetheless. But they seem way better suited for steambots. 🙂

          • Cartoon characters go well with one-liners, but you could totally have one 😀

      • Classic!

    • I really like this one: “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.”

      • PersonSP

        …that’s…That’s best one liner I’ve heard in a looooong while! I’ll keep it in mind for cheesy joke occasions. 😉

  • Conor Markwell

    Glee: Magn-EASY-um.
    Shock: I gots canned.

  • JokerKnowsZelda

    Anger – ARGH! I’M STEAMED!
    Glee – You have an Electrifying personality!
    Glee 2 – Asta la vista, metal head!
    Shock – I oiled myself!
    shock 2 – Lost a few nuts!

  • Bradb13

    Anger: Bull-scrap!
    Glee: I’m on fire, baby!
    Shock: I’m a little rusty!

  • Mar_Kell

    Anger: – Polish my @55! – (Bender fan here xD)
    or a more “polite” – Polish my heatpipes! –

    Glee – You’ll be rebooted! – (evil laugh)

    Shock – Holy Blue Screen! – (the worst thing a machine can see)
    or – Mother of Bot – (for =O expressions)

  • Anger: “Ye rusty can!”
    Glee: “Scrap’s still polished!”
    Shock: “Holy golden nuggets!”

  • Shadowofmiracle

    Anger: Im Burning Up!
    Glee: Prepare to get steamed!
    Shock: Please… Fix me…

  • Kezz182

    1) Anger: I’M PIPING MAD
    2) Glee: HA, DON’T ZINC SO!
    3) Shock: OIL GET YOU!

    Twitter: @Kezz182

    That’s as creative as I get, I’m afraid. Great challenge though, guys. Had a lot of fun coming up with my ideas!

  • Kieran Godlike Fifield

    Anger – Gun too heavy!!!!
    Glee – Bite my shiny…….
    Shock – You play Xbox?

  • Anger – Avast ye scrappywag!
    Glee – Fresh scrap!
    Shock – Don’t. Stop. Bereaving.

  • DeltaPeng

    Anger – Rage…! Quit. or if more than 3 words – Auto aim engaged. Time to bot these fools.
    Glee – ROTFL coppers, incoming! or Scrap-a-licious!
    Shock – Bot was that?! or YOU ARE ERROR!?!

  • Anger – Jet’er done!
    Glee – Why so steamious?
    Shock – Coal hearted killer…

  • SirDryBones

    Anger – Defective junk clump!
    Glee – Scrap’s my virtue!
    Shock – Oil my joints!

  • Ryan Clyburn

    Anger- I’m gonna cut you up!
    Glee- I’m going to enjoy this!
    Shock- Oh! You’re gone already?! I was just getting started…

  • Orion Hermans

    Anger: Bite the bullet!
    Glee: Can’t handle pressure?
    Shock: I slipped me gears…

  • Punnett

    Anger: Soldering succotash!

    Glee: I FEEL ALIVE (almost)!

    Shock: Oh, the iron-y.

  • Kladz

    What a fun contest! Here are my contributions!

    Anger: Gettin’ real overheated over here!
    Glee: Get rusty, scrappy.
    Shock: Huh?! MINDBOILING!

  • schizor

    Anger – Popped a GEAR!
    Glee – Test my Mettle!
    Shock – OH MY GOLD!

  • Maxime Haché

    Anger ” YOU SCRAP METAL! ”
    Glee (evil delight) ” Steamed and BAKED!! ”
    Shock ” WHAT!? WE SCRAPED!? “

  • Patrick Ly

    Anger- In your steams!
    Glee- Let’s scrap this up!
    Shock- Oh scrap!

  • Devesh

    – You’re Garbage!
    – Right back atcha!
    – Il be scrapped!

  • Ralph Gonzalez

    Anger-I’m getting STEAMED!
    Glee-Hope I didn’t bust your gears!
    Shock- Holy SCRAP!

  • PowerHouse

    Anger-Rest in pieces
    Glee-You steamed yet
    Shock-We should bolt

    Thanks for an opportunity

    • Hey, thank YOU for being a part of the contest 😀

      • PowerHouse

        Again sorry

  • Caroline Johnson

    Anger- I’ll rust you! (or) Now I’m stoked!
    Glee- It’s scrapping time! (or) It’s stover now!
    Shock-Incogceivable! (or) Rust me Joints!

  • DivineLevel

    Complementary to my previous post….

    Anger – Brasshole!

    Glee (evil delight)- Did I do that?

    Shock – Mother brain of God!

    I know in Glee and Shock I have 4 words but…maybe they will count

  • Peace Boy

    1. Anger – “EXTERMINATE the intruders!” (or change intruders with something else if needed, or just EXTERMINATE on its own.)
    2. Glee – “Take that, rustbucket!”
    3. Shock – “EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!”

    Fantastic if you get the references I made to a certain something.

    • Oh, you!

      • Mar_Kell

        Some Doctor Who reference would be great indeed, like a blue police box somewhere =D

        • TheGamingWolf

          Or maybe a Dalek mother ship? those stupid machines do love using there temporal displacement devices and getting sucked into alternative realties

          • Mar_Kell

            Or maybe pieces of a Dalek armor used as spare parts for some hideout, like an automated interphone who shouts “ACCOMODATE! ACCOMODATE!” instead of “EXTERMINATE!” would be funny xD

          • TheGamingWolf

            Genius, pure and utter genius!

  • jsty3105

    I’m not eligible but I love writing so here’s some options:
    Anger: Junkyard reject! / Scrapheap reject
    Glee: Steel yourself
    Shock: Did not compute

  • soupfist

    Anger – I’m pretty steamed!
    Glee – Who’s rusted now?
    Shock – Mother of Cog!

  • Dan Padawan Martin

    Anger- Eat Scrap Metal
    glee- you’re looking rusty
    Shock- scrap for brains

  • Peter Viramontes

    Anger – MotherScrapper!
    Glee – Good, Good!
    Shock – ERROR…Shut Down…

  • U Gunna Git Shrekt

    First of all, sorry I couldn’t talk on last week’s discussion, and second, I heard that amazing music in the background of that video. Now, for my entries.
    —(Nintendo based phrases)—
    Anger – There’s a time and place for everything, but not now. (Pokémon)
    Glee – Ha! My body is ready.(Reggie)
    Shock – (after missing) I think my princess is in another castle… (Mario)
    Now, for some other ones in case copyright issues
    Anger – What the Shell!? (Like a bullet…)
    Glee – NAILED it!
    Shock – Well, oil me down and call me toasty

    • ladyfox14

      Er, they’re supposed to be three words or less. 😉

      • U Gunna Git Shrekt

        Shhhhhhh, stand completely still and the dinosaurs will not see you… I think.

        • ladyfox14

          You wascally wabbit!

    • I’m glad you managed to create shorter ones you’re pleased with!

  • Garrett Davenport

    anger: ” I’m Steaming MAD!”
    glee: “Full steam ahead!”
    shock: “I’ve oiled myself..”

  • Leon 3883-5184-5725

    ANGER: You little rustbucket!
    GLEE: How… riveting!
    SHOCK: Cog-gonnit! (you know, like dag-gummit)

  • wifishark

    Anger – Target acquired, Kill!!!!

    Glee – Scrapyard’s a calling.

    Shock – What!?!? This is…….

  • Colin Johns

    Anger:STEAMIN mad
    Glee: OOOh, Steamin
    Shock: That was Steamin!

  • Bob

    Anger – YOU. SHALL. RUST.
    Glee – Taste my steam!
    Shock – Manifolds rusting!

  • Juan

    Anger-You cranked up!
    Glee-The Gold standard.
    Shock-Holy Magnesium!

  • PowerOfSlash

    Anger – Gears are all oiled up!!
    Glee – Steel feeling steamy, eh?
    Shock – What the scrap!?

  • ladyfox14

    Anger – You darn scoundrels!
    Glee (evil delight) – Oooh, sinfully delightful.
    Shock – It couldn’t be…

  • neosonic

    Anger: Eat my steam!
    Glee: oh scrap yes!
    Shock: Oh, scrap!

  • Earl Biff

    Anger: Get Scrapped!
    Glee: Simply Scrapping!
    Surprise : Oh, Scrapbaskets…

  • VonSeux

    Anger : Freedom isn’t Free!
    Glee (evil delight) : High voltage in the air
    Shock : Blitzgrieg!

  • Mjeku

    “Cesium and desist!”
    “Kiss my pot-ass-ium!”
    “You’re dead lead.”
    “Popped his clogs!” (Yorkshire expression meaning someone
    “Nice scraps, chaps!”
    “Really steaming it!” (for the Shulk aficionados)
    “Dead hot lead!”
    “Eeee by gum!” (Yorkshire, again. I love that place)
    “Ooow my spleen-ium!”

    • Mjeku

      The Popped his clogs might be more suitable if it was just “Popped his cogs” and for shock, could be “popped my clogs (or cogs)”

  • lobotheduck21

    Anger- Screw-Off steambag.
    Glee- I love the smell of oil in the morning.
    Shock- Watt a shocking development.

  • Anthony G. S.

    Anger: I’m gonna kick your nuts and bolts!
    Glee: I’m gonna barium!
    Shock: I must petrol this place more watchfully!

  • Jaron Morris

    Shock- Holy Crank!

  • Jason Power

    Anger – I’m Steaming!
    Glee – Scrapyard Awaits!
    Shock – Ugh my bits.

  • Allen McBee

    Anger: I’m getting cranky…
    Glee: Fourty-Four Seven! (For that, check the periodic table of elements.)
    Shock: I’ll be back…

  • WitherBoss


    • WitherBoss

      aaand I did not realize that Rust in Pieces was in the video. so… if you will accept a substitution for my glee one, I submit:


      • jsty3105

        Sorry! Got in ahead of anyone else with that line 😉

  • claven01

    Anger- Scream for Steam
    Glee- Trust The Rust!
    Shock- HOLY SCRAP!!

  • Gino Seconnino

    Anger: Son of a Glitch!
    Glee: Rusta la vista!
    Shock: My screw’s loose

  • claven01

    Anger – Scream for Steam!
    Glee – Trust the Rust!
    Shock – HOLY SCRAP!!

  • Paul Plunkett

    Anger – My Momma’s rivets!
    Glee – Gauge that, scrap!
    Shock – Rusty cur’s overclocked!

  • shauntu

    Anger: SCRAAP!
    Glee: Scrip Scrap Scree (hummed)
    Shock: What the scrap?!

  • W!1

    Anger: Cutting You!
    Glee: Blastin makes me feel good!
    Shock: Excuse me, I have your shots right here!

  • GLA

    AU, bolt it! / well screw you! / your material sucks / pipe it down / wipe that sheen off your face / button it already /

    Iron this show! / I’m very noble! / prepare for extraction / you’re out of your element / you don’t fit the mould / free of charge

    you’re no alloy! / you’re so dense / recycling my ideas? / you’re talking trash

  • Harry Gan

    Here’s mine! 🙂

    Anger: Eat Dirt Sucker!

    Glee (evil delight): More’em bullets comin!

    Shock: Screw me engines!

  • Joben Sanchez

    Git over here!

    Got’em Boss

    Is this it…

  • Irving Chase

    Anger “Scrap ore death!”

    Glee (evil delight) “Just warming up”
    Shock “That was Coaled”

  • Agentdave7

    1. Steam ready?! FIRE!!

    2. Steam beats iron-y!!
    3. Blasted nuts’n bolts!!

  • Dadzilla

    Anger – Garbage mashers!
    Glee – Tastes like scrap!
    Shock – Heavy metal overload!

  • Christopher Zeigler

    Anger – Take this, Rustbucket!
    Glee – Need more Coal? (Insulting, like, need health?)
    Shock – Ahh nuts!

  • Epic-ZX

    Random Attack Maneuvers(RAM) INCOMING.
    -Glee: Feeling lubricated today.
    Overclocking from excitement right now.
    -Shock: CTRL+ALT+DEL!!!!!!.
    Running out of System Memory.

  • GuitarHeroFan00

    Anger – “Rust in pieces!”
    Glee – “It’s scrapping time!”
    Shock – “Enough scrapping around!”

  • Lover of steambots

    Anger- What a pain in the joint you are!
    Glee (evil delight)- Ha! Get ready to lose your screws!
    Shock- ah it’s that guy with the face!

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    1) Anger: Iron gonna getcha!

    2) Glee (evil delight): It’s scrappy time!

    3) Shock: It’s a fair copper.

  • Robert Wagner

    Kiss my brass!
    You steam punk!
    Fist Fulla Brass Knuckles?
    Idk I’m tired and thought this’d be fun.

  • Robert Wagner

    Anger, Kiss my Brass!
    Glee, Temporary Reality Disconnect.
    Shock, You steam punk!

  • James Kensel

    Anger – Slugs!
    Glee – Crash and Burn!
    Shock – What the Shock?

  • Jamie Briggs

    Anger – Now I’m Steaming!
    Glee – Rust in Peace.
    Shock – Oh my cog!

  • Useless Wizard

    Anger: “Scrap you, runt!”
    Glee: “Rust in pieces!”
    Shock: “That aim… impossible!”

  • David Borengasser

    Anger- Now I’m steamed
    Glee- Clankin’ Awesome
    Shock- Bit the rust

  • Amanda

    Anger: “Get rusted ya jerk!”
    Glee: “Ha! Eat my springs!”
    Shock: “Well I’ll be bolted…”

  • DrJayMotion

    Anger- I’M STEAMED
    Glee- You’ve been scrapped
    Shock- Oh nuts

  • Qtwentyseven

    Angry: “I AIN’T HAVING THIS!”
    Gleeful: “HAHA! I BET THAT STUNG!”
    Shocked: “WHAT WHY HOW.”

  • khululy p (rules)

    Anger: I’m steamin’ ,son!
    Glee: Rustle my rivets!
    Shock: I’m done, all dented!

  • jesse piensalmi

    Anger: Rust in pieces
    Glee: I needed a new nut
    Shock: Error: code line 52 uncompatable

  • jesse piensalmi

    Anger: Meet my little scrapper
    Glee: Get scrapped
    Shock: Aiming system must be off

  • Vix_Chan

    Anger: Rage Sensor – OVERLOAD!!!
    Glee (evil delight): Goodbye Tin Man!
    Shock: Game Over….

  • Martyn Mercer

    1. Anger ‘I’m-a steamin’!
    2. Glee ‘BOOM! Lead shot!’
    3. Shock ‘I’m screwed..literally’

    Part of me wanted to make a Codename S.T.E.A.M reference in one but…

  • SteamJango

    “Unscrew you!” (Anger)

    “Scrap metal minus S!” (Glee; evil delight)

    “LOAD surprised.exe” (Shock)

  • Legokung

    Anger: Nuts!

    Glee: Suck My Cog!

    Shock: What the Rail?!

  • Anger – #Ragequit!!!
    Glee – You got steamrolled!
    Shock – Aw nuts! (& bolts)

  • Daniel Farrelly

    1 – anger: I’ll compact you!
    2 – glee: 101 (binary that resembles LOL)
    3 – shock: ah rivets

  • CydeFxt

    Anger: THIS ENDS NOW!
    Glee: It’s my turn!
    Shock: Call my mechanic!

  • jesse piensalmi

    Anger: time meet my little scrapper
    Glee: Get scrapped lead bucket
    Shock: aiming system must be off

  • Benjamin Edward Ainley

    1. Bzzzzt….temperature rising!!!
    2. Yo-ho-ho! Uploading ROM…..
    3. SYSTEM ERROR…….override

  • monvex

    1 your making me explode to pieces here
    2 whose the scrap now
    3 i will make you a piece of scrap next time

  • Iaan Yul

    Anger- rusta la vista, roby!

    Glee- Uh, that will leave scrap metal!

    Shock- got a screw loose!

  • Jonah S

    Anger: Insult generators online!
    Joy: Out damn’d bot!
    Shock: MEDIC!.no..MECHANIC!

  • Savior

    Blasted bolts!
    Steamy glory!

  • Cody Asmus

    Anger :Aw rust buckets

  • ToxicaustinB

    Angry – 3rd law, boys!
    Glee – That was easy
    Shock – This isn’t over…

  • blie4

    Anger: Go to junkyard!
    Glee: Tin outta tin!
    Shock: That was dense!

  • Gerzsony

    Anger -Stop boiling me!
    Glee- Scrap you are!
    Shock- Holy (steaming) locomotives!

  • Adrienne Owen

    Anger: Control, alter, delete…
    Glee: Dead metal!
    Shock: I am error!

  • Pablo Bussert

    Anger: Engage Coolant Fans!


    Shock: Must..Reboot..OS

  • Gastreat

    Sorry, haven’t read any of the comments so my suggestions could have been posted already. Anyway:

    – Steams like an enemy!
    – Fear my gear!
    – I’m so clangry!
    – Bite the rust!
    – Metaliminate!

    – Scrapped your pants?
    – What an iron-y!
    – Suck it, bucket!
    – You must rust!
    – You’re junk, hunk!

    – Screw you!
    – Oh scrap!
    – What rust happened?!

  • grumpygamegeek

    Anger: Oh i’ll scrap ya!
    Glee: Scrapping and Zapping!
    Shock: Right in me junk.

  • 1) You’re so persistent….
    2) Soon you will…
    3) No… What The?!

  • Mikiri

    Anger: Time for revenge!

    Glee: You’re rusting now!
    Shock: Scrap yourself!

  • BerserkCerberus

    1. (Anger) ~ “I’m gettin’ steamed!”
    2. (Glee/Evil Delight) ~ “Superiority by design.”
    3. (Shock) ~ “Blast! Scrapped again.”

  • Devin Hudson

    Anger: Ah dig it!
    Glee: Haha, yes! Winning!
    Shock: What a twist!

  • Aaron Cutherberton

    Anger: Eat magma!
    Glee: Chop chop, buddy!
    Anger: Scrappin’ Heck!

    Man, that’s hard… good luck to anyone else!

  • Renan Peneda

    Anger: Son Of Steam…
    Glee: Steam on you!
    Shock: How Steam you!

  • Mitja Pufic

    1. Anger: This is Scraparta!!!
    2. Glee: We boil differently.
    3. Shock: What The Fart?!?

  • jmaster2710

    Oops something went wrong, will post the list in a bit 🙂

  • Olle Axelsson

    1. “It’s on, trashcans!” (I couldn’t come up with anything better on this one :/)
    2. “Under pressure yet?”
    3. “What the scrap?”

  • Zach Stull

    Anger: Back to the scrapyard!
    Glee: Let metal you something!
    Shock: Oh the iron-y!


  • Lynn C

    Anger: Aww, bolts!
    Glee: Solder up!
    Shock: Oh, scrap!!

  • Shane

    1. You steel won’t win!
    2. We’ll kick your brass!
    3. Stay out of our bismuth!

  • Cutberto Gonzalez

    1) Anger: Bolt my revenges!
    2) Glee: Piece of plate!
    3) Shock: Screw your head!

  • Mishari Alreshaid

    Scrap you!
    What the Scrap?
    We are scrappy!
    Die Rust Bucket!

  • Awww, c’mon now!
    Just a taste!
    Ugh, COME ON!

  • huxxny

    out of contest, joyful one-liner: Holy Rusty!! ;D

  • Kainen Ryan

    Glee – pulled a SPG.

    Anger – I’m Steamed, u Punk.

    Shock – wow I just Scrapped Myself.

  • Janobii Chandelure

    Scrapper hating up!!
    Steamed you, punk!!
    Vapour you done?!

  • Anger: You’re Scrap Now!
    Glee: Some Re-assembly Required. >:)
    Shocked: Oh Gear!!

  • Jack Sabbath

    1. Anger: Bleepin’ BloppinBleeper!
    2. Glee: Bits -n- pieces!
    3. Shock: Scrappin’ Scrap!

  • Special Forces Gangplank

    Anger: Stop with all the scrapping!!
    Glee: Scrap this!!
    Shock: Bolts and Nuts may break my parts!! (a bit too long)

  • Maic Striepe

    1.) You’re bolted!
    2.) Unsteamed already?
    3.) Oh my nut!

  • Steelbolt

    Glee: *maniacally giggles internally*
    Shock: Well. That happened.

  • Josiah Jones

    I don’t know if these have been suggested or not, but here are my entries:
    1: Cogwash!
    2: Get some mettle -or- I’ve got mettle -or- Got mettle?
    3: Bucket of bolts!

  • Anger: Eat my Steam!
    Glee: World is mine!

  • Meaghan Shea

    Anger: Rust and Ruin!
    Glee: Shiny!
    Shock: Burstin’ Boilers!

  • Johnny P

    Anger: Bucket of steam!
    Glee: Steam bucket!
    Shock: Buckets of steam!

  • gerb1977

    Anger – Forge You!
    Glee – Steam Clean Win!
    Shock – My valves been Twisted!

  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    Anger: “Eat hot lead!”
    Glee: “That’s staying busted.”
    Shock: “Impossible! How?”

  • Justice Hendrick

    1. Eat my rust!
    2. bot.print(“ouch”)!
    3. Time to prove our metal! (like mettle, huehuehue)

  • Ralph Gonzalez

    Anger-I’m getting STEAMED!
    Glee-Hope I didn’t bust your gears!
    Shock- Holy SCRAP!

  • We just announced the winners! Thanks for all you amazing entries. We had a hard time choosing just three one-liners. Anyway, here are the winners: