SteamWorld Ambassador Winner + Community Q&A Time


Howdy, partners!

With all the challenge entries from last week came many interesting SteamWorld Heist questions, so I got Brjann to join me for a short Q&A. We cover interesting topics such as platform features, multiplayer and amiibo. Check out the video below (or scroll down for the results from last week’s challenge).

Topics covered:

  1. Will the SteamWorld Ambassadors get the full game or just a demo?
  2. Does SteamWorld Heist reference SW Dig in any way? (Paul Michael Howells)
  3. Which part of Heist is the hardest to create? (Steven Oz)
  4. Will Heist have platform specific features/content? (WWBatmanD)
  5. Do you plan on adding amiibo functionality to Heist? (The Geek Guru)
  6. Will Heist have multiplayer? (Lucas)

Now, let’s announce the results from last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge!

The SteamWorld Ambassador Winner(s)

We had no idea what response was waiting us when we announced the SteamWorld Ambassador program. The entire office was blown away by the dedicated crowd and all creative entries. Counting every single entry we got over 500 individual weapon name suggestions. Many thanks to all who participated. We owe you, big time!

Naturally, selecting just one winner was impossible, so we chose three winners! One winner whose suggestion fits the gun perfectly and two whose suggestions were too good to ignore.

The first SteamWorld Ambassadors are…

  • TheGamingWolf for providing our weapon with the name “Cranky’s Delight”!
  • James Jackson for suggesting the name “The Bolt .45” which will be given to another weapon.
  • jsty3105 for the incredibly creative pun “Rust in pieces!”. We’ll not use it as a weapon name, but it will appear in SteamWorld Heist as a bark (epic one liner).

Congratulations! The winners will receive an e-mail from us shortly and get a more formal welcome to the SteamWorld Ambassador Club. If you didn’t win this week you’ll get a new chance next week in a completely different challenge. So I hope you’re getting ready!

Over to you:


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