#Heistuesday 6: FAQ-ing Great T-shirt Contest

Hi folks!

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you know we at Image & Form LOVE clothes with our own brand logos printed on them. Especially t-shirts. Yes, we’re the most egocentric and narcissistic boasters in the industry (we actually installed a widened front door to be able to get our inflated egos inside the office).

And a few weeks ago we tweeted this:

You said yes! So this week we’d like to give away THREE of these t-shirts in an exciting t-shirt contest. And it’s a FAQ-ing great one. You see, at the official SteamWorld Heist website, we have a section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ for short). But it’s not that exciting. So we’d like you to add your best questions to it to make it more spicy and fun to read.

To enter the contest and get a chance to win an official SteamWorld Heist t-shirt: Ask us anything you’d like about Heist in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if it’s serious or crazy. We’ll then choose the three questions we think are the “best”, answer them and add to the FAQ section at SteamWorldGames.com/Heist.

You have until 3 PM CET this Friday November 7th to ask us your question. After that we’ll choose the winners and sort out stuff like shipping address and shirt size/color. The winners will be announced early next week.

So get your groove on, and ask away! 😀

  • Nick DeLong

    Is SteamWorld Heist just a clever way to mask the fact that you’re ACTUALLY working on SteamWorld Dig 2!? Is THAT the heist!?

    • That would, indeed, be the perfect heist. Dig 2 is happening in the future after Heist.

  • Will any of the characters in-game have a super manly robot beard? If not, will you create one? 😛

  • Video_Games and the Bible

    My question:
    “So, we know you have rogue-like, frickin-cool steam robots in space…But is it 1080p/60fps?”

    • Of course 😀 At least on platforms that support it 😀

  • Romain

    Will SteamWorld Heist give out a timeline of the SteamWorld universe, aka will it be a prequel/sequel to the other games?

  • Brian Whiting

    Will all the Steam World games take place in the same universe? Could we see cross over of characters?

  • Josiah Jones

    Where does SteamWorld Heist take place on the SteamWorld Timeline?

  • Daniel Fugate

    Are there creepy chest bursting aliens (or any aliens) in the Steamworld Heist universe?

  • Guest

    What are the minimum specifications ? Will I be able to run in on a Rusty computer ?

    • As long as it’s running fine with other recent games it should be just fine 🙂

  • Tyty

    What are the specifications ? Will I be able to run it on my Rusty computer ?

    • It will run on it. Probably. Not the most power hungry game. But, more importantly: Why do you even have a rusty computer?

  • Hyrulekid

    What consoles will this game not play on? Looking at my NES and I hope it will run this 😉

  • Clayton Dryden

    Is Steamworld: Heist going to be your best game yet?

  • Robin Sparkles

    Do I need to play the first Steamworld game to play/understand this?
    (Ofc I have played it, but new players might want to know)

  • Seth S. Scott

    Is Steamworld Heist single or multi-player?

    • We’ve only announced a singleplayer mode. But we’ll see what happens in the future 🙂

  • Ian Parnaby

    Will you be able to customize the space ships you pilot?

    • We thought of that and can’t say if it will happen or not. It’s all about priorities 🙂

  • Martyn Mercer


  • Joba

    Will Rusty from Steamworld Dig be in the game?

    • You’ll have to wait and see 🙂 Our lips are sealed!

  • Martyn Mercer

    What were were you main influence to set the game in space?

  • Ben Burns

    If Rusty and Piper were wrapping Christmas presents in zero gravity, who would wrap the most in 10 minutes?

    • Probably Piper. Rusty’s only got three fingers on each hand. Piper has four. And all of us know you’ll need at least four fingers to handle some zero gravity taping action.

  • mirkosp

    Will we be getting spiffy easter eggs about Dig?

  • Quithe

    Why PS Vita have priority in release?

  • Zubaja

    “Will this run on an Apple computer?” < I don't own an Apple computer, but just to poke at all the Apple computerowners.

  • avengedjusty

    Will Heist be adding any characters that will intertwine with the next main Steamworld title?

    • Would be cool but we have nothing to show at the moment.

  • Hoezay

    What kind of music does Piper play while doing her thing?

  • Orion Hermans

    Would I be able to dig the new game, even if my skills have gone rusty?

    • Yes. As long as you have the will you have the power.

  • TheGamingPixelShow

    How many robots were harmed during the making of SteamWorld Heist?

  • Rasmus Björk

    For what platforms will Heist be released for initially (and which ones are due for later on)?

  • ladyfox14

    How would you describe Rusty’s character development from SteamWorld Dig to SteamWorld Heist?

    • Oh, I see what you did there!!! You’re not fooling me 😉

  • ladyfox14

    How many crew members can enter a mission? If there is a limit, can you swap them out in the middle of the mission?

    • At least one but we haven’t announced a higher limit. There probably is one but isn’t set in stone as we speak.

  • Wow! Thanks for the crazy cool response, folks! Your questions are ACE!

  • Lover of steambots

    How do the steambots fly through space? How many factions will there be? What inspired you to make Heist? Will there be humans in Heist? Do steambots have soda? Is there some form of Steam Fu? What’s a steambots favorite drink? Do steambots sleep? What’s the best explosion you’ve made in Heist? (Huff… Huff….) Are there melee weapons in Heist? Is there still a moon around the shattered earth in Heist? Do steam bots have holidays? Have steambots visited another planet or a part of earth? Can you visit other planets or spacestations in Heist? Have you made a Steambot in Heist with a ten-gallon hot? Is there a super evil main villain in Heist? What’s the awesomest weapon in Heist? What’s the Steambot equivalent of candy? Do steambots have pencils?

    • Dzian Kolack

      Seriously, WTF?!

    • 1. They have spaceships

      2. Not yet finalized.

      3. Our love for turn-based strategy games. Read more here: http://imageform.se/heistuesday-11-your-best-questions-answered/

      4. You’ll have to wait and see.

      5. Maybe, but it’s hard for them to drink since they don’t drink.

      6. Maybe? Would be cool!

      7. Water. Only water.

      8. Not what we know. They’re mysterious.

      9. All of them.

      10. Will announce if we implement it.

      11. You’ll see in the game 😀

      12. They probably have days off.

      13. Not sure if SteamWorld is Earth. And I can’t say for sure but I think they have.

      14. Other space stations and ships: Yes. Other planets: You’ll have to wait and see 🙂

      15. No.

      16. Depends on how you look at it.

      17. All of them!

      18. Steam.

      19. How else would they write?

  • Wow. So many comments. You guys are awesome!

  • Juste Belmont

    will Rusty ever find love?

  • ladyfox14

    SPOILER: if you haven’t played SteamWorld Dig, please skip over this question.

    Will we encounter Rusty’s mom in SteamWorld Heist? And if so, can we expect to meet other relatives in upcoming series?

    • Would indeed be very interesting to see something like this. But you’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  • Will there be a “skirmish” mode of some sort with randomized battles? I feel like this would increase the longetivity and replay value of the game.

    • We’ve thought about it and it’s probably in the air at the moment. We’ll see 🙂

  • Will there be hidden power-ups that have to be found as you play though the game? Or, are there up-gradable powers you simply purchase? 😀

    • You collect loot, water and most likely other kinds of items. Power-ups are not out of the question 🙂

  • Börjare

    Is SteamWorld Heist based on real life events? Is the game a therapeutical journey made by the developers to come to terms with traumatic experiences of their past?

    • No, not really. Might be future events we haven’t experienced. So if the world ever is blown to bits we said it first.

  • Scirm

    How many time did ya guys changed the overall concept of this game (for ex. how many times you changed genre :D)? And if I may, which one of you want to be a robot in near future?

    • We’ve never changed the basic nature of the game. From start we knew Heist was going to be turn-based. I think Brjann would love to be a robot so he can turn the real world into SteamWorld. Haha.

  • AdamRoffel

    Will each game purchase come with a how-to eguide on the birthing of bots? Or will that inevitably force you to take people to court over copyright infringement? Or possibly require you to give the game a M rating?

    Marketing potential: Include the eguide and sell this to parents who have yet to describe the birds and bees to their kids!

    • You know your marketing strategies! We’ll give you royalties if we do it ;D

  • ★ Carl Rydell ★

    I really want to know who this amazing people that is developing this fantastic game are! 🙂
    I reaaly look forward to this awesome game! 😀

  • Are (NNID: BornInNorway81)

    Q: Will you ensure SteamWorld Heist is released as a finished & complete game, or will you follow today’s industry standard where paying customers do QA for free for about a year until maybe the game reaches its final version?
    A: We always release our games in a finished state. Please see the polished SteamWorld Dig for reference. We would never risk our Image to lose its Form.

  • ladyfox14

    What sort of music will be in SteamWorld Heist?

    • Steam Powered Giraffe 😀 Hehe. Sorry for the late reply!

  • ladyfox14

    How long does an average mission take?

    • Depends. But for the easier mission I’d say a couple of minutes 🙂

  • Armz

    Might we look forward to a dating-sim style game set in the Steamworld universe at some point in the future?

  • Savior T. Dak

    Will Rusty be the main hero of “Steamworld Heist”, or are you going to introduce a new hero this time?

  • Savior T. Dak

    Is Rusty going to be the main hero of the game or are you going to introduce a new one at “Steamworld Heist”?

  • Samantha Sofka

    Will there be robo aliens in Heist?

    • There will be robots in space. But since they are in no physical planet it’s hard for me to judge if they’re aliens or not :/

  • Devin Hudson

    If we play Heist on the same system we played Dig on, will we get any in-game bonuses for having Dig save data on the system?

    • Don’t know yet! We’ll announce it closer to release if we implement it 🙂

  • Jorge Zendejas

    Is there any collaboration content with another indie developer or a bigger one (Nintendo =)) in Steamworld Heist?

    • Not what we’ve heard of. If we did we’d probably save it for the players to discover it.

  • Garrett Richard

    I was wondering if you will be able to buy different ships or just upgrade one ship? Also will there be a “home base” to dock at and refuel?

    • Nothing announced at the moment. We’ll reveal closer to release if we implement it 🙂

  • minirop

    Can you name a steambot (living or long-time deceased) after me?
    (you are not the only narcissistic guy out there)

  • daniel_switzer

    How does Rusty play games with only three fingers on each hand?

  • The contest is now closed! 😀 Thank you all for the delicious questions. We’ll reveal the winners early next week! Stay tuned 🙂

  • The contest is now over and here are the winners: http://imageform.se/heistuesday-7-speed-painting-t-shirt-winners/

    Congratulations Martyn Mercer, Robin Sparkles and Josiah Jones! You’ll all receive an e-mail about how you can get your t-shirt.