Valentine Butterbolt: The Don Juan of SteamWorld Heist? – #Heistuesday 19

Happy Heistuesday!

Or should I say, Happy Valentine’s Week? Ok, the 14th isn’t until this Saturday, but since we decided to call our weekly updates Heistuesday we can’t really break our combo by blogging on a Saturday. That would be crazy!

Valentine Butterbolt SteamWorld Heist

Valentine Butterbolt – The chimney-sweeper.

Today we’ll introduce you to a new crew member for Captain Piper to recruit in SteamWorld Heist. Fittingly, this steambot’s name is Valentine Butterbolt. And surprisingly he’s not the Don Juan of SteamWorld. But a senior steambot with a passion for all things chimney. That’s right: he’s a chimney-sweeper.

After losing the love of his life due to a series of unfortunate events, Valentine found comfort in his only friends: the chimneys. The difference between a steambot and a steam engine pipe isn’t that big, after all. Utilizing his engineering skills he upgraded himself with a chimney-sweeping kit as a way of dealing with the recent hardships. The upgrade served him well as a Royalist chimney-sweeper and got him promoted to highest of ranks within the chimney-sweeper community.

But when Valentine reached the age of retirement the Royalist government stripped him of his privileges and sent him to a home for senior steambots. The pain of no longer being able to clean sooty pipes was unbearable, so he escaped from his shackles and joined rebel spaceships as an engineer specializing in pipe cleaning.

As a way of thanking you peeps for all your love and support we have crafted a special Valentine’s Day Card. Agnes and Peter have been working closely with Valentine on this awesome poem and picture filled with old-school pixel art. We hope you have a wonderful week filled with love from friends and family!

Happy Valentine from SteamWorld Heist!

Question: How would you surprise Valentine on a romantic date?