SteamWorld Heist Artwork

Unveiling SteamWorld Heist HD & DLC at PAX East

Howdy, partners!

SteamWorld Heist is thriving on the 3DS, and very soon the game is launching on HD platforms as well. Just as with SteamWorld Dig, seeing Heist on a big screen is simply mind-blowing. Have a look:

In SteamWorld Heist you can take cover behind metal barrels and the like to avoid getting hit by enemy fire.

SteamWorld Heist really pops in HD, don’t you think?

Play SteamWorld Heist HD at PAX East

PAX East in Boston is around the corner (April 22-24) , and it’s the perfect time to present what’s coming. We have a booth and are bringing a first-showing of the playable HD version of SteamWorld Heist. Me, Julius, will be there presenting the game and I’d love to meet up with you. Please let me know if you’re attending the show!

Stay tuned for the first HD platform announcements!

DLC and Update coming very soon

At PAX East we’re unveiling our first DLC pack for SteamWorld Heist. It’s called “The Outsider” and is in its final stages of production. It’s coming to Nintendo 3DS together with a free update containing a slew of new languages and added features. We’ll drop more info closer to release (which is close, btw)!

Are you excited about SteamWorld Heist HD?

Will we see you at PAX East?