HAT WINNERS! + Community Q&A (DLC, upgrades and more)

Howdy, partner!

We’ve got two BIG updates to share with you today. First of all we have chosen three hat winners from last week’s hat challenge! Second, we’ve prepared a meaty Q&A with your questions. We share our DLC thoughts for SteamWorld Heist, news on weapon upgrades and confirm procedurally generated levels.

Check out the Q&A:

The winning hats…

We were blown away by all the amazing hat designs submitted last week. Thanks so much! The creativity was through the roof and it was really hard nailing it down to just one winner. So instead we went with our top three hats 🙂

The winners are: 

The three hat challenge winners! What do you think?

The three winning hats!

Here they are in the game:

Here are the first mockups of the #SteamWorldHeist hat winners 😀 Which one would you wear in battle?

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Image & Form (@imageform)

Big congratulations! We’ll have a surprise ready for you and the other ambassadors pretty soon. So stay tuned and check your inbox for e-mail! As SteamWorld Ambassadors you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall. You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Our artist Amanda is hard at work on incorporating the hats in the game. Some of the submitted hats were very close to what we already have designed. We were also really impressed by how many of you did a great job on matching the overall art style of SteamWorld Heist.

Over to you:


What kind of robots should wear the winning hats?


If you became a SteamWorld Ambassador, what secrets would you want us to reveal?