How To Play SteamWorld Dig 2 Before Anyone Else

Howdy, partners!

We’re back and well-rested after a few hectic weeks of showing SteamWorld Dig 2 to happy gamers at PAX East, EGX Rezzed and GDC. What we’ve unveiled so far is only a teeny-tiny portion of the game. It’s only the game’s tutorial, actually! SteamWorld Dig 2 has a lot going for it and we can’t wait to show you more in the coming months. In the meantime we’re in need of your creative skills!

Watch the video for all details or continue reading:

The SteamWorld Ambassador Challenges are back!

We need you to help us come up with a great name for a steambot that will appear in SteamWorld Dig 2. The robot in question is the charming robot below. She’s a small town bot feeling a bit lost after arriving to the big city of El Machino. Even though the city is rather modest in size, it’s a huge place compared to anything she’s ever seen before. She’s determined to learn more about this place and find a way to deal with her new surroundings.

Name this lovely robot!

What you can win

The winner will become a SteamWorld Ambassador. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll get free copies of every version of every SteamWorld game. Ever. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. You and the other Ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress. This is done in our private Facebook group.

Rules and how to enter

Submit your entry (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your idea by Sunday April 16 at 11:59 PM PDT. We’ll pick a winner next week. By submitting your idea you give us the rights to freely use it in our products, services and marketing materials. We also reserve the right to judge whether the winning entry appears in the final game or not, and might alter the name to fit the style of the game. If no suitable entry is submitted before the deadline we’ll still choose a winner that gets all rewards mentioned above.

Create your entry freely, but let’s keep it safe for work and enjoyable for anyone! Offensive suggestions will be flushed down a digital drain, somewhere.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • Le dessert De L’eau

    So, I know :
    Mrs. Gears or Miss Steam
    Hope this will be great 🙂

  • Coppetta alla Banana

    Charlotte, or perhaps Ophelia…

  • Youabra

    Let’s see…
    She comes from a town with a kinda spanish name so let’s go with Miss L. Azos
    (Lazos = Ribbons in Spanish)

  • Joba

    I would name her Dorothy, after Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, who was also a girl from a small town who wanted to go to the big world

  • Felipe Ferraz

    Ms. Taylor. Ms. because she looks like a strong and independent robot and Taylor could be a pun for “tailor” as her outfit made the impression of someone that know how to sew. (But to be honest, I did some research about the most common small town surnames).

  • Jacob Miller

    How about Miss Ethel?

  • Triv1um

    She looks like a “Matilda”

  • Blake

    Agnes. It’s a Greek name meaning “Pure” or “Holy.” Seeing as she comes from a small town she’s very “green” to the outside world very “pure.” She seems shy and soft spoken but eager to chase her dreams of traveling the world outside of her small town. 🙂

  • Daddle Wee


  • Julius.

    • André

      Juliet 😛

    • Hilquias Cortez

      so, only one name suggestion per person? or could i suggest in the same comentary 3 name variations? like, 3 different first names with a common last name for example

      • As many names as you can possibly com up with 😀

        • Hilquias Cortez

          thx ^^

  • MrsMorel~

    I would name her Miss Gabriella. c:

  • Otto Hakstetter


  • Blake

    Anna Belle. Very southern and soft spoken but she wants to explore the world around her and escape her small town.

  • Strkl


  • skywilly

    Hebenezza Screwge

  • Heins guenter

    My entry is “Papu” or “Miss Papu” if you want so. I don’t know why, but it just came to my mind and I think it fits well. 🙂

  • Oswald


  • BarryDunne


  • BarryDunne


  • BarryDunne


  • BarryDunne


  • Angel Samael (angel of death)


  • everynowandben

    Shyla Belltolls

  • Jack Longman

    I have two names I would like to suggest, the first is a serious one and the other is a joke suggestion:

    Serious Suggestion: Old Mrs. Davina Galvanised Rusty Bottom, but that’s something of a mouthful, so everyone just calls her Dave.
    Joke Suggestion: Gwendolyn Piper Faraday, who back in her old town, used to operate a RUSTY barge up and down the local river.

  • Mr. Spats

    Jubalilla Sparks.

  • Easy, Lady Pursie.

  • André


  • Jack Longman

    Actually with her colouring and look, she could actually be a Faraday, as in SteamWorld Heist’s Piper Faraday. She could be her great, great, great, great uncle three times removed on her fathers side.

  • Endzeitkind

    Lady Mechtilda

  • Fabien

    First name that came to mind was Peggy. Seems like a timid, quiet name but much like a “peg,” she wants to stick out and explore.

  • Aaron Cutherberton

    Miss Tumblepuff! Or Miss TumbLaPuff perhaps, can’t decide… I don’t have much of a reason for it, but it just sounds fun and seems to fit!

  • Seán Mac Thomáis

    Madame Agatha or Miss Agnes (or vice versa) 😀

  • Mary Coggins – she’s probably perfect in some way or another.

    • Seán Mac Thomáis

      I really like this one!

  • Owen Traynor

    Lady Dorothy Pursella 😀

  • Ebony Machelle


  • Hank Perkins

    Ms. Sally.
    She always has something to say, but is too shy to say it.

  • Florian Zanger

    Miss Portalia Poffterton

  • Nicholas Jeffrey

    Pottsy! Or dumplin

  • Marko Pavicic

    Issabella Coggs

  • William David

    Prudence Itchy

  • Chris Schenström

    First name a combination of Robot and Lotta. “Rolotta”
    and Last name Brass combined with butt, because this awesome lady has a shiny butt <3 "Brasseltush"

    So finally my addition to this ambassador challenge is… "Rolotta Brasseltush"

  • André

    Just realised her skirt looks like an UFO. So… Ufolina?

  • Connor The Dreamer

    Sauceria is my suggestion

  • Paris Scott Winkfield-colegrov

    Lady buttercup

  • DrSaturn

    Ah, if it isn’t Bella Trona, of the illustrious Trona family! I’m sure she’ll make a fine addition to the game. Can’t wait for release!

  • Anybody

    Astrid. Or Mary.

  • Mayer Mitchell

    Louise Thimbleton

  • Nicko

    My entry after seeing her coloring and design:

    Miss Brassy Copperbot

    Or just Miss Copperbot


    Miss Brassy Cobblebot

    Thanks for holding the contest!


  • Cameron Ward

    Miss Bolts or Miss Sruby, which is Polish for Bolts

  • Raptor Raptor

    My entry would be Miss Elizabeth Cogpenny

  • Miyamoto


  • kanawogirusa

    Mrs. Copper Chiappetta

  • Seth Roy


  • Brandon Sprague


  • Henrik Puetz

    Ranny. She reminds me of a Robot-granny. Also Google says ranny means Cowboy and with her hat she has a cowboy-ish style.
    Also it could be a first or Surname. Ms. Ranny would also seem nice 😀

    PS I know her character is more the Young shy Girl, but I dont know, she seems granny-ish. Or take it as an ironic naming, if you wish 😛

  • Jeremy Harvey

    Mrs. Cogglebot

  • TDazzle

    Shell the Southern Belle

  • Techiecreek


  • GeekyGuyLaz

    Delores Cogbot.

  • Bloops


  • Tony Bowers

    Ria Oxton

  • Jake D


  • Pixel Pixie

    Dolly Fairshot!

  • uzair khan

    Madame Bella

  • I think Beatrice would be the right name for her.

  • Benjamin Kolz


  • Ofek W

    Elly C. Tronic (you don’t need to include the last name)

  • Peyton

    I came up with the name Ravia Helica. I came up with this name because Ravia is a small town in the state I live in. I came up with Helica because there is a gear called a Helical gear that reminded me of her shape.

  • Albin Engdal

    Miss Hydraulia

  • Peyton

    Here’s some others I came up with
    Marchioness Henrietta
    Ruth Knoyll Gascoigne
    Professor Ella Biggs-Harbird
    Lady Evelyn Rattlebag
    Madeline Goldfinch
    Hilda Piggott
    Miss Brassington
    Doris Widdowson
    I’ve been thinking about names ever since it was announced. Thanks for doing competition like this.

  • WinOrTroll


  • James Ridley

    Miss Suzy Petticoat!

  • lordroto

    Lil’ Miss Ambot

  • deadkat

    Carla Brasspipes … I don’t know, I just find that Carla is a really befitting name for that shy steambot… ^-^

  • sam jensen

    Roberta Coglington

  • David Michael Kinne


  • Guillaume @internet

    Heidi Greasons !

    Heidi for the little girl that grew up in the mountains and had to learn the ways of the big city.
    Greasons because Heidi grew up in the Grisons in Switzerland… and jokes about mechanical stuff and grease are funny (get it ? GET IT ??)

  • Chris Brush

    (pronounced “bell”)

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    Madam Boltrice 🙂

  • Peter Marquardt

    As I commented on the video already (because I failed to realize we all enter here):
    I would call this robot Rose. She kind of has that innocent appearance with something unexpected at her core, waiting to show itself that only a Rose can have

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    After watching the vid, here’s a few more that sprang (sprung?) to mind…

    Miss Pennycog
    Lil’ Belle


  • t0mm1

    Agnes Copperbow

  • Lucky

    Susanne (Susie) O’Gala.

  • Silas C. Leth


  • Kim Embretsén

    Mimi Fuzzlebottom, Cogella Springstein or Bella Nutenhower maybe?

  • Felix


  • LunarKnite

    Barbara Bolts, and when she gets used to the big city, she has everyone call her Babs.

  • Ninwed

    Robetta 😀

  • Martyn Mercer

    Nana McSpanna

  • Why her name is Prunella Bolts, of course…

  • Lord Ozzie

    She looks like she enjoys tea so I couldn’t help it but think a suitable name for her would be Mrs Teabot.

  • Squashini Kun

    how about Marigold?

  • Alejandro Añez

    Dorothy Chassys

  • Ash

    Lil Jan-bou

    Mainly a reference to the song Little Green Bag.

    Lil – As in little (small town girl and linked to song title)
    Jan – Song written by Jan Visser
    Bou – Sung by George Baker born as Hans Bouwens.

  • Zach Williams


  • Иван Манылюк

    Betty or Robetty.

  • Anthony Escuadro

    Augusta Lovelace (inspired by Ada Lovelace, considered by many the first programmer:

  • Parkerbot

    Mery screw nut!!

  • Mathias Rossie

    Colleen Bonnet

  • Felipez Fez

    Ms. Bothemberg but botsy is cool.

  • Daniel Maltz

    Mrs. Faraday

  • Anonymous


  • SpiderMatsu

    Darude Sandstorm

  • SpiderMatsu

    Cogsy Sterling! (as in, sterling silver. tee hee…)

  • Georges Nicouleaud

    Hélia Dizz

  • Syd Jordan

    Terina Tinker.

  • Murgatroyd Jenkins

  • Miss Shy Gear

  • Mateo Leviathon

    Penny Copperbottom
    Daisy Wheelspring
    June Cogswell
    Alberta Winding
    Dorothy Hertz
    Gidgit Springston
    Stacy Sprocket

    • Owen Traynor

      I’m liking Stacy Sprocket. Nice aliteration!

  • Daniel Flatt

    Said in the most southern voice ever: “Why that there is Miss Clementine Brasswell.”

  • Seilin

    Why not Mrs. Robbon ? (Robot / Ribbon)

  • RV

    Agitha Coggleton

  • José Dospuntoseme Farias

    Tutsy or floretta!

  • Santiago Nieto

    Artilugia Aquamarinetta
    Artilugia from “Artilugio”, spanish for Contraption, Machine.
    Aquamarinetta from Aquamarine, color of her hat and bag 🙂

  • CTG

    Bitney Botsworth

  • Jake D


  • Jeremy Hiebert

    Molly Copperpot

  • Goombasareawesome

    Roberta Cogsworth (kinda obvious I guess)

  • Konrad Ptasiński

    Angel Eyes!

  • bydavidrosen

    Dixie Digi

  • Espeon200

    Emmeline Cobblebot

  • Proxima Centauri

    Roborta Pistonson
    Oilyvia Crankshaft

  • Lord Drieg

    Betsy Bronzeworth – it’s a kinda stereotypical Southern US name for a small-town gal. And I think she looks she’s built out of bronze. So there!

    (I did have another name that’s a little similar but it was too easy to misconstrue it or twist it towards vigarity. If you’re curious, I’ll post it after the contest ends.)

  • Samurai Minis

    Angie Flora perhaps?

  • Ian Morley


    After Angela Lansbury from murder she wrote. No reason. Just looks a little like a robotic version of her

  • Will Hanvey

    Elena R. Oby

  • Mino Kraehe

    Lady Ludmilla Steambottom

  • minjablack

    Sophia Topphet (Last name because her body kind of looks like a Top Hat and Sophia because a friend of mine said that’s a name for a kind of shy girl)

  • Bento Cédric

    Torxy, Torx which is a head screw (star shape) in french and the -y only to make it more feminine.

  • Samurai Minis

    Luci Nuggon

  • Victor

    Thea. All robots love tea

  • Miss Nussie Dampfer
    Miss Omertia Aesnut
    Miss Botricia (Botty) Rompot
    Miss Kareta Parowbot
    Miss Nati Vaporetta

  • oasis789

    Marybeth McAnical


    Anna MCBilliard

  • Camelia… My first thought was Camelia.

  • Stephann Vasconcelos
  • Becca Horovitz

    Ms. Amissa Ogizmo a strong modification of amissa offirmo the words for lost, and determined, in latin.

  • oasis789

    Ada Applebyte

  • Becca Horovitz

    Wilhelmina Diana Fortee. Also known as WD-40

  • Alessandro Saiko

    According to my wife she looks like… Lady Marusa! 🙂

  • Hollmann Perez

    MECHanzie Machinista
    A play on for the name and machinista because she looks like a fashinista for the style, but obviously she’s a robot lol

  • Gabri€l03


  • Ian Reilly


  • NESJumpman

    Aunt Machina

  • Warm Skillet Cookie

    Mindy Miggins

  • NESJumpman

    Cannon Pinion
    – its a real thing, look it up 🙂

  • Brock Duclos


  • N.Lemon

    Daniella Tinkerson! Hope I win 😀

  • Christopher Zeigler

    Dorothy Mechfarlan

  • Brock Duclos


  • Lee Jacob

    Tia Tornillo

  • Sidescroller64

    How about naming her Camilla Springston.

  • Amine-Z


  • Mechbelle (A play on Michelle)

  • Miss Lolairon Preppy Flowers.

  • Ulani

  • D.j. Pfeiffer

    Leola Beatrix, Leola (lion woman) and Beatrix (voyager) also both are from Latin names

  • Peter K

    Valvet Coppercog

  • TheSkullKid

    Lucy Bellina ….IDK it sounds nice no fancy Latin just a pun

  • Andrew Dornan

    Debby WaterPipe or even Dianna SteamCog

  • Roberto C. Añe

    Roberta. Is an Italian female name that has the three first letters of the word “Robot” at the beginning.

  • Jakysan

    Miriam cogswallup

  • the1andonlyIKY

    Belle Bottom

  • Barl0we

    Irene Cogsworth

    Ava Gearsprocket

    Ruby Copperton

    Betsy Brass

    Dotty Drillbit

  • Kniffel101

    My suggestion is:
    “Baffletain Mine D.” 🙂
    It stems from the following words:
    [deter]Mine D.)

  • Ness

    Madam Coggs

  • Ashley Day


  • a good meme

    Candice Cogwheel.
    Emily Electrode
    Amy Automata
    Take your pick!

  • JV

    Ms Holly Puckog

  • Timothy Kolek

    Paige Pewterly

    Or if you prefer, Paigie Pie Pewterly.

  • Jeremy

    Gisele Gearbeaux (but we suspect it could be a fancy nomme de guerre she’s assumed)

  • Freeck

    Anne or Annie.

    I don’t know why but it feels right

  • Nicholas Strong

    Bethany will be her name she is a fun and exited type of steam bot who will give you nothing but the finest equipment to help on your journey to find rusty,…… but she might have to charge a little more to keep her business going high and strong. what is this story going to reflect on?

  • Юрий Константинов

    Rose Cogsworth

  • felony211662

    Ms. Digsby
    Patsie Climb

  • Sy Russell

    Ms. Molly Flogginz

  • Avel Rodriguez

    Madame Gear

  • Madame LeCog

  • DeadMoon

    Olive. I like the name Olive.

  • Akatorix (The Shrouded)

    I’d think sort of a Cortina type name, for she seems as if she would be kind, but would rip you apart if you anger her.

  • Andy K250 🗿

    Dolores Kettlebottom -or-
    Penny Kettlebottom

  • Bethel? Bethel.

  • Aaron


  • Karl Hake

    Sally Steelwell

  • TurdFurgy

    Bellbottom should be in her name somewhere due to the fact she’s shaped like a bell. Young Miss Bellbottom?

  • Miriam Singer

    * Miss Roberta (it includes a part of the word “robot” 🤓)
    * Miss Polline
    * Miss Saloona
    *Juana Crawbot (from Joan Crawford: ‘Johnny Guitar’ 1954)

  • Bruno Pinto

    Aloy Bolton

  • Peyton

    Mildred Piggott

  • Giulia Federici

    I’ve come up with a few, but the one I like best is Penny McCopperton. 🙂

  • Paola Salvaire

    Dorothy Tinkerbottom. 🙂

  • Jeremy James

    Bella Clapper (after a bell and the inside piece that makes it ring)

  • Christine Jackson


  • She seems like a Josie to me.

  • MrTweej

    I’d name her Aunt Bee after the character from The Andy Griffith Show. She reminds me of Aunt Bee. Or I’d name her Melody Alexandra after my sister. I can’t wait to play this game regardless!

    • MrTweej

      More alternates: Beatrice Taylor which is Aunt Bee’s full name, or Frances Bavier which is the name of the actress who played Aunt Bee.

  • John Papadopoulos


  • Floofy McFloofo

    Bella Dingel would be a nice name 🙂

  • Hilquias Cortez

    I think Miranda McCog suits her fine, it has the small town bot feeling to me, other names that popped in my mind were Nancy McCopper and Margaret Brasston;

  • Ethan Everett Buccaneer

    Ms. Clutch

  • Gillberth Zerpa

    Well, she looks like: Roboppins Kalifragilistic, but she likes to be calles Ms. Roboppins (?) Haha! A hug for you there 😉

  • Dan

    Fiona Rose Geartra

  • Chris Heijboer

    Malinda Patercapson

  • Anabelle Emberton is my favorite of mine so far.

    Hattie Fitzcogrick, though “Hattie” might make it too on the nose, heh.
    Nellie “Nell” Beltson
    Scarlett O’Geara
    Carmine Cableton

    Good luck everyone!

  • Agentdave7

    Betty Bytes

  • Dan

    Fiona Rose Geartra
    Reposted after I made an account*

  • Agentdave7

    Liz A. Byte

  • Jim Toovey

    Lady Handcrank

  • Batfreak

    Look no further than Mimi Coilbottom!

  • Mikes Bigworkshop

    Aunt Gearsly
    Hattie Brasston
    Louisa Sprucket
    Ms. Cogsbottom
    Agatha Cogsworth

  • Kevin Cruz

    I think her name should be Segna Bolton, it’s Agnes backwards and it sounds like signal. Like she is coming to Machino to learn the clues or signals that her dreams give her (yes robots do dream in the Steamworld Universe, that’s how they keep the steam engine warm). And Bolton, just changed a regular cowboy last name Colton to Bolton because you know, bolts.

    My question: what does Agnes use for inspiration? What things she looks at or thinks about at the moment of designing a character?

  • Dakota Rice

    Stephanie Steam or Sally Steam (what ever floats your boat)
    (Hope the game turns out well!)

  • Mark Leon


  • arthur lira

    Geartie Goldstein

  • GiucasCasella

    Granny HoldThePurse

  • InShortSight

    Does the steamworld universe already have a Bellatrix? Bellatrix is a cool name. Not evil or tricksy at all! Just a nice little ol’ robot!

  • Jake

    I think that Penny Copperbottom or Penny Copperbell suit her appearance well.

  • Her name is Tabitha Clinkhammer.

  • Randy Tan

    Charlene Puffycoal

  • Steven Sim

    Trying my luck here. Briella.

  • Stephen Kowalski

    Ms. Ohn Jinue
    A deconstruction of the “ingénue” stock character type. “The ingénue /ˈɑːnʒeɪnuː/ is a stock character in literature, film, and a role type in the theatre; generally a girl or a young woman who is endearingly innocent and wholesome.”

  • Larry Giver

    Judy Gear

  • Larry Giver

    Drive shaft Ms. Daisy

  • Larry Giver

    Tina Tinbot

  • Larry Giver

    Sally Steamer

  • Larry Giver

    Mrs, Cogsworth

  • Larry Giver

    Tabatha Tintop

  • Larry Giver


  • Larry Giver

    Just a spoon full of synthetic helps the gears keep turning

  • Larry Giver

    Samantha the steamstress

  • Larry Giver

    Betty Bolt Rachel Rust

  • JeanJean


    Also known as G.L.I.N.D.A

  • Archie lowe


    • Archie lowe

      i just spent a few days in hospital and i come back to my comment being near the top OMG

  • oasis789

    Merrybit McAnical

  • David Fernandez

    Stella Clankerton

  • Archie lowe


  • David Fernandez

    Tina Canning (like Tin Can)

  • Joe Faber


    Small town name, ends in “Y” like other characters in the series. Also matches her color.

  • Kim Bødtker

    Lady Shy Von Truffles 💙

  • Britta Stabenow

    She’s definitely an Elsa. Elsa Windhoek.

  • Robert Andujar

    Polly Ann Droid

  • Rupert lucas-rowe

    Lady Penelope the 13th

  • Daniel Wang

    Tabitha Rustbot, or Rustbottom
    I hope this entry still counts – and wins! Love the steamworld games!

  • Bam Bam

    Jane Powerr
    Is a reference to this film.

  • Tauheed Radway


    And will the game be supported on all the same platforms as the first game?

  • Hermyx

    Lilly Wattson (with two t’s :p) !

  • Naseer Tariq

    Winnie Boltbucket.

  • Pennyworks – Was gonna be Pennyworth (she looks like a Pennyworth) but works because she’s a robot, duh.

  • Thomas Gheysen

    Petunia Sprocket

  • Cakehunter

    Ms Bottersworth!

  • juicyluce9


  • Arnold Walsh

    Mavis Botsworth

  • nazokashii

    Miss Petunia Laced.

    (Petunia for the colour scheme, Laced for the dress, and also… Miss P. Laced)

  • Kyoya Hibari

    Name her Ruth. I just think it
    looks fitting, also that was my grandmothers name. The character design reminds me of her.

    Also, if we win, are we mentioned in the games credits?


  • ILikePopCans


  • Sadly “Mütterchen Rost” would only work in the localized German version (A “Mutter” is not only a mother but also a screw nut)

  • Squid -MEMES!

    Miss Tronic

  • Felix McCreadie

    Mary Jelly

  • Squid -MEMES!

    Weymouth Beuity

  • Felix McCreadie

    Jenna Finken

  • Samuel Borg

    Penny Moneybags

  • jamalais

    Elee Botle-Beep
    Runner up name : Sally Navi

  • Squid -MEMES!

    Alum Cleo – Made out of the finest Aluminium found in the world!

  • Squid -MEMES!

    Copper Joan – Made out of the finest Copper found in the world!

  • Robert

    Ethel Clamp

  • JClove

    Mrs Geartrude Copper

  • Robert

    Meredith Springfield

  • Scott

    Rose Soothmod

    I love you Image&Form 🙂

  • Spartak Khutsishvili

    Elezaveta Brexitics

  • Neowulf

    Lil’ Ellie.

  • JJ

    Lotta Robota!

  • RPGWaldorf

    Miss. Melis

  • Mike Sweet

    Grandma Gears

  • Fränzi von der Flüeh

  • KeyboardG


  • Fdanielix

    Marsail sounds fitting.

  • Tony Osborne



    Miss Botsy Blot

  • Gary Gray

    Mrs Doubt Wire!

  • Andrew McCue

    So she’s used to a smaller town, hmmm…

    Metillda. Pronounced like the name “Matilda” but with the “Eh” vowel sound and extra “L” to sneak the word “till” in there, as in, farming tills or perhaps tills in a bank or cash register. You could go in a lot of different directions with this one! And all wrapped around the change of “a” to “e”–because she’s made of metal.

  • Peace Boy

    She looks like a Molly to me.
    If you need a surname, then Molly Piper… or something. 😛

  • Kyle C


  • Sean Nelson

    English name: Motley Coil or Motley “Lotta” Coil

    Binary name: 01001101 01101111 01110100 01101100 01100101 01111001 00100000 01000011 01101111 01101001 01101100

  • Ricky J Hamilton

    Harriet (Hatty) Hematite

  • Ayo Williams

    Miriam Petabeam
    Thanks for this, big fan of SteamWorld Dig! 😀

  • Astro

    Hope Gears (hopeful to adapt, and robot puns are key)

  • Donna Gomez.

  • Ian Lambert

    Bella servo

    She resembles a bell.

  • Owen Traynor

    I’m not sure if we’re allowed multiple entries but I figured the more suggestions the merrier 🙂
    I think Penelope Sparks or Greta Copperna suits this bot quite well. Going by first impressions I initially thought she was designed to be more of an older upper class steambot namely because of her hat and purse. However, going by her backstory I feel like she’s younger in age. Timid but also adventurous and ready for whatever her new life brings in El Machino!

  • Robert

    Clara Coupling

  • Stefan Erik Sarrazin


  • Izzy Otaku-ized Butler

    Madam Bellbottom

    (Since she looks like a refined, wise lady and was as being modeled after a bell)

  • Nina Horvath


  • Bryan King

    Talulah Spanner

  • Francesco Giordano

    Ms. Heidi

  • Sergio Evola

    Betty Boop

  • patrick sirtoli

    Sir. Raul Bot

  • Eldin Engström

    Miss Nuts

  • David


  • Eddyson Dijkhoff

    With the month being april; I’d say April.
    But she needs a last name 2.
    ooh! I’ call her April the 2nd. named after her legendary great grandmother.
    Nah. It’s not bad but it isn’t great.

    My real choice is Moxie Diesel! She looks like a girl with some real backbone on her.
    Her father is a dieselbot (wait they don’t exist yet do they?!)
    Or maybe he is the inventor of the dieselbot?
    I’ve made my choice, and I’m stickin’ to it.

    good luck everyone and great choices so far.

  • Shaun Moore

    Theresa Hornwhistle, daughter of Deputy Hector Hershawn Hornwhistle.

  • Andrea Caroli Triplo Malto

    Dhoropie 🙂

  • Liuzzo Domenico


  • AlessandroMauri

    Lady ROBerta!

  • Giuseppe Liuzzo

    Androi Daria.

  • Jen

    Before any name suggestions, I just want to say she is adorable and I love her design.

    But yes, name idea!: Bevela Spurring

  • Angelantonio Fedele Murolo

    Sara Gear, this is my idea 🙂

  • alvinfox


  • dnice417

    Bixie Sprockets.

  • b0ss


  • USO

    Granny Coppera

  • Paulo JB

    Miss Coggytail

  • John Smith

    Sandy Stout

  • Gretta Greasling

  • Margot S. Treadle “The S. stands for Sprocket, after my grandfather.”
    Eleanor “Norrie” McRivets
    Ida Ingersoll
    Deedee Dynamo
    Pattie Pinion

  • th3lucas

    Miss Machie Hat
    A mix of Maggie and Mech
    Also i like her hat 😀

  • deKay01

    Got to be Anne Clank, surely?

  • Nicholas Johnson

    Fanny Thunderpurse

  • Юрий Константинов

    I’d paint her into a less severe shade of pink – say, Cherry Blossom – and name April. Perhaps they could be twins – Rose and April Cogsworth?

    As Co-Op Buddies (if co-op is added):
    Rose (or whatever form of the name she could go by) has “bunch of roses” cluster grenades, while April has “petals” scatter projectiles (akin to Feathers attack of the Bird/Warbonnet in Kirby SS/SSU)

  • Wayne Arnold

    Miss Hattie Spring.
    Will she be a playable character? She looks like she could be a keen adventurer.

  • Bill Bulford

    Amiss Atron

  • Harold Rivera

    Mrs. Jane Cogginton, Mrs. Maris Bolts, Oilivia Pipe, Enriquetta Nutsn’wrench, Dehlilah Boilers, Bessy Boilerhood, that is all the names I could come up with, goodspeed my friends.

  • Pier Antonio Bigoni

    Rusty Cooley

  • Beta

    Oneda Zerosky (Pronounced like Wanda/One-da, pun on 0s and 1s)

  • Sveakungen

    And the name shall be…. Grampy

  • Tez Shaw

    Cognitia copperfield
    Dusty Desiree
    Ruby Rattleclank

    • kilian_smt

      I really like “Dusty Desiree”!

      • Tez Shaw

        Yeh I like the sound of that the more I say it haha thankyou 😌

  • Will Russell

    Totten Bot
    Mrs. Cogsworth
    Olive Coil
    Tabitha Stone
    Bellatrix Sprocket
    Abby Downtown
    Elizabeth Polish
    Susan Digby
    Miss Nomer
    Susan Shine
    Sarah Rosebloom
    Tea Timer
    Opal Dunshire
    Ruby Janeway
    Lola wild
    Lucy Balljoint

  • kilian_smt

    Tiffany Smokebolt
    Margret Wheelclock
    Sarah Clock-A-Lot
    Miss Wendy Steelwolf
    Roberta Caddlejam
    Juliet Guldbog [ 😉 ]
    Rusetta Wendlefair
    Berta Chainrastle

    That were all names I could come up with! Good luck to everyone!

  • Conor Mesure


  • John Michael Rydholm

    Esther. It’s plain, simple, and steampunk-ish. 🙂

  • Nik Pantis

    Dolores Poppycog.

  • NicoDarunia

    Bella Copper:
    • rolls easy on the tongue;
    • Bella sounds a bit countryside, Copper can be viewed as a slight modification of the family name Cooper;
    • you can view this name as a mutation of “bell of copper” (her body is red and bell-shaped, it fits so well in my opinion).

    I hope you like my entry! I’m pretty satisfied with it, I must say! 😄

  • LordDisco

    Opal Ann
    Jessie Pearl

    In my mind, she has a very “southern” image about her. Because of that, I thought a fun, old-styled southern double-name would be perfect. Being from South Carolina, some of the older names I remember just happen to include stones of sorts, but the two I posted are older people that I genuinely knew and thought would be perfect for this robot.

  • André Noller

    Helga Hammer

  • Proxima Centauri

    Cylinder Firebox

    Tina Newcomen – after Thomas Newcomen who developed the first practical steam engine.

  • SuzyQs

    Penny Lane

  • SuzyQs

    Olivia Clampett (After Oliver Twist and Jed Clampett. Or alternative spelling Olivia Clamppit.)

  • 7hitcombo

    Camellia Botstone

  • 7hitcombo

    Beatrix Coggstool

  • Sir Kero

    Carolina Cogsworth

    Julia Goldbug 😉

    Marybelle Manifold

    Bella Beacon (related?)

  • alexmichaud1981

    Simply ‘Fumée’ which is smoke in french

  • Daddy Daydream

    Miss Gasbolt

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    Missus Petinkin

    Julia Hardaway

    Granny Swanktop

  • Wayne Arnold

    Asked my fiancee to come up with a name for this character. Her suggestion? Jeffrey von Squareface. I need a new girlfriend XD

  • Javier Aranda

    I’d say “Lady Tornillo Perdido”. It means lost screw in Spanish, so it shows the way she’s lost in the big city like a screw that fell of its machine, but she wants to find her place there. I’m using Spanish to make her name sounds like one which doesn’t fit the rest of the characters crew.

  • Renaissance Gaming

    Without a doubt, there is only one name that suits this robot: Ana Maria. Say it as you look at the picture.

  • Adrian Brown

    Mrs. Copperpot.
    Margearet / Margearita.
    Ann G. Screws.

  • Mathias Vallerström

    Qwerty Remington

  • Greenalink

    Henrietta Rosecog

  • Ferdi

    Alferdia Folk (?)

  • Dave

    Widow Clanky

  • N1ntendo

    Mrs. ClampBit

  • N1ntendo

    Mary Coggins

  • Reddeh Hedder

    Hatasha Smallspring, no non-intentional misspells here.

  • She looks like a Rosa to me.

  • Tez Shaw

    Cognative Perkins
    Mavis GoldFinkler
    Sophronia Spanner-Sprocket
    Ambrosia Rubyshine

  • Graham Harbour

    Felicity Ferrite
    W.D. Forte
    Busty Rusty (yeah, maybe not)

  • James Wicks

    I’m gonna go with Missy Blue-eyes 😊

  • Kristopher

    “Nicole Dyme” – Just small change in a big town

  • John McCool

    Auntie Rust?

    That way when she’s finished with you, you’ve had some Auntie Rust treatment.

    Auntie Clockwise?

  • Sean

    Eunice Flintstone

    Mathilda Bucketsmith

    Victoria Jacket-Crunch

    Juliana Gold-Butter

  • Theo Neumann

    Mrs Nesbyte

  • ZombiNight

    -Gemma Wattson (She’s such a Gem 😀 )
    -Augusteam (augustine)
    -Magearette Reinheart

    • APrettyBird

      These names sound so pretty for her! :3

  • Nex

    Here are a few: Mrs. Automabottom, Nana Cogswheel, Lady, and Julie Guldborg. (Last one was kind of a joke but whatever lol)

  • Chronorayven

    Ms. Ruth Finkle
    Mrs. Cherry White
    Rea Leads
    Leah Deeds

  • Kenny Ca

    Amelia Tinkerton

  • Sir Kero

    Agnes Mechanicka
    Breanne Sigurgearsson

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    Lacey !

  • Thanks for all your fantastic entries, everyone! We did not expect this big a turnout 😱🎉🙏🏻

    We’ll announce the winner early next week! Cheers!

    • Tez Shaw

      Excited to see who has won the naming contest 😌

    • Floofy McFloofo

      Sorry if I sound impatient, but, what happened? I can’t find anything about the winner 🙁

      • Ethan Everett Buccaneer

        Deadlines are hard…

      • Oops! Something went wrong when I posted the comment last week. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Legokung

    Botty McBotface or why not Dotty McBotface.

  • Trafalgar

    Sorry for the late (too late?) entry on your website. I had to deactivate my privacy badger.

    “Betsy Screw”

  • heywes

    Mrs Row-Bow?

  • Applelover34


  • Trafalgar

    Still nervous.

  • Daniele Grassitelli

    Susan Mott

  • Morgan

    Mrs bagbot

  • Morgan


  • Morgan

    Mrs white

  • And the winners are…

    @andyk250:disqus with the entry “Penny Kettlebottom”. We think it fits the the character perfectly!


    @sirkero:disqus, with the entry “Breanne Sigurgearsson”. A robotic twist on our CEO’s name that’s too awesome to ignore! It will appear somewhere in the game. Play to find out!

    Thanks for your entries, everyone and keep your eyes peeled for a new SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge pretty soon!

    • Congrats to the winners!

    • Proxima Centauri

      Two ace names well done guys