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Win SteamWorld Quest for PC – Out May 31!

Howdy, everyone!

It’s with great pleasure we’re announcing that SteamWorld Quest comes to Steam on May 31. You know what? That’s just a few weeks away! Since the launch last month, Quest has been a Switch exclusive, but soon anyone with a PC can enjoy it! You read that right: ANYONE WITH A PC CAN PLAY. We’re preparing day one versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux (thought we’d forget about the last two?).

Head over to Steam to wishlist the game today!

First of all: Thanks for the love!

SWQ is blessed with fabulous feedback from players and press alike, with the Switch version boasting an impressive 80/100 on Metacritic. Your love has led to impressive sales – Quest is currently the second best-selling SteamWorld game at release! SteamWorld Dig 2 (our fastest selling game to date) performed ridiculously well for us back in 2017. We’re thrilled and grateful for your support and hope that many more will enjoy the game once it’s out on PC!

If you’re new to SteamWorld Quest, there’s more to learn on its official website. Feel free to watch the trailer below, as well.

What about GOG and Humble?

No plans to share at the moment, but rest assured that we’re well aware of the benefits of DRM-free gaming. We’re PC gamers too, you know!

Will the game have PC exclusive features?

The PC version comes with achievements and Steam exclusive features like trading cards. But other than that, it’ll be identical to the Switch version. We’ll also have the game’s soundtrack ready for sale at launch.

How can I win SteamWorld Quest for PC?

Thanks for asking. It’s easy! Since the Switch release, we’ve seen a ton of talented artists drawing the cast of SteamWorld Quest in all sorts of imaginative styles and scenarios. Here are a few notable examples (Copernica is very popular):

Rest Stop by A-Random-Bat on DeviantArt


For a chance to win SteamWorld Quest for Steam all you have to do is:

Upload your SteamWorld picture(s) in the comments below. We need your ideas by Tuesday, May 28 at 11:59 PM / 23:59 in your local time zone. By submitting your ideas you give us the right to freely use them in our daily work.

You don’t have to own the latest gear or be a Pablo Picasso to enter. Just have fun with the challenge and get creative! We look for all kinds of qualities in your artwork and will choose three winners (announced in a featured comment down below). You’re completely free with what you draw, but keep it safe for work and enjoyable for everyone. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS at EGX 2015 in Birmingham

SteamWorld Heist at EGX + Billy Gill’s Back Story Winner

Howdy partners!

Julius is home with a severe cold after shaking a lot of hands at Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in Birmingham this weekend (next time we’ll bring a bucket of hand sanitizers), so he’s instructed me to take care of the blogging this week. Sorry for being a few days late, this blogging tech is still new to me. Prepare for wordiness! 😀

The latest show we visited with SteamWorld Heist – Gamescom in Germany this August – was a true test of character and stamina. Gamescom is by far the biggest game expo in the world, with around half a million visitors and booths spread out over about a dozen gigantic halls. You’d better be both very fit and very patient! By contrast, EGX fits snugly into one hall, and even the biggest exhibitors – Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA – felt compact yet packed with content. It’s great to be able to walk around and “see everything” in less than 20 minutes.

And when you don’t have to walk forever, you discover so many nuggets! I liked a lot of the stuff I played, but I specifically fell in love with two very different games, Mushroom 11 and Lichtspeer. I certainly hope they both do all right. I guess as an indie developer I’m biased, but I seem to enjoy indie games more than anything; many of them are so to-the-point and just charming.

Brjann playing Mushroom 11

Brjann playing Mushroom 11

Nintendo had set up a SteamWorld Heist station for us smack in the middle of their booth, where we had a constant flow of people playing – and, to our relief, enjoying – our 10-minute demo of the game. It was noisy and at times also chaotic, but all wrapped in a happy atmosphere. We also had time to sit down with the press and talk shop. That’s always a bit nervous; what if I fail at infecting them with my excitement for the game, or what if they don’t understand or don’t like the gameplay? I’m like a bouncy five-year-old in that respect: “Come on! Love it! Get it!” And yes… they got it. 🙂

SteamWorld Heist's display at EGX

SteamWorld Heist’s display at EGX

There is something special and familial about Nintendo: they don’t treat us like rock stars (most probably because we’re not), but they definitely don’t regard us as thin air either. It’s more like we’re cousins, perhaps, or friends. For example, their EGX developer party was not held at a cool club, but in the back room of a pub. You could argue that they’re being cheap (and I guess it was relatively cheap), but the point is that all the Nintendo folks were there, with us. Talk about making your developers feel important. The night ended with an incredibly loud punk band that happened to play at the same pub. In my humble opinion punk will always beat techno, which is what we’re usually served at dev-conference parties. I got back to the hotel late that night, very happy and with my ears still ringing.

As soon as Julius is back on his feet, we’ll post videos and more images from EGX!

Who is Billy Gill? – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #9

Who is Billy Gill? – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #9

The Billy Gill Back Story Winner

Last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge was to provide a plausible back story for Billy Gill, our tight-lipped, gun-toting fish robot. And again we got so many wonderful entries! I have to tell you it’s really hard to pick winners for these challenges. Most everyone in the office gets involved, and we’re both flattered and overjoyed by the efforts. If it would have made any sense, we’d let everyone win.

So many of the entries would work well, but one stood out. The winner is:

  • “Aboard the Titanium” by jmaster2710

As the author mentioned in the comment, they went overboard and made a comic that is simply irresistible. We made a point of judging it fairly against the text-based entries. It didn’t win because it’s a comic – but because it’s concise and there’s a marvellous twist to it. See for yourselves:

Billy Gill's backstory – Comic Edition

Billy Gill’s backstory – Comic Edition

Congrats jmaster2710, you’ll soon get an invitation to our secret Facebook group. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall (you get to invite your friends, too). You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

As always we feel a little guilty towards all of the other contestants. But keep at it and you too might become an ambassador one day!

SteamWorld YouTube Series

If you’re following our updates I’m sure you know we’re regularly uploading videos to the Image & Form YouTube channel. The series is a container for all sorts of content: Q & As, interviews with staff, let’s plays, discussions, contests, announcements, fun randomness and other SteamWorld related content with the community in focus.

Where do you think Billy’s lover went?

Greetings from space!

Fan Art Winners + Graphics Team Q&A

Howdy, partner! How are you?

First of all, let’s just say we were blown away by your amazing entries in last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador fan art challenge. You really fired up the entire team, which got some of our artists to record a special Q&A video as thanks for your beautiful artwork. Amanda, Jakob and Agnes had a lot of fun answering your questions.

Check it out:

Fan Art Winners

In all previous SteamWorld Ambassador Challenges we’ve been able to narrow it down to three winners. But this time it was simply impossible, so we decided to crown FOUR new SteamWorld Ambassadors. We chose the art we felt was the most unique/fun/beautiful or otherwise awesome. It was hard, but here they are:

  • Brittany Epic Morales
  • Stephen Patmore
  • Uggy G
  • Zoroko

Congratulations! Expect an e-mail soon with all the stuff you need to know about being a SteamWorld Ambassador. Here are the winning entries in all their glory:


Over to you:

Big thanks to all who submitted art for the challenge. All were simply beautiful! We’re planning great things for your creations. You might for instance see them on social media in the future and on the walls of our office. We’re planning to use every single one. Thank you for making it possible! 😀

What do you think we should do with all the fan art that was submitted?

SteamWorld Heist Fan Art Competition

Fan Art Contest – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #5

Howdy, partners!

Summer is approaching fast, so we thought we’d invite you to a SteamWorld Heist fan art challenge. Will you whip out your papers and pencils and go nuts with your creativity?

If you win you’ll become a SteamWorld Ambassador and be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. The ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Need some inspiration?

Here’s SteamWorld art from fans and our own artists:

And don’t forget to check out our artist Amanda’s speed painting:

You don’t have to own the latest gear to enter or be a Pablo Picasso. Just have fun with it and get creative! We look for all kinds of qualities in your artwork. Everything between derpy Rusty and detailed concept art is accepted!

How to enter…

Upload your SteamWorld picture(s) (and ask any questions) in the comments below. Or upload it to another site like DeviantArt or Tumblr and link to it. We need your ideas by Tuesday June 23rd at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll reveal the winners in next week’s blog update (Thursday). By submitting your ideas you give us the right to freely use them in our daily work.

You are completely free with what you draw, but keep it safe for work and nice. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

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