Enemy Alert: Meet The Scrappers

Meet the Scrappers!

Howdy, partners!

In the latest gameplay videos and screenshots from SteamWorld Heist focus is geared towards the player’s team. And rightfully so. Captain Piper and her rag-tag band of steambots are the protagonists of the game, after all.

But whom they’re pointing their guns at are also of great interest. Among the first of the baddies the Captain and her crew encounter in Heist is the faction of robots known as Scrappers. They’re the enemies you’ve seen in our recent trailer and screenshots.


A Scrapper bullet to the face is NEVER a good thing.

The Scrappers are the scourge of The Outer Rim of inhabitable space. They’re nasty, vicious and menacing – but not the sharpest tools in the shed. What they lack in brains they make up for in sheer numbers and pure insanity. The root of their disturbing behaviour is unknown; so is the reason of their rapid expansion.

Fresh reports have them plunder the goods and killing the passengers of countless spaceships and space stations. Though not confirmed, there are reasons to believe they also steal entire ships. But even worse are the rumors of them partaking in the horrible practice of collecting the body parts of their victims. Whatever their goal, one thing is certain: Someone has to stop the Scrappers before it’s too late.

Captain Piper's spaceship preparing to dock a Scrapper space station.

Captain Piper’s spaceship preparing to dock a Scrapper space station.

The Scrappers come in different shapes and sizes. Each with varying abilities and a unique look. Check out three of the Scrapper types below:

The Rippers are mostly harmless but pose a threat in great numbers. More dangerous are the Choppers, since they’re slightly smarter and able to handle more potent weaponry. Out of the three the Crushers are the ones you should really watch out for. They take a lot of hits and deal the most damage.

If you compare the Scrappers in the portraits to the ones in the screenshot above you see they all have somewhat different looks to them. They are randomly generated, so it’s not likely to meet exact look-alikes twice in a row.  This is not just to please the eye. It also plays an important part in the story. Exactly how will be revealed in the finished game.

Over to you:


What do you think the Scrappers are after?


  • minirop

    Scrappers should be scrapped! *badum tss*

    • Hey, at least they aren’t… aren’t… I can’t think of a single scrap pun! How did you do it??

      • minirop

        With a scrappy mind, you won’t scrape out a living and end in the scrapyard (where the scrappers belong).

        puns apart, scrappers are probably after “iron corpses” to rebuild themselves (or build an entire army to take over the world! *evil laugh*)

        • That’s seriously impressive! And that’s a really sinister way of looking at it >:D Iron Corpses sounds like a movie title xD

  • MowMow789

    I think the Scrappers are just ruthless weapons made to kill. I also think they might have a master who nobody knows about who’s controlling them. The last man from Earth? I doubt it.

    Also, was Jack the Crippler a randomly generated enemy or was he a specific character.

    • Yo MowMow! Sorry for the late reply x(

      I think you’re on the right track with them just being their for the destruction of… everything, basically.

      Jack the Crippler is one of the many Rippers, don’t know if he’s still around. But to answer your question: He’s not the most important Ripper around, so he’s probably not a big part of the game. At all.

  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    The gathering up of fallen enemies’ body parts is curious- if they aren’t being upgraded with more parts- (extra arms, eyes, heads) then maybe they’re building new bots out of the scavenged bits. But at whose bidding?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find a second faction behind it. Maybe one that tries to keep their reputation squeaky-clean…

    • Interesting theory, for sure. That’d mean they’re like scrap part zombies?

  • Tuurtledove

    Remnants of an ancient society;
    their faith harboured beliefs that the metallic artifacts of plundered vessels and slaughtered foes belong only to the ancient ones, and that the act of gathering these metal caracasses and returning them to their rightful heirs will bring prosperity to all. Though, as time continued on the society became corrupted from within, and their once harmonious intent became wrought with ruin

    • PersonSP

      Now that’s something… Pretty dark and a tad cliché but extraordinary interesting too!