Jakob is a multi-talented graphic artist and animator. Just look at him go! :D

#Heistuesday 7: Speed Painting + T-shirt Winners!

Happy #Heistuesday, friends!

A few weeks ago we interviewed our level designer Markus about his contributions to (you guessed it) the level design in SteamWorld Heist. Today it’s time to look at other important aspects of the game, namely graphics and character design.

In the video below our multi-talented graphic artist and animator Jakob shows you how to create a steambot from scratch. So without further ado: Jakob, take the reins!

Cool, huh? What he drew is one of the baddies in SteamWorld Heist, a member of the Royalist faction. But more on that later. Now it’s time to announce the winners of our t-shirt contest from last week. We’ve chosen the three questions we thought would fit best into the FAQ section at SteamWorldGames.com/Heist. And the winners are…

Martyn Mercer! Question: “What were your main influence to set the game in space?”

Robin Sparkles! Question: “Do I need to play the first SteamWorld game to play or understand Heist?”

Josiah Jones! Question: “Where does SteamWorld Heist take place on the SteamWorld timeline?”

Congratulations! Our in-house lore master will sit down and answer them. You will receive an e-mail from us with info on how to claim your t-shirts. And big thanks to all of you who entered the competition. We had a blast reading all your creative entries.

Question: What role do you think the Royalist faction plays in SteamWorld Heist?