SteamWorld Photo Contest – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #10

SteamWorld Photo Contest – Ambassador Challenge #10

Howdy, partner!

This week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge is: take a photo of anything from SteamWorld… in the real world! What this means is you have to get creative. Maybe you can reenact a shootout from SteamWorld Heist by taking cover behind your sofa and pointing your finger gun at the camera? All donned in your coolest hat, of course. Or if you have a big pile of dirt somewhere… Why not climb it and strike Rusty’s victory pose from SteamWorld Dig? The world is your playground.

Here’s our take to get you started:

Here's our take on SteamWorld Heist IRL.

Shooting off imaginary hats with imaginary guns: Check!

Your entry can be silly like ours, but don’t let that limit your creation. Previous SteamWorld Ambassador Challenges have taught us we can expect anything from you, so we’ll choose a winner based on general creativity and fun factor. Go wild, but take care: we don’t want you get hurt in the making!

What you win…

If you win you’ll become a SteamWorld Ambassador and be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on Nintendo 3DS this fall with all other platforms coming shortly after. Prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. The Ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Rules and how to enter…

Upload or link to your picture (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your entry by Sunday October 11th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll reveal the winner in next week’s blog update (Tuesday). By submitting your images you give us the rights to freely use them in our products, services and marketing materials. The winning entry will not appear in the video game SteamWorld Heist.

You are completely free with your entry and are allowed to do some basic image editing. But let’s keep it safe for work and enjoyable for everyone. Also, make sure you’re allowed to share what’s in your picture before posting it online (including all faces, belongings, information and locations). It’s optional to include people in the photo.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • Vix Chan

    This one took some serious thinking, but after finding a huge chunk of Fools Gold in the drawer I had to go with a good old Rusty photo.

    Lucky I could just about manage to find the pickaxe in the garden shed, and I think nearly everyone has a cowboy (cowbot) hat somewhere.

    Anyway, here is my picture of myself as Rusty (you know, if he was human… and a girl…)

  • The last day of an old Scrapper.

  • PowerHouse

    No, we are not triplets and yes, I made this.

    • PowerHouse

      I wanted to show off a storm trooper head which is my piggy bank “in back of me” but I decided to add a casualty.

  • Coffee High

    My youngest son loves steamworld dig, but we couldn’t come up with a photo idea yet. He insists that there has to be Steam Powered Giraffe music playing in the background and that just doesn’t work with still images! Unfortunately, nobody in our house is crazy for turn based strategy, so we are hoping for another platformer from you guys in the future, hint hint!!! Maybe something based loosely on Steam Powered Giraffe’s latest album, The Vice Quadrant? Doesn’t matter, I just want to punch a space whale in the face! (Nobody knows what I am talking about? That’s normal for me!)
    Good luck on Steamworld Heist and we can’t wait to see what you do next!

    • Thanks so much for your awesome support 😀 Tell your son we are so happy to hear from him! We’ll make more SteamWorld games. so everything can happen 🙂

  • Atticus Albright

    This kind of makes sense if you think of it as a black and white film set in the King’s daisy, with the text as intercepting plaques. I may put a few more up if I can organise my brothers who helped make this.
    1:Fill’er up barkeeper.
    2: Hat poker, but someone’s playing dirty.
    3: The cheat is uncovered!

    • Really nice to see this kind of stuff! Everyday steambot life!

  • Vernatio


  • Eddyson Dijkhoff

    hey there!

    I’ve made a Left4Dead & The Walking Dead inspired photo.

    Have a zombieday!

    that’s my hand yes, and I can’t stand the 2 mb limit.
    You can click on it for better quality!

    • Nice one 😀 Love the reference! Many of us are big fans of The Walking Dead and we occasionally play L4D after office hours!

  • Thanks for your amazing entries, friends! We have now announced the winners. They are found here: