SteamWorld Heist Hits PS4 & PS Vita On May 31 + Giveaway

Howdy, everyone!

We have big news today: SteamWorld Heist is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on May 31! After a great time and big success on Nintendo 3DS, we’re thrilled to unveil the HD version to you and the rest of the world 😀

Gameplay footage + Giveaway

Price, Cross-buy, Launch Discount and DLC

SteamWorld Heist will launch simultaneously in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. It comes with a slew of wonderful languages and will also be cross-buy. We did a PS4/Vita cross-buy when we launched SteamWorld Dig on PlayStation back in 2014, so doing it again was a no-brainer.

The full price will be $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99 (or the equivalent), but to celebrate SteamWorld Heist’s HD debut we’re also treating PlayStation gamers to a 15% discount. If you’re in Europe or Australia, the game is available for pre-order from today and you can enjoy the discount in the two weeks until launch. Our friends in the Americas will get the discount at launch. Make sure to check the PlayStation Store for more info once the SteamWorld Heist game page is up and running in your region!

Also, The Outsider DLC will be available on both PS4 and PS Vita from day one. Exciting times!

PS4 Screenshots







Win SteamWorld Heist on PS4 and PS Vita early

  1. Tweet us @imageform with the following tweet:
  2. “When #SteamWorldHeist hits PS4 & PS Vita on May 31 I will _ _ _ _ _ .”
  3. Fill in the blank with your space pirate dreams!

We will pick two winners early next week. Good luck!

Will you play SteamWorld Heist on PS4, PS Vita or both?

  • MowMow789

    Cool! I’ll be getting the Steam release as soon as it comes out! Also, I love that launch trailer voice. Will I have heard it somewhere else before?

    • The man you hear is called Bill Sage! He also did the voice for the in-game cutscenes 😀

  • suplextrain .

    Great news!
    Are there any changes in terms of balance, content, etc. in this version compared to the 3DS version beyond the updated visuals?

    • Lots of minor polishes in terms of UI and balancing issues 🙂

      • suplextrain .

        Sweet, thanks for the reply!

        Just a shame it seems like the release date on the EU PS Store got delayed to 8th June 🙁 But I have it pre-ordered!

  • HungryAlpaca

    What’s going on in the third screenshot? I’m so confused! Chop Sue is on a map other than her chop shop? I don’t remember that in the main game, or the Outsider either.

  • frank

    hai,when will the PC version will be realese?thank u