Play SteamWorld Dig at PAX East in Boston this week!

Play SteamWorld Dig 2 at PAX East on Nintendo Switch!

Update: We accidentally communicated the wrong booth number. It’s supposed to be #22048. We updated the last paragraph to reflect that.

Howdy, partners! How about that SteamWorld Dig 2 reveal and Switch launch last week?! We’ve had a blast reading your reactions and playing Zelda all weekend! Both are equally amazing and makes for a combined 10/10 experience!

As excited as we are online we can’t wait for fans to play SteamWorld Dig 2 for themselves. And on that note…

We’ll be showing the first, public demo of SteamWorld Dig 2 on Nintendo Switch at PAX East (March 10-12, Boston, MA)

This is a rare chance to play SteamWorld Dig 2 on Nintendo Switch ahead of launch later this summer. Make sure to stop by and play. We’ve got a special demo version running beautifully on multiple stations and lots of SWD2 swag to hand out. To find us, just look for the SWD2 banners in the lobby or locate booth number #22048.

Will we see you at PAX East? If not, what shows should we visit near you?

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Explosive reactions: What the World Thinks of SteamWorld Heist

Happy #Heistuesday!

The past two weeks have been all about showing SteamWorld Heist to the world. OK, we only showed the game at a few conventions. But a lot of people enjoyed the game and expressed their feelings about it in various ways. So we thought we’d give you a rundown of some of the impressions people have posted online.

Media impressions

“Great take on the tactical genre. Think X-Com, in 2D, with steampunk robots. I loved getting my hands on it.”
– SideQuesting

“Boom. Perfect.”
– Rock Paper Shotgun

“It looks awesome! … What I really like about SteamWorld Heist is that you have to aim your gun manually. It’s purely skill-based.”
– GameTrailers

Fan impressions

Highlight of #Rezzed for me was definitely @ImageForm’s #SteamWorldHeist!

Ett foto publicerat av Lewis Knight (@lewie_kong)

And of course we didn’t just receive praise. Many were eager to express their feelings and we got some constructive feedback as well.

What we had to say – in front of the camera

Along with the game we also brought members from our own team. Brjann went to America for PAX East and Game Developers Conference and I (Julius) headed to London for EGX Rezzed. We did a ton of interviews at the shows with talented and awesome video creators. Check out the vids for glimpses of gameplay and lots of cool information.

How do you think we did? Did we make a good impression?


SteamWorld Heist On Tour: Play it on PAX, GDC and more! – #Heistuesday 20


GDC, PAX East, EGX Rezzed and Steampunk World’s Fair confirmed.

Hi there folks! SteamWorld Heist is still under construction, and lots of you have been asking us to show SteamWorld Heist gameplay footage, release demos etc. Well, pretty soon SteamWorld Heist goes on tour and we’ll have stuff to show you!

First off, Brjann is going together with Klaus at Zoink Games to GDC in San Francisco March 2-4. There they’ll be cooped up in a hotel suite for three days, Brjann showing off SteamWorld Heist and Klaus parading Zombie Vikings to the press.

Late in the evening Wednesday they’ll scoop up gear, cables and dirty underwear and head onto Boston and PAX East, March 6-8. One day of booth building, and then goes the weekend with tons of people trying out our games. We’re quite excited to see how that turns out! If you’re going to PAX East, make sure to stop by and say hello, and be one of the first to try SteamWorld Heist!

SteamWorld Heist will be shown and playable at the Steampunk World's Fair!

Right on the heels of this Julius (yours truly) and Mikael head to EGX Rezzed in London (March 12-14), which is a smaller version of a consumer fair like PAX. Then we rest for a bit, before going to Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey on May 15-17. That’ll be amazing, and we’ll probably be the only ones not wearing scrap metal and used-up circuit boards. We’d probably not get through customs if we did. 😉

 Happy to see us go? What do you think we should be wearing for Steampunk World’s Fair?