Happy Holidays + SteamWorld Heist Giveaway

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for a fantastic 2015. SteamWorld Heist is out and the reception has been wonderful. It’s now sitting comfortably at 86/100 on Metacritic. Something we never thought would happen. We can finally relax and are taking some time off. We will return in January next year.

As thanks for your incredible support we’re giving away one mega package full of SteamWorld Heist goodies! Tha package includes a t-shirt, mug, hat, games, concept art and more 😀

All details can be found in the video below:

Thanks for 2015 and Happy Holidays!


  • myster kapow

    love the smell of steam world games
    hate when I have to stop playing
    is it getting to hot in here
    where has all the water gone

    but wait I hear a hiss of steam
    captain Faraday to rescue my day
    stomping and shooting in my dream
    romping and blasting it’s the image n form way

    never heard of steam world tower
    steamworld dig has all the power
    but lo it’s santa elves and all
    bringing me heist this Christmas morn

    sorry but I can’t finish this rhyme
    got better things to do with my time
    so thank you image n form for your gifts
    gotta go and play some more steam world heist

  • Caroline Johnson

    The Droplet

    Rocketing through the void
    A icy comet comes to find
    A planet of live devoid
    And gravity would bind

    The comet to the ground
    The planet to the ice
    Its home know found, the droplet thought,
    “This will suffice

    Fire round the Earth many times did spin
    As time flew by
    The droplet was joined by kin
    But could only sigh

    More time passed
    Then something began to stir
    Little cells massed
    The droplet saw a fir

    That tree, stretching it’s roots young
    Took the droplet, making it sappy
    But the droplet could have sung
    For it was happy

    The droplet stayed many years with the tree
    But, like all trees, it eventually died
    And though the droplet was now free
    It was sad and cried

    It flowed from it’s friend
    And came to rest in a pond
    Its heart to broken to mend
    And remained in the pond

    Until one day
    He was drunk up by a bear
    And in his stomac lay
    As the bear went to his lair

    But this all did not annoy
    The droplet, alone no longer
    Was filled with joy
    For he was alone no longer

    Time passed, and the bear too died
    The droplet was left behind
    And long, long he cried
    Only his friend in his mind

    He sadly flowed from his friend
    And went back to the pond
    His heart time would never mend
    And his eyes turned to the stars beyond

    “Why, why, why, must all my friends die,”?, he asked the stars.
    But the stars did not answer.

    Many years went by

    He made many friends
    And he lost many friends

    Then something happened, and no more friends came.

    Until, one day, he saw a strange thing
    A metal thing that was moving
    Some strange sort of being
    And, scooped up the droplet, creeking

    Many years went by
    And the droplet was happy
    But this friend did not die
    So the droplet was very happy

    One day they got aboard a ship

    They went back into space
    They went far, passing Mars
    And many foes did face
    As they flew among the stars

    Then the ship ran out of fuel

    The droplet, knowing what he had to do
    Told his friend to use him to save the crew

    Evaporated and expelled by the engine, he was left behind

    As he froze, he watched the ship leave

    Though he cried
    He was not sad
    His friend had not died
    So this wasn’t bad

    He looked the stars and said, “I understand, now. We all must end”

    He watched with the stars as his friends rose and fell, spreading among the stars.

    He went to many more planets and met many more friends, until he too, reached his end.

    He was happy, though
    For now, after so long, he would at last be with all his friends again.