steamworld heist concept art wall_1

Get Perspective! How To Choose Artwork For Your Video Game

Howdy, partners!

At Image & Form we’re currently six people working on the graphics for SteamWorld Heist. Two more compared to when we developed SteamWorld Dig. The artists cooperate in a range of different areas: character design, concept art, animation, art direction, background art, cutscenes, user-interface, item design and much more.

 A big team equals a multitude of ideas. Especially when it comes to concept art for character designs. We must have hundreds of unused robot designs lying around. And we create new ones almost every day. Creating is usually not a problem. The hard part is to choose which ones to go with.

So we came up with a way of dealing with that problem: Instead of looking at one or a few sketches at a time we pinned them to a wall to get some (literal) perspective. That way we can see the whole picture and more easily compare each and every design to each other. Simple, yet effective.

Here’s the wall at the moment:

steamworld heist concept art wall 2

While standing before it, it’s easy to lose yourself in all creative designs. Especially when most of them are full of life and personality:

SteamWorld Heist robots concept art

SteamWorld Heist royalist concept art

SteamWorld Heist robots and spaceships concept art

The designs we decide to go with are circled in red. And it’s not only our characters we choose this way. In the pics above you also see spaceships, guns, hats, cogs, emblems and pipes. Our technique is nothing mind-blowing, but little things like this really help us speed up the process.

A teaser for next week

We’re preparing something cool for next week’s Heistuesday. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got in store for you:

steamworld heist teaser

Over to you!

As an artist, do you have any help of the trick we showed today or is there a better way to do it?

If you’re not in art, are there other ways you could benefit from it?

What do you think we’ll show you next week?