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#Heistuesday 10: SteamWorld Heist is coming to all platforms!

Update: We have now put the Xbox and Android versions of SteamWorld Heist on hold. Check out this blog update for more info.

Original post:

Hi all,

Happy news! We have received the official warm embrace from all major platforms owners, who are all eager to see SteamWorld Heist on their flagship consoles and devices. That means we’ll release Heist on all their current platforms, which logically should mean PC/Mac/Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Vita, Xbox One. The exact order is yet to be decided.

As with SteamWorld Dig, we are planning to self-publish Heist on all markets available to us. It means going worldwide again, and that we’ll localize Heist into a multitude of languages. Curious fact without any intent of bashing: only Nintendo Japan wants us to either go through a local publisher or open our own office in Japan. Our programmer Ulf has volunteered to move to Tokyo and set up shop, but we love him too much to let him go… so we’re leaning towards the first option.


We’ll apply the so-called staggered release strategy, meaning we’ll bring Heist to one (maybe two) of the platforms on day one, then release it for the next platform, etc. It makes a lot of sense to a small developer like us, since we don’t have the muscles to release on all platforms at once. At least not if we want to keep our games optimized, full of Easter eggs and free from bugs, and we take pretty big pride in doing that.

Is SteamWorld Heist coming to iOS and Android as well?

We’re hoping to bring SteamWorld Heist to mobile platforms as well. The game’s input controls should make it a dream game for any tablet owner, and like many games it may be too detailed for playing on the phone. Most likely SteamWorld Dig won’t ever make it to mobiles or tablets, mainly because of the game controls: They’re perfect for gamepads and less stellar for touch input. Mobile development isn’t new ground to us: we’ve had great success on iOS with our game Anthill. We think everyone should get Anthill for either iOS or Android, and marvel over our incredible versatility as a studio. 😉

So it looks like you’ll be able to play Heist on your platform of choice. Or dare we say ‘platforms’…? Because some people can’t seem to get enough. Last week we sent a t-shirt to a splendid guy who calls himself @WhimsicalPhil on Twitter, for distinguished multiple dipping. He owns SteamWorld Dig on all available platforms to date (that is 3DS, PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, PS4 and PS Vita).

Today’s question: On which platform do you want to play SteamWorld Heist first?

  • minirop

    I will stick for 3DS for the first one, then maybe PS Vita and PC (I don’t have the other consoles)

    • First one? Sounds awesome! I think the 3D is gonna be sweet.

    • Quithe

      Generally handhelds first! 😀

  • Zubaja

    Ack! I know my Wii U needs love, but having Heist on my 3DS is too awesome D:

    • Do you prefer portability?

      • Zubaja

        I do travel a lot, so having it on the 3DS is a prefference, yes.

        • Sweet! Then I’d probably go for the 3DS as well 🙂

  • Zackary Bruley

    Nintendo 3DS or Wii U only. Please do not letMicrosoft’s launch policies ruin your name as a developer.s

  • bob

    Ps4 , vita, swag Saturn

    • The Saturn deserves some love! ;D

      • minirop

        I did some research about making a SNES or GBA homebrew just to port Dig. Nothing happened yet, but I’m still trying to figure out how it works 😀

        • Awesome? 😀 That would be amazing! If you figure it out, then by all means move forward. You have our permission 🙂

  • Armz

    PS4 and Mac, for me. Just like with Dig.

  • Fronkhead

    “The next game is not going to be a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig, it is not going to be SteamWorld Dig 2. It is coming to the Nintendo 3DS first, because we think it is a fantastic platform.”

    (From: http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/36017/next-steamworld-title-a-mixture-of-gameplay-styles-coming-in-2014)

    Is this still a thing?

    • You have an excellent memory, and your brain is infinitely better than my big mouth when I give spoken interviews. Rest assured that Heist is coming to the 3DS, we love the platform. As today’s blog post indicates, the exact release order is to be determined.

      • Fronkhead

        Thanks Brjann!

        • Thanks back for letting me off the hook! (You ARE letting me off the hook, right?) 😉 Really interesting that in the very same interview I mention that I’ve learned not to say too much. Wonder what I’ll say next. <3

          • Fronkhead

            Haha, of course! I play games, not platforms, and there’s so much choice out there (I picked up Dig on several platforms due to its amazing replayability).

            Heck, if you launched on iOS first I’d still be there day one, sounds like it’ll play great on the slick touchscreen UI. Thanks for continuing to make great games!

  • PS Vita Roundup

    That would be PS Vita!

  • Fronkhead

    I’m glad this isn’t available on iPhone/Android smartphones — a lot of iOS games feel like they should have been iPad only rather than have universal binaries for both: shrinking down a UI made for a big display and large thumbs to a tiny screen just doesn’t work.

    • Perfect reasoning. Of course we can’t promise we’ll never ever make a smartphone version, even though it’s unlikely. If we find the perfect control scheme we’ll probably release it on phones as well 🙂

    • Evgeni Petrov

      Do not forget that the new iPhones are closer to tablets than not, espcially the 6+. I held it myself and it will be perfect for gaming!

  • Amp

    3DS, please. 🙂

  • Chris92

    PC and 3DS would be my preferred launch platforms 🙂

  • D-e-f-

    Getting this on Wii U and 3DS, like Dig before it! 😉

    • Which one would you want first?

      • D-e-f-

        Hmmm, probably Wii U (more screen real estate, better comfort) but I’m cool either way. That way you could look into possible New 3DS enhancements if that isn’t the first one out the door! 😉

        • Haha, I guess you’re right about that. Don’t know if we’ll make New 3DS enhancements, though. We’ll see 🙂

  • Vita and PC

  • Devin Hudson

    Definitely Vita for me. It’s usually my preferred platform when given the choice.

    • Awesome! I really like the Vita myself. Even though I’d personally probably go for the 3DS or Wii U version. Big Nintendo fan right here. Hehe.

  • SxyxS

    i really hope you create this time real(constant/static) levels and not just random generated ones.
    I don”t mind wether those static levels are randomly generated or optimized but every game should have a permanent core /base.
    This does not mean to abandon random levels (you can keep it as it is).Just add some real levels which are really good.
    Steamworld digg had so much potential but lost much of it due to bad random generated levels which just were boring.

    • If we incorporate randomly generated levels I think we’ll mix them with “handmade” ones. Just like SteamWorld Dig. The areas where you do most of your digging and mine riches are mostly randomly generated. But all caves are strategically designed to give a good challenge and push the gameplay to the max.

  • Strawhatleon

    I loved Dig so much on my 3DS that I actually beat it one sitting. Couldn’t put the game down honestly haha. I’ll probably double-dip for Heist for my 3DS and Vita. I’d love to get the Vita version first for the sake of diversity (and that sweet sweet OLED screen).

    • Yeah, that screen is gorgeous. Thanks for your input 😀

  • Marsi X

    xbox one would be great

  • Hyetal

    Whenever you launch on PC, that’s when I’ll be getting it.

  • Tinche

    I totally loved Dig, so I’ll be getting this as soon as it’s available 🙂

    Nowadays I use Linux exclusively, so your support there is much appreciated! The market share being what it is, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if we have to wait a little, as long as it gets released eventually 🙂

    • It will most likely launch on all PC platforms at the same time, so don’t worry!

  • Evgeni Petrov

    If the game is really good with gamepad. It makes sence to put it on such platforms. Meaning, leave mobile to wait. Your first reviews are most important so my advise is: Go for the one that your technical team is sure it will be with least bugs and it will have highest usability. Steamworld Dig did not recongized my gamepad and I had to do some dancing to play it with gamepad. If you go on PC, please support Steam big picture and use its settings for controller. It so much more simple that way. Mercenary Kings use it, its like one of the few games I know that do that. Not all of us have Xbox controllers.

    And for the platform. I want it for the ps4 😀 But that is just because I own one and I got SteamWorld on PC through a bundle. Now I would like to play your next game on the ps4. I am fed up sitting in chair.

    • Will make sure our devs get your advice, thank you! I’m a big fan of Steam big picture myself.

  • Lover of steambots

    Ps vita that’s all I want

  • Dameon Raye

    Personally, since the best system I enjoyed playing Steamworld Dig on was my Nintendo3DS, I would like to see it there first, however as long as it’s on all platforms, it doesn’t matter to me, I am VERY excited!

    • Thanks for the input, Dameon! You rock 😀

      • Dameon Raye

        lol, no. All I did was comment on your article. You guys are the ones who ROCK for making these awesome games! And as well, it seems like we owe that to Steam Powered Giraffe for their musical input in this!

  • PS Vita for ever!

  • Maic Striepe

    I would like to play it on Linux. Steamworld Dig I own for Linux through: Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle + the Soundtrack 🙂 Yes I bought it 3 times because I like it very much. Same as user Tinche mentioned: If we have to wait a little more because of current Linux marketshare (as a Gameplattform, server is a totaly different story) no problem, just don’t forget us. Perhaps you might even consier a version for the raspberry pi 😉

    • Haha, Raspberry Pi might not be our top priority. But Linux won’t have to wait longer than the other versions as we’ve released on all PC platforms simultaneously in the past. We can do it 🙂

  • Salsa nos seus Jogos

    SteamWorld must be on Steam first of course! The name says it all.

  • Mrenrisco

    A ultima traduçao em PT-BR ficou muito boa, espero que sigam o padrao

  • Turtlenerd

    TRADUÇÃO PARA pt-br DO SALSA É A MELHOR, steam of corse in first

  • Mrenrisco

    The last translation (PT-BR) is the better i’ve ever seen, please remake it.

  • ManyPlasticToys

    Bought Steamworld Dig initially on my 3DS, when it wasn’t out for anything else. However, my sight’s not that great, so I didn’t get too far into it. Stuff like Pokemon is easier for me on those devices. So, I decided to give it another chance and grabbed it from the Humble Store as soon as it landed on the PC (I think you get a better cut from them, yes?).

    I loved it! It was an enjoyable romp, and I was most pleased by the sense of discovery mixed with nostalgia for the likes of Boulder Dash, Metroid, and Digdug. I think the only time I grumped was the difficulty spike at Volbot, at least for me, but I beat him! And the question of Rusty’s fate still hangs in the air, and I wonder too. This left me with numerous questions, as to how this affected the world, what the advent of electricity would alter if it were to become surface knowledge, and so on.

    I was worried you’d be stuck in a holding pattern, though.

    My favourite other post-post apocalyptic experience, Fallout, has been very much stuck in a holding pattern. Fallout 2 looked like it had the potential to be going somewhere, but it was then reset with Bethesda’s Fallout 3, and Obsidian’s New Vegas. Which both felt like backward steps to the old, familiar Fallout. I know that sticking with the familiar and hanging onto a holding pattern can be comforting (Ubisoft certainly do that!), but it’s not particularly interesting. And I, at least, lose interest very quickly.

    That said, I can see with Heist you’re definitely not stuck in a holding pattern. Both the setting and the genre have taken a leap forward and I’m fascinated by this. I’m ready to buy whatever you put out next to see where you take this world of yours. Also helps, I suppose, that I’m a horrible *punk nerd. Love the *punks.

    So… bring it on–to PC! >_> I’ll probably buy it on the 3DS if it lands there, first, but I doubt I’d play it there. And since you’re likely developing on the PC (I’d imagine?), might it not be easy to compile and ship it out? Even if not to Steam, then to the Humble Store.

    But yes. I’m definitely looking forward to this. Good luck, and I hope your success continues! I mean that, too. Too few people are making things that are actually original. This takes me back to the ’80s and ’90s when video games weren’t afraid to be different, because they didn’t feel they had to be anything in the first place. Dig 2 might have been the logical choice, but I’m glad you took the riskier option. I really, really hope it works for you. I genuinely do. We need more of this. Not less.

    • Your endless support is warming our hearts. Thank you 😀 We try to not get stuck in a pattern. But we also value walking familiar paths as well. It’s a difficult thing to balance but judging from your reaction I think it’s safe to say we got it right this time (so far, at least!).

  • iboora

    Just finished Dig a few days ago on Vita and I can’t wait for Heist now!

  • Spidersonicfunk .

    First PC than 3ds abd Wii U and at last on PsVita Ps4 and XBOX-ONE. And at very very last on Smartphone and Tablets but put DIG first on them!
    I would buy it on Wii U because I bought DIG on it because there was the Winter Sale. But I think its the best to bring it on PC first because everyone have one. Maybe I Would also buy it on 3ds but later. If it is good. Lets see how much it will cost.

  • DarkCoolEdge

    I’d go with 3DS or WiiU. I don’t know what I prefer, 3D or HD. I think it will come down to what the game demands gameplay-wise.

  • Rinaxas

    Xbox One&Steam as for mobile Vita all the way~ (:

  • cusman

    I might get on 3DS, because it releases on there first, but I would rather be patient and wait for the PlayStation platform release. Maybe you guys have Cross-Buy between PS3, PS-Vita, and PS4 and that would make it an ideal purchase platform for me.

  • Francesco Pannozzo

    ps vita! 😀

  • Edge lord

    You guys android plz I would buy the game in a heartbeat