The merry and heart crew of SteamWorld Heist

#Heistuesday 14: Gabriel “Sea Brass” Stubb

In SteamWorld Heist you recruit a team of rag-tag robots and fight explosive battles while boarding enemy space ships. A few months ago we introduced Captain Piper Faraday, the protagonist of the game. Though strong in mind and body, Piper is nothing without her hearty crew. Today we’ll introduce Sea Brass, the first of the many crew members Piper will battle alongside with in SteamWorld Heist.

Gabriel "Sea Brass" Stubb

For Gabriel “Sea Brass” Stubb, the adventure is everything. His purpose of life is to live it and to taste experience to the utmost. He’s always reaching out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. To him, a life without adventure is simply not worth living.

Far back during more peaceful times Sea Brass spent his days as a simple fishing robot. Fishing for whales, that is. You see,  whales carry huge ambergris reserves. One medium-sized whale can supply a wealthy family of five steambots with fancy joint lubrication for three years. As you can imagine they carry a hefty price.

Sea Brass wasn’t there for the money, but for the thrill of searching the oceans for the biggest beasts known to steambotkind. His only company during his hunts was in his son Toby. Toby was one frail ‘bot, but was ace when it came to preparing the harpoons for his dad. The two of them shared a happy life at sea for many years.

Those years suddenly came to an end the day the legendary white whale appeared before their ship. Sea Brass, thinking he’d never get a chance like this again, rushed to the harpoon cannon, aimed for the beast and fired a powerful shot. But attached to the end of the harpoon wire was Toby, who only seconds before the shot was trying to straighten out a devious tangle.

Sea Brass and Piper

Sea Brass joined forces with Captain Piper.

Toby flew away with the harpoon straight into the gaping mouth of the white whale. Neither of them have been seen since. Filled with anger and remorse Sea Brass searched for the white whale in hope of avenging his son. A few years later his travels came to an abrupt end, along with his dreams of revenge.

Being tormented with sorrow, anger and an everlasting itch for things remote, Sea Brass joined Captain Piper’s crew in hope of sailing new forbidden seas and setting foot on barbarous coasts.

Question: What do you think happened to the white whale? Is it still swimming around somewhere out there?