Internship at Image & Form – Going from school to work?

My name is Mikael Forslind and I’m currently doing an internship here at Image & Form. I’m a student at IHM Business School here in Gothenburg, Sweden and attending a programme focused on sales & marketing. I’ve always been interested in games so it felt natural for me to apply for an internship at a game developer. What other places do you spend your days talking, playing and making video games? It’s a dream come true! 🙂

The way I came in contact with Image & Form was at a convention for game developers in Gothenburg, Sweden in May 2013. I wasn’t a game developer but I thought If I wanted an internship and job in the gaming industry this was the place to be 🙂 Before the seminars there were a meet and greet and people were just making small talk about games and other topics. A friend of mine was there and he was talking to Brjann which is the CEO of Image & Form. I went up to him and introduced myself. A few minutes later I was offered an internship at Image & Form 🙂 I had heard about the company before that though. I actually applied for an internship back in 2012 by sending an email. This was back when Image & Form had the “not-so-good-looking-webpage” so to be honest I just sent an e-mail and didn’t bother to follow up or with a phone call or anything. I guess my email didn’t stand out neither or maybe it just wasn’t the right timing.

I’ve been here for about ten weeks now and I couldn’t be happier! I really enjoy doing this internship at Image & Form. Since day one I’ve been treated as a full employee and been given full responsibilities of tasks including PR & Marketing. I actually had the privilege to choose between two internships at two different game developers. I decided to go with Image & Form because it felt like a great place to be and the current game (SteamWorld Dig) was truly a game that I liked and felt that I could market with honesty.

MarkusThere are actually three interns here at Image & Form at the moment. My primary responsibilities are marketing and community management. But we also have Markus who is a Level Designer, and Robert who is a Game Designer. When asked about his experience Markus said “I met Brjann at The Game Assembly’s annual Meet and Greet-event last May. They were looking for someone to create levels for their upcoming games as well as their old mobile hit Anthill. He also promised song, women and wine. I got mineral water. But except for that I’ve had an amazing time here at Image & Form.”

RobertRobert started here in February coming from a background as a teacher in Game Design. He’s now primarily working on Game Design on our upcoming SteamWorld game. Robert came in contact with Image & Form through his friends who were already working there. When talking about his experience on working as an intern at Image & Form he says “Much thanks to my friends support I was able to start my internship as a Game Designer. It was something I thought would be hard to achieve in the respect that I hadn’t got any work experience as a developer since my college years. When I was given a positive answer and introduced to the project that I would get to work with, I was ecstatic, it really was something of a dream come true. Dramatic, I know. Nice people, interesting projects and good work environment (even though I got the oldest computer, the smallest screen, the dirtiest keyboard and sit in the far corner of the office. I’m not even kidding).”

Quite a few people currently working at Image & Form started out as interns. Marco, who is the Project Manager started as an intern in 2011 coming from AcadeMedia where he studied Project Management. Agnes, who is one of the graphical artists here also started here as an intern from The Game Assembly in Malmö.

If you’re interested in an internship you should apply! 🙂 It’s a great place to be and if you do a great job and you have what it takes you have a chance of getting a job. Check out the career page for more details on how to apply.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope I shed some light on how an internship is at a game developer. Feel free to comment or send me a tweet if there’s anything else you want to know.

All the best,
Mikael Forslind

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