Have you got what it takes to name one of the space bars in SteamWorld Heist?

Name a Space Bar in SteamWorld Heist – Ambassador Challenge #6

Howdy, partners!

If you were a robot space pirate, where would you charge your batteries after a heist? To Captain Piper and her crew the answer is simple: Space bars! The space bars are water holes scattered throughout space. They’re the go-to places for steam-driven robots wanting to refill on necessary (and unnecessary) liquids.

The bars are also where you recruit new team members, gather information on your missions and purchase new weapons and upgrades. You might also get a glimpse of and hear a tune or two by the musical automaton troupe Steam Powered Giraffe (the real-life robot band composing the game’s soundtrack).

This week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge

There are many different bars in SteamWorld Heist. Most of them with varying goods, bartenders and guests. Every single one of them also has a unique name. That’s where you come in! We want you to name a bar in SteamWorld Heist.

Basic facts about the bar:

  • The establishment is frequently visited by Royalist military grunts on leave.
  • The bartender’s name is Whoopsy Tubberbottom.
  • Steam Powered Giraffe is playing there.

What you win…

If you win you’ll become a SteamWorld Ambassador and be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. The ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

How to enter…

Leave your name suggestion(s) (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your ideas by Sunday August 16th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll reveal the winner in next week’s blog update (Tuesday). By submitting your ideas you give us the right to freely use them in our products and services. We reserve the right to judge if the winning entry appears in SteamWorld Heist or not.

You are completely free with your name suggestions, but let’s keep it safe for work and nice. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • Orion Hermans

    A space bar, hm ?
    What about The Broken Cog?

    The Rusty Bucket
    The Credible Inn
    Gallons o’ Gas
    Or, last but not least, Rusters’ Rest

    Thanks for reading!

  • Peter K

    The Lone Pipe
    The Pipeline
    The Crank
    Whoopsie Doodle

  • To Tipota To Tipota

    Literally The Space Bar; not on the keyboard.

  • Space Rock. Doubles as both its location and what Steam Powered Giraffe is playing there.

  • Heins guenter

    My Idea: The drunken keyboard 😀

    • Heins guenter

      You know? Because Spacebar…yeeeaaahhh…I’m so funny. 😉

      • Hobbit Peate Donohue

        I was thinking “The Any Key” for similar reasons. I like how you think! 😀

        • Gino Seconnino


          • Heins guenter

            Thanks! 🙂

        • Heins guenter

          Thanks, “The Any Key” is also a good Idea! 😀

      • Deleg8

        Cool idea

  • ClockworkDragoon

    The Static Planet
    The Clockwork Debris
    The Static Clockwork
    The Clockwork Club

  • WitherBoss

    The Rusted Tub (going off the bartender’s last name for this one)

  • SteamWorld Bar, the logo uses the games logo but switch Heist with Bar then always play the main theme in that bar.

  • Death is What you can call me

    The Oily Keg

  • Rusty’s Hollow, making a reference to the good ol Rusty from SteamWorld Dig

    • Maybe there is someone you can talk to in the bar that tells the story of Rusty like a legend.

  • Erik Rusu

    Nuts & Bolts
    Rusty Rock
    Robot Rest

  • Leonard M

    SteamWork Saloon

  • TheGamingWolf

    already some awesome names for the competition. although i think the best one I’ve see no far is the space bar. literally XD

  • William David

    “The Rusty Throat” is a place many robots would visit at least once a week.
    If I could choose, I’d do something with rusty, dusty, throat, throttle… Yep.

  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    The King’s Daisy.

    Why? Well, 1: Royalists would be more likely to go to a bar that had a royal term/title in the name.
    2: The name lets steambots know that it’s Whoopsy behind the bar. After all, even in Steamworld, in space, the phrase “Whoopsy daisy!” is going to be well known.
    3: With a name like “The King’s Daisy,” Steam Powered Giraffe was bound to step in sooner or later.

    • Deleg8

      This is clever! Steam Powered Giraffe would definitely play there 🙂

  • Fritz

    ‘New Tumbleton Saloon’. Because the original Tumbleton Saloon was blown up with the rest of the planet, right? 😉

    Or how about ‘Centre of the Universe’? It works from a gameplay and a metaphorical perspective!

    Or if you want a Star Wars reference, ‘DOS Eisley Cantina’.

  • Skrub_Killer69

    The Rusty Barrel
    Tin & Juice (a play on Gin & Juice)
    Rusty’s Place
    The Empty Vein (play on a mining vein)

  • Saint Killjoy

    “The Copper Bolt”

  • Jacob Kroon

    The Locomotive Breath

  • QuixoticRocket

    The Loyal Screw
    Tubberbottom’s Trench

  • Peace Boy

    The Steamy Rustbucket.
    The Rusty Steambucket.
    The Leaky Steam-Cauldron. (Sorry, felt like doing a Harry Potter reference XD)
    The Rusty Nuts ‘n Bolts.
    The Rusty Rockers.

  • Jihad Laamiri

    I’d go with, The Rusty Pearl. Because there isn’t a single bar that’s been considered to be Rusty but still has the beauty of a Pearl.

  • Tobias Hansson

    Steamy Liquors
    Whoopsy’s Retreat

    The Cranky Lass

  • Gastreat

    Star Bar

  • Linus Völkner

    “373 K” or “373 °K” (since at 373 Kelvin water turns into steam 😀 )

  • Aaron

    My suggestion
    The Rusty Cog and Grog
    Also can go by The Cog and Grog or
    Rusty’s Cog and Grog

  • lewisblytheart

    The Shiner Saloon
    Moss Alley Cantina
    The Firefly
    The Nut and Vault
    The Goldbug
    The Dig Inn
    McCrank’s Bottomless Tank
    The Sucker Punch
    The Lonely Asteroid
    The Nebulounge
    The Eclipse
    The Super Nova

  • Loose Screws (since it rhymes)
    Ye olde Bolt (could rhyme as well)
    Rusty Twist (to somehow put good old Rusty in here)
    Steamy G (G for giraffe obviously)

  • Thomas Robertson

    The Broken Piston

  • Егор Круцкий

    Steel Neck

  • Егор Круцкий

    Heady oil

  • Romain François

    The Fuming Bottom

  • Phoibos

    “Can-Tina” with a can as logo

  • Kyle

    I like The Rusty Nut or since it is a bar use something named after a drink like The Rusty Nail or the Cosmospolitan

  • Joel Agruso

    Tubber’s Taps.
    Whoopsy’s Watering Hole
    Bottom of the Barrell

    • BlownRanger

      love “Bottom of the Barrell” or “Bottom of the Bucket”

  • Zane Seibel

    The Steamy Saloon
    The Rusty Bucket
    The Oil Mine

  • BradleyNews11

    “Whoopsy, I’m Drunk.” LOL

  • th3potatowarrior

    The Wild Space Rodeo

  • zac

    rest n refill: Because the robots get tired after a heist and go to get a drink but then they want refills
    The Recharge:they go to Recharge there batterys
    The royal rust

  • Goombasareawesome

    GEARS , where every Robot knows your name

  • th3potatowarrior

    The Steam Powered Ship

  • th3potatowarrior

    The Wild West of Space

  • The Cog Salog

  • Brenna Martz

    The Tumbletavern (in reference to Tumbleton :D)
    The Shooting Star

  • minirop

    my 2 cent: “Cosmic Machine Screw” and “Glamorous CinnaBar”

  • GammaGames

    The Royal Coil

  • Amy R Fox

    Bottom’s Up
    Whoopsie’s Whistle Wetter
    The Steam Queen

  • N1ntendo

    My best 3 attempts:

    Bottom’s Up
    Tin and Tonic
    Tin Roof Rusted (like the lyric to that song!) Previous owner of the Love Shack

  • BlownRanger

    The Oil Fill
    The Stuttering Engine
    Tubberbottom’s Bottomless Tub

    • That last one is so good! XD

  • Michael Hughes

    The Gin and Positronic

  • Jeremy Hardin

    Baked Fresh Daily
    Bottoms Up!
    Whoopsey’s Watering Well (W3)
    The Rusty Reprieve
    Pun too many
    Bottom Blasters
    Royalists Relaxation Room a.k.a – BA-R^3 – a.k.a. – Barrr

  • Home Away From
    Korpskommandant’s Place
    Cmd Z
    The Zoo
    Smooth Hermans

  • Eugene Hyun

    Tubberbottom’s Fancy Spavern
    The Woozy Stratospheric Barrel
    The royal Starlight giraffe’s watering hole
    Whoopsy’s leaky brass taps

  • Mirby

    The Rusty Bucket
    Disk Space
    That One Place

  • Samantha Crowhurst

    Steam ‘n’ Oil
    The Rust Bucket
    Cog and Gear Inn
    The Jolly Boiler

  • jakeoti

    Ferrous Wheel
    The Third Law
    Ye Olde Pb
    Rusted Hive (Scum and Villainy Welcome)
    Ferb O. Hancock’s Saloon (with neon sign that has all but the Fe O H shorted out)

  • Ed

    ‘Bottoms Up’ Tubberbottom’s Tavern
    (Otherwise known as B.U.T.T)
    Oh, the dialogue you can have with that,

    Tubberbottom: “Welcome to my B.U.T.T”

    S.P.G.:”we love playing in the B.U.T.T”

    Tubberbottom: “Thanks for visiting and drinking from the B.U.T.T, come back anytime!”

    • QuixoticRocket

      I think just “Bottoms Up” is perfect

  • Hmm… let’s see

    Steam Basin Bar
    Altbetwixt Bar – Betwixt the Alt button.
    Bottomost Bar – The spacebar button location on keyboard.

  • Gerzsony


  • Keith Page

    My favorite ‘computer’ bar name is the Progress Bar, but that was used to excellent effect in Tron 2.0. Let’s see…

    How about the ‘Bebop Bounty’? Be kind of weird if it wasn’t a jazz bar though.
    For robots, the ‘Rusty Sprocket’ sounds good.
    Robot thieves…western-y…for a high-end establishment, how about ‘Aces Chrome’?
    or for a more adventure-y tavern-y vibe, the ‘Clockwork Queen’?
    I’ll think of one more…let’s try,,,the ‘Warm Gun’ as in a place to find happiness.

  • Trevor Draude

    Wasted Nuts

  • Maarten Winters

    The Rusty Cog, come oil ’em here.
    The Steam Pit, (or Ye Olde Steam Pit) like watering hole, get it? 🙂
    Nuts ‘n’ Bolts, or Nutty Bolt’s, and you could name the bartender Bolt.
    The Steam Train
    The Busted Bolt,
    The Busted Tank

  • astrogamer

    Steameasy Rig
    Spelunker’s Hideaway

  • Virtuous Lumox

    “Royally Steamed” since Royalist military frequent the bar.

  • OhHaiMe


    Bub’s Oil & Squeak

    The Greasy Wheel

    The Grog & Gun

    The Rusty Relapse

    The Rusty Lion

    Tin Tin Rin’s

    The Flashy Motor


    Oily Johnnie’s

  • fun123joker

    The Oil Well, Automatic Alcohol, Boarding Boose

  • SpeLinnea

    “The Smog”
    “Two Smoking Kegs”

  • quasar cantina
    tripod lodge
    eventful horizon
    nova quonk tavern
    galactic parallax cafe
    positronic taqueria
    astro sonata saloon
    cosmotron cantina
    tubberbottom’s trattoria

  • Espeon200

    Tubberbottom’s End

  • Drink-a-tomic
    |____________________________| <- it's the space bar
    JABs (Just Another Bar in the Space)

  • bpc908

    The Scrap Yard Tavern

  • Emma Turner

    “The Oil Rig”, or “That Clunking Sound” perhaps “The Rusty Cup” or “Bits and Bolts Bar”.

  • Mel Barajas

    Bot-tom’s up

  • Super Nova Club

  • Whoopsy’s Water Tap
    Tubberbottom Tap
    The Turning Gear
    The Oil Change
    The Quark Exchange
    The Final Front Gear (get it? instead of “the final frontier”?)
    Blackhole in the Wall

  • Olmectron

    The Tall Tubber Swansong

  • earthmanbrick

    The Piston Wrecked
    Cog-nitive Dissonance

  • InterNutter

    Bar names:

    1) The Golden Grommet
    2) Ye olde Washtub
    3) The Bottom of the Barrel
    4) The Nut & Bolt
    5) Dontwalkintothis Bar
    6) Dew Drop Inn
    7) The Log & Rhythm
    8) The Broken Toaster
    9) Whoopsies
    10) The Quantum Drum

  • Carlos Cuevas Cantautor

    “The Lubricator Gear” Original Metallic Taste.

  • Christopher Filkins

    Whoopsy’s Pneumatic Nipper

  • Mikiri

    Whoopsy Giraffe
    Off the Clock

    Tubberbottom’s Barrel

  • Christopher Filkins

    The Slippery Sprocket

  • Eyesuswork

    The cloggsworthy

  • Kat Bush

    I came up with a few, hope they’re any good:

    The Kraken and Cane
    The Blue Fairy
    The Brass Corset
    The Copper Cog
    The Automaton Arms
    The Zepplin Bend

    And my personal favorite, The
    Clockwork Cavern & Tavern

  • Rook Alene

    Copper and Kerosene
    The Tarnished Clock
    Alice’s Music Box

  • Eyesuswork

    {Tubbs ol steamfill}

  • Eyesuswork

    i really want this game from the beggining it came out.

  • Eyesuswork

    The rusty steamtank

  • Eyesuswork

    the shady tincan

  • Eyesuswork

    the ace of steam

  • Eyesuswork

    Tubberbottom return in

  • Eyesuswork

    the rusty band

  • Cherkov

    Here are the few ideas I thought of:

    -Tubberbottom’s Tank
    -The Slow West
    -Metal Kettles
    -Tubbo’s Tonics
    -Tubberbottom of the Barrel

    Can’t wait to see more of the game.
    Good luck to all!

  • cynicalsleeper

    Bar names:
    – The Gilded Cog
    – The Rusty Ingot
    – Deadbot’s Drink
    – The Rusty Crank
    – The Dandy Drink
    – Tubberbottom’s
    – Whoopsy’s Daisy
    – Whoopsy’s Whimsical Wonder Bar
    – The Shooting Star Tavern
    – The Royal Flush

  • PowerHouse

    I really have my hopes up, the shining Tavern, Tub’s Pub , Neon Lights, or maybe Power House

    • PowerHouse

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • PowerHouse

      Or the grinder ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • PowerHouse

      We actually have a small bar near where I live called “The Daily Grind”

  • Gino Seconnino

    1. Diggers Arms Hotel (or Miners Arms Hotel, or Ore Diggers Arms etc)
    An homage to SteamWorld Dig, I can already imagine the bar’s coat of arms, depicting Rusty’s signature pose with the pickaxe.

    2. The Can-tina

    3. The Prince of Nails
    A play on the popular pub name, Prince of Wales

    4. The Greasy Grommet
    Because Grommets are a vastly underrated metal object used for protecting seams, cabling etc. And because the word grommet sound funny!

    5. The Robot Hood Inn
    Every game world needs a legendary outlaw figure, which if not seen, is at least referenced in the game world. Like the Legendary Robin Hood, this Robot Hood would likely have some watering hole named for them.

    • Special Forces Gangplank

      The Can-tina is a really good one.

      • Phoibos

        I suggested this one before Gino… Please don’t steal ideas…

  • Izzy Otaku-ized Butler

    Gaslight Tavern
    The Steamy Coral
    Motorhead Pub
    Bolts & Nuts
    Gears & Gullets
    The Ale & Oil
    The Rusty Saloon
    The Digi Lounge
    Rubba Dubb Tubb’s Inn

    The Oily Roadhouse

  • gerb1977

    Whoopsy’s McStumbles

    Or Alt Ctrl Delete

  • PowerOfSlash

    Whoopsy’s Oil House
    The Drunken Cog

  • Bullminator

    Hm.. thats kinda a hard one. But what abauth some reference from other game.
    Max bar — reference to a robot dog from MDK 1/2 game — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDK2

    No cake bar — reference to gladius from portal series
    Mainframe bar — character from gunman chornicles
    Meatbag bar — character HK 47 from star wars game

  • Anubis316

    I am seriosly in love with the idea of just calling it “Spacebar” like on a keyboard, but if not here are some other ideas. “QWERTY”, “Whoopsy’s way home”, “Grinding Gears Pub”, “Tubberbottom’s up”, “Tip your hat Tavern”, and finally “Bartitsu”, very proud of that last one.

  • Max E

    Piston Pub

    Admiral of the Narrow Seas (that is an 18th century military term that means “an officer who has just thrown up on the lap of his neighbor)

    Tubberbottom’s Tavern

    Steam Saloon

    Clinker Canteen


    • Had a good laugh when I read “Ånga” 😀 Thanks!

  • Magic Michael

    – The Addled Automaton
    – The Punchy Piston
    – The Drunken Drudge
    – Tin-Can Tavern
    – Tubberbottom’s Tavern
    – SteamWorld Saloon
    – The Sloshed Steambot
    – John Henry’s Joint
    – A.I. Inn
    – Rusty’s Roadhouse
    – The Crooked Cog
    – Android Alehouse
    – Steambot Speakeasy
    – Bolts & Booze
    – Marvelous Mechanical Moonshine

  • Quomenic Diquero

    What about “The Convict’s Crossroad” or “The Convict’s Canteen” where the moto would be “No questions asked!”

  • Adrian Gunter

    The copper sprocket

    The Petrol Pit-stop

    The Inebriated Engines Quartet (The Mortal Engines Quartet )

    Inebriated Devices (Infernal Devices)

  • Sword Song

    The Royal Bottoms Tub

  • shauntu

    The Rollin’ Barge
    (I submitted earlier today but it seems to not be here, so submitting again)

  • Special Forces Gangplank

    “The Exhaust Pipe”
    It features some passed-out, overheating steambots just cooling down.

    • Special Forces Gangplank

      Oh wait! I forgot about rhe Royalists, maybe something like “The Silver Cantina”, sound more technical and/or gives the idea of something shiny and precious but also not so royal.

  • Jin Hayato

    What about…The Tower Defense Bar.
    Or something in Spanish… La Cantina Española.

  • James Kensel

    The Rusty Receiver,
    The Greaser,
    The Hammer.
    Gas Guzzler.
    …The Gas Station?

    • Deleg8

      I like Gas Guzzler!

  • Geometric Chemist (Kevin)

    The Squeaky Wheel, The Grind, The Royal Faucet.

  • jesse piensalmi

    The steam powered donkeys nuts and bolts

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    The Rusty Bucket
    The Gear’s Head
    The Iron Giant (lol)
    The Ratchet and Clank
    The Buzzsaw

    All the ‘The’s…

  • Ebony Machelle

    The Rusty Splatoon

  • Ian

    The Rusty Bucket

  • Aiden McKinsey

    AFK drunks

  • Monsieur Matou

    “The Chum Bucket” (yeah, very creative :P)

    “Milky Way” (hey, it’s a space “chocolate” bar)

    “Stars and Pipes”

  • Hikary-kun

    The dry steam saloon

  • Deetsitmeister

    The Automata Arms
    The Iron Frigate
    Steam on the tap
    Recruiter’s Retreat
    Robot (at) Arms
    The Oily Grotto

  • Atticus Albright

    My suggestions.
    The unsteady ungulate
    OLBIS (our little bar in space)
    The king’s order
    The astronomical hangover
    the blown gasket
    New tab

  • Martyn Mercer

    Ah, the SpeakGreasy!
    I hope that kinda makes sense…it’s a portmanteau grease (which robots need) and speakeasy…

  • Cameron

    The Rusty Mug. The Leaky Bottle. Stay Here Bar and Inn

  • Mattias Aldén

    How about: the Bulky Auspicious Rowlock, or BAR (which is written on the wall to the left) for short.

  • yodamerlin


    ~ Well, no steam, because you let off steam.

  • Scott

    The Cog & Tub
    The Starry Giraffe
    The Noble Giraffe
    The Refit
    The Royal Bottom

  • Nixie Nocturne

    The Leaky Reactor
    The Warp Core
    The Rusty Tub

  • littlejohnnylimbo

    The Dark Side (of the moon)
    White Noise
    The Fueling Saloon
    Stratosphere Station
    The Late Night Aether
    Center of the Cosmos

  • Grace Gray

    The Milky Way Mixer
    Cosmic Cocktail Central
    The Nebula
    Jesse(lol you said name it)

  • Harold Rivera

    The Rusty Tube.
    Oil Scape
    Oil Bottoms cave.

  • Danny Hazeltine

    The Steam Room

  • Nick Smith

    The Leaky carburetor
    The Bot’s Head
    Broken Steel Tavern
    The Drunken Drone
    The Steaming Saloon
    The Shifty Shiner
    The Broken Boozer

  • Valiant Corduroy

    The Cosmic Cog.

  • Mary Rodriguez

    The Mech-Cheer

  • PersonSP

    Wow, it’s been a while! I didn’t have internet (I was on a roadtrip) but I’m glad to see a new ambassador challenge awaiting me! Whoopsy Tubberbottom XD That name is just brilliant. So here are some ideas:

    -Chez la Lune [I personally like a bit of irony, and knowing that it’s a rusty bar full of space pirates a chique name seems funny to me.]
    -The Oil Smudge
    -Breech Tavern [A bit double, since breech both refers to the weaponry and the owner (Tubberbottom)]
    -The Steaming Saloon
    -Waters Edge [Water seems essential to a good bar right?]
    -The nutty bolt [Yeah…that’s punny :P]
    -The Cosmic Diner [”The best in the galaxy!” ]
    -The Three Moons
    -Ripper Cantina [ Sounds real though >:)]
    -Tubberbottom tap
    -The Melting Pot
    -Wonderbelly Bar [Seems to suit ‘Whoopsy Tubberbottom’ ]
    -The Rusty Steamer
    -Stars ‘n Steams
    -Barstools and Gear
    -Sprockets ‘n Rockets [Or simply put; Cogs and Vehicles, but it’s really catchy!]
    -The Brass Tube
    -The Leaky Boiler
    -The Jolly Gearbox
    -Coalburners Rest

    I might add more but I’m trying to not write a whole bookwork here. 😛 Anyway, what do you think?

  • Yeah, no, Space Bar has to win. XD
    But uhhh idk how about…
    The Tubb?

  • VonSeux

    “Heavy Duty Bar” 😉

  • Kevin Cruz

    Bar name: Rusty’s Pick

    Tubberbottom: welcome to Rusty’s Pick, how deep you wanna go?

  • Andrea Niggebrugge

    Some potential names:
    Up Uranus
    Whoopsy’s Hazy Daisy/ Whoopsy’s Daisy
    Whoopsy’s Fill ‘Er Up
    The Cog & Grog
    Cog’s, Gear’s, and Coil’s (complete with slogan!): serves grog, beers, and oil
    OR if you didn’t want to use the word “beers” you could replace Gear’s/beers with Screw’s/brews

  • Flatcross

    “The Cog Ranch”

    “The Tin-Gallon Hat”

    “Sling Shot Saloon” or “SSS”

    And finally… “Get Piston Go”.

    A ‘Hog Ranch’ is a saloon that was often located near a military fort in the old west, a Ten-Gallon Hat is the quintessential cowboy hat, and Sling is cowboy slang for a drink. Say the last one out loud, trust me.

  • Flatcross

    “The Cog Ranch”

    “The Tin-Gallon Hat”

    “Sling Shot Saloon” or “SSS”

    And finally… “Get Piston Go”.

    A ‘Hog Ranch’ is a saloon that was often located near a military fort in the old west, a Ten-Gallon Hat is the quintessential cowboy hat, and ‘Sling’ is cowboy slang for a drink. Say the last one out loud, trust me.

    • Adrian

      lol Get Piston Go, very nice!

      • Steffie Crawley

        Instant classic haha

      • Steffie Crawley

        Instant classic haha

      • QuixoticRocket

        Reminds me of Oil Beef Hooked.. -ahem-
        Not a suitable name for a bar ^_^

        • Adrian

          Nah this is perfect! Get Pissed and Go, love a cheeky pun 😛

        • Flatcross

          I guess Get Piston Go could be the slogan of the Bar?

          Welcome to The Tin-Gallon Hat – “Get Piston Go”

    • Stormwind Champion

      Took me a second to understand Get Piston Go….. XD

    • Deleg8

      Tin Gallon Hat is awesome, suits the game so well

      • Sparkulator

        Great name

  • Hungry Munchlax

    Great work at Gamescom amigos! 😀

    My suggestions are “The Six Shooter” or “Tanglefoot Tavern”

  • Stormwind Champion

    The Health Bar (to refill your actual health bar :P)
    The Peacemaker
    Bug Juice Bar
    The Reloading Station
    Shots N’ Shotguns
    Barrel Fever Bar
    The Life Preserver
    Bullpup Blues
    Junk Box Joint
    The Lead Belly Bar
    The Rico-Shack (play on ricochet)

    Good luck all

    • Sparkulator

      I love The Health Bar! RicoShack is clever too

  • ZombiNight

    -Three Gears and Cheers ( or maybe just Three Gears as in three cheers)
    – The Speakeasy Key (key as in a key of a song, or key from keyboard)
    – Cogsville’s Vaudville
    – Alloy’s Alley
    – The Busted Basin
    – The Tipsy Tap
    – The Drunken Diesel
    – Cogs and Bosh
    – Clockwork Corner

    Good luck everybody!!

  • Renan Costa

    “Hard Cog Cafe”

  • Renan Costa


  • WastedPaper

    “Steamy´s Punky Bar” (A play on steampunk)

  • SlamBamActionman

    “The Bar at the End of the Universe”
    “Drivers, Dial-Ups and Diodes”

  • Fabien

    Touch Tubby Get Tipsy (Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy play on words, Tubby being the bartender)
    Meet and Grease (Meet and greet?)
    Cog Save the Steam (Kinda fun play on words haha, and also royal!)

    I’ll try to think of some more before the deadline. Glad to see these contests return 🙂 Can’t wait for the game’s release!

    • ZombiNight

      Oh Cog save the Steam is a nice one 😀

  • Eviliz

    ‘The Wretched Ratchet’

  • Tylerhere2stay

    The “Mars” Bar, like the candy bar. The Milky Way would also work, since they are both candy “bars”

  • Shazam The Viking

    – Rusty’s Retreat

    – Whoopsy’s Waterhole

    – Tubberbottom’s Tin Bin

    – Tubberbottom’s Tub

    – The Last Resort

    Best of luck with devolopment!

  • Mar_Kell

    The Whistling Boiler, were you can find good music and sound, a chatterbox equally good at speaking as he is at preparing drink for a dusty (or rusty) throat, and the occasional fight among some military hothead on permit who drinked a bit too much.

  • krambo

    -The Steamhouse
    -Whoopsy’s Speakeasy
    -Tubberbottom’s Taproom

  • ForsakenForLife

    Whoopsy Arms

    Oil tap

    or maybe

    Royal House of Steam

  • Jennifer

    The Rusty Rivet

  • Sparkulator

    So many good names on here! Here’s my ten cents:

    “The Gunpowder Pub”
    “Old Blue”
    “The Tin Canister”
    “The Life Preserver”
    “Whoopsy’s Wishing Well”

    Let me know what you think! 😀

    • Flatcross

      I like the ‘WWW’ of Whoopsy’s Wishing Well, really cool website reference 😛

  • Blair Death

    Well… After a longer time I am back too. o/
    A bar? Okay. Whoopsy´s Spacebar? Just a joke. Of course a bar needs such a cool name like “MEOPwet – Metallic Energetic Observation Place with extraordinary troops”. I don´t know why this is sounds cool to me… But it does! Well. o.o
    I got a last question about the cool new shirts! The Abassadors get really much – the game for free. But wouldn´t it be cool if Ambassadors would get a special shirt too? Something like a “Steamworld Ambassador”-Logo? Just an idea, but it would be something really special! 🙂
    Good luck to all!

  • Ben Burns

    So many good suggestions. Not read them all but if nobody has suggested it yet, how about, The Steam Barrel!

  • Ben Burns

    Or a more pub theme with the military. How about The Gun and Gasket?

  • FourteenCoast

    The ( )

    (Its a pun because of the space bar on a keyboard)

  • Geitz

    ‘The rusting glass’

    ‘The grinding beer’
    ‘The steaming hat’
    ‘The robot’s arm’

  • Atticus Albright

    How about ‘Premium Grad’ or’The rum and rust’

  • Mr. Flix

    The S.T.E.A.M. Bar, standing for a variety of things, depending on who you ask:
    See The Evening Atmosphere, Mate?
    Sober Tins Exit At Morning
    Silently Trade Espresso And Mead
    Singing Tins Every Ather Month “But other begins with O!” “But Steaaaaaaam, man!”

  • Joe

    Crusty Cantina
    Smog Saloon
    Billowing Bar
    Tipsy Tank
    Oiling Hole
    Booze n’ Bolts
    Gassy Garage
    Cranky’s Cogs
    Pump Pub
    Pumps and Poker
    Slick Shots
    Whistling Washers

  • Joe

    Steaming Shack

  • Jennifer

    The King’s Head Gasket

  • Moobsy

    “The Rusty Bucket”

  • Cakehunter

    “Tubberbottoms up!”

  • IKAY

    “The Progress Bar”
    “Rustys” (with lots of eastereggs reffering to Steamworld Dig)
    “The Dirty Steampipe”
    Preasure” and “Low Preasure” (Next to each other. In the high, there
    are the badass people [think you’re weak, say that you should go to the low] and in the low, the not so badass, whiny but
    amiable people)

  • Youabra

    Tinner ‘n Drinker

  • Cutberto Gonzalez

    1.- Tin ‘n’ Oil
    2.- Hot steam’o
    3.- Whoopsy Saloon
    4.- Whoopsy Galon
    5.- The Whole Bunch Of Water

  • “Alt 32”

    Which is the Alt Code on a computer keyboard for “Spacebar”

  • Chris Schenström

    “Smeer & steer – a floaty place for everybody!”

    “One alloy, two stains of oil and a gearbox.”

    “Cogcrusher Bar”

    “Cog-knuckled Feastybar”

  • Fabio Falchi

    “Skull of Rock”
    “Steam Louder”

  • Noah Bowden

    “Swigs and Gigs”
    “Whiskey Way” (referencing Milky Way)
    “Milliways” (referencing Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”)
    “Draft Punk” (referencing Daft Punk)
    “Shining Moon” (Moonshine)
    “Tubberbottom’s Tidy Toddy Terminal”
    “The Rig” or “Rigger”
    “Spitfire Saloon”
    “The Swinging Lantern”

    And to reference Steam Powered Giraffe songs:
    “Hootch Fever”
    “Horizon Spirits”
    “Top of the Universe” or “Tap of the Universe”

  • RichieBerry

    Tub’s Pub
    Let’s Sip the Cogs of War
    Tin Pail Ale
    Stars and Bar

  • Atticus Albright

    I know it’s off topic but how cool would a character called ‘Robocog’ be? Might be funny to hear him say ‘Your move, creep’ in battle.

  • Gino Seconnino

    It seems that there’s a heap of robot influenced names, so I’ll add some space themed puns into the mix:

    The Warp Zone:
    A Super Mario Bros reference obviously. There can be a host/hostess that greets everyone with “Welcome to Warp Zone”

    Mars Bar


    Flying Saucers

    Lunar Ticks

  • Thank you all for your amazingly creative bar names! We wish we had hundreds of bars in the game so we could use all your great names.

    The winners are announced here: http://imageform.se/steamworld-heist-3d-screenshots-space-bar-winners/