SteamWorld Ambassador Winner + Community Q&A Time


Howdy, partners!

With all the challenge entries from last week came many interesting SteamWorld Heist questions, so I got Brjann to join me for a short Q&A. We cover interesting topics such as platform features, multiplayer and amiibo. Check out the video below (or scroll down for the results from last week’s challenge).

Topics covered:

  1. Will the SteamWorld Ambassadors get the full game or just a demo?
  2. Does SteamWorld Heist reference SW Dig in any way? (Paul Michael Howells)
  3. Which part of Heist is the hardest to create? (Steven Oz)
  4. Will Heist have platform specific features/content? (WWBatmanD)
  5. Do you plan on adding amiibo functionality to Heist? (The Geek Guru)
  6. Will Heist have multiplayer? (Lucas)

Now, let’s announce the results from last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge!

The SteamWorld Ambassador Winner(s)

We had no idea what response was waiting us when we announced the SteamWorld Ambassador program. The entire office was blown away by the dedicated crowd and all creative entries. Counting every single entry we got over 500 individual weapon name suggestions. Many thanks to all who participated. We owe you, big time!

Naturally, selecting just one winner was impossible, so we chose three winners! One winner whose suggestion fits the gun perfectly and two whose suggestions were too good to ignore.

The first SteamWorld Ambassadors are…

  • TheGamingWolf for providing our weapon with the name “Cranky’s Delight”!
  • James Jackson for suggesting the name “The Bolt .45” which will be given to another weapon.
  • jsty3105 for the incredibly creative pun “Rust in pieces!”. We’ll not use it as a weapon name, but it will appear in SteamWorld Heist as a bark (epic one liner).

Congratulations! The winners will receive an e-mail from us shortly and get a more formal welcome to the SteamWorld Ambassador Club. If you didn’t win this week you’ll get a new chance next week in a completely different challenge. So I hope you’re getting ready!

Over to you:


Did you like the Q&A video, want us to make more?


What Ambassador challenges would you like to see?


  • Caroline Johnson

    Congratulations to the winners

    • Thanks, Caroline! You rule 😀 Thanks for your creative entries!

  • Caroline Johnson

    As for suggestions for the next challenge, maybe a writing a backstory for one of the minor characters or a short story based on a picture? Or a general creative literature, with poems and short stories and such.

    • That’s a really great suggestion, Caroline! Creating some awesome fan lore would indeed be marvelous. What character would you want to write about?

      • Caroline Johnson

        Maybe one of the crew, a miniboss, or another NPC. I was also thinking writing a captain’s log for some of the ships might be interesting. Maybe some record of a war in the distant past or the early years of steambot space travel would be cool to write too. Or a series of notes on a laboratory experiment gone wrong that resulted in the scrappers or another enemy.

        • Ooh, that sounds interesting! Will look into it 🙂

        • Ninjaman999

          I second the captains log idea as well. Sounds like a load a fun

    • Special Forces Gangplank


  • Blair Death

    Congratulations to the winners. The entries were really cool. 🙂 And of course I want more Q&A´s. It is really useful to imagine the things coming up to us and what is currently going on.
    Are more challenges okay? Well… I hope it. I think it would be really funny to create an own character running around somewhere. Of course he needs traits! It would be cool to draw an idea how the character should be and how he fights and runs. You could create an own weapon for him too in another challenge? It would be so cool! Another challenge? Okay! Create a little bonus zone? Drawn, animated, built in small size in real life! Lots of really cool zones could be created by the fantastic community. I´m sure! 🙂
    I have one question. I´m just interested in it, sorry. Are the Ambassadors able to show Steamworld Heist on Youtube or Twitch before the release? Like two days ago they can show… maybe the first “missions” of the game? Or must they wait too for the official release to show the first 15 minutes or something like that? Just interested, sorry. 😀
    Multiplayer for Heist? Go for it! Kickstarter! 😀

    • We’re gonna have a SteamWorld Ambassador challenge every other Tuesday 😀 Definitely gonna take your suggestions into consideration!

      I think the Ambassadors will get to show how much they want 😀 I’m sure they’ll mark it [SPOILER] if they show the later parts of the game 😀

  • minirop

    kickstarter for the multiplayer, I couldn’t not be againt :p btw, I’ve got an idea for a multiplayer mode. inside a (pseudo-)randomly generated level (labyrinth), one player at each end playing the crew of their savegame. objective: kill all opponent steambots.
    I don’t think a multiplayer campaign (like Secret of Mana where each player manage a specific character) would be interesting.

    I’m also eager to see the achievements. “shoot 100 hats off”. <3 (that's a good challenge for the ambassadors, "design an achievement")

    • Sounds like a really cool mode! The achievement challenge would be awesome 😀

      • minirop

        thinking of achievements, having “in-game” achievements (Steam’s one and PS Trophies would only be a replication of them) could be great so they would be available on platforms that don’t have them (thanks Nintendo) or if you don’t want to log-in (e.g. Game Center on iOS).

        • That’s a good idea! We’ll see what we can do about it 😀 I’m not sure how much time it would take to develop a custom achievement system, so I can’t make any promises xD

          • minirop

            it would just be a new menu and a popup when you unlock one (emulating Steam’s overlay). All the logic would already be there for Steam’s/PS Trophies. (so I don’t think it would be “that” much work, just guessing, I don’t know how the game’s implemented)

          • Okidokie! I’ll ask the devs about it 😀

  • U Gunna Git Shrekt

    I don’t know if you saw this, but in the last post i commented a design for a weapon that i made on my own. I would love it if you gave me your honest opinion on it. (also, is my name an issue? should i change it?)
    It’s a melee weapon styled off of a can opener.

    • I saw it 😀 I really like the idea of the can opener 😀 Our artists and game designers thought it was cool as well. You’re name is not an issue at all, so no worries. I love your seal xD

      I don’t know about schools, though. Are you from the United States? I found this list of supposedly great colleges, maybe it can help you? Here’s the list:

      I personally do not work with game design, but with community management and social media. I attended a vocational university with focus on digital communications. For laughs I usually say that I have a “social media license”, but it’s more or less true. Haha.

      Our game devs have attended everything from colleges to vocational universities. So I’m sure you can make it as long as you attend a decent school and just do your best 😀

      • U Gunna Git Shrekt

        Thank you Julius, I hope to do better in the next contest.
        I live in america, but when it comes to college I’ll go anywhere in the country. I’ll try hard and hopefully some day I can work in a studio like you and your partners. I feel great when someone complements my work and it’s usually just what I need to take life one step further

        PS. Seel* not Seal. Silly (I did that on porpoise)

  • The Geek Guru

    Congrats to the winners!! And even more so I am AMPED that my question was asked!!!! 😀 So awesome!!

    • Many a thanks, Guru! You rock 😀 What challenges would you like to see in the future?

      • The Geek Guru

        WOW, I am like humbled by your response 🙂 thanks Julius and Brjan. 🙂 You guys are awesome.

        Julius – you mean in the game? Or as in other Ambassador giveaways?

        • Hey, no worries! You are awesome 😀

          I meant the Ambassador challenges!

          • U Gunna Git Shrekt

            I do love the idea of giving a character a back story and all that shwazah, but I feel like I do not know enough of the plot to give someone a atory,. Like, what jobs are there and what do people, sorry, robots do for a living? Any videos on the story?

          • Yeah, that’s a sound observation. The story is something that we hope players will discover for themselves. We won’t spoil too much ahead of launch 🙂

          • The Geek Guru

            i figured so after I responded, lol 🙂

          • Awesome! Love your new profile pic 😀 Rusty’s body suits your head!

          • The Geek Guru

            LOL thanks, my buddy Allan from Full Fat Gaming did it for me, lol 🙂

      • The Geek Guru

        1. PLEASE do more of these videos. I love them. They are great and we get to see the people behind the game.

        2. as for a challenge. I think naming a character (even if its just a character that is non playable.) Or the idea @disqus_Sz9FwOMLPB:disqus gave was great to write a small back story. Very neat. How about if people sent in their times that they beat Steam World Dig into you? Fastest times win? thats just a few off the top of my head. 🙂

        • Special Forces Gangplank


        • We will 😀 The response was great!

          Thanks for the input! The speed run challenge is cool! But I don’t think it would be something a lot of people could join in on and have a fair chance of winning. At least not since there are a few dedicated diggers out there who have beat the game in under 25 minutes (which is both insane and cool).

          • The Geek Guru

            WOW…25 minutes?!?! Yeah no lets not use that as a challenge then, LMAO

  • Ninjaman999

    Congrats winners 😀
    I found the bolt 45 to be one of the best names when I was peeping the entries XD
    Also, I would love the next competition to be back story based as well, maybe a small paragraph entry to describe one of the folks of the steam 😀

    • Simple, yet effective! 😀 Story challenge seems to really be cool! We’ll definitely see what we can do 😀

  • Heins günter

    Congratulations to the winners!
    Please more Q&A and Ambassador Challenges! That’s awesome!

    My first Question is:

    What are you thinking about Dlc’s after the release?

    • Thanks, Heins! We’ll most likely do 😀 DLC is something we’re definitely are thinking about, but we’re first making sure to make the game as good as we possibly can. We’ll cover your question in an upcoming video 😀

      • Excellent plan! There’ll be no content cutting here! 😉

      • Heins guenter


      • Heins guenter

        Hey, I have one more Ambassador Challenge! “Write three words that summarize Steamworld heist”!

  • TheGamingWolf

    :0 I won? YAY! also I just have to say this… if cranky made guns why didn’t he give us one in steamworld dig? I hope he wasn’t holding out on us XD
    also I really hope you make more Q&A vids! As for ambassador challenges maybe naming a ship or perhaps a location in game based on a picture?

    • Yay 😀 He was probably holding out on them. Don’t ask me why. I’m sure he has his reasons 😀 Great idea for the challenges!

      And again: BIG CONGRATS 😀

      • TheGamingWolf


    • Special Forces Gangplank

      Maybe after the planet blew up things got tougher and he had to start fabricating guns.

    • Hey 😀 Check your email 😀

  • Le Dook

    Looks like it’s shaping up to be an impressive game! I like the theme of naming things so perhaps naming a stage or enemy. Maybe even a designing a weapon! The possibilities are endless!

    • The possibilities are indeed endless 😀 Thanks for the support!

  • Harry Gaskin

    Q&A was good fun! More of the same please!

    On multiplayer, a kickstarter would be great, maybe sold as a full blown expansion to the game. But these kind of things are superfluous, and I’m sure the game will be brilliant regardless!

    On ambassador challenges, how far along is the soundtrack development? A really fun challenge would be to create a tune for the soundtrack, even if it just appears in a specific boss encounter!

    On amiibo, 3rd party amiibo are a thing so I can’t see why Rusty couldn’t make it! Amiibo is pretty costly development wise, but the ability to expand the brand to other audiences by Rusty appearing in other games could be invaluble! On that note, great work collaborating with Runbow, that game’s looking sweeter with every drip of info!

    • Thanks! We’ll probably make more videos soon 🙂

      Yeah, third-party amiibo is a thing, we’ll see about what happens, though. It’s very costly but then again I’m sure the perks of doing it would be worth it! I’m hyped for Runbow as well 😀

  • Corwin

    My one question, how long is the game?

    • U Gunna Git Shrekt

      I asked him earlier, but I’m guessing he does not know an exact number, but he does say that it will be a much meatier expirience than Steamworld Dig, which has to be a good thing!

      • We don’t know an exact number, but we’ll cover your question in an upcoming video 😀 @disqus_S40lk3jmNc:disqus

  • jsty3105

    Oh wow. Much chuffness. Very glad to be one of the winners and a hearty congratulations to the other winners.

  • AndreasSD

    I loved this Q&A, it’s pretty fun to tag along for the development of the game and get answers to our question. I actually have a question, will there be weapon upgrades (or upgrades in general) or will it be finished weapons and we have to change the gun to get a better weapon.

    As for the Ambassador challenges, I would love there to be some kind of creative challenge, in the form of artwork, songs, or even dance. it would be fun to see different content with a Steamworld Heist feel to it 😀 love it when people are creative.

    Keep up the fun

    • Thanks for the love! Simple answer to your question is: YES. We’ll go into more detail in an upcoming Q&A 🙂

  • FourteenCoast


  • Carol Lepoudre

    So sorry I missed the first challenge. Loved the winner’s ideas. Waiting for the next challenge. Not sure of a suggestion, but I just loved SteamWorld Dig. It has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time playing any new game. Wii U owner.

    • Wow, thank you so much 😀 I wish you good luck in the next challenge 😀

  • Adrian Brown

    Congrats to the winners! What if we come up with names for trophies/achievements? Of course you would need to tell us a special condition (finishing the game without dying, getting X item, etc.) but surely it would be fun to read all the possible ideas. Please keep doing this, we appreciate it.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! If more people suggest similar ideas, we’re more likely we are to make it! 😀

  • Blair Broderick

    I quit