How To Play SteamWorld Heist Before Everyone Else

Howdy, partners!

We have a special announcement regarding SteamWorld Heist. Please take a look at the video below. If you’ve already seen it, scroll down for the first challenge…

Video summary

Every other Tuesday we’ll post a challenge on our blog. The winner of every individual challenge will be able to join the club of official SteamWorld Ambassadors.

As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release (3DS, Steam, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and mobile) we’ll send you a free download code. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. You’ll also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld series of games as we make them.

The challenges will vary in difficulty from week to week but the rewards will be the same. So even if you don’t win one week, you’ll get a new chance only two weeks later. In the weeks between the challenges you’ll find blog posts with exciting new info, pictures and videos about SteamWorld Heist directly from our dev team.

This week’s challenge

Excited? Let’s get to the good stuff! We need you to help us come up with a kick-ass steampunk name for a weapon that will appear in the game. We think something short, catchy and “steampunk-y” will do just the trick. Offensive suggestions will be flushed down a digital drain, somewhere.

Name the weapon to become an official SteamWorld Ambassador

Leave your entry (along with any questions you might have) in the comments below. We need your suggestion by Friday April 24 at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll pick a winner over the weekend and reveal the first SteamWorld Ambassador in next week’s Tuesday update. We reserve the right to judge if the winning entry appears in the final game or not.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!


  • LUMPdizzle666

    Pressure Suppressor

  • VonSeux

    hey, that’s the “Vaporizer” “

  • Damien Santos

    The De-Ruster

  • b0ss

    Mini Dehydration Rifle :0

  • Cakehunter

    “Trusty McCrank” as a reference to the creator. Or maybe: S.O.P.A. The Steam Operated Pellet Accelerator.

  • @LotsaNintendo

    The SteamScope!

  • paganleo

    The Pressure Iron

  • Q Mulative

    IIRC Traditional steam-punky names aren’t very short. They tend to be wordy and obfuscated or codified.
    I dub this weapon, the Propelled Pellet Dismantler, or PPD for short.
    Unless it fires beams, as most of the weapons in the footage shown seem to , in which case,
    I dub this weapon, the Propelled Plasma Dismantler, or PPD for short.

  • amtom

    Steam-shot, Steam-scope, or Steam-silencer!

  • The Scope McCrank

  • Anubis316

    Sprocket M12

  • kablob101

    steam scoped pistole, magnum vaporizer or gear gun 2.0? ill have more ideas later!! <3

  • It’s totally the Bolt Popper.

  • GreedPhantom

    The SniperDiggle !

  • Fabien

    The Crankspurter

  • Seth S. Scott


  • Mazzle

    The Dampster Gun (inspired from the Thompson Gun)

  • Steven Sim

    Freeze Under Stand

  • Monte Kristo

    Boiling Menace

  • Blair Death

    Sounds really cool. I like you for the way you let the community help you with things in the game. 🙂
    I would name this nice weapon “H.E.A.T – Heating Ectoplasm Accelerating Trial”. It looks like hot beamshots could be used well here so I think the name is okay. 🙂

  • MadFraggle

    The Auto-Clank by McCrank

  • John Leith

    Bang! and the rust is gone!

  • tech101

    Smoke eye

  • Mikael Andersson

    The SteamPunker

  • Nils

    The V-Blaster (vapor)

  • Jose

    The Steam Beam

  • Goombasareawesome

    H2oozie,The pressure cooker,piston pistol,Robo-rifle,McCranks trusty steam powered hand cannon.

  • Caroline Johnson

    Boiler Blaster

  • pokedex

    steam orbit gun

  • GamesByXerron

    Bolt Rifle

  • ThatGunslinger

    The Engauger

  • TheGamingDwarf

    How about the DePressuriser or Cranky’s Delight

  • minirop

    Pressurized Holemaker

  • William David

    This gun is named “Marigold”.
    This is one of the best McCrank guns.
    Mister McCrank gave him the name of his beloved Daughter.
    It’s also the name of a yellow flower that Madam McCrank (now dead) really loved.

  • Marion Tortuga

    Copper Rifle

  • Caroline Johnson


    Precision. Instrument. of Steam Tactical Operation and Logistics or P. I. S T O. L.

    Steel Slicer

  • Garrett Davenport

    Scope. Assisted. Assailant. Dismantler. or, the S.A.A.D.

  • Nielsus6

    Obviously it’s a Steam Operated, Semi-Automatic Coltlock Belt Pistol, nicknamed “the Bumblebee” because of the sting it houses compared to it’s rather small size.
    This particular one is outfitted with a wooden handle, because anyone with even a 2 MB processor knows those are more comfortable to hold and are more stylish to have than the mass produced, all-metal ones.

  • CaptainFoxLP

    GoldGun or short sniper

  • Erik Rusu


  • Caroline Johnson

    Weeping Reaper

    Rust Ray

    Joe’s Revenge

  • lucas

    I would call it the ‘skuttle-buster’ !!!
    Also, what are the multiplayer options for this game planned to be? I’m a Wii u user and the gamepad vs main screen idea would work well for a turn based game.

  • Mario Man

    The Gasket Casket

  • Trevor Draude

    The Steam Shot

  • Epic-ZX

    Steam Reaper

  • fiskfisk

    The Chiseler

  • The Punisteam

  • GabbyGhoul

    The Bolt Shocker 2.0

  • jufonuk

    The Deadanator

  • John Kono

    The Vintage Rifle

  • Tman

    The PunkBuster

  • Seamus

    Steam & Whistle Pressurevolver

  • Kent Engström

    Cu Preasure Zapper

  • Jorma Sundvall


  • Garo


  • Nintenbo

    With that scope, it looks like it could be a bolt action gun. The Steam Bolt!

  • Cezary Plichta

    Steambot Ruster Rifle

  • xOmega

    Steam Shooter

  • Vynxar

    The Evaporator

  • Harold Rivera

    The Steambuster.

  • “Ultima Ratio” or “Groznaya Pushka”!

  • andrea987

    Steamgewehr 77, or Steam-er 77 for short. Cranky has some suspicious austrian-looking mustaches…

  • FourteenCoast

    The Steam-Scope HandGun

  • John/JD

    The “Eagle-Eyed Billower”

  • ★ Carl Rydell ★

    Cranky’s SteamRifle

  • FourteenCoast

    The “Stranger’sShooter”

  • Haryadi Sugiarto

    Steamy-Scoped Rifile

  • James McCall

    The Gaspirator

  • FourteenCoast

    The “Stranger’s Shooter Scope”

  • Gas-my-name

  • Adrian Brown

    The Steamulator

  • Ninty eShop Gamers!

    desintegrheist 😀

  • Bullet Pump

  • Mhee123D

    The SRS (Steam Line Rifle)

  • AdamRoffel

    The Stemoscope 😀 Keep up the good work!

  • Robb Augustus Martingano

    High-Plains Mister

  • Eoin

    Hydraulic Sweeper.

  • Atralane

    Not sure if it’s been said yet, but “Pneumatic Pistol”? That gauge on the side just shouts “pressure” for a name concept.

  • Korgoth13

    The “Ambassador’s Spear”

  • mirpkered

    Family Engineered Aiming Rifle or simply put F.E.A.R.

  • “The Discombobulator”

  • Maxime Haché

    The “raffle riffle”

  • Sebastian Bastian Claesson

    The almost-trusty Sputnik

  • Thom Doonan

    The M&D Mk I

  • serphentelm


  • Tpark117

    The Scrap Gun or The Scrapper.

  • petelectro

    Gauge Pistol

  • AnthonyPershkin

    Peeping Tom

  • Brian

    Full Steam Magnus

  • OhHaiMe

    The Rustler

  • AndreasSD

    I think that a suiting name for the gun would be “Ream Rozzer”

  • James Jackson

    The Bolt .45
    (LOVED SteamWorld Dig BTW! Can’t wait for Heist!)

    • Ninjaman999

      This made me lol XD

    • ATBro

      That’s a good one.

    • Saint Killjoy

      Honestly, I’m participating in this contest, and even I have to concede “The Bolt .45” is pretty fitting for that gun design.

    • It_Happens

      What if I say The Bolt .46?

      Jk lol

  • almostgames

    I’ve gone for as pithy and steam related as I can. Why not call it the “Psidearm”. Geddit? 😀

  • Jack Lawson

    The McCrankette

    A nice mix of the maker name, and suitable for a little gun.

  • Miguel SGTC Monteiro

    how about “THE protoscope”
    really excited for this, guys! 😀

  • Andy


  • Everything Amiibo

    “Pepper and Spray”

  • beerfield

    Scoped rifle “gaug-o-mate”

  • modernmoron

    The Spitscope

  • The locomotive Lightning gun or just the locomotive (steam locomotive trains, could be like a railgun type deal)
    or maybe The Centrifugal Chain Gun, The confederate Chain gun or “Winans’ Prototype” (both based on Winans steam gun devolped during the civil war.

  • Piston Pistol

  • shauntu

    The Steamer

  • Pixel Power

    The “.14 Reynolds”. Just subtly referencing something…

  • Diaond

    It’s quite hard to come up with a name, but here’s my idea: Pocket Bronze-gun. I see it as some kind of shotgun, but I included “bronze” because of those brown-colored parts. And the “pocket” part comes from pocket clocks, which comes to my mind when I think about steampunk (also I see this is a small weapon, that’s other reason).

  • Corwin

    “Carbon Cannon”?

  • Steve Burman

    The High Pressure Bang Pistol

  • The SMG (Steam Mechanized Gunner)

  • Sleepscarf ☆


  • Aaron Gutchess


  • SilverBolt R

    Nickle Bolt

  • Rick Aguilar

    The Daughter-In-Law!

  • Bob

    Hydraulic Scope

  • Houston Eitle

    The “steam shot”

  • Drurr

    Funnel Vision

  • Ray

    The Power Pipe

  • Houston Eitle

    The Steam Shot

  • Janobii Chandelure

    “The Rustyscope” (from periscope)

  • The Presshot

    Super excited for Steamworld Heist! Can’t wait to talk about it on Pocketoid once again!

  • Jammet Leopard

    Compression tube gun!

  • Jammet Leopard

    Miasma blaster

  • Jammet Leopard

    Hot oven

  • Jammet Leopard

    Hot pipe!

  • Lyonsmew

    The Timely Demise (the gauge on the side kind of looks like a clock)

  • 496e7465726e416c62696e

    The Heart Heater <3

  • Bryce Burke

    The Steam Reapter

  • retrowavez

    Snozzle Gun!

  • Joe Funk


  • Mateo Leviathon

    Dr. Rivet’s Omniscope Steel-Shreddder

  • b-boy Sick

    Erzatz Steel

  • Mateo Leviathon

    Al Lumin’s Pressure Pistol

  • Mateo Leviathon

    Prof. Cog’s Uplifting Repeater

  • Jason

    Brass Betty

  • Bryce Burke

    The Steamfield Reapter

  • Mateo Leviathon

    Unstable Bolt-Thrower

  • Esteban Hinojosa

    The Power Puff

  • Jackson five

    Steam machine gun or The tugbolt . What kind of ammunition would it fire?

  • Braccoh

    Steam Storm.

  • Useless Wizard

    It looks like a P.B.D. to me – officially known as the Pressurized Bolt Distributor, affectionately nicknamed Psilent But Destructive.

  • Iaan Yul

    “Scoped Steamerizer”

  • Braccoh

    Steamy Storm *

  • Johnathan F. Davis

    The Kettle

  • Mohammed Laes

    Lady Liberty

  • Steven Nolles

    The Hydraulic Lead Pumper

    Because it has hydraulics, and pumps (lead) robots full of lead 😀

  • Jason

    “The High Noon.”

  • Byron Scott Jones Jr.

    The “Han” (looks similar to Han’s blaster, there is a new star wars movie coming out soon, and with this you can always make sure that you shoot first.)

  • Tops

    The Steamwhistle Scope

  • Jason

    Sprocket Rocket

  • Bryce Burke

    The Steamfield Blaster

  • Jason

    Gear of War

  • Tops

    The Vapour Viper

  • Korpsian Maag

    “Hot-Scope 97”

    Btw i am really hyped for that game it looks so interesting!

  • Lewie Kong

    Rusty’s Revenge

  • DrSaturn

    Brass Tax

  • McCrank’s Patented Lethal Water Pistol

    • Ninjaman999


  • Tops

    The Steamwhistle Pistol (a slight variant on my first attempt but I think this one has a nicer ring to it)

  • Tops

    The Steam Needle

  • jesse piensalmi

    Scrap shooter 5000X

  • Dan

    McCrank’s Exactitude Gadget

  • Lover of steambots

    Pressure shot

  • Joseph Geary

    P.S.A.L.M Pressurized Semi Automatic Lethal Machine

  • Erik G.

    The Pressure Pistol

  • The Pressure Cooker

  • roddgreen

    Copper Popper

  • Marioexpert

    Hmmm . . . how about the “Boiler Blaster”? If it’s steampunk, it’s gotta have a miniature boiler in there somewhere, and an alliterative name just feels right.

  • Ben Grant

    The Pacifier

  • Amanda

    The Brass Blaster 😀

  • Hammerfan

    I like “Pressure Perforator”, since it has a pressure dial on the side of it. =D

  • wimmi

    The Colonel

  • Bluefox2000

    The pop’n’lock or lock’n’pop depending on which way round you want it.

  • Zack Reed

    Clockwork Carbine

  • PhilK3nS3bb3n

    The gaslamp grenade

  • MrGameluvr

    The Copper Stopper

  • Andy M

    The Steaminator

  • jsty3105

    The Water Cooler

  • Vince

    Pistola Peligra

  • Cody Muzio

    The “STM16” (parodying the modern M16 assault weapons, assuming it’s a rifle, because of it’s scope)


    The “1811” (if it’s a pistol, based on Colt’s defining “1911” semi-automatic pistol design)

  • WhiteSkullHeart

    The Hydromatic.
    A hydraulic automatic pistol! Get it?

    VERY excited for Heist, by the way! I bought every version of SteamWorld Dig, and beat them all, and also I really enjoyed SteamWorld Tower Defense and I think it’s among the better DSiWare available.
    I don’t know if I couldn’t stop trying out every version of Heist, too! I love comparing 3DS and Vita multiplats! lol

  • Easygaem

    Hot Blaster 9000

  • Jordan Burnette

    The Scrap-Maker

  • jsty3105

    The People Splasher

  • Syz

    How about… The Astro 9000? Based on this:

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    The Steamshot!

  • Guest


  • jsty3105

    Rust In Peace
    Rust In Pieces

  • Renan Peneda

    Steamter 3000 (A.K.A Steamshooter 3000).

  • Edoardo Cortese


  • Mega Sonic

    The Steam-blaster

  • dego


  • Ninjaman999

    Fredericks Folly
    “Once the prized hand cannon of the old heister, Frederick Fastpick, this gun is a masterpiece among gunmen for its power and accuracy. Little do the owner’s know that having your eye a little too close to the scope can be deadly.”

  • Jonas Hrimfei

    Pistol Honda

  • Ninjaman999

    If multiple entries are allowed, I’d like to submit
    “The Noisy Nicker”

  • Blair Broderick

    Tin Cannon

  • Alfred Western

    The Bronze Blaster!

  • claven01

    A Change of Mind

  • Eric Brandt

    The Regulator

  • The Geek Guru

    1.The Steaminator 1000
    2. The Cornelious
    3. The Rusty Bolt-action

    This is a really cool contest you guys are running. 🙂

    My question would be IF you could add Amiibo functionality to Steam World Heist would you want to? And what would be the way you would implement it?

    • Thanks for your entries! 😀

      Regarding your question: If we got the chance that’d be lovely! Nothing planned at the moment, but it’d be possible to have an ally in form of an Amiibo, right? Like in Smash Bros, you know?

      • The Geek Guru

        I would LOVE Rusty in Smash. (But you already know this!!!)

    • MowMow789

      amiibo support for this game would be so cool! I could imagine using a Samus amiibo to spawn in Samus for a few matches. I’m sure Nintendo would allow it because a few other third-party games have amiibo support.

      • The Geek Guru

        I would be cool with that as long as I get a Rusty Amiibo!!! 🙂

  • Youabra

    Steam’s Wrath.

  • Bryant Hewitt

    Brass Tacks – “Alright everyone, let’s get down to brass tacks…”

  • Ninjaman999

    One more for the lolz
    Steamed Justice

  • Peder Sjöberg

    THE SAVERY… and the reason for this is of course that it is named after the engineer Thomas Savery who made the first commercial steam-powered device in 1698. 🙂

  • Benhur Alula Eyob

    The Steamer!

  • soupfist

    Steam Loader Mk. 1

  • Remington Crank.

  • The Pressure Regulator

    • The Geek Guru

      Well Well Well….look who it is. 🙂

      • Do you mind?! I’m trying to become a SteamWorld Ambassador!!! LMAO! If I win I’ll definitely hook you up my brother! ;-D

        • The Geek Guru

          I DO mind because I need the title Steam World Ambassador!! 🙂 And the same goes for you bro! 🙂

  • Jenoss

    excelsior blast 9.7

  • Toby Thornton

    The Clacker

    • The Geek Guru

      If you win I want demo codes!!!! (Finders fee and all, LMAO)

      • I just want to clarify that it’s the full game we’re giving away, not just demos 😀

        • The Geek Guru

          EVEN BETTER!!! 😀

  • Lorenzo Airey

    The PressureScope

  • Casey Dombos

    SteAK-47 w/ Scope

  • Guest

    The STM-

  • Marco Bordegari

    The STM-handgunny

  • Nathan J Simpson

    I’m gonna keep it simple with ‘The Piston’.

  • kevlarmonkey

    The Limiter

  • Caleb Jingo

    “Schniper Rifle”

  • The Lead Pumper, obviously ^_^

  • Italian Stallion

    The Piston-Popper…

  • BrandonH


  • Matt Priestley

    Steam powered Repeator

  • Italian Stallion

    The Lincolnator A.
    The Tik-pop-wiz B.
    The Piston Popper C.
    The Pipe-Cleaner D.
    De Rustinator E.
    … that’s all I got

  • ATBro

    The Magnut. Or Magnut PI if you want to get right on the nose.

  • shlevai

    Amalga-mazer.(Amalgamation – the process of combining or uniting multiple entities into one form.)

  • Kevin Cruz

    The magnifying brass!!!!

  • Francisco Avila

    Vitality Emancipator
    “Liberating consciousness one robot at a time”

  • U Gunna Git Shrekt

    Well, it seems this picture was “made” in 1906, the year of the San Fransisco earthquake, so I will name it…
    1. SFEQ06 (San Fransisco Earth Quake ’06)
    2. The Revolution (get it? Like a revolver… I’m sorry)
    3. Sweet Cali
    4. The Foreshock
    5. Richter (like the scale)
    6. Di-no-might!
    Just to say I loved steam world dig, but was saddened by how fast I finished the game. Good job!

    • Thanks for your entries! And I’m so happy you enjoyed Dig 😀 Heist will definitely be a meatier experience 😀

      • T Craig

        Meatier you say?oh i am soooo IN 😛

        • U Gunna Git Shrekt

          But the question is, how much meatier? I finished dig in about 3 to 4 solid hours over about a week. It was a very good, if not perfect game, but I just hope Heist will have at least 10+ hours of gameplay.
          Also, I drew a picture for you 🙂

          • Amazing skills 😀 Thanks! There will be more content and much longer 🙂

          • U Gunna Git Shrekt

            Julius, I’m very happy that we can talk like this, so I worked hard over a good while on my… device, in order to show you this. My idea of a new weapon for the game, a close range melee weapon, I do not have a name yet for it but please tell me if you like it. Thank you for listening .
            PS, I do not have good equipment to draw with so please don’t mind the kinda sloppy nature of the art.

  • Christian Wilson

    Bronzeye. Meet an opponent with this weapon and you will have one!

  • skrub rekkur

    McCrank’s Sure-Shot Elephant pistol

  • Camron

    The scoped scrappler.

  • Sylverstone Khandr

    The CrankShot.

    Gotta name it after the esteemed McCrank!

  • Josh G

    M.D. Hotshot

  • Francisco Avila

    Spark Emancipator
    “Praise the Liberator of Electric Life”

  • scorpiotaisho

    Steampump Scope!

  • TK421

    The Pressure Cooker

  • Vaoger Chai

    Steam geyzer 1908

  • ⓌⓔⓑⓑⓘⓔⓢⓣⒾⓜⓟ➌➋➐

    The Pressinator

  • Memo

    Righteous Endeavour .45 Cal
    RightEnd .45 in short.

  • Jake Speckhard

    Old Yeller

  • Seph Darkheart


  • Staringeyes

    gun ocular pressure

  • Matthew Craanen

    The Rusty Retro

  • blie4

    The Steel Scope!

  • Matthew Craanen

    The Rust Ranger

  • SecretX

    Steam Ray.

  • Steamneir!

  • Steammajigger. :3

  • Matthew Craanen

    The Ruster Combuster

  • Snozgobler

    The Phlogiston Hand Cannon

  • Chris Bingham

    The Clockworker

  • Rayan

    – Frenzy Prince
    – Retina Shot
    – Royal Vision

  • bloshi

    Pressure Punk

  • Tops

    The Cog Shot
    The Gage Shot
    The Rusted Trusted (seems to me like a name for a basic, early-game gun)

  • Tops

    or maybe The Cog Docker, as in cogs are lost or ‘docked’ as it shoots the robots (an odd name though, I admit)

  • Bob Lawblahbla

    Seymour’s Rusty Pressurized Flintlock

  • Chris Skuller

    The Claypoole .38 PPR (Pressure Powered Repeater)

  • T Craig

    The SteamBolt (LOVED STEAM WORLD DIG) 😛

  • Jacob

    Major Payne.

  • Tarcisio Rezende

    Star Mag .45

  • Cristian Bruno

    The Conductor, like a locomotive conductor.
    Better yet if you unlock different weapons for the characters that each belong to a set it could go:
    The Conductor, Steel Conductor, Rusted Conductor, Gold Conductor, Bronze Conductor, Aged Conductor, and finally Master Conductor. This series could also have a sub series/sub weapons with the title Caboose in the name, since it is usually smaller and less vital to the train.

  • DJ Misfit

    Here’s my top three. Steam Shot, Ol’ Hurtful, and Device V (the V stands for victory). P.S. can’t wait for Steamworld Heist!!

  • Seph Darkheart

    Mechanized Sniper

  • Tops

    The Evapistol (evaporate + pistol, but I didn’t need to tell you guys that 😉 )
    Pressure Tester (don’t mind me, just looking at that little gauge)
    Mist Maker
    Barrel Baker
    Sauna Trauma
    Steam Howler
    Bullet Boiler
    Howling Boiler
    Quick Combustor

    • Emilio Cruz

      I love the Steam Howler name

  • Frank Reyes

    1. Bronze Bolt
    2. Tawny Rocket
    3. Pawny Pistol

  • Agentdave7

    My ideas:

    -Pressurized Pistol
    -(Ol’)Pressure Cooker
    -Steamin’ Shotgun

  • Jaron Morris


  • Paul Plunkett

    Rig’em Mortis.

    (Can’t wait for Heist, your work with Dig was fantastic)

  • Luke

    The Steamer Streamer
    The Rusty Revolver
    Code Name: STEAMER (Think you could get away with this one?)
    The Steam Machine (or this one?)

  • James Kensel

    The Valve-Shot.

  • MisterCheese/bacon


  • Saul Rivera

    Deus Voltio

  • Marcelo Oliveira Silva Jardim

    Monocular Shutdown

  • It_Happens_24/7

    The Steam Pump

  • It_Happens_24/7


  • Madmagican


    and/or The Missus

  • Ryan Neely

    Steamy Scorcher

  • The Bricky Blaster

  • PapitasTheInvasor :V

    SteamPunker 9000

  • Felipe Ferraz

    Super steam scope (got it? XD)

  • It_Happens_24/7

    1. Steam Pump
    2. Gyro Jet
    3. Gyro Pump
    4. Jet Pump
    5. Steam Jet

  • Special Forces Gangplank

    The Piper

  • Nintendo Nerd

    The Steampunk Voltshot 3000

  • Kathleen Askari

    Tactical Merf Gun Blaster.

  • Joben Sanchez

    Steam Cranker.

  • Andrew Farrenkopf

    Steaminizer 9001

  • Peter Lindsley


  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    The McCrank Varian

  • Jefferson Boldrin Cardozo

    Steamscopic Rifle

  • Azul

    The SM-OG47

  • Adam Grise

    Crank Mag 24
    Hole Puncher
    Iron Chariot

  • Federico Fioroni

    Compressor 2000

  • MorisatoKeiichi

    The Steamerator 🙂

    More power Image & Form! Just bought SWD via PSN again recently (I already have it on Wii U) and I am very excited to replay it… 😉

  • MetalGamerJon22

    The Metalizer Marksope

  • Aaron Cutherberton

    The Crank O’Scope.

  • Grida89

    The MortoMeter

  • Steam Flintlock(I imagine it requires steam to shoot due to that little pressure dial on it’s side. Probably a starting weapon.)

  • Nikita Taller


  • CaptainBKM

    The SMG.
    (Steaming Mist Gun!)

  • Autumn Sevier

    Steam n’ Beam

  • Brian Zabaneh

    Pneumatic revolver

  • Travis Patterson

    “The Killjoy Special”

    The Killjoy Special is a six shot revolver that fires Rivet Screws. The barrel of the revolver is a bit oversized compared to standard revolver barrels. The reason for this is the design of the Rivets. Once fired the Rivet is launched in a clockwise swirling pattern. It was specifically meant to be fired at robotic optical sensors. The Rivet burrows into the cranium cavity through the optical sensor. Once embedded into the cranium the sensor of the payload is triggered and an explosive headshot becomes visible. The payload is housed at the head of the Rivet.

    The Killjoy Special is ineffective against armor. So if you miss your shot it will bounce harmlessly away from the target doing no damage. However, all is not lost. The sensor on the payload has a backup mechanic. It then becomes a proximity mine triggering it’s payload on the first robot that steps on it. However be careful, the sensor will not determine friend from foe, so watch your step.


    Gunsmith Saint Killjoy: “An elegant weapon for the headshot aficionado.”

    Motto: Guaranteed to kill the joy of friend and foe alike.

  • EiRo

    The Steamy-wimey

  • Maroof Khan

    Steam-O-Meter Gun

  • Andreas Rödig

    I see the speedometer-like thing and combine it with steam, so… I’m about to present you “The Pressure Measure” (don’t ask).

  • Thank you so much for your AMAZING support and entries! We read everything and have so much fun sorting through your awesome suggestions 😀

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and we’ll reply ASAP!

    • Eric Weichhart

      I have a small question:

      “So even if you don’t win one week, you’ll get a new chance only two weeks later”

      That means if I join week 1 and lose, I can’t participate in week 2 nor 3, but yes in week 4 right?

      • Hobbit Peate Donohue

        nope! Week 1 was this one; April 21 . Next week, 28 April, no contest to participate in. Week 3, May 5, you can participate in the contest for that week.
        May 12: No contest
        May 19: Contest
        Make sense?

        • Eric Weichhart

          It does. Thanks!

  • Copperhead Mk 4!

  • IKAY

    Lil’ ol’ Steamy

    Hope to win a 3DS code. As a passionated StreetPass Fan I’m a good ambassador^^

  • Dwi Kris


  • Mitja Pufic

    M&D Mist Dispenser 212F

  • shadowhive

    SteamTech pressure charged pistol

  • 1. Glintlock
    2. Bot Shot
    3. PolterHeist
    (This ambassador thing is way rad btw!)

  • Will Vertigo Thompson

    The C.O.G

    Curiously Operational Gun

  • Twubblemakr

    the Nauticaliber

  • Ol’ Crank’s Charge-O-Tron 🙂

  • Martyn Mercer

    Crank’s Original Family Snipey-ma-jig (assuming it’s going to be a sniping weapon)

    ‘cos nothing gets the family together than watching someone getting a bullet in the brass

    Also, just a curious question, this weapon was filed in 1908 but appears to signed in in 1906. Was time travel involved? 😛

    • That’s an interesting obersvation xD I’d say it was filed at that date, but signed on an earlier date!

  • Simo C.

    I’d call it the Steambun!

  • Frewyrn

    Steam Gun ! (I just can’t wait to play it!)

  • Mar_Kell

    Steam-Propelled and Overheating Rusty Tranquillizer, S.P.O.R.T. for “friends”, the best solution to keep any hothead calm and collaborative at short and medium distance, without the encumbrance of a big, unconfortable and heavy rifle.
    Warnings: Watch out for its temperature, may overheat; keep away from children.

  • Ben Klein

    Pressure Pop-gun!

  • Javier Caravaca

    The VaporEagleEye

  • JimTheSG


  • Emilio Cruz

    The Pressurator

  • Emilio Cruz


  • Emilio Cruz

    Something steampunky, like steaminator?

  • Emilio Cruz


  • Emilio Cruz

    Victorian Redemption

  • Emilio Cruz

    Morlock Blaster

  • Eric Weichhart

    The Steam Pun (get it? >.>)

    Mmm… What about:
    * The Extinguisher (since Robots are steam powered?)
    * LilCrack (pun to the company)
    * Pression Star
    * SteamyBeamer
    * SePB XVII (Steam energy Pressure Bullet, XVII from the year it was created)

    No more ideas from me, since I didn’t read all the entries (to avoid saying an already made idea)

  • Emilio Cruz

    Infernal Device 1000

  • Emilio Cruz

    Cyberpunk Hail Mary

  • Emilio Cruz

    Cyberpunk Pacifier

  • Emilio Cruz

    Can I go on?

  • Emilio Cruz

    Precise Daisy

  • Emilio Cruz


  • Emilio Cruz


  • Emilio Cruz

    Sorry if any of the names have been mentioned before by other commenters. Really sorry for that…

  • Uzuki

    Samuel Coltson’s S.C.U.I.R.T Sub-machine Gun


    Cleveloc type Nuts


    • Eric Weichhart

      Are you serious? -_-‘

  • Aria Maryn

    Professor McCrank’s Hydropowered Bandit Blaster.

    This is really awesome. It’s not often that a great developer takes the time to interact with and appreciate their fans. I’ll be going back for another play through of Dig while waiting for Heist! Well done 🙂

  • Alexander Goodall

    “New Faithful” because it looks far too shiny to be called “Old Faithful”.

  • Paul Michael Howells

    The steamy repeatedly shooter mk2

    Will this game have any references to steamworld dig ?

  • David Arkema

    the Steam Sprayer….

  • Joshua Latham

    The Auto-pneumatic

    Great games guys, keep it up!

  • BonusTank

    The BonusTank *cough*

  • GameGuy

    The Duster !!!

  • MowMow789

    Icarus Crusher…maybe…? Well this idea came out of nowhere but if you charge it up to much it might harm you, almost like the story of Icarus when the boy flew to close to the sun and the wax melted of his wings.

    Maybe this gun was Cranky’s last invention which he and his daughter made and is now a rare and highly sought-out weapon among all Steambots…

    This kind of fan involvement is great for this game. I can’t believe how great you guys are! Also, does this image mean SWD was set in the early 20th century…? O.o

    • I don’t know about the years, they could stand for something completely different xD

  • Oliver (Redtrade)

    “The Matter-Pressure”
    Only avaliable at selected stores 😉

  • The Smoke Smasher

  • Dave

    Roboscope 🙂

  • Charlie

    The Regulator

  • jayjayjojo

    The Piston
    The Gasket Gat

  • T Craig

    Thought of another one SteamBlittz 😛

  • Benjamin Vraspillai

    The Cloud-Scoper

  • Juan Francisco Pedraza

    1 Steam STREAM
    2 Unified Neutraliser (the date oct 24 UN)

  • Blair Broderick

    Flank Bank

  • Nick Albino

    The Aeolipile

  • WWBatmanD

    Steam Spitter

    *Spitting MonGoose (S.M.G.).

    Spitfire Firespit

    Will there be any exclusives from platform to platform?

  • Philip Thibault

    The Brass Kicker

  • Alexander Denny

    I’m thinking about the Steambolt .45 Rifle.

  • Blair Broderick

    Rage Gauge

  • PowerOfSlash

    Revolver Ocelot.
    Nah, seriously, Vaporizer Cal .40

  • Andrea Chad Catellino

    The Galileian vaporizer

  • Conman

    The Dejuvenator.

    Can’t wait for the game!

  • Austin Nabors

    The Penny Pistol / The Pretty Penny

  • Illmaster Da Baptist

    The Rust Shredder!

  • Gantann

    Scrap Spitter
    Pneumatic Repeater
    Steamachine Pistol

  • It_Happens_24/7

    Steam Gauge

  • It_Happens_24/7

    Tinker Toy

  • Vivek Wong

    the “Chap-man bronze Mk. 600”

  • Scythedge

    Oculated Carbine

  • Scythedge

    The Lawbreaker

  • Scythedge

    The Beaumont Special

  • Plaid

    Steam Shot
    Cog Caliber
    Flame Caliber
    Steam Thrower

    Can we throw out multiple suggestions? If not I guess I’ll just go with my first one I threw out.

  • Devin Hudson

    Bot Buster

    (I tried to go through all of the comments to make sure it wasn’t taken, but there are so many I easily could have missed it. I apologize if this is the case.)

  • RevolutionizeTheGame

    I got it, The Blaster Master.
    It’s pretty catchy (at least to me it is).

  • James Thornburg

    Lil’ Scoper

  • Shawn Leisure

    The steameister

  • Simo C.

    If I can add another entry I’d go with “VG Jubilee”.
    Cause Queen Victoria is so steampunk.

  • Janjuar

    Steambolter MKIII with Telescope

  • BerserkCerberus


    or The P.R.I.D.E.

  • Ferryb001

    This is a very nice competition, really enjoyed steamworld dig! looking forward to playing heist
    my entry is:

    -Rusty’s Scopomatic

    (rusty might’ve gotten into weapon development with all the ore he collected 😉 )

  • Peter K

    the “Mini Pascal 30” or MPa30 for short. Pays homage to both actual SMG’s (this weapon looks like on to me at least :P) and Pascal, the pressure unit which would be important to steam powered devices. Also can be taken as a joke because actual MPa would be MegaPascal not a mini one and now i’ll just stop because i’m streching it. xD

  • Sam Harris

    I would go with either The Regal Rifle or Eagle Eye. The Regal Rifle name has an elegance and ruggedness that directly associates with the steam-punk genre. Eagle Eye is a classic among most scoped weaponry and I believe would fit perfectly in the SteamWorld universe.

  • Jhon Ramirez

    I would call it: 1) The Wish-washer, 2) The Wisheraser, 3) The Washerator.

  • Jhon Ramirez

    I hope Heist comes out first on 3ds so I can show it off to friends like I did with Dig, at least for a while.

  • Andru Miguel S. Villarroya

    SK 47 aka “The Piece Maker”

  • Will Gibson

    The Riveter

  • Philip Wesley

    Looking at the picture of the gun and the available information..

    Hmm.. it’s a McCrankshaft & Daughters Industry, Semi-Auto hand pistol with an extended sight on it and a pressure gauge to keep track of heat and steam pressure levels. It looks like it can over heat.

    So, I’m going to refer to it as an “HPSP8mm-Amelia” or a “Burning Amy” for short. The barrel of the gun looks like it’s at least an 8mm width and the HPSP stands for High Pressure Steam Pistol. Amelia being a guess at the name of the McCrankshaft daughter and the shortened “Amy” being a terrible pun because it overcompensates your aiming with that extended sight. Of course the burning because it builds up heat when you prep it and may over heat if you don’t fire in a certain amount of time, thus the High Pressure part of the name.

    So, my idea is the “HPSP8mm- Amelia” or “Burning Amy” for short.

    Edit: Missed a D in width.

  • th3potatowarrior

    The Steam Scope

  • Brian Murray

    Steam and Wesson, Repistoner, Resteamer, Tin Lance, Vaporizer, Glockwerk, Clockwerk Widow, Pressure Wasp. Copper Cannon, Aether Lazer, Aether Engine, or Clockwerk Cannon

  • Christopher

    Rusty’s Rickety Revolver!

  • Christopher

    Rusty’s Revolutionary Revolver!

  • claven01

    The Resonator

  • Ian Fastert

    The Steamed Egg! (exclamation point included)

    …I’m not great at Steam puns.

    Or Steamworld Dig.

    It’s a fun game though!

  • Theo

    (Never played Steam World Dig, but this game looks cool!

  • Caroline Johnson

    Brass Buster

    Steel Buster

    Scalding Shot

    Jet Beam

    Steel Singe-r

    Bot Breaker


    The Extinguisher


    Furnace Slayer

    Bot Flayer

    Vapor Vector

    Vapor Viper

    Rusty Repeater

    Rusty Revolver

  • Caroline Johnson

    Steam Suppressor

    Steel Silencer


  • Ebony Machelle

    The Wretched Demise
    Ambassador Blaster

  • Hikary-kun

    The Super Steam-Compressed Rifle

    I have a question: there is some backward compatibility with SteamWorld Dig, like some weapons or character unlockable if u have a SWD save data?

  • Steelbolt

    The De-Scrapinator (Because the enemy are called Scrappers)

  • Late

    Trusty (albeit a bit rusty) blaster.

  • Steelbolt

    Rusty’s Rampage
    Rusty’s Revenge
    Rusty’s Ruination
    (There’s a theme here)

  • Cruz Martin

    Winan 47 after the confederate steam gun and it has a silhouette of an AK-47

  • Eiragorn

    The Precious Pressurizer!

  • blue edge 1580


  • Ingmar Österberg

    Rustys Steambolt

  • The Rusty Scope Shot
    Old Faithful
    The Steam Hammer
    The Soul Crusher
    The Last Call

    Good luck to all! I love Dig! So glad to see this interesting game world expand into new gameplay genres!

  • Maic Striepe

    High pressure sharp steamer McCrank or short: HpssM

  • Seph Darkheart


  • Caroline Johnson

    Pressure Rifle

    Fumelock (like flintlock)

    Gearlock Revolver


    Cranky Colt

    Shrieking Shot

    Foggy Fryer



    Rust Ray

  • Scirm

    1. Pascal’s Wrath
    2. Gotcha Pistol
    3. Bot’s Eye Pistol
    4. Steam Leone

  • gerb1977

    S.S.P. – steam shot pistol

  • Caroline Johnson



    Watery Weaper

    Watery Whistler

    Pipe Pointer

    Pipe Pluger

  • Magog

    Vaporware Blaster

  • Blair Broderick

    Nick Nacker

  • Caroline Johnson

    Hydro Blaster

    Rust Reaper



    Hot Shot


    Scorching Sniper

    Piper rifle

    McCrank Classic/Special

    Crazy/Cranky Compressor

    Copper Compressor

    Copper Coger

    Copper Clacker

  • Caroline Johnson

    Valve Viper

    Vapor Valve

    Fume Fury

    Vanquish Vapor

    Sewer Shot

    Crazy/Cranky Compressor

  • vGameOn

    Thanks for the contest. My ideas are:
    1. The Rusty Barrel
    2. Barker’s Beauty
    3. The Blow-Hard
    4. The Bang-Up

  • Blair Broderick

    The Antiquator

  • VolleyClack

    Pressurized Clanker

  • pleo7789

    The Stifle

  • Daniel Echevarria

    FEDG (Fever Exploding Discharge Gadget) xD Strange name…

  • Hi everybody! Thanks for your awesome entries! Just wanted to let you know that we’ll reveal the winner in tomorrow’s SteamWorld Heist update here on the blog. So stay tuned! 😀

  • Andy Davies

    The junk buster, cant wait for steamworld heist after the epic steamworld dig!

  • Lover of steambots

    So just wondering here I noticed in the bottom Center it says McCrank and daughter does this mean mcCrank and Dorothy survived the steamworld explosion and if so do we get to meet them?

    • We’ll see 😀 Might just be old designs that survived the explosion 🙂

  • We just announced the winner(s) of the first SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge 😀 Did you make it?

    • T Craig

      Gutted, but congratulations to the WINNERS! YAY XD

  • @thegamingdwarf:disqus @disqus_IEg0Uzm4sq:disqus @jsty3105:disqus I think you’ll like this 😀

  • Dameon Raye

    The Dandy Popper

  • The next SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge is now live! Which means you have a new shot at taking the first price 😀

  • Amir Safaei

    facile scope

  • Timothy Kolek

    The Oldie but Goodie.

    The game looks really cool guys 🙂