SteamWorld Heist: The Outsider DLC Trailer + Price

On April 28 we introduce The Outsider – Image & Form’s first add-on content (DLC) for the studio’s acclaimed strategy shooter SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS. The Outsider will cost $4.99/€4.99/£4.49 or the equivalent.

Check out the trailer:

Meet Fen: the latest member of your Heist crew, and the most unlikely of allies. A Vectron outcast, Fen breaks the ties to the hive mind and becomes one of your most formidable fighters.

fen_screenshot_01 fen_screenshot_02

How to play

The Outsider is not a conventional add-on. The new plot, missions, enemies, end boss, guns, utilities and dozens of new hats – of course! – blend seamlessly into the game. This means that, aside from starting afresh, you can pick up earlier save profiles, discover the history of Fen, and add the character to your roster pretty much immediately. And what an addition it is!

“Fen’s got some really fearsome firepower and clever upgrade mechanics that turn kills into own health and massive damage to others,” says Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “Busting up metal has never been this rewarding!”

Five new languages + Free Update

Outside of The Outsider, April 28 also sees a substantial free update to SteamWorld Heist itself. Players that prefer to have their steam-driven robots speak in French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian will be happy, and due to popular demand we’ve also expanded the inventory a bit – now you have more empty slots from the outset, and getting new slots will be less taxing on your water reserves. And there’s more utilities. Oh, and even more weird hats.

Installing the free update makes The Outsider available from within SteamWorld Heist.

What’s your first impression of Fen?

  • MowMow789

    Awesome! Any news on SteamWorld Heist HD though?

    • It’s coming soon 😀

      • MowMow789

        Cool! Sorry I haven’t been around much recently, I’ve been quite busy. By the way, I now own the SteamWorld Wiki, and do you know what those enemies in the final area of SteamWorld Dig are called? The ones that run in to you and explode. I’ve tried to read up and find out about them but the only name I found was ‘kamikaze bot’.

  • Aaron Cutherberton

    Absolutely cannot wait for this; will be saving it until a long journey I have on Sunday but it will be very difficult to wait that long!

  • Josh

    So I just finished the game and recently started afresh with new game plus. What does that mean if I want to play the dlc?

  • Wraith

    Let that Fen use a Sword and he will be like Raziel from Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain lol XD, He already have the power to absorb life force, I don’t know why but that was my first impression.

  • HungryAlpaca

    It says “out now,” but alas, it is not out now! I have to wait 24 more hours. Poor me.

  • HungryAlpaca

    It says “out now,” but alas, it is not out now! I have to wait 24 more hours. Poor me.
    …actually though, I really want this today.

  • steve

    hai,when will the PC verson will be release?I can’t wait anymore.

  • Frank

    When will the Steamworld Heist will be release on STEAM?Thank you.

    • Thanks for your patience! Expect an announcement soon 🙂

  • Damian

    will also be released for Playstation vita?