#Heistuesday 3: Meet Piper Faraday.

piper_concept_final3piper logoPiper Faraday is a steambot that has been forced to go her own way, and is the protagonist of SteamWorld Heist. Formerly a pilot in the Royalist Space Force, her hardwired – and quite experimental – moral fiber sets her apart from her peers.

Piper’s flight skills have put her on a rising trajectory within the Royalist Order, although she’s fairly uninterested in a military career or politics in general. She’s quite content piloting her Space Force cargo ship – a state-of-the-art steam-driven vessel that effortlessly spans distances and runs supplies from one shard to another.

Piper - head conceptsHer existence pretty much amounts to loading, off-loading and talking to other steambots in the docks. She’s friendly and popular among the locals pretty much wherever she lands. If asked about her career choice, she would answer that sure, the Royalists are harsh, but after The Blast the world needs order more than anything else.

Piper - body conceptsThis blissful existence could have amounted to her livelihood until new steambot versions would have replaced her, but it comes to an abrupt halt one day. She’s ordered to drop her payload from the air onto a village where “something is brewing”… Royalist military jargon for a suspected rebel hideout. She realizes that her cargo consists of powerful explosives, and is faced with the choice of either bombing a village that possibly contains smallbots… or to fly away, to become a deserter, forever fair game for Royalist troops.

Piper - pose conceptsAt the end of the day, it’s a simple choice for a steambot wired with moral fiber. In the back room of a bar on a familiar shard, robotic hands are shook in grim resolution, and ships are traded. Goodbye, Royalist cargo ship. Hello, the Déjà vu… Strict order cannot come at any price, and so begins the fight of a lone, righteous steambot versus a system that has been rotting from the inside.

Piper – Final designIf the characteristics of Clint Eastwood was the basis for Rusty, we’ve modeled Piper after Katharine Hepburn. Headstrong, independent, fair and tough as nails.

Question: What do you think of our new protagonist?