First look at SteamWorld Heist on 3DS + One-Liner Winners

Here's SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS

Howdy, partners!

As you know by this point, SteamWorld Heist is coming to all current-gen platforms and the release is aimed at fall 2015 – no fixed dates yet.

Many of our Nintendo 3DS-wielding fans have been anxious to see stuff for their favorite platform. Are they perhaps worried we’re going to give them the cold shoulder? No need: with SteamWorld Dig being such a hit for the 3DS, a version of SteamWorld Heist for the platform has been in the works from the very start. And now we decided it’s time to show some of it.

Down below you’ll find the first five Nintendo 3DS screenshots – both upper and lower screen – from our upcoming turn-based strategy combat game. We’re making sure to make SteamWorld Heist an awesome game, although we’re still a bit from completion, our CEO Brjánn is starting to lose sleep… not from staying up all night developing or worrying how the game will perform, but from the simply joy of playing. And feel free to replace “joy” with “addiction”. I can’t tell anymore 😉

One-liner winners

In last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge we asked you to come up with epic one-liners for the evil Scrappers in SteamWorld Heist. We got hundreds of creative entries in all three categories (anger, glee and shock) and had a hard time choosing one winner in each category. We’ll definitely use all of them as inspiration when writing dialogue and other text. The winners are…

  • Anger: “Cogwash!” by Josiah Jones
  • Glee: “Nailed it!” by U gonna get shrekt
  • Shock: “Mother of cog!” by Soupfist

Big congratulations! We’ll have a surprise ready for you and the other ambassadors pretty soon. So stay tuned and check your inbox for e-mail! As SteamWorld Ambassadors you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall. You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Over to you:


Which screenshot is your favorite and why?


  • TheGamingWolf

    Congrats to the contest winners those are some great one liners “Mother of cog” is probably my favourite. Anyway.., those scene shots look amazing!!!! also the bottom screen map looks really good!

    • Many thanks, GamingWolf! The minimap is really nice since the aspect ratio of the upper screen is more narrow than the HD version 😀

  • Peace Boy

    Why didn’t I win?? I thought mine were really cool. :/
    Oh well.
    So being a SteamWorld Ambassador means getting all versions of the game for free? That’s quite generous, but what if someone only has like 1 or 2 consoles to play it on or something?
    The screenshots look pretty cool by the way.

    • minirop

      I know your feels (I really liked my “steelhead” pun).
      I also understood they will get the game on all platforms (and a few extra copies), and they can give them away if they want.

    • U Gunna Git Shrekt

      I’m surprised that I won, and I did like yours to, but I just think all consoles are fair because even if someone only has one, they can be kind and give the others away as gifts… or you can be ‘that guy’ that sells them online for pocket cash… I’ll be using mine to promote the game in a YouTube series!

      • Peace Boy

        Cool. Congratulations by the way.

      • Oh, that’s so cool! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

    • We’ll have a new challenge next week for you to take on 😀 We understand very few people have access to all current-gen platforms, so we think the Ambassadors will do what they think is the best with them. Host giveaways online or give them to their gamer friends, for instance 🙂

  • PersonSP

    Congratulations to the winners! Mother of cog is really good! As for the screenshots; yay! Lookin’ good. The hard blue seems a bit out harmony with the rusty colours at the top though. :-/ Then again, it might look good on the 3DS screen.

    • soupfist

      Glad you like “Mother of cog”. It was probably the best I could do.

      • PersonSP

        Never underestimate yourself. 🙂

    • I see what you mean with the colors! It’s a different thing looking at it on a 3DS. I asked our artists about it and they said they chose the blue color based on two things. One: They’re going for a blueprint-look. Two: It’s neutral and goes well with the brownish-reddish-orange colors on the top screen 🙂

      • PersonSP

        I got the blueprint look, and if it looks good on screen then I’m happy. The colour might look a bit different on my old pc but I’m sure they put a lot of thought behind how it looks on 3DS. 😉

  • Andrew

    Congrats to the winners. You can always use more of them and just rotate the sayings… don’t have to do more winners, just a suggestion.

    I have Dig on 3DS, feel like I’ll probably go the same route for Heist. Just feels like a good game on the go.

    • Many entries were things that are really similar to what we already have written. So we chose the one we thought would complement the remaining dialogue 🙂

      Heist is designed with portability AND immersion in mind, so I think it’ll work well on the go as well as on a home console or PC 🙂

  • The Geek Guru

    Congrats to the winners!! 🙂 Great one liners you all earned it. 🙂

    As for the screen shots I love them all. The reason is the maps on the lower screen. When I played the demo this wasnt the option. You were more or less moving through the ship in the “dark”. This is really good to see the maps added.

    However I do like the 1st photo in the group of 6 (think its labeled #5) with Billy Running. Just because hes my favorite bot.

    • Exactly! It really adds to the experience in this case. It’s not just a minimap we tacked onto the game 🙂

  • Taipan20

    i really like the first two lines for anger and glee but i think the shock line is really lame and weak.
    i thought there were way better lines from other ppl for the shock line than that one.

    • I understand how you feel! It was a hard choice to make between many solid ones. Which one would you prefer?

      • Taipan20

        i had a look through the suggestions and i liked these ones

        Shock: Blisterin’ boilers!
        Shock: Leaking oil here!
        Shock: You steam punk!
        Shock: Does not compute
        Shock: We should bolt
        Shock: So much pressure!
        Shock: Im losing pressure!!
        Shock: I’ll be back…
        Shock: oh scrap
        Shock: Incogceivable!

        i think the “mother of cog” line is very vague and flat i dont get the reference or joke.
        i dont see the connection btween the line and the game besides the word “cog”

        • soupfist

          It’s supposed to be a pun on “Mother of God”. Just thought I’d make it clear for you.

        • jsty3105

          You liked one of my suggestions – “Does not compute” 🙂 I feel like I’m bathing in nice warm steam now…

          I thought Mother of Cog was pretty inspired though

        • Really good ones! I agree with you 🙂 But some of the suggestions were similar to what we already have in the game. So we went for the ones we thought would fit right in next to the rest of the dialogue 🙂

    • U Gunna Git Shrekt

      I actually do like the shock one is pretty nice, but I feel that the word “cog” doesn’t sound to nice, but otherwise great line.

      • soupfist

        Yeah, it’s the closest thing I could think of for making a pun to “Mother of God”. Sorry if it sounds weird.

  • Brandon Morris

    So insanely beautiful! Nice work on this you guys. I absolutely love the color work you all have going on in these. And congrats to the winners!

  • Orion Hermans

    Congrats to the winners!
    Those screenshots! I can’t wait ’till I can see them on my 3ds!

    • Thanks so much, Orion! We really liked your entry, too 😀

      We’ll look into creating 3D screens viewable on Nintendo 3DS!

  • soupfist

    OHMYGOD I’m a winner! Thank you so much! And congrats to the other winners too! Can’t wait to play the game early!

  • Adrian Brown

    Congrats to the winners! Cool screenshots, can’t wait to see a trailer of the game. BTW, no contest this time?

    • Thanks, Adrian! We have a contest every other Tuesday. So next week we’ll have a new contest. The week after that we’ll announce the winners AND share news about the game 🙂

      We have an early gameplay trailer on YouTube:

      More video footage is coming in the near future 🙂

      • Adrian Brown

        Awesome, thanks for the response

  • Josiah Jones

    Thank you for doing this contest! All those screenshots look incredibly awesome. The lighting effects are gorgeous! My favorite screenshot is the 3rd one, you can almost see the fear in the robot’s face as the bullet approaches his head. I can’t wait to play the game!

    • No problem, Josiah! Thanks for your entry 🙂 Congrats!

      Yeah, until we slowed it down I wasn’t sure there even were actual bullets in there. I’m constantly impressed by the level of detail our artists put into the game 😀

  • U Gunna Git Shrekt

    Oh my sweet baby jeebus I can’t believe I won, I’d like to thank my mom, and my 3ds, and all my friends. This has been a great honor to receive this award and- wait… I’m not getting an Oscar? Well, thanks anyway and I’ll be sure to participate in all upcoming contests, I’m happy to let you know that me and a friend will be showing (promotional) gameplay of this fantastic game on YouTube near release, stay tuned for more info! I love you guys!

    • Congrats 😀 Thanks so much for the love! I look forward to the video 🙂

  • huxxny

    Holy Rusty!! Congrats to the winners! Please use “Dry You” (Damn You) somewhere anyway for anger or shock… And to answer your question, the screenshot where Piper is aiming for a “Ricochet” is my favorite!! I’m really eager to try Heist on its release!! Keep on the good work guys!! ;D

    • I’ll let our writers know about that 😀

      Yeah, that’s probably my number one as well!

  • Kevin Cruz

    That’s gonna be the version I get.

  • Mikiri

    This the the demo from Steampunk World Fair, but on DS! Favorite picture is totally the hat shot. Those are always fun.

    • Yeah, it is 😀 But even more polished!

      Yeah, hat shots are awesome!

      • PersonSP

        “Hat shot”, that’s punny. 😛

  • Congrats to the winners!!
    And those screenshots are incrediblub! Sooo excited for this game falskdjflskjflkj!! :0
    Just curious though…how is the map/UI from the bottom 3DS screen gonna be handled on PC?

    • Thanks so much 😀

      It’s still up in the air. But as you’ve seen in our HD demo footage you get a much bigger view of your surroundings compared to the 3DS version of the demo. And you can pan the camera around freely in the demo, too 🙂

      • Oh right, ok! Nice!! :DD
        And since I haven’t said it here yet, I loooved Dig and canNOT wait for Heist!
        Thanks for making such rad games!!

  • Lover of steambots

    I like the fifth one. But I have a question how will we access the ship map (the blue half of the screen) on other consoles?

    • It’s still to be decided! But our goal is to make sure you get a good look on your surroundings in the HD versions as well. The screen is much bigger and you can move the camera around freely, too!

  • Paul Plunkett

    Well done to all the winners!

    Those shots. Man, I really want to play this game. Now! 😀

  • Ben Craven-oakes

    Cannot wait for this game! Platinumed Steamworld dig on my Psvita

  • schizor

    My glee was better…