Become a SteamWorld Ambassador by coming up with great social media ideas :D

Show us your social media skills! – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #4

Howdy, partners!

It’s time for a new SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge! Up until now we’ve asked you to help us write witty dialogue, design awesome hats and come up with cool weapon names. What they all have in common is that they’re great examples of how artistry and creativity are much needed skills when it comes to developing games.

But a video game is not all about art, design and code, you know. The people playing the game are equally (if not more) important. At Image & Form we think that the gaming community decides if a game makes it or not. So to really get to know what our fans want we talk to as many of you as we possibly can on social media.

This week’s challenge…

We want you come up with fun ideas for us to use in social media. We have three categories, which means you have three chances to win. The categories are:

  1. Hashtag for Twitter and Instagram: It should be a short and catchy one that really captures the feeling you get from the SteamWorld games and Image & Form. Make it personal and relatable. Like Nike’s #justdoit and Red Bull’s #givesyouwings.
  2. YouTube video series: Anything you would like to see on a regular basis.
  3. Your best other creative idea: Go wild! Want us to go on Snapchat, Pinterest or host weekly Twitch streams? You decide what you want us to do in this category.

The entries don’t have to be flashy. In fact, the more doable your idea is, the more likely we are to pick it. A good idea is to attach a link to videos or other content that you really like so we get a better picture of what you want us to do!

Shoot us your best ideas!

Shoot us your best ideas!

What you can win…

The winners will become SteamWorld Ambassadors. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. You and the other ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

How to enter…

Leave your entries (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your ideas by Friday June 5th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll pick a winner over the weekend and reveal the SteamWorld Ambassadors in next week’s Tuesday update. By submitting your ideas you give us the right to freely use them in our daily work. We reserve the right to judge whether we use the winning entries or not, and might alter them as we see fit.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!


  • Bluefox2000

    hastag: #SteamingUp or #SteamingItUp

    Video Series: I really liked what Ronimo games did with their Daily Duel videos. They were quick 1/2 minute videos, which showed off lots of the units in the game. So maybe you could do a video series where you show off different enemies, guns, or even hats. (Obviously avoiding spoilers and the such)

    Other: Snapchat, and weekly twitch streams would be awesome. Personally, though I’d love you guys to go on Periscope (live streaming app vlogging app). It would be awesome to watch short videos of you guys working, creating and hanging out in the office.

  • Geitz

    Hashtag : #DontGetRusted

    Youtube : Maybe some short videos about the characters or part of the development (2 min) you could use to explain some points of the background or what were you thinking when you created this character? why is this feature so cool ? Hope you get my point !

    Other : Snapchat can be great ! In fact some snap so send with ‘one-line’ jokes or meme with pictures of your team doing fun stuff or some pictures from your games can be cool !

  • 1. #SpaceBots
    2. For the YouTube series, official gameplay tips from the dev or anyone for that matter! Call it, RustyTips!
    3. Along with Twitch, YouTube live streams! 🙂

  • Mar_Kell

    hashtag #GearUp

  • Blair Death

    That is cool. Hm… Not much to say, so lets go.
    A hashtag… #Steamworld would be the best to handle with. It descripes the series and is your work. So easy and uncreative but okay. xD

    A youtube series? It would be very interesting to see how you really work. Show the office and show the people who are working at what. For example you could make it once a week and a person of the team tells a bit about their work and what he or she currently did at Image&Form. So we could learn a bit about the team too. Not only as a text you know. It is cooler to really see people then just read something of them in a blog. And I got a name for it too! SteamworldFormers? It matches with “Image&Form” and the steamworld series and it describes the youtube series itself.

    Streams on Twitch would be very cool. But what streams? Maybe some sort of speedruns or sometimes 100% runs of your games. You could talk about working on the game and your experiences with difficulties while working at the game while you play. Would be cool. 🙂

  • HoezayFlores


    For videos, how bout game tips. Sort of like Nintendo’s “How to Win at Smash” video series. Or even lore about the Steam Universe (I’d be all over that).

    For other social media, how bout give Piper a tumblr blog but post screenshots. Make it a “Captain’s Log” of sorts. Post new screenshots of the game and write about it but as if Piper was writing it. Don’t reveal too much to add mystery to the screenshots. Keep us on our toes.

    • U Gunna Git Shrekt

      hmmm, your idea of “Piper’s blog” seems really cool, and it reminds me strongly of Steven Universe’s Keep Beach City Weird blog, but I’m not entirely sure that that is made by the owners of the show, you should check it out if your interested in the CartoonNetwork series Steven Universe. Here’s a link :

  • gerb1977

    1. #TheSteamTeam
    2. Biweekly gameshow like challenges staring the Steamworld Heist characters battling it out for robot supremacy
    3. Pintrest post showing how to construct your own steamworld robots out of household items.

  • Chris Aanerud

    1. #makeheist
    2. video series focusing on the humor aspect of the game, like character bios
    3. 30-minute video showing aspects of the gameplay with 3 characters in the foreground making comments and making fun of it, like Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • Hashtag: #GetGeared

    Video Series: Gameplay tips could work, or comedic shorts detailing individual characters!

    Other: Snapchat one-liners would be great, or Twitch streams showing gameplay. Periscope is a newer app for streaming vlog-type content, that could work for just hanging out with viewers and discussing aspects of development!

  • Frank Reyes

    Hashtags: #HeistHype or #SteamHeistHype
    YT Series: A short video for each Heist protagonist. For example “SteamWorldHeist – Piper” with gameplay showcasing her, mechanics, quotes, and maybe a piece of the Steamworld lore, at the end “All this and more on [release date]!!”
    Other Ideas: Let fans of the series showcase their fan art, music, and other artistic medias with a special giveaway hashtag. #HeistGiveaway or something admittedly more clever!

  • Tops

    Youtube channel showing off different aspects of the game such as characters, stages, weapons, gear, secrets, in each episode.
    Devs playing the game with commentary. Not just what they’re doing or making fun of each other’s skills but also giving insight into the game as they go through it, such as how ideas for certain game elements formed or noting how aspects of the game changed during production as you come to them. (Like how a movie has a director’s commentary). I for one would find that really interesting.

  • #StoleMySteam
    Video series challenge on youtube. Speedrunning without dying in the less time possible. With a challenge to the players.

  • Peace Boy

    1. #SteamWorldIsCool

    2. Do something similar to what Nintendo Of America do on their YouTube channel, they have something called Nintendo Minute where they have Kit and Krysta doing videos every few days or so. You could do something like that but a bit more community based.

    3. Maybe something similar to Nintendo Treehouse? Live streams on Twitch every so often to show some gameplay of the games you make? (SteamWorld Heist only right now XD)

    I guess you can choose how often and what time and days you do number 2 and 3.

  • 2. A youtube series of shorts, about the SteamWorld Community, featuring anything from the speedrunners achievements, to fan arts, or related events… and sneak peaks on your latest projects… each episodes could be about someone in the development team, fan mails, future I&F projects, or anything that you found interesting in the industry that you want to share with us!! ;D

  • John Leith

    My entry:

    Hashtag: #itsyourturn (Hinting the turn based gameplay)

    Web/Youtube Series: Don’t just do PR like Nintendo’s accounts. I mean, obviously have trailers and adverts, but also include basic walkthroughs (less Let’s Play, more casual hints), character and general backstory and how you created the game. Any insight to game development I love, so the last one would be great.

    Other: Personally I feel that Snapchat isn’t a place for companies so stay away from that. You could possibly do community orientated streams of Heist and upcoming games, almost like a purely online Nintendo Treehouse.

    Or you know, you could just carry on with this great blog. 🙂

  • the1andonlyIKY


    Pre-(but probably closer to)-launch, it would be cool to see random people getting the chance to try the game, and their resounding enjoyment of it. Then, after the game launches, it would be cool to have videos that drip-feed cool hints, tips, tricks, and maybe some secrets (cuz who doesn’t love secrets???). Also, it would be awesome to have weekly or bi-weekly Q&A sessions, establishing the connection between game-makers and fans.

    It would be awesome (if possible) to take fan suggestions/ideas for post lauch updates and content. Well, that is every player’s dream, isn’t it?

  • 1) #GetSteamed

    2) I think the developer blog Youtube series is awesome! I’d love to see it keep going after Heist is out, maybe featuring different challenges for people to try in the game or something like that.

    3) I’d love to read more about how this world came to be. I’d definitely read some short journal entries about the steam bot revolution and that sort of thing, maybe with some sketches or art to go along with key moments or something. I think a blog-style format would work, or even an eBook or digital comic, if you’d really want to be ambitious. It’s such a cool world. I’d love to live in it outside of the games too.

  • CH Heijerdahl

    #DigItWithSteam <3

  • Finn Else

    Hashtag: #GetSteamy

  • The Geek Guru

    oh THANKS!!! #C-E-trOll isnt good enough?!?!?!?! lmao 🙂

    • Can’t have hyphens! ;D

      • The Geek Guru

        Dont get technical with me sir!!!! lol

  • #IFGSteamWorld

  • Steven Nolles

    Hashtag: #Pipered
    Youtube: SteamLore, the exact lore of the Steamworld, as told by one of your team. I would love that! How did the humans become Troglodytes? Who made the Steambots? So many mysteries!
    Own idea: A “Who’s this Steambot?” (bi-)weekly event, like in the (old) pokemon episodes. Best to do this áfter the game has been out for some time, so people know who-is-who. Possibly on Twitter with the winning Hashtag.

  • 1. #SWIF

  • minirop

    1) #Heist4Life
    2) youtube video series where you highlight things of your games: for example, all the process from the idea to the sketches and to the in-game implementation of an character/enemy (1 per video, it can be about Dig, not only Heist)
    3) the twitch streams are in fact the best idea I can come with. Game streams (like Zoink does), or simply Q&A streams (like EpicGames does).

  • krambo


  • mirkosp

    1. I’ll be uncreative and say just use #SteamWorld
    The hashtag itself has already widespread usage and is easily identifies with dig and tower defense. I think creating a new one would at best confuse the userbase and divide it, with some posts using the new tag, others the generic #SteamWorld and perhaps somebody will remember to use both. Having a motto would be nice, but I think as a main tag it’s best to keep it clear at this point in time.

    2. You know what we want? Lore. Video series on the SteamWorld lore, now THAT’S cool stuff. Some things are hinted at in the games themselves, others are to be kept for future games, but there’s surely a lot of other stuff we’d like to know that could be detailed in a video series.

    3. This kind of ties with the previous thing, but an account would be good stuff. If # isn’t feasible, we could just ask what we want to know about the lore in there… 😀

  • Mel Barajas

    1. #HopOnSteamTrain

    2. speed art of the bots will be cool to see or a behind the seen of image and form let up see everyday like of image and form in the office, like what you guys do on a daily bases

    3. it would be so cool if you guys skyped up ya know talk to your fellow fans on webcam

  • DarkCoolEdge


  • The Geek Guru


    YouTube series: I would love to see an interview series. Maybe each week you ask the fans in the comments to think up questions. You take the best questions and do a 5-10 min Q&A. Have it typically focus with Brjann as the subject but when he is off doing obligations you could bring int various staffers. I enjoyed when you guys answered questions a few videos ago.

    YouTube series: Classic game of the week. So do a series where each week you bring in someone from the team and sit them down. They can discuss their classic game of the week and explain memories of that game when they were younger. How it influenced their gaming and also how it might have changing gaming over all. (ie do other games now use some of the things that were created from this game: metroid-vania, etc)

    • This is better than mine. Pick this one. Haha

  • Anubis316

    I am not a twitter or instagram person, my sugguestion is a double whammy of Youtube and twitch. Twitch streams are very popular these days, they give you the broadcaster to make videos and us the viewer to watch live and chat live with questions and comments that you can respond to. So I would say try doing a weekly or bi-weekly twitch stream(depending on how busy you are). In the stream you can sit and talk and from time to time show off some gameplay. You can discuss popular questions as always but now you could also take some on the spot questions as well. And the best part… you can have the stream port over to youtube for people to watch whenever they want! this way everyone can enjoy the stream on their own time. Well there is my suggestion. I hope you like it. Also as I had mentioned to Brjann at the SPWF’15 recently about doing a Microsoft Expertzone twitch stream where you can talk about your game and really help promote it to retail experts as well as a general xbox community. However that would be something much closer to the release of the game(you should do one for Steamworld dig).

  • Austin Broadus


  • Simo C.


  • Chris bramblett


    How about a inside look of the development process or a weekly series of characters and their bio?

  • Hmm, hashtags could be #Steamy #Heist4Fun #ImagineSteamyForms
    Youtube: Interviews, behind the scenes (like show how you guys are working on your games)
    Twitch: livestreams (obviously) where you show parts of your game, a live Q&A session (maybe try to combine this with Skype or something, where you videochat with fans from all over the world) – maybe include giveaways for your games

  • mirpkered

    Hashtags I’d go for are:

    #DigTheHeist for the game
    #SteamChat for just random conversation
    #LiveSteam for live chats
    #LilSteamers for your followers

    YouTube series:

    I’m fascinated by concept art and how drawings are ‘made’. I would watch videos of people drawing with pencil and paper on how to draw characters from the universe. Maybe this could be done while voicing over with the origin of the character, why it was designed like it was, or just general informative information.

    As for random ideas, having maybe guides on how to do pixel art if people wanted to make sprites of the characters for things like coasters or something like that would be cool.

  • Francisco Avila


    And as far a youtube series snipets of gameplay, mechanics explanation or even just the thinking behind a certain feature of the game, it would be nice to see how the game is an image of the developers behind it.
    Or a developer diary with a focus on the things that give the game its personality.

  • theneslink

    How about #heistmebaby
    Or #comeonandsteam

  • 1. #RobotsMakeMeJelly

    2. YouTube series on Levels/Locations & Characters/NPCs …possibly hosted by personalities from the game? =)

    3. Weekly live streams that slowly reveal more of the game up until launch would be AWESOME!

  • Becca Horovitz

    Daily posts of one robot’s journey through the revolution, from being made to going onto the battlefield, to going into space for the first time. And on twitter 180 character robot poetry. ” The gears turned, my emotion modulator whirred. I loved our ship, yet she not me. Her hull holds me like piston arms, but her emotion modulator broke 10 years ago. We are both in need of derusting and refurbishment.”

  • TheGamingWolf

    2 hours late the the party and all i see are awesome hashtags and ideas! but even if I can’t actually enter a steam world lore series on youtube would be awesome!

  • Goombasareawesome

    1#SteamWorldHype A play on the name 2.A Character how to draw with the artists 3 A twitch lets play with commentary from the team.

  • Patrick Ly

    1) For hashtags, I would use something that would get people pumped like: #HeistTonight or #LootandBoot. You could also do a competitive one with either #SpaceRace or #ArmsRace

    2) For a Youtube series, you could do certain tips/tricks in the game to get the most kills/most loot from the other ship. It could be called Aid the Raid/Aiding the Raid and could air every week (or even every day depending on how short the clips are [Quick Chips])!

    3) Definitely something on Twitch! You could show gameplay of 15min-30min battles, story mode, etc. It could be called something punny like Weekly Steam instead of Weekly Stream!

  • Gastreat

    1) #pickupSteam
    not only a well-known idiom, but in our case also a suggestion to buy the game (“pick up SWH, it’s a great game, come on”).

  • Ebony Machelle

    #steamplay for Twitter or Instagram

    You should do a twitch stream. And every week or other week you should upload a fan playing one of your games to YouTube and name it FanPlay

  • 3.Twitch, definitly: something like IFL, the Image&Form Lounge, where you could record your youtube series and chill out with the community, playing and discussing games in a relaxed environment!! ;D
    PS: also, i’ve heard that instagram and periscope are pretty popular on mobile devices so you could kept a Devs Diary in images or share it live as the magic happens… but i feel like twitch and youtube are the way to go with the gaming community, imho…

  • dantrr

    2) Dev videos would be nice, or office tours would be really fun.
    3)you should do twitch streams, BUT there is that new Steam Stream feature you guys could take advantage of, after a Steam release.

  • ladyfox14



    Show us your most stylish hat! #SteamWorldSquad

    In Heist, you can hide behind barrels and large objects. If you were a cowbot, take a picture of you in your favorite hiding place. #SteamWorldSquad

    Youtube Series (and you can take Vines as previews for social media):

    The making of SteamWorld Heist. Every week will showcase either new game play or a talk with a developer/artist. Imagine a documentary of SteamWorld Heist published in weekly bits.

    Different people testing SteamWorld Heist and their reactions.

    Weekly fan art and cosplaying outfits based on Heist.


    Weekly Twitch streams is always a good idea.

  • jesse piensalmi

    1) #Getyousteamon

    2)Steam spotlights where you show items like guns , and show clips where you use the item and explain how it works.

    3) Steam streams where you pull off a heist. It’s a weekly twitch stream. Of course

  • Bob

    I really liked the Double Fine Adventure documentary series. It would be great to get a glimpse into how you guys make games, and learn more about the team. Maybe call it Image & Form: A Story of Steam.
    I feel like digital comics would be good, it worked pretty well for Hotline Miami, Child of Light, and others. It can be great for backstory, flesh out the world a bit, and the art-style of your games is great, I’d love to see some more.

  • Hobbit Peate Donohue

    1) #ArtOfTheHeist

    It can be used literally for art from the game, but figuratively for epic moments within the game, once people are playing it.
    Shot off every steambot’s hat in a ship? That’s just the #ArtOfTheHeist.

    2) A “Meet the Steambots”-style Youtube series.

    In the vein of the Meet the Team videos from Team Fortress 2, featuring the characters outside the context of the missions/outside of Heists would really help potential players get a feel for the characters.

    3) A cross-platform puzzle hunt! Multiple puzzles on multiple social media platforms, that lead fans to exclusive information about the game! The correct set of solutions leads fans to a URL with whatever the prize is: special desktop/phone backgrounds, early access to a teaser trailer… that part’s up to you!

    • Hobbit Peate Donohue


      1) I picked this phrase because it’s a fairly common phrase, but not associated with any existing hashtags. There was an Audi ad campaign that used it in 2005, but hashtags themselves didn’t really take off ’til at least 2009, so there’s not likely to be any overlap.

      2) We have Piper’s backstory in text form (Heistuesday 3,) and Sea Brass (Heistuesday 14), Valentine Butterbolt (Heistueday 19,) and we know *about* Billy Gill, but we don’t know anything about, for example, the bot with the banana or the one with a head like a fire hydrant from the posted for the Steamworld Holiday Competition. I think getting to know the three from the demo, at least, would be very intriguing.

      3) You’d want to suit the puzzles to the platforms, too. a word scramble on twitter, a “what location is this photograph taken at” for instagram, a picture puzzle on FB; an origami puzzle on Pinterest. Snapchat isn’t well-suited to this, but Twitch could be: Have a player dig a word out while playing Steamworld Dig. (Soup, I’m looking at you.)

  • Shadowofmiracle


    I would like to see a dev blog series like the challenges that took you guys to make this game, and maybe the other 2 steamworld games of the series, what where your other ideas and stuff like that!

    I dont know, how like making a twitter account of the best or most funny character in the game? And he can interact with us!

  • Fabien

    1. #GotSteam? A play on “Got Milk?” I realize it won’t count the question mark in the hashtag itself but still gets the point across I think.

    2. How about a “Let’s Play” of your older games? I’m sure many are unfamiliar of your history so maybe just show off the games, perhaps talk about inspirations or what you’ve learned from past experiences and what to do or avoid in game design overall. Maybe it would even bring extra attention to these games and give a few sales your way! Would be interesting I think.

    3. Since hats play a role in the game, why not gold wild in real life with crazy hats? Go in public and set fashion trends in your area! It could create local buzz for your game maybe. Be fa-bu-lous! *snaps fingers in Z pattern* Don’t forget to share your pics! We want to see how great you look and… the (maybe) awkward stares that you get from the locals.

  • Юрий Константинов


  • claven01

    1) #TrustTheRust

    2) I think that it would be cool to have either youtube or twitch streams of the developers doing a play through of the game. You could do a commentary as well which would be a cool way to learn more about the game.

    3) it would be awesome if there was a lego ideas type of website that would allow people to create their own levels, characters, weapons, or gear and if they get enough votes by outside viewers, it could be featured as an item in the game.

  • BigNGamer

    SteamWorld Heist is gonna be #SteamyGood!

  • BigNGamer

    Gonna have an #exSTEAMly fun time with SteamWorld Heist! #SteamyFun #SteamyGood

  • Robert Aaron Perales


  • Paul Plunkett

    1) #fullsteamahead

    2) A Scavengers Diary: a video series each detailing elements of the game (setting, characters, weapons etc) and done in the style of a black and white informational video (including projector sounds and cigarette burns).

    3) Perhaps some sort of scavenger hunt? Clues hidden across the main Image&Form site and perhaps affiliates and social media. A handful of people who complete it first become the owners of exclusive gear when the game launches.

    Sidenote: I’d buy a Rusty amiibo on Day 1 if I had the opportunity. Just saying 😉

  • #Steamwork
    Maybe something like what Sakurai did with Smash Bros. pic of the day. Maybe show off a piece of equipment, a weapon, a character, or really anything on a daily basis.
    (Sorry I don’t have any ideas for a Youtube series!! Hope that’s ok!)

  • WitherBoss

    1. #nuts4heist (nuts and bolts joke.)

    2. Perhaps a series of short trailers showing small cool parts of the game. similar to what nintendo did with splatoon, where they showed off weapons, maps, the hub world, and singleplayer. You could show off hats, worlds, enemies, and weapons. It would put the hype levels through the roof, and from what I have heard from friends of mine, they enjoy stuff like that as well.

    3. just set up pages on facebook and instagram and fill them with humorous posts, informational posts, links to the contests here, screenshots, and the trailers from idea 2.

    (if you have any questions about my ideas, feel free to reply to this post. i will reply back as soon as I can.)

  • wifishark

    1. #Heistison

    2. Adding some humor is always a good idea, how about some small sketches with the characters.

    3. Doing some art of the characters but in different styles.

  • Andrew N


  • lucas

    1- #letoffsomesteam

    2-to introduce the characters and add some personality it would be cool to see some ‘dating video’ shorts! Like those awkward 90’s “I’m into this and that and have 20 cats” …..of course presented by steam driven robots drifting through space. This would give chance to show off your creations and give them more depth and would be funny to see what they were ‘into’ 😉

    3- I guess the dating idea would work well on most social media in a similar format. Individual broadcast snippets on snapchat, Facebook and robot selfies ahoy!!!!

    Hope you guys are having fun with all our crazy ideas =)

  • Orion Hermans

    2) I’d love to see something behind the scenes, or you answering fan questions 🙂

  • Gabe Vangilder

    1)I would like you to show us more of the game on YouTube
    2)It would be cool if you did a live Skype of a speed run of a little chunk of the game while eating pizza Doritos and Mountain Dew making us jealous lol!
    3)Produce a video for Nintendo eshop showing some of the characters and enemies to get people excited
    4)maybe release steam world games merchandise or food like gummy rts versions of the first characters of the first game plushie pipers lol and here’s what I would love a 30 inch rusty action figure lol one more idea under merchandise as a kid I loved these and there doing a amazing job with them with Star Wars make steam world dig and heist army men I know kids would play with them!
    5)produce a cool webpage to promote all the characters and enemies I remember a band doing this think it was power glove there whole website was a video game I’m not asking you to copy them but doing a website like that in your own way with characters of the steam world universe would be amazing!

  • yodamerlin

    Number 1) Hashtag.
    – Some suggestions, including the winner (as quoted by Image and Form);
    – – a) #SteamWorldHeistIsComingWhooooYeahGreatnessWhatDoYouMeanThisIsTooLong
    – – -Yeah.
    – – b) #SteamMeUpScotty
    – – – I don’t know why I thought of this, but it’s quite nice, if there was a character called Scotty.
    – – c) #StealingSteam
    – – – Not too fitting, but twitter searches returns nothing.

    Number 2) YouTube.
    – Weekly YouTube series is broad and must be easy to do, without fail, and fun to do. So, that’s why I have come up with;
    – – a) TomorrowToday
    – – – The best way to understand a time is with newspapers. But reading newspapers is boring, so headlines. Come up with headlines that would be released in the time of SteamWorld Heist and read them out, with some awful puns.

    Number 3) Anything Else.
    – Honestly, livestreaming is where it is at. But what should you livestream…
    – – a) Q and A livestream.
    – – – Seriously, it would be amazing. And you could make really bad puns whilst you do it. That is key, no livestream is complete without bad puns.
    – – b) Keep up the good work.
    – – – On Twitter, your presence is absolutely amazing, getting back and responding within the minute. That’s incredible and you should keep that up! Good work!

  • 1: #justrustythings for funny screenshots/posters etc.
    #steamrolling for the days leading up to the release

    2: I love the interviews with the team, so a YouTube series with a new interview in each episode and some footage from the development would be great (I really like the way Warhorse do their vids for Kingdom Come Deliverance, maybe something like that)

    3: Twitch Streams! A weekly stream with a small Q&A Session would be great 😉

    Keep on rocking guys!

  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    1. #HeistThisGame

    2. Spotlight the new robots we’ll see in SteamWorld Heist. Also, discuss hypothetical battles between other robots and recreate their battles with toys. MechaGodzilla vs. Optimus Prime. C3P0 vs. Robby the Robot.

    3. I’d love to see lots of the concept art from the SteamWorld series put on Pintrest.

  • jordan silva


    For a YouTube series I think it would be neat to show some features in the game, like short videos of stages in the game.

    The last idea is for you to show what the game development is like, either through Twitch live streams or pictures on your website. You can show some concept art for the characters, stages, and maybe some of the weapons throughout the game.

  • Ben Burns

    1) #lettingoffsteam #steamlife #steamteam #teamsteam
    2) YouTube series – A look at the ever day life of the bad guy Steambots. A bit like a cross between Aardman Creature Comforts and the Dorkly Bits videos.
    3) An augmented reality, find the Steambot competition, where characters from Heist are hidden at coordinates on Google Maps and you have to find them by solving clues from questions on your website. Each of the bot images has part of a password. If you find all the bots and submit your answer to a web portal you can download the ultimate fan kit!

  • Seph Darkheart

    #SWBandits #Robopirates #RustysBandits

  • Aaron Cutherberton

    I think it’d be awesome if you did a video series on each of the characters in the games: perhaps similar to TF2s “Meet the Team” series. That way you could detail some of the awesome characters and designs in the games: even showcasing all this amazing user-made content! You could also use a hashtag like #meetthesteam or something similar.

    Anyway, so long, and thanks for all the games! 🙂

  • MowMow789

    1. Hashtag: Steaming Society
    2. Youtube series: Speed Arts like the one you did of the colonel.
    3. A Shot of the Week: best shots, snipes, and victories (mainly for when the game comes out).

  • Jan Cardozo

    Salvaging in the void: A scrapper’s journal.
    A look in the daily live of a scrapper, either in YouTube or through his eyes using Periscope!

  • HeresyHammer

    1. #HeistYourHeartOut

    2. For the youtube series : Best creative strategies for dealing with situations / confrontations within the game.

    3. Hidden little easter eggs like the name of some guns or hats, hidden posters with references to other games / media.

  • curbles

    I like whoever said “prepare for boarding” as the hashtag. That w/ the “steamworld” hashtag (also mentioned in the commments) would be good. I also liked mirpkered’s entry ideas.
    Only things I’ve thought of are kinda cliche but whatever.

    #GetHeistorGetIced (look up what Iced is in urban dictionary though 🙂

    Maybe make up some “steamoji”?

  • Garrett Davenport

    1)building off of #heistuesday, #heistwitter could be a potential twitter tag

    2) A SteamWorld survival guide you tube series. A series of short videos that introduce characters, locations, and other aspects of the game world. Could also be used for future SteamWorld games.

    3) A SteamWorld snapchat could be both a great way to trickle small bits of information into the public eye, and a quick and easy way to remind your followers when a stream is scheduled or when a new blog post is made.

  • My hashtags:


  • Mikiri

    1) #LiveInSteam
    2) For the youtube idea, it could be a range of things from a Let’s Play of Steamworld Dig and the Heist Demo or like a compilation of funny things that happen when you take the demo to events and let people play, to how the idea of the game came about, a show of all the known glitches, silly errors and what they did when testing the games programming.
    3) I’d love if you guys had weekly twitch streams and and posted about them on the other social media platforms so people would know when they’re happening. It would also be cool to see concept art and background stories of the characters and the places.

  • Caroline Johnson


    2. Maybe a series with backstory about characters and the events leading up to the games? Kinda like Don’t Starve did? A play-through by the creators talking about designing each area while playing through the game would be cool.

    3. I think it would be really cool to set up a fan section/website with lore, fan art, forums, and maybe a wiki.

  • Caroline Johnson


    • BlownRanger

      I like #SteamBig

      • Caroline Johnson


  • BlownRanger

    1) #HatsOff

    2) For a youtube series it’d be interesting to see some making of bloopers and crazy glitches that you’ve come across during the making of the game.

    3) As a random that I’d LOVE to see: It’d be amazing to have a little 3 panel comic similar to the penny arcade style comics which could use concept art or newly drawn stuff for each comic. You could release it once a week on facebook or on your main site and have it include the main characters of the game but outside of their adventures. For example, they may be just taking a walk to the store to pick up oil, or hanging out at home playing with the electric outlet (or whatever they do in their spare time, that’s for you to decide).

  • minirop

    héhé, my GF (poison__lady) just found the best hashtag ever: #FeelTheSteam

  • Cakehunter

    1) #ComeOnPipers
    2) Maybe developement VLOGs?
    3) Weekly Twitch Streams would be awesome!

  • James Kensel


    2)Maybe a couple short ‘behind the scenes’ sort of videos? Like a quick look around the studio, showing programmers at work, looking at the artwork like that wall you showed us earlier. That sort of thing.

    3)Every week you could post a chapter to an ongoing story regarding SteamWorld’s history, or maybe the captain’s life before he got his ship. Or you could something a little simpler, like a screenshot a week, or a piece of artwork, or any at once. You could also post concept material that didn’t make it into the game so you won’t run out of stuff to show before the game comes out.

  • Xbox Tavern

    1: #FormThis

    2: Youtube Series would be epic. I’ve watched all of your videos and they’re super cool. A mash up of everything would be neat. Dev blogs, hang outs, guides, tips, staff member profiles. Eveything.

    3: A weekly (or bi-weekly) podcast. With a fan or guest every so often. That would be epic!

  • BerserkCerberus

    1) HashTags: #GetWrenched or #TorquedUp
    2) Youtube: A Dev. blog highlighting new items, characters, back-story, areas etc as they are created/developed. This would allow for a larger number of shorter videos to keep interest up.
    3) Other: Host Twitch streams of some aspects of development &, possibly, of team played some games that are important to them or sources of inspiration as a kind of hangout.

  • DoctorVox

    1) #SteamYourself

  • jmaster2710

    1) hashtag: #StealingSteam (Bit of a far fetched idea 😛 because its a heist, its about stealing etc :P)
    2)Youtube: I would love to see a series like the team Fortress series. (The meet the …) videos. (example: meet the medic: However a exact copy of this format wouldnt be fun. I would love to get videos in which characters get more character. Videos where you see them interact with each other. Or maybe a little side story. How one of the pirates became a pirate. Of course it should be funny. This is a lot of work, but also a really great way to advertise the game.
    3) Other Idea: Alright this one would also take some work 😛 Make a website, without telling anyone about it. Hide the url for the website somewhere on this website, or in a video. Then when you get to this secret site, you can find another hint. (Maybe a place you need to click with the cursor). continueing this idea, when people reach the final page they can get a free copy of steamworld dig/heist (the first 10 people or something like that :))
    Hide it well though! This would be a really fun way to get the community active. It also kinda supports the idea of Steamworld Heist, since thats a strategy game, and you need to think about your steps. the same goes for this little internet quest 🙂

    My ideas might be a bit wild, but I would love this! 🙂 But wether you choose my ideas or not, good luck with the advertising!

  • Ben Craven-oakes

    My hash tags would be:
    #Its digging time!
    #Time for a Heist!
    #Space raids don’t get better than this!

    YouTube videos I would like to see on the image & form channel is a walkthrough showing some tips and cool trick you guys known about the game. So like in a combat situation you could show and really cool combo or something!

    Twitch stream would be EPIC. But ideas I thought about something that happens every week where you show off some fan are for Dreamworld heist and Dreamworld dig. This will bring this really cool community even closer and at the same time we get to show awesome fan art to everyone easier! 🙂


  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    3) I think that it would be a very cool idea to give consumers early access to the game in waves, a bit like the Splatoon Global Testfire. Instead of letting them play for a long time on the same maps, I think it would be great to give players access to particular levels for 2 minutes at a time. This can whet players’ apptites and make them think “Damn, I’ll beat that enemy when I buy the full game!”

  • Thanks so much for your creative entries 😀 The contest is now over and we announced the winners here on this page:

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