SteamWorld Heist Hits Steam and PS4/Vita on June 7th!

Howdy, everyone!

We’re glad to finally share with you that SteamWorld Heist will release worldwide on Steam on June 7th! The price will be $19.99 / €19.99 (or the equivalent) and comes with a 15% launch discount for the first week after release.

On the same day, SteamWorld Heist comes to PS4/Vita in the Americas. The day after (June 8th) European PlayStation fans can get their hands on the game too. The PlayStation versions will be cross-buy (buy the game on one platform, get the other one for free).

Americans will be able to enjoy a nice discount on Sony’s consoles right at launch. In Europe there are still a few days left to pre-order the PlayStation versions for a great bargain!

“The Outsider” DLC pack (which adds new levels, hats, weapons and a playable character) will be available from day one on both Steam and PlayStation for $4.99 / €4.99 (or the equivalent).

SteamWorld Heist – HD Launch Trailer

We’ve been hard at work on the release trailer for the game, check it out right below. For HD screenshots, check the official SteamWorld Heist website.

Will you go for the Steam or the PlayStation 4/Vita version?

  • Best of luck at launch guys!

  • I’m so pumped for this HD version. I love it on my N3DS. But just like SteamWorld Dig I will probably be buying muliplatform again. The HD is so darn pretty.

    • You rock!

      • Thank you! But it’s really you guys who rock. Many great games come out each week but only a few come out each year with this much replayability similar only to native Nintendo games in my opinion.

        Hopefully I can find the time/money to start going to events again soon. I’d love to meet the team behind Image & Form one day. 🙂

  • DaviCis

    Can I buy the game later in the Humble Store as well ? 🙂

  • MowMow789

    YES! YES! YES! I can finally play this game!