SteamWorld Heist Update + 3DS Screenshots + Photo Contest Winners

SteamWorld Heist Update + 3DS Screenshots + Photo Contest Winners

Howdy, partners! This week I’ll address the number one question people ask us daily:

“How’s SteamWorld Heist coming along?”

It’s going really, really well! Thanks for asking. The game is nearing completion and fairly soon we’ll be able to send the game to Nintendo for final approval. The game will launch this year and we can’t wait to show you more of it as launch draws closer…

Here are a couple of new screenshots:

The first of many space bars in SteamWorld Heist.

The first of many space bars in SteamWorld Heist.

Piper and Seabrass have been cornered by a Scrapper gang. How will they get out of this pickle?

Piper and Seabrass have been cornered by Scrapper thugs. How will they get out of this pickle?

The last stretch is all about polishing, bug fixing, balancing, proof-reading and tweaking to make the very best game we possibly can. It’s going to be worth the wait. So stay tuned for more news regarding release date, price and other cool details in the near future. We just got a capture kit from Nintendo, so when the game is polished enough we’ll show you lots of direct feed gameplay 😀

Proof that the game is in its final stages comes in the form of the final age ratings for all release regions. By having these finalized as early as possible we’re making sure not to delay the game because of slow rating processes. Here they are in all their glory:

Look at all those age ratings!

We’re so close!

Not only our hype is building. At events all over Europe fans are getting their hands on SteamWorld Heist for the very first time. We asked a few of them to share their first impressions with us:

Photo Contest Winners

It’s time announce the winning entries in last week’s SteamWorld themed photo challenge, where the prize was becoming a SteamWorld Ambassador. We asked for photos of “SteamWorld IRL” and you delivered exactly that! The winners are:

  • Vix Chan’s cosplay of Rusty from SteamWorld Dig
  • Zilochius Industries’ “The Last Day of an Old Scrapper”
Vix Chan and Zilochius Industries got really creative with their photos!

Vix Chan and Zilochius Industries got really creative with their photos!

Congrats, you’ll soon get an invitation to our secret Facebook group. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall (you get to invite your friends, too). You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

As always we feel a little guilty towards all of the other contestants. But keep at it and you too might become an ambassador one day!

What do you think of the new screenshots?

  • Barakus

    I like the new screenshots a lot and I’m looking forward to playing the game. I’m not such a big fan of uploading photos on the net, though, so I stayed out of this week’s challenge.

    • Thanks a bunch! No worries, we will not do too many of those 🙂 Next one will be easier to participate in!

  • Carl Gustavsson

    I have some questions. Is the game going to release on other platforms such as steam? (since I’ve only seen updates about the 3ds version I wasn’t sure.) If so, are they going to be released at the same time or later in the year?

    • abe

      I believe the 3DS version is launching first as thanks to all the original fans and then all the others coming next year. I’m sure an I&F guy will give better details

    • Carlos Frederico

      I wanna know this too… I have a 3DS, but I prefer Steam.

      • abe

        3DS this year, HD versions next year

      • @carlos_frederico:disqus @carlgustavsson:disqus @AbeHikura:disqus 3DS is the first platform. HD versions are coming as fast as possible after that 🙂

  • Atticus Albright

    Dammit! Ah well, congratulations to the winners, the scrappers is fantastic work.

  • Vix Chan

    Thanks so much! I really thought I had no chance when I saw Zilochus Industrys entry. But winning joint is a amazing feeling!
    Thank You!

    • Congrats 😀

    • PowerHouse

      (v^_^)v do you feel like sharing, pls (◕‿◕✿)

      • Vix Chan

        Sorry, I’ve given the codes to my friends already…

        • PowerHouse

          It’s ok

  • PowerHouse

    Current mood:

    • Atticus Albright

      Hey, just stick at it, you’ll get there eventually!

      • PowerHouse

        Thanks man, u had a good entry too

        • @atticusalbright:disqus @disqus_1aVDN9RF3P:disqus Thanks so much for your entries! 😀 Don’t give up!

  • Wow! Thank you! I made this photo because I had already shown my Rusty cosplay on your facebook page, so I wanted to do something different.
    I actually bought and customized a bowler only for this contest (Choppers wear it, right?), unfortunately in this photo it’s hard to see clearly.

  • TheGamingWolf

    that head does indeed look awesome… although i think its original owner might be slightly annoyed that it was taken XD anyway keep up the good work!

  • hahaha

    I hope this game can be release as soon as possible