SteamWorld Heist Update + 3DS Screenshots + Photo Contest Winners

SteamWorld Heist Update + 3DS Screenshots + Photo Contest Winners

Howdy, partners! This week I’ll address the number one question people ask us daily:

“How’s SteamWorld Heist coming along?”

It’s going really, really well! Thanks for asking. The game is nearing completion and fairly soon we’ll be able to send the game to Nintendo for final approval. The game will launch this year and we can’t wait to show you more of it as launch draws closer…

Here are a couple of new screenshots:

The first of many space bars in SteamWorld Heist.

The first of many space bars in SteamWorld Heist.

Piper and Seabrass have been cornered by a Scrapper gang. How will they get out of this pickle?

Piper and Seabrass have been cornered by Scrapper thugs. How will they get out of this pickle?

The last stretch is all about polishing, bug fixing, balancing, proof-reading and tweaking to make the very best game we possibly can. It’s going to be worth the wait. So stay tuned for more news regarding release date, price and other cool details in the near future. We just got a capture kit from Nintendo, so when the game is polished enough we’ll show you lots of direct feed gameplay 😀

Proof that the game is in its final stages comes in the form of the final age ratings for all release regions. By having these finalized as early as possible we’re making sure not to delay the game because of slow rating processes. Here they are in all their glory:

Look at all those age ratings!

We’re so close!

Not only our hype is building. At events all over Europe fans are getting their hands on SteamWorld Heist for the very first time. We asked a few of them to share their first impressions with us:

Photo Contest Winners

It’s time announce the winning entries in last week’s SteamWorld themed photo challenge, where the prize was becoming a SteamWorld Ambassador. We asked for photos of “SteamWorld IRL” and you delivered exactly that! The winners are:

  • Vix Chan’s cosplay of Rusty from SteamWorld Dig
  • Zilochius Industries’ “The Last Day of an Old Scrapper”
Vix Chan and Zilochius Industries got really creative with their photos!

Vix Chan and Zilochius Industries got really creative with their photos!

Congrats, you’ll soon get an invitation to our secret Facebook group. As a SteamWorld Ambassador you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall (you get to invite your friends, too). You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

As always we feel a little guilty towards all of the other contestants. But keep at it and you too might become an ambassador one day!

What do you think of the new screenshots?

Here's SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS

First look at SteamWorld Heist on 3DS + One-Liner Winners

Here's SteamWorld Heist on Nintendo 3DS

Howdy, partners!

As you know by this point, SteamWorld Heist is coming to all current-gen platforms and the release is aimed at fall 2015 – no fixed dates yet.

Many of our Nintendo 3DS-wielding fans have been anxious to see stuff for their favorite platform. Are they perhaps worried we’re going to give them the cold shoulder? No need: with SteamWorld Dig being such a hit for the 3DS, a version of SteamWorld Heist for the platform has been in the works from the very start. And now we decided it’s time to show some of it.

Down below you’ll find the first five Nintendo 3DS screenshots – both upper and lower screen – from our upcoming turn-based strategy combat game. We’re making sure to make SteamWorld Heist an awesome game, although we’re still a bit from completion, our CEO Brjánn is starting to lose sleep… not from staying up all night developing or worrying how the game will perform, but from the simply joy of playing. And feel free to replace “joy” with “addiction”. I can’t tell anymore 😉

One-liner winners

In last week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge we asked you to come up with epic one-liners for the evil Scrappers in SteamWorld Heist. We got hundreds of creative entries in all three categories (anger, glee and shock) and had a hard time choosing one winner in each category. We’ll definitely use all of them as inspiration when writing dialogue and other text. The winners are…

  • Anger: “Cogwash!” by Josiah Jones
  • Glee: “Nailed it!” by U gonna get shrekt
  • Shock: “Mother of cog!” by Soupfist

Big congratulations! We’ll have a surprise ready for you and the other ambassadors pretty soon. So stay tuned and check your inbox for e-mail! As SteamWorld Ambassadors you’ll be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist on all platforms starting this fall. You’ll also get exclusive information on the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Over to you:


Which screenshot is your favorite and why?


The fishy steambot Billy Gill is usin' that uzi skilfully.

BIG UPDATE + Awesome SteamWorld Heist Screenshots

Happy Heistuesday!

I hope you have a great day! Last week we finally showed SteamWorld Heist to the public for the first time. You see, our CEO Brjann just came back from an amazingly fun time at PAX East and GDC, where he showed SteamWorld Heist to American fans and press. And they loved it! Our booths were filled to the brim and praise was unanimous. Among others, both IGN and Gametrailers thought it was a helluva game!

We built a custom demo stage just for these events and were initially afraid we made it too hard! But dang, every player was super-skilled and many defeated every single foe on the first try. That doesn’t mean it was a breeze, though. IGN editor Jose Otero survived with his last crew member by a hair’s breadth.

And who can blame him? Check out these intense screenshots from the demo:

Lookin’ good? As you see in the pictures, Heist is not a traditional turn-based strategy game where battles are based on percentage and numbers. You actually aim and fire your shots in real time. We like to call it a skill-based, turn-based strategy action game (not the best wording, but you get what I mean).

The press wasn’t the only ones who liked what they played. Community members also shared their love on social media:

About that release date…

A common question people asked us was: “When can we get the full game?”. When we announced the game back in September we thought we’d be done by February, then we thought we’d be done by the end of March and now… spring 2015 is almost over. So what that means is that SteamWorld Heist is going to be delayed with a few months. But all the extra time we take will be visible in the final release.

So our new release window is “2015”. And it won’t be before fall this year. If you’re disappointed I do feel with you. But even worse would be you purchasing an incomplete game, right? We’d never let you experience that. And like I said above: With the extra time we will make SteamWorld Heist the best turn-based, skill-based strategy game with steampunk robots. In space.

What do you think of the screenshots? And how do you feel about the new release window?

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