The steambots sure love their glögg!

#Heistuesday 13: SteamWorld Holiday Competition!

Howdy partners!

This week we’re all out of the office for a well-deserved year-end break. But we’re still working on SteamWorld Heist: before leaving, we updated our 3DS test units with the latest SteamWorld Heist build. Six of us will be home enjoying the game over the holidays.

Our dev team hard at work.

The game is actually working most of the time, and personally I must say it’s very fun to play (not that I’m biased or anything). We’re looking forward to sharing more gameplay footage and other spicy details next year.

As thanks for all of you being awesome we thought we’d host a small giveaway. The two winners will receive five SteamWorld Dig download keys on the platforms of their choice (mix and match freely), as well as a SteamWorld Heist t-shirt! The codes and t-shirts will be sent to the winners in January.

The rules are simple: Get in festive spirit by gazing upon this year’s beautiful Holiday Greeting Card by our artist @AgnesMikucka, and write a holiday poem/verse related to SteamWorld. Long, short, fun or serious doesn’t matter! You’re the Leonard Cohen of your holiday poem, so to speak. Be sure to submit your entry in the comments below before January 1st 2015!

The steambots of SteamWorld Heist sure like their glögg.

So from all of us at Image & Form: Happy Holidays! 

  • Daniel Fugate

    Every robot, everywhere, bundled up in Christmas Cheer
    Across Steamworld they peer!
    Plenty of water this day
    nothing left to pay,
    raise your glass
    give the thief a pass.
    The Heist is almost near.
    Get your spaceships ready!

    • Great! Especially considering how fast you were to submit it 😀

  • Nelson–@VidGames_Bible

    *to the tune of My Favorite Things*

    Santa Hats on Steambots sharing some red brandy
    Our protagonist looks like she’s still quite handy
    Yellow bananas all tied up with string
    These are a few of my favorite things!

    When the turrets strike!

    When the bandits sting!

    When I’m getting mad

    I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feeeeeel…

    Soo bad!

    • I caught myself singing this to myself while reading it 😀 Awesome job!

  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    Bringing in a bit of the SPG lore too:

    Twas the night before Heistmas, and all through the ship
    Was a steady steam-whirring and an echoey drip.
    The merriness engine, bedazzled and starred,
    Was properly water, oiled and tarred.
    Us bots were preparing for one more big haul
    ‘fore we got out of the game for once and for all.

    Suddenly, a hail came from some ship unseen
    So our leader (Cap’ Piper) brought them up on the screen.
    No spacecraft was evident- just wide swathes of space
    (For you don’t park overnight in an occupied place.)
    But then just off to port I saw something appear.
    A shiner, on a sled, tied up to eight deer.
    As shocked as we were- was this some strange joke?
    The silence stretched on until the sled-rider spoke.

    “I can’t do it all in one night now, you know.
    This galaxy’s huge- there’s just too far to go!”
    I shrugged over at Piper, and she shrugged at me too.
    St Papper’s Claus- real! and human! Who knew?
    “Now: You know the rhymes, and there’s rules to my list.
    Since stealing is wrong, I can only give this.”
    In one red-mittened hand he raised a black rock.
    And dutifully placed it inside of a sock.
    “We’ll not meet again, I come once in a life.”
    and he then turned his sled, to go back to his wife.

    Then I think Piper said, though I’m not truly sure.
    “But we’re the good guys. The helpers. The cure.”
    Whether or not she said that at all
    St Pappers Claus stopped, and he said in a drawl.
    “Rules are the rules, kids. Responsibility and such.
    And the naughty get coal. No rules on how much…”
    And with that bit of wisdom he vanished with a poof!
    As flammable rocks pattered down from our roof.

    Each one of us was now overjoyed,
    as the rocks fell like rain and Claus called from the void.
    “Have Anthracite, Lignite, have Graphite and Coke!
    Bituminous, Sea-Coal, have Peat (that’s low smoke!)”
    He said one more thing, as we dug out the Schist:
    “Merry Heistmas to all, and to all a good Heist!”

    • Sweet Jeee…! This must be recorded…!!

    • This is insane! In a good way. Would love to hear a dramatic reading of this!

      • Nelson–@VidGames_Bible

        I’ll record it and send it over 😉

        • Hobbit Peate Donohue

          Hey that’s mine! >:|

          • Nelson–@VidGames_Bible

            Of course! Just think it’s awesome 😛

          • Hobbit Peate Donohue

            The dream, of course, would be for SPG to do the dramatic reading.

          • That would indeed be awesome! 😀

  • captainrockman

    Steambots wept for the chance
    To gather ’round the steamtree
    They raise their glasses as they glance
    Towards their Fellow Steambots three

    Obviously poetry is not my thing, but hopefully this contest is not based on skill. I really want to play Steamworld Heist!

  • MowMow789

    Scribble, scrabble. I been writing all day,
    To try and think of what to write for Heistuesday.
    Be it Steamworld Heist or Dig,
    It’s gotta’ have that Christmas jig.
    So here I am on Christmas eve,
    Double desperate to achieve,
    The achievement of a Master Prospector,
    With four gold stars because I’m a collector.

    Yes, I know, it kid of sucks.
    But this year I’ve lost my luck.
    It’s the best I can do, of the top of my head.
    Although maybe next year, it’ll be read,
    By the Steamworld team at Image & Form.
    The greatest guys that had ever worn,
    A Steamworld Heist t-shirt on Christmas day.

    Merry Christmas Image & Form and a happy new year!
    I know it’s not great but like I said “it’s the best I could, do of the top of my head.” 😀

  • Gabe Vangilder

    Rusty’s a novice explorer bustles into tumbleton town,but all the towns folk all wear frowns. It was the absence of joe he suddenly disappeared the diggers were all sad they called joes grandson rusty out of fear he was missing for days and they feared the worse so rusty had to confirm what tumbleton had dreaded rusty dug deep into that hallow ground only to find his poor uncles remains in that lonely empty mine rusty decided not to let his uncles work die in vane he wanted to see what made his uncle come to his untimely end rusty dug and dug to his hearts content finding upgrades that made his good nature more sinister what would he have to trade in order to find that great treassure great joe failed to find he finally took the mine to its very end finding out that those upgrades were sinister indeed used as a ploy from the very treassure

  • Gabe Vangilder

    Part 2
    This treassure that Wasent a treassure at all that poor joe sacrificed his very life for after all the digging and dodging death it was a activity for both tired robots rusty and now poor joe a activity of fruitlessness because at the bottom of this now holey hollow well was nothing more than a ancient insidious machine a machine rusty must of felt wanted to take over the world because it revealed to rusty it tricked rusty and his grandfather to use its upgrades for its own purpose rusty couldn’t stand for his world to be taken over by this evil machine so he did battle what ever came of rusty and this old machine nobody will every know we can only say rusty saved the world!