Expect the unexpected on Tuesday September 16

Heading into development of the coming SteamWorld game, we decided early on to make it a big surprise. We love the unexpected. With SteamWorld Tower Defense for Nintendo DSi we gave our spin on tower defense games, and turned the “humans vs evil robots” trope on its head. With SteamWorld Dig we composed a potpourri of our favorite genres – hence the rather mouthful “platform mining adventure with strong Metroidvanian influences”.

Every day you ask us if we’re making SteamWorld Dig 2, and we keep answering “We will! But first we’ll surprise you with a new SteamWorld game :D”. We mean that continuing down the road we paved with Dig will be tremendous fun. But before we do, we’d like to do something else first. Something that will expand the SteamWorld universe and bring you a new experience.

It’s no secret that we’ve teased you a lot, simply because we’re sitting on a game we can hardly wait to show you. The game is bigger and deeper than Dig, and it will blow your world to bits! ;D

So what is our new game? It’s a fresh take on SteamWorld. For you this means a new game in a new genre unknown to steambots up to this point. We will release the game in spring 2015, and work as fast as we can to release it on as many platforms as possible.

To end this with a bang: We’ll announce it tomorrow. What would you like to see? 😀 (Oh, and the title? It’s right here in this text somewhere. Can you find it?)