Video: 5 Cool Nintendo Switch Facts (and 5 Lame Ones)

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In the latest Engine Room episode we answer your Nintendo Switch questions and open a bunch of fan mail you’ve so kindly supplied us with. Today’s topics include the power of Nintendo Switch, its ease of use and what our dev kit looks like. Use the timestamps below to jump to your preferred section.

Check out the video:

Topics & Timestamps

  • Is Nintendo Switch powerful? 0:50
  • What does the the dev kit look like? 1:08
  • Will Nintendo continue to support Nindies? 1:54
  • Is Nintendo Switch easy to develop for? 2:33
  • Are there any additional features? 3:32

Jump to 4:16 for the “lame” facts!

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What Nintendo Switch fact was your favorite?


SteamWorld Heist: Next Platforms and DLC prospects

Video Q&A: Future SteamWorld Heist DLC and Platforms

Howdy, partners!

Today we answer YOUR questions about SteamWorld Heist in a rich Q&A! We discuss a wide range of topics, including: DLC prospects, future platform releases, our office habits and a shipload of bad puns. Enjoy!

Here’s an extended list of topics for you to choose from (including timecodes):

  • What is the next platform for SteamWorld Heist? (00:27)
  • SteamWorld Heist DLC and Free Update (01:02)
  • Is it possible to add multiplayer to SteamWorld Heist? (02:41)
  • Was it a conscious effort to have many strong female characters in SteamWorld Heist? (05:01)
  • Concept art and scrapped SteamWorld Heist characters (05:24)
  • Any favorite snacks around the office? (09:31)
  • How do you plan to expand the SteamWorld brand? (10:09)

… plus a ton of other stuff!

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