SteamWorld Heist Out Now on Wii U in EU + Contest

Howdy, everyone!

Today is a happy, happy day as SteamWorld Heist finally hits Wii U in Europe. And America is next in line with the game releasing there on Wii U in early October.

Here’s the Wii U launch trailer:

Though its full price is €19.99 / £14.99, we have a couple of launch promotions between 30th September and 13th October:

  • 25% off at launch = €14.99 / £10.99.
  • If you already own SteamWorld Heist or SteamWorld Dig for 3DS or Wii U, you actually get 33% off at launch = €13.39 / £9.99

I’m sure this makes the Wii U version a little more tempting for many of you! These deals only apply to the Nintendo eShop version, naturally, not on SteamWorld Collection (Dig and Heist + The Outsider DLC on the same disc) in stores. Alongside the eShop version of Heist is three DLC packs, including The Outsider expansion.

To boil down every Wii U launch detail we visited a giant Nintendo museum to shoot a very special Engine Room episode. Check it out for all the details and an exciting contest! I hope you will find our shenanigans and musings entertaining to watch 😀

Will you buy SteamWorld Heist on disc or from Nintendo eShop?

SWH platforms

#Heistuesday 10: SteamWorld Heist is coming to all platforms!

Update: We have now put the Xbox and Android versions of SteamWorld Heist on hold. Check out this blog update for more info.

Original post:

Hi all,

Happy news! We have received the official warm embrace from all major platforms owners, who are all eager to see SteamWorld Heist on their flagship consoles and devices. That means we’ll release Heist on all their current platforms, which logically should mean PC/Mac/Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Vita, Xbox One. The exact order is yet to be decided.

As with SteamWorld Dig, we are planning to self-publish Heist on all markets available to us. It means going worldwide again, and that we’ll localize Heist into a multitude of languages. Curious fact without any intent of bashing: only Nintendo Japan wants us to either go through a local publisher or open our own office in Japan. Our programmer Ulf has volunteered to move to Tokyo and set up shop, but we love him too much to let him go… so we’re leaning towards the first option.


We’ll apply the so-called staggered release strategy, meaning we’ll bring Heist to one (maybe two) of the platforms on day one, then release it for the next platform, etc. It makes a lot of sense to a small developer like us, since we don’t have the muscles to release on all platforms at once. At least not if we want to keep our games optimized, full of Easter eggs and free from bugs, and we take pretty big pride in doing that.

Is SteamWorld Heist coming to iOS and Android as well?

We’re hoping to bring SteamWorld Heist to mobile platforms as well. The game’s input controls should make it a dream game for any tablet owner, and like many games it may be too detailed for playing on the phone. Most likely SteamWorld Dig won’t ever make it to mobiles or tablets, mainly because of the game controls: They’re perfect for gamepads and less stellar for touch input. Mobile development isn’t new ground to us: we’ve had great success on iOS with our game Anthill. We think everyone should get Anthill for either iOS or Android, and marvel over our incredible versatility as a studio. 😉

So it looks like you’ll be able to play Heist on your platform of choice. Or dare we say ‘platforms’…? Because some people can’t seem to get enough. Last week we sent a t-shirt to a splendid guy who calls himself @WhimsicalPhil on Twitter, for distinguished multiple dipping. He owns SteamWorld Dig on all available platforms to date (that is 3DS, PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, PS4 and PS Vita).

Today’s question: On which platform do you want to play SteamWorld Heist first?

Why Wii U Is A Perfect Platform For SteamWorld Dig

The cat’s outta the bag: SteamWorld Dig is coming to Wii U. That’s right! No kidding. No need to pinch yourself. Pinky swear. We listen to each and every one of you, and the number one request we’ve gotten by far is to let you next-gen Nintendo console gamers get some of our dirt-diggin’ steampunk cowbot action adventure game. Frankly, we’ve always wanted to. And now that we’re Wii U developers (maybe you saw our teaser last week?) we can finally make it happen!

We think Wii U is perfect for SteamWorld Dig for two reasons:

  1. You guys have asked for it.
  2. We’re massive Nintendo fans.

We’re aiming for a fall 2014 release and are overjoyed by the fact that we’ll soon have our very first release on a Nintendo home console! It may relate to the fact that most of us at Image & Form have been major Nintendo fans since childhood. And judging from all the Nintendo stuff around our office you’d think we’re at the Nintendo HQ in Kyoto!

Wii U is a powerhouse, which is extremely cool. The Wii U GamePad and Miiverse are fun to explore but we’ve yet to decide on how we’ll utilize them. Anyway we’re certain that SteamWorld Dig is perfect for Wii U. We’ll share more details with you, such as release date, price and other cool stuff, in the coming months.

Please, be excited!

We showed you ours, now it’s time for you to show us your Nintendo stuff! Games, toys, figurines, magazines, consoles… anything! Why not snap a pic and share it with us in the comments? 😀

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