SteamWorld Dig 2 Hits Switch, Steam and PS4 Soon-ish!

Howdy, partners! Summer is here, so where is SteamWorld Dig 2? Well, we have a big update for you today. Continue reading for a bunch of new info!

Steam and PS4 joins the lineup!

We’re happy to reveal that SteamWorld Dig 2 is coming to Steam and PS4 in addition to Nintendo Switch. We plan to have SWD2 out on all within a few days of the Nintendo Switch debut. A few years ago a multi-platform launch would’ve been completely impossible for us. Thanks to hard work and a bigger team we can finally make it happen. It’s like we’re a “real” game studio now! 😀

Rest assured that these new versions of the game won’t delay the Nintendo Switch version, it’s just that multi-platform development is so much easier for us nowadays. Switch is still the main platform, and now more gamers can join in on the fun!

Wishlist on Steam today

Wishlist SteamWorld Dig 2 on Steam

Is there a release date yet?

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” – Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow at Nintendo

These words from legendary Shigsy have become a motto at Image & Form. It’s a good reminder to avoid rush jobs if you can. Dig 2 is pretty much finished now, but we’ll take a few more months to polish the game to the level you all expect.

Our new release window is “Late Summer/Early Fall 2017”.

When we plan the release for any SteamWorld game, we always want to finish as soon as possible so everyone can play and and have fun with it. But at the same time we want to create something new. It’s hard to estimate how long that’s going to take and at what point whatever we consider to be new is done. More often than not problems take a lot longer to tackle than anticipated. These extra months will take pressure off our team and give us enough time to give you the game you deserve.

We’re going on vacation now, and will reveal the final release date some time after that. And then we’ll talk price, too.

What about 3DS, Vita and Wii U?

Even though we love Wii U and had great success on the console, there’s no denying that Nintendo Switch has firmly taken its place by now. For that simple reason, we will no longer make new Wii U games. Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are still important to us. We won’t talk more about portable versions today, but rest assured we have not forgotten where we came from.

Will you play SWD2 on Switch, Steam or PS4?

  • Vagner Aniceto

    Not a single word about xbox one 🙁

    • Daniel Walter

      What is that??? :v

    • We’ll talk Xbox One in the future 🙂 We love Xbox One and want to include it as soon as we can!

      • ReticentRobot

        Thank you! I was also worried since it wasn’t mentioned at all, really enjoyed the original on my XB1.

  • Jeremy Hiebert

    Appreciate the honesty about the Wii U. Stoked to be able to play this on PC!

    • Thought it’d be good to address it at some point. Glad you’re hyped!

  • Don’t have switch and don’t game on pc. I would love to play this on 3ds. Don’t forget your roots!!!! Please 🙂

    • I’ll quote the blog post: “Rest assured we have not forgotten where we came from.”

  • Dustin

    will Switch have physical, or only digital release?

  • ZoidbergForPresident

    Cool, will look into it.

    But only Steam? 🙁

    • We have released our previous games on GOG and Humble, too. I hope we can get it out ASAP on all storefronts 🙂

  • Libardo Luis Muñoz Martinez

    Vita or 3ds please!!

  • Ian Morley

    Take as long as you need to get the product right. Can’t wait either way.

  • Logbomb

    I’ll be playing it on PS4.

  • Soulripper30

    The Vita is dead as well, so why bother supporting that piece of trash? Not even Sony supports it.

    • Phil Wyatt

      Lots of people still support it. It’s a great handheld.

    • For us it’s been a great platform with a fabulous community 😀

  • Don To

    Outstanding news! Will there be a physical copy for any platform(s)? I really hope so. Thanks!

  • Nicky Ian Kunesh

    RIP Wii U.

  • onerypopopangoonerypopopango

    Switch it up!

  • KJ Kendall

    SWITCH ! !

  • Markus

    I loved the first game on Vita! If you ever release this game on Vita I’ll buy it in no time.

  • Joe Munger

    One of my most anticipated games of the year! Beat the original Dig on 3ds three times. Looking forward to doing the same with Dig 2 on Nintendo Switch! Will buy on 3ds too if it ever makes it there!

    Give us merchandise! Let us give you all our money! Can you dig it?

    • We’re working on new march! Coming closer to launch 😀 Thanks for the support!

      • Joe Munger

        I love March too! Great month. No need to go that far, Julius! An Amiibo or something like a Switch carrying case would suffice. Leave March to the Professionals!

  • Jamie Wilkinson

    After Steamworld Dig 2, are you going to explore other genres, or make a sequel to heist or tower defence?

    • I think it’s safe to say we’ll make new SteamWorld games and hopefully explore new genres!

      • Jamie Wilkinson

        I think it’s great that the Steamworld series can be so varied from game to game!

  • Héctor G.

    Looking forward to Dig 2 on Switch! I loved the 1st one on 3DS/PS4.

  • Carlos Frederico

    PC! And maybe NS too!

  • Pask Di Gennaro

    I’ll buy a nintendo switch just to play stemworld dig 2. I loved both steamworld dig and steamworld heist on ps vita. I have big expectactions on you 🙂

  • Matt Arnesen

    Will be playing on PS4