SteamWorld Dig Official Original Soundtrack

SteamWorld Dig is 50% off on Steam + Release of Official OST

Howdy, diggers! Between today and Sunday we’re slashing the price of SteamWorld Dig on Steam in HALF. That means you can get your hands on SteamWorld Dig for PC, Mac and Linux for $4.99 (or the equivalent). Not only that, but in celebration of the 50% discount we’re releasing some new exciting content for you. Exclusively on Steam you can now purchase the official SteamWorld Dig Original Soundtrack for $0.99. The album contains all nine top notch tunes from the game, composed and recorded by two ace-high composers: Mattias Hammarin and Jonas Kjellberg.

Did you know you can listen to the whole shebang right here?

Isn’t the album art lovely? If you’ve listened to the songs and can’t live without them (or just are in the mood for sending us a dollar for some sweet music), why not buy the OST from the SteamWorld Dig page on Steam? We’re looking into if we’re able to release the soundtrack on iTunes and Spotify as well. But it’s more complicated than we initially thought. So until we’ve figured it out, I hope Soundcloud and Steam is enough to quench your thirst for tones. At least for a while ;D

We’re GIVING AWAY 3 STEAM KEYS for SteamWorld Dig. Just give this question your most creative answer and you’ll enter the drawing:

What do you think is Rusty’s favorite song?

  • Clayton Dryden

    Obviously the main theme!

    • Yes, that would be the logical answer and IDEED the obvious one 🙂 Do you like the soundtrack?

      • Clayton Dryden

        You know, I do enjoy it. I don’t personally find it to be the best soundtrack by any means, but it certainly get right quite a lot of things.
        I found some of the cave tracks to be a bit boring, but the overall feel to the songs is fantastic. Please let the composer know that I highly respect his work.

        • We’ll forward your words to them! I’m sure they’re gonna be very happy 🙂

  • Drekana

    I bet he likes Archaea the best. It is the most reminiscent of the Brinstar after all!

    Also, do you have to have downloaded SteamWorld Dig via Steam in order to get the ost to work? Or can I download just the ost? (Bought the game on 3DS)

    • Oh, nice! Yeah, Archaea reminds me of Dig’s Metroidvania inspirations.

      Yup, you have to own it on Steam to be able to purchase it. BUT Bandcamp is maybe the next place you’ll be able to buy it from. Do you think that would work for you? 🙂

      • Drekana

        Yessir, I love me some bandcamp! Thanks for responding.

  • Mirby

    Tumbleton. It’s where his adventure truly began, and where he made some new friends.

    • B-E-A-utiful! I’m sure the Tumbleton theme has a special place in Rusty’s heart (if he’s got one?). I’m not an expert in cowbot anatomy.

  • Falling Down!

  • Stefan Reuterskiöld

    You just know he’s shaking his steampunk booty to Cotton-Eye Joe! Admit it, you just got that image in your head. You’re welcome ; D

    • ARGH! It’s stuck in my head! But I can’t say it’s not a pleasant sight, however. Thanks, I guess ;D

  • Qtwentyseven

    Someone said Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex, but heck naw, it’s all about dat Old Pop In An Oak by Rednex! It’s totally not the same song!

    • Actually never heard of it! Checked it now and it feels like when I first discovered Cotton-Eye Joe all over again. Plays on loop in the office right know! Who knew a little copy-paste actually can be a good thing, right? ;D

      • Qtwentyseven

        It’s hilarious to me that there are multiple artists that have a song that is basically the same song as their hit song.

  • almostgames

    Huh? What happened? I swear I posted an idea…

    • Yo, maybe something went wrong? Try posting again 🙂

      • almostgames

        I was saying that his favourite song should be Dirty Old Town by the Pogues because it sums up both Tumbleton and the dark world of the shiners down below…

        • Smart! It’s a really nice, classic song. Had almost forgotten it existed! Wonder what happened to your first comment. Maybe tumbled down one of Rusty’s holes?

          • almostgames

            Crushed by a falling block methinks…

          • Haha, unless it met a cruel end in form of the Shiners. But I looked into it and it was because you posted a YouTube link that Disqus wanted us to moderate it. The problem should be resolved now so feel free to post as many YouTube clips you want. Liberating, huh? 😀

          • almostgames

            Huzzah! I was just trying to post the song: And now I have. 🙂

  • Nikola Zečević

    Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt! 😉

  • Nah, I think we count any song. In what way did Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto shape Dig, you think? 😀

  • Dan Ross

    Couldn’t tell if rusty is a fan of classic rock or a little upbeat dance music so I come bearing two submissions:

    The Rolling Stones – Rock and a Hard Place

    The Chemical Brothers – Dig your own hole

  • Leon Durham

    It’s Tricky by Run D.M.C. because SteamWorld Dig can be tricky sometimes 😉

    • Good one! Especially tricky if you try to get all the achievements in the same tricky run, wouldn’t you say?

  • Yannick Lesdanon
    • Our CEO Brjann was mesmerized by your post. He’d actually never seen the music vid before. “This is comedy gold!”

  • “Digga Tunnah/Dig A Tunnel” from The Lion King 1½.

  • Salina Marie Wesson

    Obviously his favorite song is Cotton Eye Joe. xD I mean his uncle is Joe.

    • Clever! I bet Rusty’s listening to this on the anniversary of Joe’s death. Don’t you think?

  • The response from you was overwhelming, diggers! More than we ever hoped for. THANK YOU! The SteamWorld community is awesome!!! Naturally three games aren’t enough, so we’ll giveaway FIVE Steam keys instead of three. CEO Brjann and I will choose our five favorites during the weekend and e-mail you your codes in the beginning of next week. So be sure to check those e-mails you used to comment on the blog 🙂

    We’ll update the blog post with the winners as well, so I’m sure you won’t miss if you win 😀

  • We’ve now chosen our winners! They are the following:

    – Mirby
    – Leon Durham
    – Almostgames
    – Qtwentyseven
    – Drekana

    You’ve all been sent a personal e-mail with one free SteamWorld Dig key for Steam. Be sure to check the e-mail address you used to comment with 🙂

    To all the others: THANKS FOR CHATTING WITH US! It was great and I’m sure we’ll host several other giveaways in the future. So don’t feel down, I’m sure you’ll win in the future 🙂 What would you like to see in the next giveaway?