#Heistuesday 5: The first REAL glimpse of SteamWorld Heist

Hi folks!

This week’s #Heistuesday is short, but it’s a real doozy! It’s the premiere of the first ever gameplay screenshot of SteamWorld Heist. The pic below shows the moment just before Jack the Crippler is blown to bits by a well-aimed bullet from the gun of Captain Piper, the protagonist of Heist. Enjoy!

Captain Piper is firing her gun at Jack the Crippler.What do you think is going through Jack the Crippler’s head right now? Tell us in the comments below 😀

  • Daniel Fugate

    Jack is thinking: I should have taken that holiday I’ve been putting off…
    Awesome screenshot!

    • Poor frail Jack! I’ve seen what happens in the next frame. Hint: It isn’t pretty…

  • minirop

    What is going through Jack’s head?
    – bullets.

  • Juste Belmont

    I love the shadows and lighting. Hope to see more soon.

    • Thank you! We will deliver more in the coming weeks 😀

  • shauntu


    • Haha, nice! It’s probably the only thing moving faster than that bullet x)

  • chaoticlapras

    Actual screenshots OMG wow! I’ve always said graphics don’t matter, but these look so amazing guys! Gratz! Looking forward to being the first non-I&F person to speedrun this 😀

    • I think you’ll make us proud 😀 thanks, btw! 😀

  • Lover of steambots

    Lava bullet that is totally what’s in his head right now.

  • Michael Hughes

    “My life is flashing before my eyes — 0100110111001100010111…”