Win early copies of SteamWorld Heist on all platforms by designing an awesome hat :D

Design A Hat For SteamWorld Heist – Ambassador Challenge #2

Howdy, partners!

It’s already been two weeks since the first SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge in which we asked you to name a weapon that will appear in SteamWorld Heist. We were blown away by the hundreds of creative entries and chose three winners to become the first people in the world to join the official SteamWorld Ambassador Club.

Today we have a new challenge for you. Get the details in this video or read the summary down below:

This week’s Ambassador Challenge…

Today we’d like you to draw something for us. You might not know this, but steambots are crazy about hats. A sort of hat fetish, if you like. It’s central to their existence to wear a cool headpiece. Hats are collectibles that you can equip your band of rag-tag robots with (you can actually shoot off enemy hats and wear them). I think you’re really going to like this feature in the final game!

We’d like you to design a hat that will appear in SteamWorld Heist. A quick sketch on a napkin or on your phone will do just fine. Our artists will choose their favorite and incorporate it in the game. Feel free to name the hat and give it a short backstory!

A simple sketch of your hat design will work just fine! Name it of you want to.

What you can win…

The winner will become a SteamWorld Ambassador. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code free of charge. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. You and the other ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

If you aim carefully (or just miss) you might shoot off your enemy's hat.

If you aim carefully (or just miss) you might shoot off your enemy’s hat.

How to enter…

Upload your design (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your design by Friday May 8th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll pick a winner over the weekend and reveal the first SteamWorld Ambassador in next week’s Tuesday update. We reserve the right to judge whether the winning entry appears in the final game or not, and might alter the design to fit it into the art style.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!


  • TheGamingWolf

    Oh i can’t wait to see what insane hat’s people come up with! And thinking about it… Many people in steam world dig had hats! (or at least the ones with the really really really cool upgrades!)

    • I’m super excited! And judging from the first entries I think we are in for a treat 😀 Thanks for the comment, mighty Ambassador! ;D

  • Sweet competition. This is my entry. I know, it doesn’t look that good but it was fun to draw.
    Bolt Cap: Once upon a time the wearer of this (now broken) cap was able to run as fast as the light. With its powers gone it is just a cool looking hat nowadays.

  • Blair Death

    Well. Just a try to make a funny hat in short time and do not create a whole world of hats. xD
    This looks like a robotical cat-hat. Eh.. That was not planned. Hm. This little hat has two wrinkles hanging down like an old steambot worn this hat long time ago. Between the two wrinkles a little chimney thrusts clouds of fumes and creates a mysterious aura sparkling around. Some people say this clouds symbolized the IQ of the steambot. On the ears you can see the coat of arms of the steambot. Of course it depends on the steambt currently wearing the hat. This hat is only for very smart steambots. It is the Aurariahat.
    Nice idea. 🙂

  • I present, The Revolving Settler! Steambots are crazy about hats, right? Well let’s give em’ what they want, and give them a hat that’ll be sure to scare some space pirates. Feast your eyes on this straw-hat that has a familiar pickaxe, ever seen it before? *wink* As an added touch, the hat carries an Advanced Revolver that may already be making an appearance in this new title. This gun can auto-fire at your foes, and also comes equipped with an attachable scope, so every shot is fired with precision. 😀

  • Here’s mine! It’s tiny, but I guess it’s easy enough to see what it’s supposed to look like.

  • Here’s mine! I guess it’s easy enough to tell what it’s supposed to look like.

  • Here’s mine! Hope you like it.

  • Here’s mine. Hope you like it 🙂

  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    “See, the way I figure it, every shot they fire at my hat is one fewer shot they fire at my head…” -Scrappy, Loyalist Flunky

    Pull the cord once, and the bulbs, marquee, and letters all light. Pull the cord a second time, and the bulbs start flashing, and the letters changing colors. Whether you want it, or want it destroyed, it’s generally a pretty effective distraction.

    • Hobbit Peate Donohue

      I tried to get the shading/lighting style that I&FG use; I think I missed my mark on the main body of the hat, but got close on the letters and the marquee proper? I dunno.

      • Creative for sure 😀 I think you matched the artstyle well 😀

  • Frank Reyes

    Not really sure if this is a super original concept but here’s my idea! I really like the puns if you can tell 😮

    • Puns are appreciated 😀 Is that Piper?

      • Frank Reyes

        Ahaha yes! Glad I made her face decent enough looking xD

  • minirop

    I’m a horrible drawer so I choose to do a photomontage. it was the hat of the husband of Helix-zabeth XIV, Queen of United Queen-dome.

    • minirop

      did my picture disappeared? I upload a smaller version of it.

      • Hobbit Peate Donohue

        Looks like it disappeared.

  • Mar_Kell

    C’mon people, come closer! Today I’m here to show the last marvelous product of science and innovation! This is the amazing Thundering Bolt!
    If the power of the thunders could bring the mighty Franken-bot back to life (no novel, true story, trust me), imagine what they can do to your brains and batteries!
    No kidding, from today you won’t fear the storms anymore, instead you’ll see a source of great power: thanks to the lighting rod at its summits it will channel that energy to a series of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge and advanced devices inside the hat (be warned, opening it will void its warranty!) which will convert it to a kind of power your body can use.
    When the hat is charged the light bulb will be lighted up, and on the side there is an handy charge meter (batteries not included), alongside other nice stuff explained in the manual (sold separately).
    You’ll be soon ready to take over any previously hard task with ease: complex mathematical operation, heavy lifting, inventing new stuff or even plotting evil plans to rule the world!
    It’s not just useful, it’s also designed by a great stylist (in his own way at least) to be a great piece of modern fashion with its resemblance to a top hat!
    And don’t fear dear customers, today and only today, you can have this incredible item for an even more incredible price! Just 89.99$ and it will be yours! Get it before stocks depletes!

    Disclaimer: real hat may differ from presentation in its look and funciont, there will be no refunds.

    Keep up the great work guys!

    • Thanks for the love (and the cool hat) 😀

    • huxxny

      i really liked your presentation!! 😀

      • Mar_Kell

        Thanks, was inspired by those classic charlatans we often see in movies and games and who tries to sell the most useless junk xD
        I thought that would fit the general mood of the game, but maybe it would have be even better in Steamworld Dig.

  • Don’t panic in case your image doesn’t show up immediately after posting it 😀 Disqus is probably just optimizing your picture and the image should be visible in a few minutes. If not, re-upload a lower-res version 🙂

  • Davina Elgazzar

    Who said you can’t conquer the galaxy in style? Well with my hat you can, worn by bots who want something sophisticated but practical and effortless. It will really releive any pressure in you by releasing your steam and smoke in the most elegant manner. A good steam not knows that their optics must be kept clean and soot free, this hat will make sure your optics are diamond clear. Crystal clear is not good enough for you.

    • Creative 😀 What do you call it?

      • Davina Elgazzar

        Thank you!

      • Davina Elgazzar

        The golden bolt.

  • I like the idea of a propeller headed robot 😀

    • Goombasareawesome

      Thanks ☺

  • Cezary Plichta

    Barely ever drew hats, but here’s something:

    Tumbleton’s Hero Hat – A hat of the legendary hero of the gold mining town of Tumbleton. Equipped with a small replica of the hero’s pickaxe and a golden star that was awarded only to the best of diggers.

    • Thanks, Cezary! I’m sure the digging hero would wear it proudly 😀

      • U Gunna Git Shrekt

        I’ve worked long and hard, and I’ve got two versions of a nice train themed hat! I kinda rushed the red one, but it still looks nice. The train puns were very fun thinking up, and I’m proud of my little baby. The train choo.choo’s and spins its wheels, but does not move… yet. One the train (or hat) is shot, it goes whoop whoooop and is derailed, falling off. But just who would wear it… maybe a conductor?

        • Neat! Cool with the variations 😀

          • U Gunna Git Shrekt

            Thank you! I could not decide which one looked better, so I drew both, and… I still can’t tell, I like them both! What a doozy…

          • That’d indeed be awesome 😀 We’ll look into it 😀

  • Sylverstone Khandr

    Howdy SteamWorld crew!

    May I introduce to you… the Steamboat Wally.

    Inspired by the 1928 Disney short film “Steamboat Willie”, Steamboat Wally goes further to make the hat into its own rootin’-shootin’ steamboat!

    Check out that curvature! Check out them gears! Check out that pseudo-1920’s film grain texture and color palette! Comes with a nice coal-powered head warmer to chill that noggin’ in the freeze expanses of space and beyond!

    Yes-sirree, it’s Disney-inspired and SteamWorld approved! Try one out today!

    DISCLAIMER: Makers of the Steamboat Wally hat do not accept responsibilities for any cases in regards to excess smoke buildup. To prevent this, substitute coal for water, and enjoy a wondrous puff of steamy water vapour from your hat.

  • Hi to all, this is my creation! the chicken Hat, can hide from enemy, but you can’t kill or hurt them. when you use it you became a chicken!

  • Mars_x

    The motif is Everyday Objects as Hats. Could work as fun little secret unlockables.

  • huxxny

    sorry for my lack of drawing skill, but i’m sure you can grasp my fairly basic concept for a hat!! ;D and if i had to choose colors for it, i would go with the palet from the intro screen of SWD, yellow-orange gradations, with a brown logo and a hint of red somewhere… yap, that’s about it, hope you like it!! XD


    Is this limited to a single entry per person?

  • While it’s not a drawing, here is my submission for a cool steampunk hat. In the center is a crow skull (resin replica) because everyone knows robots have a morbid sense of humor.

  • John Leith

    I really don’t know how I got to this. The bottom section isn’t too clear, but basically: teacup + top hat = whatever this is.

    ‘Have you ever noticed how thirsty you can get in the battlefield? Ever run out of drinks? Need a fashionable hat? Well you’ve come to the right place! Conquer the battlefield in style and never, ever get thirsty!’

    I would probably call it the ‘Perfect Cuppa’, but honestly, I have no idea.

    For colouring, the band around the middle would be black and the rest white, maybe with a rusty tint.

    Good luck to everyone!


    Here it is, the Cool Cat Hat. I wish I was better at drawing but hopefully you get the idea, the cat teeth is some sort of visor and the tail is an electric plug, also the nose lights up! 😀


    Here it is, the Cool Cat Hat. I wish I was better at drawing but hopefully you get the idea, the cat teeth is some sort of visor and the tail is an electric plug, also the nose lights up! 😀

    EDIT: Had to repost because I made a mistake, sorry.

  • GammaGames

    It’s a cowboy hat with the crown replaced by a barrel. The barrel has some boards broken and spinning gears are showing through (some steam escaping), and a spigot on the top has some steam coming out.

    The image is destroyed on my end, so here’s a better one:

  • GammaGames

    It’s a cowboy hat that replaces the crown with a barrel. There are some broken boards so you can see spinning gears inside, and a spigot on top that is releasing steam. I know it’s not drawing, but it’s probably better than I could draw, it’s mostly getting the idea into a visual representation (the uploader mutilated my image so I deleted the old comment and made this one linking to imgur)

    • The cogs are a a NICE detail 😀

      • GammaGames

        Thanks! I also renamed it. 1 Barrel = ~119 Liters = 31.5 Gallons

  • Samantha Crowhurst

    Here are a couple of ideas 🙂

  • shadowhive

    Steamhat done on wii U art academy. Can’t think of a creative name, but it’s a metalworked hat, comlete with pipesand steamexhaust (and vision improving monocle)

  • Deer_God

    Hats made out of beast heads never fail to instill fear and awe, and especially not when the beasts in question are elusive, mechanical steamnivores (yes, that is totally a real word and everything — don’t bother looking it up, just trust me on this). The Wolfram Wolf Hat! It’s impressive! It’s illuminating! It’s impractical! It’s everything you could possibly want! Unless you want another hat, in which case you’re out of luck.

    • Deer_God

      Decided to make a second sketch, so here’s the Steam Pope’s Hat. It’s sacrilicious! Or something.

      • Mars_x

        I really dig this one, here’s to hoping there’s a robo-pope somewhere in the game.

        • We hear your prayers ;D

        • Deer_God

          Thank you, dear sir/madam/robot!

      • Dig this one as well 😀

        • Deer_God

          Tackar ödmjukast!

      • U Gunna Git Shrekt

        Deer_God, I absolutely love the detail, if you may please tell me what you used to make this? It looks quite perfect.

        • Deer_God

          Oh, thank you very much! I use a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter. I basically sketch out the basic shapes in oils and then airbrush in shading and highlights in separate layers. Wouldn’t call the end result anywhere near perfect, but thanks again for your kind words!

          • U Gunna Git Shrekt

            Nice, do you do any other works? I was actually thinking of getting that kind of tablet but never came across spending that much money, personal problem.
            I’m stuck using an old worn out tablet on PicsArt but I still make do with creations like this one:

          • Deer_God

            Ah, I see, I know what it’s like to have money problems. My Wacom tablet is a Bamboo, which is one of the cheaper models (or was back when I bought it anyway), but I’m very happy with it. I’ve done some other more ‘proper’ stuff for websites and random people before. You’ve got a lot of detail going in your painting! Nice job! I especially like the pipe and how the track doesn’t just end abruptly by the edge; It’s like someone made a hat of a small piece of the world.

          • U Gunna Git Shrekt

            Very nice work, but I personally prefer using my Wii u as a drawing pad, but it lacks proper applications in order to take it one step further, but it works pretty darn accurately!

          • Deer_God

            I actually didn’t mean to upload the picture I apparently uploaded. Weird, but I suppose it can be representative of what I’m doing. Your pics are far better than anything I’ve ever accomplished in Smash’s drawing feature. It feels too.. slippery, to me. Or something. Have you tried Art Academy Sketch Pad? I think that’s a pretty impressive piece of software! I haven’t had time to work with it more than once, but it felt great to me.

          • Deer_God

            Ah, I see, I know what it’s like to have money problems. My Wacom tablet is a Bamboo, which is one of the cheaper models (or was back when I bought it anyway), but I’m very happy with it. I’ve done some other more ‘proper’ stuff for websites and random people before. You’ve got a lot of detail going in your painting! Nice job! I especially like the pipe and how the track doesn’t just end abruptly by the edge; It’s like someone made a hat of a small piece of the world.

    • Looks menacing 😀

      • Deer_God

        Haha, thanks! It’s not very Steamworld-y, but I had fun drawing it.

    • Love the art direction!

  • Emily Cote

    I like to call this “that hat really grinds my gears” lol it is a hat for a lady

    • Special Forces Gangplank

      Caitlyn much? Hahahaha, nice hat!

    • MowMow789

      Is this by any chance based off a Hat in Time? It’s a great design!

    • It’s very steampunky for sure 😀

  • Special Forces Gangplank

    Here’s my go:

    “Sky Cap,
    Used by the first aviation pioneers, back on the now exploded planet. Desingned to look comfortable and innovative, pilots used to personalize their caps with decals and patches. After several expeditions to the Old World, it was discovered that some more inteligent variety of Shiners also used similar caps when they first discovered aviation. When starship technology was invented the caps became obsolete as tripulants now usually stay in confined spaces.”

    Some side notes:
    -the goggles don’t go in front of the eyes. They are kinda of decorative and are kept on the user’s forehead
    -the gear drawing you can see is only to represent how pilots used to personalize their caps, in this case it is a patched drawing

    Hope you like it :p

    Edit: sorry for the lighting it is already dark where I live

    • Special Forces Gangplank

      Uhm… The cap is not showing?

      • It’ll probably show up pretty soon 🙂 If not, upload a smaller version 🙂

        • Special Forces Gangplank

          Welp, it didn´t upload. I’ll try it here >>>

          • NIce with the different angles! Sure looks steampunky 😀

  • Kapulobo

    “Hat of the Extraordinary”
    This top hat has a glass dome placed inside of it and the gears actually tick inside the dome.

  • The Geek Guru

    I call this hat “Tank City”.

  • I Ate All The Cookies

    I’m not good at drawing hats.. Or gears.. But I tried..

  • The Geek Guru

    I call this “Tank City” 🙂

  • Savior

    Here is my creation the Top-Chick-Hat! When the hat is shot the chicken flies out of the hat and if the hat is picked up, it will come back and sit inside the hat once again.

  • Kara Mullins

    here’s cute little hat creature that burps moths ^_^
    craniumonsterum. head monster. lol

  • Savior

    Here is my creation, the Top-Chick-Hat! When the hat is shot the chicken will fly out of the hat. After the hat is picked up by another player the chicken will return and sit inside the hat once again. It will occasionally make sounds. The gears below will rotate as long as the chicken remains in the hat. 🙂

  • VonSeux

    amazing challange, you gauys are amazing; I don’t think I stand a chance tough… very bad with pencils hahaha

  • soupfist

    And this what I call the Funky Steam Cap. This hat was made for those who like to dress hip while blowing off steam (see what I did there ;p). You’ll be the center of attention when you’re wearing this hip hat!

    One little detail I used was that I used the first “S” from the logo of SteamWorld Heist and turned it into a $ (I’m so clever…not really). If this hat does get chosen to be in the game, you’re free to call it something else if you want (because I’m not good with naming things). You’re also free to add or take away stuff if you want. I made this concept of a hat to make a balance between both the hip-hop and steampunk styles. I hope the developers take my concept into consideration. If not, that’s okay. It’s probably not a really good concept.

  • amarashadow

    Hmmm… Couldn’t decide between wonderland or magician’s rabbit-in-a-hat, so here, have both.

    • huxxny

      i really hope a Magician Bunny Hat end up in the game, i can already see it on one of my crew!! xD

  • U Gunna Git Shrekt

    I’ve been workin’ hard, but also having fun stretching my creative bones coming up with this. My only problem (as I stated before) is my old bad tablet, wich started crashing earlier. I’m posting an unfinished version first and if I can a fully colored version.
    The idea is a train on your head, I have started a gey version and a red version, both look nice. I will love to continue doing stuff like this later in life when I get enough money for some good technology. Thank you, I will try to finish this soon.
    (Respect the train puns :D)

    • U Gunna Git Shrekt

      Finished the gray train after about 3 hours of work, but I was calm and happy the whole time, hope you like it

  • hengying

    “Ancient Legacy” and two “Ancient Fear” hats.

  • Ritalink

    some kind of bulb like hat, someway similar to mohohoho´s hat but kinda transparent, with holes like eyes that turn on (maybe), dont know, could be funny to wear something as a hat that not even you can describe XD, like;
    – hey what are you wearing?
    – I dont know… a hat? maybe? i dont know it just fit my head.

  • Nintendo Nerd

    Here are my hats! Not sure what to call them.

    • Nintendo Nerd

      If the second one is in the dark it gives off an eerie glow.

  • huxxny

    here’s what i came up with using Art Academy!!

  • The Geek Guru

    This one I am calling “Steam Puba”. Taken from The Flintstones. Its the hat Fred and Barney would wear to their Grand Puba meetings, just with a steam twist. 🙂

  • The Geek Guru

    No hat collection is complete without a “Trucker” hat. 🙂 This one is the “Heisters” Trucker Hat. A Close up of the logo shows the logo Brjann & Julius showed off in last weeks video.

    • Steambot Truckers xD I’d love a trucker faction based on this hat!

  • The Geek Guru

    Question time: What are the struggles that a “small/indie” developer faces? (besides the obvious not enough money, lol) If you had unlimited resources what is one thing you would put into a Steam World game that you couldnt in the past or arent able to now?

    • Oooh, exciting question! First we’d put multiplayer in SteamWorld Heist. Maybe a game in 3D? A platformer? The possibilities are endless xD

      • The Geek Guru

        🙂 Id love to see what you guys could do with 3D.

  • Don’t keep them all to yourself! Give your hat a hat already!

  • Vix_Chan

    I hope these are not too complicated, (some I don’t like, but it took a while, so adding them anyway)
    First off, I’ve done the “True Ten Gallon” hat, a big reminder of all the water collecting from the Steam World Dig game.
    Second is the horrid “Cupid” hat ( seemed like a good idea in my head.) Moving on….
    Then is the Kawaii “Cat Cap” hat, I just did something cute for the game!
    And lastly, my favourite! The “Clockwork Crown” The time on it is right (at least twice a day, that is)

    I really enjoyed designing these, especially since I got to try out my new letraset pens I got for my birthday in April!

    • Mars_x

      Pretty cool hats! I like the fishtank and the geared hats.

      • Vix Chan

        Thanks very much!

    • Mohammed Laes

      I like the fish tank but won’t it break when shot? Nice shading!

  • The Geek Guru

    Ok, now Im having too much fun with this. LOL I know the odds of it happening are slim to none…But how about this?

    “Shovel Hat”

    • Shovel hat would be epic!

      • The Geek Guru

        I agree, 🙂 Brjann needs to start making some phone calls, LOL

  • Steven Nolles

    Behold! The Fancyest of caps, for no true Steambot must go without a little fancyness.
    Presenting: The “Fancy Cap”
    -Two retractable monocles; for when one monocle isn’t fancy enough! And the gears spin, too!
    -LED-Retractable Bowtie; for added fancyness! Color is adjustable through the H.A.T. (Hue Adjustment Tool) -Interface.
    -Tea dispenser; Not actual tea. Mostly heated oil or grease, to keep you and your bot-crew going! Tea is something the Troglodytes.. Humans, I mean, used to drink
    -Crumpet Dispenser; Does not dispense actual crumpets. but rather a variety of Steambot-snacks. Bolts and screws, mainly. Crumpets were eaten by Humans while drinking tea.

    • That’s a new level of fancy! I want one!

      • Steven Nolles

        If it wins, you can have one in-game at least. That should count for something, right?

  • The Geek Guru

    Steam World Mickey anyone?

  • Nielsus6

    Outback Gear for a real Aussie Kangaroobot!
    The hat is simply a Sungear, to protect the wearer from harsh sunrays in robot deserts although it has a bunch of holes in the brim 😉
    A couple of gears on the back can act as a sort of fan as well, cooling the head even more.
    The weapon I included just for fun is a Boomerang which can be set to explode on impact or deal two times light damage, going back and forth.

  • zac

    Sorry i cant draw,i had to use art academyThats why it dosent look very good,this is a top hat with 2 steam engines and gold layer on it,then its got this red pipes leading to a brown strip so its like a army top hat for the robots,Again sorry for the drawing:]

  • Harry Gaskin

    Presenting the Decoy Derby* or Drilby (Drill + Trilby)!

    The latest(-ish) in hat-based technology / inventive thinking on a budget! Your enemy will be absolutely dumbfounded with this incredibly realistic decoy steambot headpiece! Complete with “Coo-ee” waving arm to lull your foe into a false sense of security! You’d be crazy to go onto the battlefield without it! The only hat guaranteed to save lives and prevent hat hair!**

    Many historians believe the Decoy Derby is the reason the Boltmaker Collective won the Battle of Brassgate in 1843. The majority of these ‘historians’ were later found to be Decoy Derby manufacturers.

    * Derby is an american term for a Bowler hat.
    ** Wig of hair sold separately.

    Included is a rough picture of the hat and a picture of the dashing Captain Piper making the right choice, wearing the famous Decoy Derby/Drilby!

    [Great contest! Keep up the inventive competitions and great fan interaction!]

    • Thanks so much for you entry, Harry! You rock in every sense of the word 🙂

  • The Geek Guru

    “Big Trouble in Little Steam World” [taken from Big Trouble in Little China just in case anyone missed it, lol]

    • Your references get me every time, Guru!

      • The Geek Guru

        LOL, Thank you. I loved this movie when I was a younger. My cousin and I watched it all the time. 🙂

  • Krissie

    This is Urania. She is the innards of a fallen Steambot. In a world filled with steam and mechanical things Urania had a thing for flowers, especially purple flowers she had found in a book once. Since there were no purple flowers around, she built one and added a timepiece to the middle so that every day and night she could be reminded of the beauty in the world.

    Urania was found in pieces one day and no steambot could figure out why. She was too far gone to put back together. So a steambot that was close to her used her copper wiring and purple flower timepiece and made a hat.

    Anytime a steambot dons Urania, they feel a small boost of energy and can accomplish a task faster.

  • The Geek Guru

    “Back to the Steam World”

    Im having more fun with this than I should be, LMAO

  • Mohammed Laes

    I call this the “Private Eye”. It’s hidden periscope gives you a distinct advantage and has the benefit of making you look taller!

    • I’d love to have that in real life! Mostly for the looks 😀

    • Caroline Johnson

      Periscopes rule. Hands down.

  • SilverBolt R

    I call it “The Steamer 10G” (or gallon if you like)

    Back on Earth, this hat was the Bee’s bolts. Not only would it keep your head from rusting, it would also turn rain water straight into steam!
    By now the tank has gone missing and the lid is broken-but hey! This is still a very fashionable piece of art!

    • SilverBolt R

      No idea why the second picture is there

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Hats are cool, but hexagonal ones are cooler.

  • soupfist

    Re-post: And this what I call the Funky Steam Cap. This hat was made for those who like to dress hip while blowing off steam (see what I did there ;p). You’ll be the center of attention when you’re wearing this hip hat!

    One little detail I used was that I used the first “S” from the logo of SteamWorld Heist and turned it into a $ (I’m so clever…not really). If
    this hat does get chosen to be in the game, you’re free to call it something else if you want (because I’m not good with naming things). You’re also free to add or take away stuff if you want. I made this concept of a hat to make a balance between both the hip-hop and steampunk styles. I hope the developers take my concept into consideration. If not, that’s okay. It’s probably not a really good concept.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Hats are cool, but hexagonal ones are way cooler.

  • Cody Asmus

    This hat could be for some kind of intergalactic police force or something.

  • Gastreat

    A couple suggestions from me

  • disqus_pjN53g8UaA

    this one is called “obsolete trash”

  • Lover of steambots

    The only thing I could think of better than a party hat was an: Explosive Party Hat!

    • Lover of steambots

      I don’t know why but it took the picture upside down so just imagine it with the curved side down.

  • BlamBlamKerpow

    Null Bowler – Belonging to a fierce gunslinger hailing from a planet where the population has moved beyond the use of steam as their main source of sustenance. Their people like fancy headgear as much as any regular bot, but they have an odd habit of adding wings and other unnecessary protrusions to every hat or helmet they make.
    Since they’ve been locked in armed conflict with the carbon based humanoids of their homeworld for millenia they’ve become paranoid and extremely territorial. Every smart space traveler should steer clear of their whole system to avoid trouble.

    • BlamBlamKerpow

      Order today and get a free air pump!

      • Where can I order?

        • BlamBlamKerpow

          We have run into some issues with our shipments. Several of them has been intercepted by interstellar bandits leaving our distributers severely crippled. We will make sure to hire more muscle to guard our property when the next wave of shipments leave port. Hopefully you will be able to place an order with either Jensen & Jensen or your local body mod vendor within the next two cycles.

          Thank you for your patience.

    • BlamBlamKerpow

      Low-res reuppload.

      • Looks familiar!

        • BlamBlamKerpow

          Very much so! It’s a weird attempt at writing the lore of MM into the Steamworld universe.

          • It’s really impressive how you matched the art style so well 😀 It looks cool as well!

          • BlamBlamKerpow

            Thank you! I really like the style but it doesn’t come naturally to how I usually do things. Crisp and clean isn’t what I usually put out, but I’m trying to find both the energy and inspiration to improve and this was a great exercise.

      • Coolio!

  • Justin B Greathouse

    Hello. Got my sketch on earlier and thought these were kind of fun. The Clamp-ett is a copper plated over size cowboy hat with a hidden spring loaded clamp inside. Good for picking up extra items when you’ve got a blaster in each hand. Da Featha, which has a razor sharp metal feather that can be used as a sword and comes with a mustache. The Jesternator, which gives such great protection that all you can do is sit back and laugh.

  • laffs

  • Krissie

    This is Urania. Well, what’s left of her. Urania had a fondness for flowers and had only seen them in books. She was full of energy but certain steambots didn’t like her curiosity.

    She found a purple flower in a book once and became entranced with it. Since she couldn’t find a purple flower she made one and attached her favorite timepiece to it. That way she could see the beauty she knew existed any time, day or night.

    One day a steambot Urania was close with found her in pieces, she was too far gone to put back together. He took some of her innards and her favorite purple flower timepiece and decided to make a hat so she could always be with him. He does notice that when he dons Urania he gets a boost of energy and can accomplish tasks faster.

  • Monsieur Matou

    Two quick scetches, ‘ cause I could not decide between a simple design and a rather opulent one. The Steersman does have a ships railing on top to give it a naval feel.

  • bloshi

    My entry to the challenge. I went with a simple design, a racing band with flaming exhaust ports on the side. I call i. Hot Shot.

    • Simple is often more than enough! Thanks for the entry 🙂

  • BlamBlamKerpow

    Hat-in-a-cat – The No.1 way of bringing bio-pets on the road and look dapper at the same time!

  • lewisblytheart

    Finally finished them, hope you all like them! Here’s some of my entries;

    Plumber’s Pride: ‘A beaten up hat once worn by a famous Shiner. He must have lost it in space during an adventure in another galaxy…’

    Iron Chef: ‘They say that the Shiners used to cook food in these things. Can’t see any way to power it but for the time being, it makes a neat hat.’

    Gentleman’s Turbine: ‘Once the height of fashion, these turbines used to power us bots before we turned to steam power.’

    Light Shade: ‘A bold fashion statement for the Steambot looking for something to turn heads. A solar powered self illuminating core powers the lightbulbs that hang from the brim.

    Rusty Duster: ‘A battered hat that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the Shiner’s old gunslinger movies. Wearing this instantly makes you feel luckier, punk.’

    Super Slurper: ‘For the Steambot who appreciates a little bit of novelty thrown into their daily routine of plundering space vessels.’

    Mad Man with a Hat: ‘A stylish and quirky hat favoured by those with an adventurous disposition. They are most definitely cool.’

    • Cool! Love the Doctor Who reference! ;D

      • U Gunna Git Shrekt

        Doctor what?

      • lewisblytheart

        Thanks! I tried hard to match the SteamWorld artstyle and create hats that would logically fit into the game somewhere (even the fun references) 😉

        • Good job!

        • Hobbit Peate Donohue

          Okay wow, imo you did a great job of matching the art style. I made *one* trying to match up. (did you see it?)

  • Grzesiek Pamula

    Grumpy Hat – “I hate this job”

  • vincent

    If you want to go Flying and don’t want to lose your class, then the Classy Flight is the perfect hat for you!

  • Savior

    The Monster Bolts hat is known because of it’s legend. One Friday night a robot that was used for entertainment at a kid’s place started to malfunction and cause malice in the restaurant. The owners decided to scrap the machine and throw in the dump. Years later… its head was used as a neat hat. 🙂 The Monster Bolts hat occasionally pukes gears and bolts and whatnot. Its eyes also jiggle while the wearer remains in motion.

  • Agneta Lind

    My contribution, the ‘Tea time hat’. 🙂

    • agneta lind

      Seems like the picture didn’t upload, here it is!

  • yodamerlin

    I’m sorry! I couldn’t choose one! Three from four though, so not bad.

    Quad-ella cap.

    What’s better than one propeller, Four Propellers! Four propellers equals four times the fun and four times the lift. Unfortunately, the standard propeller cap gives you no lift, and so, this wonderful creation also gives you no lift. Looks cool though.

    Gâteau Chapeau

    This ca-I mean hat, makes enemies and allies jealous of your superiority. Unfortunately, the hat is inedible, I mean, it’s been on someones head!

    Trash Helmet
    Just a bin lid. Why do you wear it upside down? Well, you don’t want a boring lid, do you?

    Anyway, that is all. @yoda_merlin

  • mirpkered

    Gentleman’s Pride

    This hat was originally created by renowned designer Solvent Shine for Lord Galv E. Nized. The prominent features include the pressure gauge on the side and whistle for release on the other. These were instrumental as Lord Nized temper was quite easy to bring to a boil. As time went on, the magnified monocle attachment was added and affixed to the brim of the hat as the old Lord had become forgetful. The monocle was capable of zooming 10x if viewing conditions permitted it. Since its theft in the past 25 years, it has rarely been seen until an upstart of rouge steam-punks sported the cranial trophy of a recent ship raid. The current owner of said hat is none other than Talbot D. Tallbott.

    • I really like the details! If it was mine i’d definitely take pride in it.

  • Aaron Babel

    I don’t know if all the bots of SteamWorld are able to express themselves properly. Truthfully I’d think it would still be hard to do so. What if you were programmed with a rough voice your friends would constantly think your angry and mad. Fortunately I have come up with a solution to this problem

    Introducing The EmojiCon Topper hat-
    (Well I hope my image is viewable and readable but here is a modified transcript of what I wrote on it.)
    Ever have that problem where you try to express yourself, but your friend misunderstands and blows your face off. Now with the EmojiCon Topper hat you can express yourself properly. Happy, Startled, Angry Sad…The EmojiCon Topper has it all. Now with Eyebrow Brush Attachments to enhance emotion for the browless bot. *Your results may vary. Not responsible for misreading of emotions where you still end up getting your face blown off. Your friend just might be a jerk who likes doing that.

  • Love it ;D

  • It sure looks like Bunny and her hat alright 😀

  • huxxny

    re-upload: Collection of must have retro goodness for SteamBots!!

  • huxxny

    re-uplaod: my first concept, but with “colors”…

  • huxxny

    re-uplaod: An old hat like this would could barely survive the passage of time…

  • huxxny

    re-uplaod: First and only attempts at making something, hmmm, let’s say “creative?!” or somthin’… ;D not that mind-blowing i know, but i like it!! ;D

  • Brandon Morris

    Here are some of my ideas, I was kind of in an animal mood and still excited from that Splatoon direct, haha. The most relevant is probably the top hat made of gears. Anyway, I hope you guys like them! 😀

    • Nice ideas 😀 Cool how you matched the art style so well 🙂

    • The Geek Guru

      Thats cool how you did that. Props 🙂

    • huxxny

      really like the “Top Gear” as well as the Tweet one!! xD

  • Ebony Machelle

    The Joker

  • Ember Sielle

    This is my little creation, the corsat! The latest in steampunk hatery, the corset combines elegance with function. Not only does it keep the sun away from sensitive optics, but it also looks very cool which is just as important! The interchangeable ribbon is held on by the stylish silver bolts. It’s mainly designed for the ladies, but gentlemen can look just as dapper!

    • Would fit any steampunk setting perfectly!

      • Ember Sielle

        Why thank you!

      • huxxny

        i agree, it a win flavourwise!!

  • wifishark

    Ladies and Gentlebots, let me show you the “Gearhawk”
    It’s similar to a football helmet but in the style of a gear.

  • Iaan Yul

    from left to right:

    1) tin projector

    2) galliumphone

    3) Ah- Hat

    4) drinking dove

    5) bobble(gum)head

  • Ties

    The “Can O’ Beans”

  • Cutberto Gonzalez

    old good classic hat

  • Late entry, but here’s

  • Grzesiek Pamula

    “Mexico Hat”

    • Creative! With it every battle turns into a fiesta 😀

  • The Geek Guru

    The obvious choices that I didnt see brought up. 1. A Koopa Shell Hat. 2. A Beat up Mario Hat.

    The idea behind the mario hat is its in the far off future. There is mythos of a legendary plumber “Mario” who saved a Princess in the past. However it is just legend and no one knows it is true. Till they find this hat which is beaten and battered perhaps from a final battle with Bowser. 🙂

    **credit also go to Mark from The Warp Whistle for this two as he came to me with these ideas and said I should submit them**

  • The Geek Guru

    This one I call the “I PITY THA FOOL” hat. 🙂 You will be bringing the “PAIN” when you don this cool Mr. T hat!! Gold Chains and earrings are sold separately. 😀

  • The Geek Guru

    A Long time ago….in a Steam World far far away…

    • Haha, that’d work as a beanie!

      • The Geek Guru

        indeed lol

  • Kainen Ryan

    Ok. So my hat will have to be explained as I can’t draw. Lol.

    It’s a hat that at the bottom looks like a pirates hat but the top bit is like a Top Hat. It’s leather and smooth and dark it colour.

    But this hat is no normal Pirate Top Hat. This hat also talks and has two small slightly lighter eyes and a small mouth that when it is not talking you would not see. This hat is a from a race of butler hats that help out its wearer by giving it advise and in return he gets a lift to where ever he is going. “A well warn hatler is a great and wise hatler” that’s what they say anyway.

    There are many hatlers on there planet some different shapes sizes and colours.

    This hatler is a noble pirate well spoken and from a proud hatler family.
    Her name is “Millete” and she is happy to serve and give advice. She has even helped new comers with great advice just like press X to jump and the like.

    So this is my idea and remember.

    “A well warn Hatler is a very Wise Hatler”.

    • Can you try to upload it again? After reading the description I can’t wait to see it 😀

    • Kainen Ryan

      Ok it’s come out the wrong way round and it’s not very gd at all so I’m hoping the back story will help you all imagine it more. This is a picture to go with my post above.

    • Deer_God

      I hope you don’t feel that I’m trying to hijack your ideas or otherwise intrude on your design, but I liked your description and sketched out a picture of how I imagined it. Consider it fan art if you will! My sketch came out looking a bit snooty compared to your delightfully jolly hat (didn’t realize you had uploaded one yourself until just now), but I hope you won’t mind my little attempt anyway.

      • Kainen Ryan

        As I said before I can’t draw and ur picture really captures what I was aiming for. I really do like it. Millete looks great. Ur drawing and my story perfect but I’m not sure if they will be willing to split the prize but if they r willing I’m happy to have ur pic with my story. But thanks it’s great. They should make a spin off game of the Hatlers.

        • Deer_God

          I didn’t mean to try and piggyback on your idea in any way, so don’t worry about splitting the prize if it should come to that. I just liked your idea and felt like drawing it since you hadn’t (as far as I knew at that point)! Glad you like it!

          • Kainen Ryan

            What I drew could not really b called a picture. Lol. And I do like ur picture and I know u was not trying to Piggyback on my idea. It’s nice to see it drawn better.

          • Deer_God

            I quite liked your drawing. It had a simplistic charm to it that could have worked well as a logo for, say, a Japanese hat store or something.

          • Kainen Ryan

            I really hated mine as I like perfection and wile my story I was happy with my pic truly was bad.

  • The Geek Guru



    Last one….I SWEAR!!! 😀

  • Can’t let Bobby have all the fun. I submit to you, The Emperor’s New Hat… It’s totally legit. I proooomise.

  • “The Meowmeow” Thor’s Hammer struck this poor robot right in the cranium. Who is worthy to remove this sparking weapon of legend?

  • The Geek Guru

    This one….My LAST, i think 🙂

    This one is called “Mr. HaHa”

  • Janjuar

    Zylinder can zoom in and out, when falling down it becomes larger. The wild chicken helmet wants to run away when close to enemies.

  • BerserkCerberus

    The Blow-Your-Top Hat
    ~ For The Easily Steamed ~

  • Jack Sabbath

    Uncle Joe’s Hat or a miner helmet in honor of Steam world Dig

  • Old Red

    heres my two, a water pitcher hat, and a beat up brown hat with smoke stacks coming out the side

  • Caroline Johnson

    It’s kind of a crude drawing, so I’ll explain it. Its a top hat with a periscope. The viewpoint is styled like a monocle There are two pipes jutting backwards on the sides that propel the bot wearing it to let them duck headshots faster, run faster, and jump farther. The gear that acts as the rim can be turned to rotate the periscope.

  • Agneta Lind

    I try to upload My pic again.

  • We just announced the winning hats. Did your hat make it?

    Thanks so much for all fantastic entries 😀 Love ’em all!

  • T Craig

    When is the next challenge? @Julius Guldbog

    • Hobbit Peate Donohue

      The next challenge is in one week, June 16th. The winners from the last challenge (The ‘social media’ challenge) should be announced today.

      • T Craig

        Ah i missed a challenge 🙁 but thanks for the heads up 🙂