HAT WINNERS! + Community Q&A (DLC, upgrades and more)

Howdy, partner!

We’ve got two BIG updates to share with you today. First of all we have chosen three hat winners from last week’s hat challenge! Second, we’ve prepared a meaty Q&A with your questions. We share our DLC thoughts for SteamWorld Heist, news on weapon upgrades and confirm procedurally generated levels.

Check out the Q&A:

The winning hats…

We were blown away by all the amazing hat designs submitted last week. Thanks so much! The creativity was through the roof and it was really hard nailing it down to just one winner. So instead we went with our top three hats 🙂

The winners are: 

The three hat challenge winners! What do you think?

The three winning hats!

Here they are in the game:

Here are the first mockups of the #SteamWorldHeist hat winners 😀 Which one would you wear in battle?

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Image & Form (@imageform)

Big congratulations! We’ll have a surprise ready for you and the other ambassadors pretty soon. So stay tuned and check your inbox for e-mail! As SteamWorld Ambassadors you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall. You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Our artist Amanda is hard at work on incorporating the hats in the game. Some of the submitted hats were very close to what we already have designed. We were also really impressed by how many of you did a great job on matching the overall art style of SteamWorld Heist.

Over to you:


What kind of robots should wear the winning hats?


If you became a SteamWorld Ambassador, what secrets would you want us to reveal?


  • MowMow789

    The game seems to be shaping up pretty well to me! I’m very excited! The hat on the right looks the funniest and coolest in my opinion. Also, I like your stance on DLC. That’s the way to do it.

    • Good thing we’re on the right track with the DLC. Our lead dev Olle said we wouldn’t have time to create day one DLC even if we wanted to xD

  • Harry Gaskin

    Great stuff guys! Especially the stuff on the inner workings of Image & Form and the stuff going on inside!

    “Steam driven robots, what Can’t they do?”

    Can they love dammit!! Can their steamy robotic hearts love?!

    In all seriousness, what kind of social interactions are there between the playable characters? Sub plots and story arcs and the like. That’s kind of what got me hooked on other turn-based strategies such as the Fire Emblem games!

  • Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

  • Frank Reyes

    It was so fun creating a hat and definitely glad to be part of this growing community. Congratulations to the winners!!

  • TheGamingWolf

    Congrats to the winners. those hats sure are fancy. but I firmly believe that only the most eccentric (or insane) steamboats should wear the cat in the hat! I love the way you’re gonna handle DLC if you make any.
    one question though will there be laser weapons or perhaps some more… crazy weapons?
    On a completely unrelated note I can’t help but feel that its rusty’s fault that the planet started to crack up, assuming that the planet we see is the one we were on in dig. He did blow up a very large complex in the mantle of the planet… that can’t do anything good can it.

    • There will in fact be different weapons 😀 There are different factions so it’s safe to assume there are different weapon technologies that are being used 🙂

      Interesting theory! Would you want us to go down that route in another SteamWorld game? 🙂

      • TheGamingWolf

        It would be pretty interesting… a planet slowly cracking up into smaller floating chucks? sounds like a three dimensional platformer to me! Also can’t wait to see some of those weapon designs in the game. I know they will beautiful!

        • Just imagining that is giving me goosebumps xD Would be so cool.

          The weapons are looking beautiful, I think. You see some of them here:

          • TheGamingWolf

            :0 i see the pneumatic fist is making a return! its all looks amazing, the art tile is just so cool. Those goggles look so fancy *goes on long rant about how pretty it all is*

          • PersonSP

            That. Sound. Amazing. Like really good. I like how the series takes up all sorts of genres, this might be just perfect. *-*

          • Indeed! Can’t wait to see what our next project is 🙂

          • PersonSP

            Me neither. 😀

          • Cheers!

          • It sure is 😀 It would be awesome to see it all in real life. Everything would be so shiny!

          • Caroline Johnson

            Hmm. Seeing as Steambots are coal powered, it would be neat to explore resurrection or steambot zombie-hood. Like, maybe a alien nuclear power source that plugs into their coal chamber and controls them, borg style. I also thought it would be a really neat creepy touch if it was tradition (maybe for only one of the factions) for captains to hook themselves into the ships when prior to their deaths and continue to exist as part of the ship when their body breaks down. Imagine a whole corridor full of bot heads wired into a wall and if you move in front of one they shoot at you or set off an alarm.

          • Ooh! Sounds like a really interesting setting 😀 Creepy, to say the least! Heist has a darker atmosphere compared to SteamWorld Dig so I think you can expect slight creepiness from time to time as well ;D

  • The Geek Guru

    Congrats to all of the winners…I have to admit I LOVE that hat in the cat entry!!! So cool. 🙂

  • PersonSP

    The Hat-in-a-cat is absolutely steamingly awesome. It looks really, really splendid. Wow. As for the robot that should wear the winning hat, I’m all in for the currently drawn one. It seems to fit a slightly elderly robot. I’d say the Catch of the Day would be perfect for robots with a few bolts of the loose, those that are slightly peculiar. The Corshat would fit any very feminine, maybe a bit sassy robot one with a bit of an attitude. As for the looks I’d say she’d look a bit like Lola for SW Dig.

    If I’d become an ambassador (I’d probably faint from happiness) what secrets would I want to know…hmmm…that’s a hard one. I don’t want any spoilers for the game but perhaps some hints to where we should look for Easter Eggs? Or maybe some background information on the characters that just didn’t make it into the game. That would be pretty cool.

    Question: Do you plan on releasing something like a special edition? You know, those packs with the game, a CD of the soundtrack, a poster and a little book of art and early designs. I wouldn’t mind hanging my walls with some steamworld posters! 😀

    • Ooh, that hat would definitely fit Lola, I think 😀 Let’s hope she’s out there in space wearing a corshat! 😉

      Those secrets would be awesome to talk about. Thanks for the input. Helps us a lot 🙂

      Hmm. That would be very interesting. We did a physical Steam version of SteamWorld Dig a while back. It’s still in stock over at So it wouldn’t be impossible to do something similar for SteamWorld Heist in the future 😀

      • PersonSP

        Sounds fun! I usually play games on my 3DS so I’d love to see a special edition for 3DS. Also; you’re very welcome. Stay awesome you all. 🙂

  • Brandon Morris

    WOW! I cannot believe I won! There were so many great entries I feel honored to have been chosen. I have to agree with PersonSP on his character choices for the hats, they sound spot on! Today is such a great day and I am super excited! I loved the Q&A video, like the others, and look forward to more.

    I love the attitude your studio has and I am shocked you all have trouble hiring. The studio as you describe it sound like a dream to work in, small studios are the best! I also hope you guys do make a n64 style collect-a-thon as I love those games and I think the SteamWorld universe would work great in it!

    • PersonSP

      Congratulations! Your drawing looks really cool! Tiny detail; I’m a she. 😛 Where did you get the idea for your hat?

      • Brandon Morris

        Thanks so much! I am really sorry about that, I ment no offense. The idea for the hat just kinda popped in my head, I don’t know really, it was the first thing that jumped in there, I was just thinking how funny it would look if a fish jumped out and munched on a robot’s head meanwhile it’s tail was flapping around everywhere. I like silly things I guess.

        • PersonSP

          No offence taken. 😉 A lot of people on the web are guys anyway. Silly things are the best things in life (and so is your hat).

    • Hey, your hat is a worthy winner 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed both the challenge and the video 🙂 How are you going to celebrate? 😀

      • Brandon Morris

        Great question! I am trying to decide at the moment, First thing I did was finally buy the boxed SteamWorld Dig copy I had been wanting since it was announced and now I am thinking that it might be fun to sculpt a Rusty statue, but that might take too long, so I was thinking of doing an N64 resolution (poly and texture budget) Rusty and/or Captain Piper since the talk of a SteamWorld Collect-a-thon got me so excited!

    • Ooh, ooh! Check your e-mail! 😀

  • Blair Death

    Congrats to the winners! The hats are really cool!
    I think, “Catch of the day” is a perfect hat for a robot like Cranky. A bit older, calming down and loving his life and to fight with his friends like he did it his whole life! I let others fill in the ideas which robots could wear the hats. It is really cool to see you work with the community so good. 🙂
    But I have one question, maybe for the next Q&A. Will it be okay to use the background music of the game in other videos as a nice background music? 🙂
    Oh, and you looked really funny at the end to the video, Julius. 😀

  • Ember Sielle

    I’m so surprised I was one of the winners, thank you!! The other hats were so fantastic, I never thought I had a chance XD

  • BlamBlamKerpow

    Thank you! I’m surprised and very glad to see my silly sense of humour being shared by others. The mockups looks amazing 😀

    • No problem! Thanks for the hat 😀

      • BlamBlamKerpow

        I’ve been looking forward to Heist since it’s first announcement. To actually be a part of it in some capacity is awesome! My hype train just lost it’s breaks 😉

        • And we just sent you the first SteamWorld Ambassador secret ;D

  • PowerHouse

    Where do I submit for the contest

    • The contest is over, sadly! But we will launch a new challenge tomorrow with a different theme 😀

      • PowerHouse

        That’s what I meant bu thanks

  • Aaron Cutherberton

    The cat hat should be worn be a robot crazy cat lady; perhaps she lives in a secluded house just surrounded by cats. Also, for secrets I’d want revealed, I’d really love to find out some of the biggest coding/design challenges in the game, or some of the features that didn’t make it to the game.