Steam Powered Giraffe on stage

Video Q&A: Steam Powered Giraffe Answers YOUR Questions

Howdy, partners!

In this week’s episode of The Engine Room we pass the baton to our good friends Steam Powered Giraffe (the band behind the official SteamWorld Heist soundtrack). In the game you see the band perform songs from the album in bars and other locations scattered throughout space.

Luckily for us they’re not only in-game robots; the trio exists in real life as well! In the Q&A below the band members tackle questions directly from the SteamWorld community by going into detail about themselves and their work on the game.

The questions include, but are not limited to:

  • How did the band come to meet with Image & Form?
  • Are you visiting Europe?
  • Any favorite characters and hats in SteamWorld Heist?
  • Is the soundtrack coming to Spotify?

… and more. Enjoy!

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What’s your favorite track from the SteamWorld Heist soundtrack?