SteamWorld Dig 2 is already a smash-hit!

SteamWorld Dig 2 Tops The Charts – Here’s Why You’ll Love It Too!

Howdy, partners!

SteamWorld Dig 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch, Steam and PS4/Vita. Now that it’s available on all planned platforms we thought we’d recap how the launch is going for us.

Critics can’t stop praising it

SWD2 is enjoying extremely favorable reviews, with a current score of 88/100 on Metacritic. It’s the #4 Best Switch Game of ALL TIME. We’re extremely proud of this achievement and would love to share what notable media have to say. You can read the reviews in case you want to hear from others what makes the game so special:

10/10 – Nintendo World Report“Blows the original out of the water”
9/10 – GameSpot“A polished jewel.”
9/10 – Pocket Gamer“A must-have”
9/10 – Nintendo Life“Excellent”
8.8/10 – IGN“Pitch perfect”
8.5/10 – Destructoid“A worthy addition to any library”

At the time of writing the game has yet to receive a score below 8/10 (a “problem” we’re actually pretty happy to have).

It’s selling like hotcakes, too!

Players are having a blast as well, with the 98% approval rating on Steam being the obvious proof. Everyone’s praise results in impressive sales; I’m happy to announce that SWD2 is the biggest launch in SteamWorld history, selling faster than any game we’ve ever made before it. On Switch it’s topping the charts in as good as every country. In less than a week we’ve already earned back most of the game’s total development budget. Twenty or so people for almost a year and a half… You do the math!

Help us cement SWD2 as a modern classic

We’d like to humbly thank each and everyone who’s helped us make the SWD2 launch the roaring success it is. With your help we’re off to a great start and now is a better time than ever to get the game on everybody’s lips for years to come. Please continue talking about the game online and share it with your friends, fans and family. If you believe the game deserves its spot in the video game hall of fame you know what to do.

Reply for a chance to win the game: What excites you about SWD2 the most?

  • LRG

    The Vita version 😉

  • Roto

    My favorite thing is how colorful it is.

  • Da Lemon

    Honestly i love the story and cant wait to see more of it!

  • Steve Nathanson

    Congrats on the release!! But.. wait a sec… in order to win a copy we need to say what our favorite thing in the game is? Wouldn’t we need to play it in order to know that? And in that case, what good is a free copy?

    I’d like to have a free copy so I can see what all the fuss is! I’ve read amazing reviews of this game and it sounds awesome, I’d love to try it!!

    • Ponds 908

      You can just watch the video

      • Johan Haglert

        From the video I’d say more bosses.

    • Great feedback! Adjusted it to fit the contest better! Thanks 😀

      • Steve Nathanson

        Awesome, that makes more sense! Just in case my first response doesn’t qualify, I’d have to say that I LOVED Steamworld Heist but actually never played Steamworld Dig. I’m very excited to try it, I love metroidvania style games. I can’t wait to “DIG” in 🙂

  • OutdatedPidge

    My favorite thing of Steamworld Dig 2 is that creating your own map is so unique of a Metroidvania game!

  • SpottedNigel

    I’m looking forward to hitting more blocks. Block hitting is fun, especially when they give me precious loot. I’m a simple man.

  • John Bernardo

    I actually just bought it yesterday so if I win I will be giving it to my best friend as I want as many people to play this game. The moment I started the game up I was blown away by the aesthetic. The gameplay is extremely fluid, I love the aspect of digging and exploring without any idea of where I’m going. I’m currently running on no sleep because I couldn’t put the game down! Biggest surprise of 2017 for me cant wait to keep playing!

  • Cody Book

    What excites me the most about the game is getting to see what happens to Rusty, the ability to play as a new character, and the general new story elements and ideas the game has to offer.

  • Sebastian lucero

    I’m most excited for more exploration, the expanded world and new upgrades! Also I love Dot!

  • Ponds 908

    I think my favorite thing of SteamWorld Dig 2 has to be the setting & Exploration and the Map Creator too but dunno if its on the PS vita or not

  • Jeff Bykowski Jr.

    My favorite thing is the game itself, awesome graphics, great story and excellent rpg like mechanics make this an amazing add to the steamworld series. Have it on pc, would like it on switch though!

  • The chance to start digging again! Always wanted to start the adventure once again, but in even more HD! As always, I’ll have 3 pairs of shades to enjoy it. 😉 (One for each Steamy Universe Title)

  • superNEScube

    I want to see how the story continues & if it will tie in to Steam World Heist

  • Felix

    It being a sequel to SteamWorld Dig, duh

  • Lughaidh McLoughlin

    I have not played the game as I do not own it and I do not have enough money to buy it.

  • Maurice Gaynor

    That there’s even more to explore and (from what I’ve hear) it’s even better than the first one

  • Brandon Pennington

    Excited to see what all the hype is about 🙂

  • Chuck Wendlick

    I wanna what happened to my dude rusty!

  • Ari Sykes

    I’ve really been waiting a long time for this release, and I really can’t wait to dig up new surpises the devs left behind 😁

  • Lagosta

    I love metroidvanias, and I really want to play this one.

    The first Steam World Dig was awesome, I really want to know how the sequel improved it.

    I want to dig places again! Dig at my heart’s content.

  • Adam

    I played and loved Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist on 3DS and I can’t wait to see and experience the brand new high definition Steamworld on Switch!

  • GiucasCasella

    Digging, digging and digging again! the music brings you into the atmosphere of the far west, feeling clint eastwood and rusty as the worse metal on earth!

  • Leonardodemonds

    I am excited that i will find out what happened to Rusthy! Hope i win the game for Steam 🙂

  • Gabriel_4EVR

    What excites me the most is, I just finished SWD a week ago, and like it was destiny, SWD2 gets released immediately after I finished. I had no idea there was a SWD2 being made.

  • GracefulGazelle

    I am the most excited about exploring the beautiful world of SWD2

  • Ochuole

    Favorite thing…a chance and a reason to 100% the game!

  • Bam Bam

    I’m ready.

  • DblBarelBanana

    The length! It’s so much deeper (no pun intended) than the first.

  • Paul

    I enjoyed the first one on the Wii U and can’t wait to experience all the new tricks in the game.

  • dextorboot

    I want to find out all the secrets!

  • I’m really excited that there’s a special reward/unlock for achieving 100% in the game. Can’t wait to see what it is!

  • Rafael Monk

    Well, i’m going to get a bit personal here: my dream is to be a game designer, something that here, in Brazil, is very hard to believe and achieve. And to see that a small game from a small indie company make this huge success inspires me so much. I love the concept art and the general game design of the past titles and this one seems to be so much polished. I just hope i can get it ASAP. And thank you for inspire people like me.

  • Adam~Martel

    I’d say I’m most excited about playing the game on the go on my switch. Well, probably I’d play it in University most of the time, sitting, not on the go, but yea 😀
    (Did the same with Steamworld Dig 1, but the Switch makes it 200% better)

  • Somebody_Else

    What excites me about SWD2 the most? Being able to play it!
    A few weeks ago I finally got SWD(1), and have had a blast, even with the frustration when I screw up the tunnels. I played Boulderdash a lot in the old days, even before it was available in this country (I met the devs, cool dudes), and probably wore out more than a few peripherals playing that for many years. This game isn’t boulderdash, but it has some similar mechanics, and it’s a ton of fun as well as reminding me of the fun I had with the other game.
    Now you’ve got a sequel that looks like it has even more to it especially on the fun factor! What can I say other than I want to play it!

  • cael84

    Great art style!

  • ravendies

    Exciting new items. The first one was fun, hope this one is as good.

  • Tyler Hoose

    It looks like a great adventure game. Watching gameplay footage the mechanics look great. Really want to play this game.

  • Michael White

    Your other games were awesome, the art style and the content was great! I’m looking forward to another great game from your company, and the fact that IGN is heaping praise on it only makes me more excited to get my hands on this game!

  • Barry

    Well, thats easy. Its a sequel so I want to see how the story carries on! I just generally enjoyed both previous steamworld titles, so its going to be nice to dive back into the universe again!

  • Jeremy Hiebert

    Looking forward to living in that universe again for a while. Although of course I’m looking forward to the first playthrough, I might be most excited about the subsequent times through, when I can apply what I’ve learned from the start. Athough Dig1 and Heist were relatively “small” games, I’ve put more hours into them than any other games I own (including BotW, Smash, MarioKart, etc.), finishing them dozens of times.

  • I got both heist and word on my 3ds (I own the NEW 3ds model) so getting this game on switch would be swell, if there’s one thing I can say that I like about the dig series it’s the old western style(Cowboy desert that kind of aesthetic). I used to love them a lot, westerns that is. Until I kinda fell out of love, but both dig and heist are two of the few things that’s getting me to love westerns again. So thank you for making a solid game and thank you for supporting Nintendo with good games. As a persons who own multiple systems my moto is if I see a good version on the Big N’s system and it’s something that i’m interested in ill give them my money and support. But here is what excites me the most about Steamworld Dig 2 it’s the fact that I can play as Dorothy she looks so cute shorter XD ps:I am also know as DoniArts

  • Mike Tapia

    I’d like to have a copy because I’ve heard rave reviews, and love Metroidvania type games, and I have a friend who’s hounding me to get it 🙂
    Prove him right, please 😁

    Plus I played and loved Steamworld Dig on my 3DS

  • Prevot

    I’m really pumped to play the hottest indie game of the year on my
    Switch, SteamWorld Dig 2 is sure to vaporize all competition, I hope Image & Form continues to charge ahead full steam
    with new releases and doesn’t end up averse to the number 3 like Valve. I think
    that’s about all the steam related puns I can squeeze out of my mind

  • Vinnie

    I believe the most exciting thing about SWD2 for me is the super positive feedback it is getting from everyone.
    I’ve played a lot the one on the Wii U and loved every second of it! It was really good, but people didn’t gave it THIS much attention.
    I’m certain that SWD2 is phenomenal!

  • Matthew Coelho

    The metroidvania aspect of the game is the big draw and biggest excitement for me.

  • Sgt Stangroj

    Well, I loved the first game and from what I’ve seen the dazzling graphics and extended gameplay have me wanting to play the sequel even more! Thanks for the chance guys!

  • NicoDarunia

    1) SteamWorld Dig is such a good game! It’s one of my favorite games on my 3DS! Unfortunately, it felt a bit short… So, reading from so many outlets and from you yourselves that it’s a much bigger game, makes me really excited! ♥️
    2) I want to know what on earth (or underground – sorry not sorry) happened to Rusty! 🤔 🤠

  • Noire

    I’ve been playing the steam world series since I bought dig on a whim to help me through a lowly and boring summer of 2015 in France, I finished it within a day or two and immediately played the game again searching every nook cranny and hole to find goodies. 6 or 7 playthroughs later I was hoping for a sequel, while I was excited for heist it didn’t quite scratch the itch. Then I found out you were working on a direct sequel, I was foaming at the mouth when I heard even more so when I heard we would be playing as Dorothy. I’m not gonna lie the past few months have been hard on me waiting for this but now that it’s finally out I’m what to start digging the game series that got me into steampunk all over again with a fantastic new entry, and hopefully unravel and reveal the unanswered questions about my favourite steam bot in its sequel

  • smes3817

    LOVED the first one! I heard that SWD2 just ups the ante in every aspect to the things that made the first so great. THAT’s what excites me the most!

  • Vagner Aniceto

    The soud track is awesome!

  • Joss

    I loved the first Steamworld Dig, really exited to try the sequel!!!

  • Taylor Honeycutt

    I played the first game many times. I look forward to the fun gameplay, the art, the puzzles. I also really want to find out what happened to Rusty.

  • Bruno Duarte

    I’m excited to play SWD2 because it seems to be a REALLY upgraded version of the first one and I had a lot of fun playing it. The world you created for these games is not only funny but full of life and possiblity of good stories. And for that besides the 6 features you mentioned in the video, the 7th one might be the most exciting!

  • Gregory D. Banks

    I’m most excited about more gameplay in the dig universe. SWD1 is one of my favorite 3DS games and I mention it to everyone looking for suggestions.

  • gabriel fanshteyn

    i like the art style and the type of game Steamworld dig 2. i have never played the first one but i heard it was really good so i would like to try it

  • OndikPindik

    Big congratulation on the release:) I must say that i love your work. I own both games on vita and love you even more for bringing swd2 to vita as well. But I love you even more for your relationship with your community. And I can only hope that my game studio can do the same in time:) you are true inspiration and please keep up the good work:) I am also conflicted right now I want to buy the game so you can keep making more, but who can say no to free stuff:) will give it a try:)

  • JJ

    The world design. The first game was great, but the world of SWD2 looks so varied and gorgeous.

  • Ben Horne

    Honestly, the gameplay is what excites me the most. I remember when I first sat down to play the first SWD; I had no idea what the game was and I figured I would just mess around a little bit with it. Fastforward to about 3AM the next day and I hadn’t moved from my seat and I was just finishing the game with a super satisfied feeling inside of me. I’m excited to see what SWD2 changes and what it’s also refined and improved! However…funds are short…so that’s why I’m entering contests like these (Hey at least I’m honest!)

  • theliztress

    I’m excited to play within the SteamWorld Dig world again. I also want to see how the gang’s doing.

  • AndyArmani

    I’m most excited about the jetpack.. It looks rad 🙂

  • Exilian 🍩

    I love ROBOOOOOTS!!!

  • Timo Vermeyen

    I truly love the potential for sequence breaks and resulting nonlinearity. I especially like how it’s clear that you, the developers, often leave in sequence breaks intentionally (don’t think I didn’t notice how the room above a certain lava pit aligns JUUUST right to allow a very nice sequence break!).

  • Arrghroth

    Got the game on my Switch on day 1. Love it, played once trough it already but need another dig because I just had 78% ;(
    Awesome artwork I am really in love with it, love the riddles, love the difficulty, love Dorothy! Can we have a plush Dorothy? Please? *puppy eyes”

  • revolution

    Im excited to find out what happened to Rusty!

  • Partha Prasad Roy Chowdhury

    The original steamworld dig had excellent graphics and intriguing gameplay. The learning curve is good.
    Excited to play the new one.

  • Tantalum

    Im excited for the unique dungeon designs and amount of upgradeability

  • Cyryus

    Congrats on the great success! This is a great third title in the SteamWorld trilogy!

    What excites me the most about SWD2 is the art style of the game. I can’t believe how good it looks. It should be an AMAZING game on the TV and even better in hand held mode on the Switch!

  • INK★Lenny💚💜

    I’m most excited about the world design!!!

  • Martin

    The lore and exploration theme excites me the most

  • Peter Schwartzstein

    Having played SWD1 and SW Heist, I’m most excited to see how SWD2 expands on the cool world and colorful characters of the previous games.

  • Slyfox

    hookshots are always fun. This game has hookshot, I want it

  • Ghislain

    I play Steamworld Dig 1 & Heist, I have yet tried the game, but to uncover what happen to Rusty, nothing can go wrong, except absolute evil. !!!!

    One thing, that I win the contest or not, I will play this game, because it’s a gem worth digging for !

  • Andrew

    I haven’t purchased the game yet, but I have spent maybe too long staring at the screenshots in the eShop. The visual design is so unique and captivating, and is easily the thing about SWD2 that excites me the most!

  • I’m stoked about this game simply because Image & Form games are the bomb. They have a level of polish and beauty that’s difficult to find elsewhere, and really solid game systems. 😀 Love you, I&F!

  • newfie_godwin

    The fact that the world has expanded to include so many new upgrades and add-ons.

  • K1cks

    I’m excited to revisit Steamworld as the first Dig was a great experience. I enjoyed how much out reminded me of my best memories of Metroid and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on the second

  • Joe Gosselin

    liked both Steamworld games (in my top favorites in Steam), great cartoon desing, simple retro gameplay. Haven’t tried SWD2 yet, but a longer adventure and more interactions with townsfolk/ upgrades/ more bosses and gear can’t hurt the experience.

  • Jeff Soto

    I loved the first one on the 3DS, I still play it ever now and then. Would love to try this one out on my Switch as soon as possible. I have seen videos and reviews and it looks awesome

  • crookedbangs

    I’m super excited for the gameplay. I was able to play the demo for this game before its release at PAX East. I had a lot of fun with it and decided to check out SteamWorld Dig. The game was surprisingly addicting, and I finished it in a couple of days! I love seeing how well SWD2 is doing after just being released. In the meantime, I’ve still been using the SWD2 coasters I received at PAX 😛

  • David Fernandez

    I’m excited about the art style and the upgrades!! You guys make the best games!!

  • Salzu

    Just want to Play it loved the First One!

  • Andres Eloy

    Loved Steamworld Dig that much that I bought it on Wii U and 3DS; I can’t wait to have a new experience this time on Nintendo Switch!

  • WannaBMartinSomethin

    I don’t have a Switch yet, but I loved the first SteamWorld Dig on Wii U & I’d be very excited for my Switch owning cousin to experience this!

  • entropyrat

    Because it’s in the same universe as the amazing SteamWorld Heist and Dig.

  • Ediner Perez

    I love indies, it’s a pleasant surprise to see the evolution of the gameplay and the graphics from SteamWorld 1 and Heist. This game looks really fun and gorgeous, I would be honored if If could play it.

  • Nicky Ian Kunesh

    SWD2 has such a wonderful art style.

    I adore how it looks so much, happy your launch is going amazing.

  • Alnette Kyra Smith

    From the trailers, it looked like an amazing game that i’d definitely love to try. Winning the game will definitely help a lot. I’m really excited to try out the stages and explore the territories (and by that, I mean dig as much as I possibly can). This game was highly raved by my husband and I really want a copy of my own!

  • Dallin Higgins

    I’m excited to see a while new world to explore! (I’ve not played any SteamWorld games before)

  • Daniel Rogers

    the game was a ton of fun, loved all the exploration and how strong I felt after getting all the upgrades. I would love to get more of my friends to try it.

  • Leirson Santos

    I Just wanna say thank you for bring to psvita Steamworld Heist and Dig they are incredible addicted and Fun, with that unique Jokes making even better. If Dig 2 is a improvement of this games i can say for sure that Will be more sucess.

  • Gratinad

    What I really like about the game is that you guys improved so much on top of the first one. From what I have seen (I have seen little because I don’t want to spoil myself, yes your game is really good that it makes me do this). One thing I like is the movement options, it seems that you guys added interesting move options and that is great, because good movement equals freedom of choice in the paths you take and at the same time it makes it fun (In the first game I really enjoyed the double jump and the steam jump was great, it felt good, just like when you have the screw attack in super metroid). Secondly,I really enjoy mining and upgrading the gear you have with exciting meaningfull upgrade, it makes exploring worth it, the same goes for the cogs and cog system (I think you made this really well). Adding to this, when you have such freedom of movement exploring becomes double the fun, so you guys made a really good symbiosis with movement and exploration. Minor things: you guys added “transport” tubes that are relatively abundant throughout the game and that is a very good design choice; You added artifacts and gave them some importance which fits within the whole “abandoned mine” theme.
    All in all, you guys just made a perfect sequel thats improves all good aspects of the first game and corrected the small “annoyances” of the first one whilst maintaining the same core idea and interesting gameplay of the first game.
    This game is definitely a fantastic addition to the metroidvania genre and I think it sets a good standard for future games.

  • HDGaminLIVE

    I’m excited to get lost in caverns plotting my route all the way down. Mostly for the phatest stack of treasure, but also preparing for a quick escape if needed. #digdeep

  • Kaede Akamatsu

    What excites me are the new stuffs in this game. I bought the first one and i liked it

  • Joseph Dawson

    I love all things steampunk and the first game was great. And heist is my favorite game. I just have not been able to get your new work of art. Also the music in your games is terrific. You got SPG in heist which is my favorite band. I love the work you guys do in total.

  • NonaryLame

    HD RUMBLE! 😀

  • John

    I absolutely adored playing the first one on Wii u and heist on my PC. Some of the most inventive games out there, and I’m excited to see how the game evolves in the future. I liked the randomly generated world but nothing can match something that’s been hand crafted, which is why I’m so keen that it’s all been hand made this time. Also the dungeons where a stand out in the first one and I’m so excited to see what new weapons we can get and how that will lead to brilliant puzzles

  • Timothy Kolek

    I enjoyed the first Steamworld Dig a lot so I’m excited to get back into this world

  • Dan

    I was in the middle of metroid on 3ds and it’s one of my favorite series ever….EVER! And I stopped completely playing as soon as SWD2 came out and didn’t put it down until I was done. That’s what excites me. You made a game that caused me to walk away from my favorite series. If I win a copy I’d pass it along to someone who doesn’t have it cause this game needs to be shared to the masses. It deserves everything it’s recieved and more. Congrats on making something truly special and that I’ll cherish forever. The steam world universe will go down as one of my favorite series ever, along side Metroid, Castlevania and Destiny.

  • Harold Rivera

    To me continuing were the first one left off, so many secrets to unravel man I can’t wait to play it. Congrats on your deserved success

  • Nick Enderle

    I would love to win a copy because I fell in love with the first game and couldn’t wait to play the second one when it came out. The feel of the games and the look of the new one wants me want to play it to see how it flows. I admit that SPG was one of the factors for me playing Heist and it blew me away with the game play aspects.

  • I’m sorry if this isn’t detailed enough to win but I just really love steam world dig and it’s gameplay elements. I can’t wait to dive into the sequel!

  • soulreaver

    So glad to hear the game is doing well, you guys deserve all the praise! I’ve enjoyed all of the SteamWorld games immensely. What excites me most about SWD2 is finding every last secret and hidden thing in the game after I finish it.

  • Matt

    I’m just super excited to see the new features of the sequel as SWD was one of my favorite games when it came out. Super excited to play this.

  • Moon

    What excites me the most? The fact that Steamworld is a success, and that we can expect more games! I really hope one day you return to your rusty roots and deliver yet another Tower Defense game! Congrats on your success!!

  • Great sales news!! Been playing it on my Switch in both docked and portable mode and loving every minute of it, it’s hard to put down, and on switch I don’t really have too!! Congrats on the reviews as well, they are well merited!

  • Agentdave7


  • Jersey Waiter

    I’m gonna go ahead and throw my hat in the ring with you fellers for the free game. Love the music, love the Metroidvania meets Minecraft gameplay — just getting into Steamworld but now want to play them all. Just got Heist on my phone but really hoping SWD2’s success will encourage I&F to port all the SW games to Switch. I mean c’mon guys, seems like a no-brainer, me and millions of other Switch owners got money burnin holes in our pockets, we’d love to give it to ya.

    Full disclosure, I already bought SWD2 but if I get a free copy I’m giving it to a friend who NEEDS to learn the awesomeness of the SW games as I just recently have myself. He’s got Steam, a PS4 and a Switch — this cowpoke’ll gobble up whatever’s in the trough.

  • Giovanni Casiano

    Congrats on release what exites me most to return back to this universe, with new character and find out what happened to previous protagonist.

  • Cameron Freiheit

    Finding out what happened to Rusty after last games cliffhanger

  • Alessio Cosolo

    Dig and Heist were awesome. This promises to be better!

    • Alessio Cosolo

      I want a copy so i can write a good review for my webzine 😀

  • Kuma Mei

    I really love SteamWorld Heist. The character, the atmosphere, all of them are just perfect. Then I moved to Dig 1 which I have heard is metroidvania style and I got hooked again. But not as much. The overall game is great but the lacking of post game contents killed me. And, now, this time I have heard that Dig 2 got extra contents after you 100% the game. I really wish to see it, so I’ve decided to give this series a second chance!

  • Ugo Ottolenghi

    Honestly, I’m enjoying Steamworld Dig 2 more than Metroid Samus Returns. The game is visually stunning, especially on the Switch screen, and I love that I can dig my own path!

  • Sandan Capehart

    I’ve never played a Steam World game before, but after seeing Vinny from Vinesauce play this I have wanted to get this one. The exploration and upgrades look like the kind of thing I would enjoy. I didn’t watch too much, but the humor also appealed to me.

  • Todd Oxtra

    I’m excited because it looks like this fixed things from the first game that i didn’t care for.

  • Rodolfo Camargo

    Honestly, I feel very honored to see the birth of a fantastic franchise. I threw the SteamWorld Tower Defense, I loved SDW and I was surprised by Heist. Now, with SWD2, I believe that games can enter, in the near future, in the gallery of great classics, like Castlevania. Hint: A SW racing game would be awesome!

  • Harrison Page

    I’m excited about SteamWorld Dig 2 because the first M game in the series is one of my favourite games of all time. The gameplay was fantastic, the story was captivating, the music was immersive and the graphics looked amazing, and if the second game improves upon all of those areas (which according to the reviews it does) then I’ll be in for a serious treat when (not if) I get this game.

  • Scirm

    Game is full of great animations, enemies, funny summaries (remember Hest’s hats?), bots, and music! But the thing I love the most is a sensation of exploring. At every step I am amazed how similar to Breath of the Wild vibes this game is sending. I am overwhelmed by this game thanks to its content. It is packed with so many secrets, and places to go that my head is hurting, now. Thanks guys!

    I want a free copy for my brother, whom I gave 1st Dig, too 😉

  • Leandro Costa

    is coming to xbox one?

  • Nick Chevalier

    I’m most excited about all the praise the game is getting. I’ve never played a SteamWorld game before, but from what I’ve seen in trailers, commentary, etc., it seems a perfect fit for the Switch.

    Thank you for running this contest!

  • Andrew Federspiel

    Dig and Heist are both awesome and have so much charm. SWD2 has gotta be good!

  • Luis De Alba

    I’ve been playing the 3DS and PS4 versions of the first game non stop. After I finished one so went to the other. I am excited about the new power ups and the new mechanics. I also hear that this games plays smoother. I’ve just played the first 30 seconds of the Switch version. I would really like to get the PS4 version to have both games on the same system, unless you guys decide to release a Steamworld collection for Switch!!!

  • Dave Gillissen

    The only Steamworld game I’ve played is Steamworld Heist, mainly because i’m on a tight budget and somebody gifted it to me.

    What exites me the most is the mixture of games like Metroid and games like Spelunky. Both are games I spent hours in, and from what i’ve heard, this one has the potential to surpass both


    I really liked the first game.

  • iANiMeX

    What excites me the most is that I can finally play the game on my Nintendo Switch. Portability for the win!

  • Johan Haglert

    I’ll have to go with the stuff I saw on twitter, the profile description(?) which hanged in my feed / home page of it which said it was the greatest game I had never played, that made me curious and clicked the profile and saw some posts with this contest among other things which made me run the video above and write this comment.

    What excite me the most: That it’s supposedly the greatest game I’ve never played!

  • Steven Sim

    My friends laughing at me for not having SDW2 on my Switch but My wallet isnt allowing me to buy it either! :’D
    What excites me is the same good old SDW + more combat actions!

  • What excites me the most is that if SteamWorld Dig 2 is doing SO well, that means we’ll have SteamWorld Heist 2 too! 😀

  • Private Void

    The platinum trophy!!! Has a trophy hunter who has played SteamWorld Dig and Platinum SteamWorld Heist! I’m super excited that the game has a platinum this time! I can’t wait to add the platinum to my collection of SteamWorld Platinum!

  • Kishnabe

    Excited to see how SWD2 expands upon the SteamWorld Universe and improvements in gameplay. I could not get into SWD1 as much as I did Heist.

  • Joshua Diaz

    Well I loved the first game on my Wii U, so seeing as how this is the next one I can’t wait to dig my claws into it on my Switch!

  • Sarah

    I’m simply excited about how good everyone seems to think it is, it looks like it will be many hours of good fun and entertainment! I’m eager to jump on the hype train as soon as I can!

  • Been looking to get a indie game on my Switch. Seeing this as the top selling is making me want to get even more. I’ve never played the previous one but I’ve always wanted to get em. I don’t mind starting here then going back to it’s Roots. Congrats on the success!

  • Will Newlin

    Been looking forward to this game. Probably most excited that I can play it on Switch !

  • I’m excited to see how the gorgeous designs you guys make looks on the Switch. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Kamil Skuza

    Story of SWD1’s main character, of course! Can’t wait to meet him again and know what’s going on down here?! 😉

  • deadkat

    No score under 8? That’s an amazing feat! Congrats to the entire SWD2 Team 😀 … As for the thing I’m most exited for, it’s all the improvements over SWD…
    Graphics, Music, story, dialogue and pretty much everything seems to be incredibly good. It’s going to be hard to go back to the first game after playing this one ^-^

  • Luis Angeles

    Congratulations for the sucessful release! Now, for what excites me the most about SWD2 is that particular feeling of being lost in an unknown place, but having the certainty that by digging you can find amazing things, and every time, it will all be worth it

  • Jay Garrick

    I love the fantastic movement mechanics in SWD2. The sprinting and wall jumping allow for really enjoyable and interesting movement around the world. I love the new additions of grappling and the jet pack, I think they only enhance this experience further. I also enjoyed the numerous boss battles, although I’ll stop there so I don’t upset anybody with spoilers. I didn’t think it was possible to improve upon the original, but somehow you managed to make an even more outstanding game. 😀

  • NESJumpman

    Excited to have something to play when I’m done with Golf Story
    🙂 Kappa

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    I’m simply looking forward to the gameplay and art style 🙂

  • Poli_Games

    This would be my FIRST time playing a Steam World Dig game! My buddy bobby won’t stop talking about how the first one is one of his favorite games of all time. Which, is only feeding the fire! There’s something about the art direction that just hooks me in. The color palette is just something you don’t get enough of in this modern climate of games. As a college student, your always strapped for cash and it be a nice thing to play in between classes.

  • Jacob McNab

    I’m excited to see what happened with Rusty!

  • Beanzy

    First let me just say a huge congrats to you guys for an amazing game. I haven’t had the pleasure of playing SWD2 so I can’t exactly say what my favorite part is. However I’m sure if I win the free copy I’ll have plenty of favorites in the game.

    I’d love to win the free copy and buy it again once I have the money coming from your favorite broke college student from Twitter.
    My hope for the game is for you guys to come out with a SWD2 collectors physical edition with maybe a figure or something cool like that. Anyways enjoy the success and the much more that will come this is definitely the GOTY on the switch.

  • I’m excited about new adventure in SWD2.
    I was playing first game, but this seems to have awesome new elements in gameplay.

  • I’m excited about new adventure in SWD2.
    I was playing first game, but this seems to have awesome new elements in gameplay.

  • Thanks for the awesome comments, everyone! The lucky winner is… @dextorboot:disqus! Congratulations. We’ve emailed you with instructions on how to claim your download code. Cheers!

  • Levi

    Amazing game! dlc please!!!

  • Drftr

    I bought this game after seeing the glowing reviews and have been blown away by how well crafted and FUN this game is. Fantastic work Image & Form, and I look forward to your other games in the future!

  • GearBot

    The only title I immediately bought this year. Finished the game now, can’t wait for the next installment in the Steamworld universe!