Video: SteamWorld Collection Boil Down + Hat Winners

Howdy, partners! Join us for a quick rundown of SteamWorld Heist for Wii U, our Gamescom/PAX plans and the “mysterious” SteamWorld Collection. Happy watching!

Skip to 2:45 to see who won our hat design contest! Thanks for all your amazing hat designs and congrats to all winners. The winners will receive an email early next week with an official invitation to the SteamWorld Ambassador Club.

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What do you think of the winning hat designs?

  • deadkat

    Congratulations to the three winners, those designs are great 😀 ! It’s awesome to see fan creations inside the game. Also, it’s amazing to see that nintendo themselves are editing the Steamworld collection in Europe, usually, indie devs have to ask other publishers, like Rising star games, or more recently, YachtClub games, with shovelknight and the Gunvolt collection.

    And I’m amazed to see you guys care that much about the players and the communication between you and us 🙂 .

    (oh, and, yeah, you definitely have to find a better slogan ^-^ )

    • You rock! 😀 Btw, you should help us with a slogan!

      • deadkat

        Ahah, thanks! I’d love to help but… huuuu… English is not my native language (French is, actually) and I find the “get steamed” kinda charming because of the cheesiness 😀 … And once again, I’m pretty amazed by Nintendo’s support towards indie titles like shovel knight, shantae and the SteamWorld games ^-^

        • Thanks anyway! We’re proud to be working with Nintendo 🙂

  • Léo Carvalho

    Oh my God! Did I win? Yeah! That’s amazing! Not only have my hat design in game but an invitation to SteamWorld Ambassador Club too!? Oh boy! Thanks a lot! I’m very happy!!

    • Wraith

      That was my favorite too, congratulations.

    • Congrats again!

  • Mohammed Laes

    😧 Missed out again. Congrats to the winners. I like the paper boat hat. 🖒

  • Arsidana Kaneiswara

    Oh wow~! Thank you so much~~~
    I hope the winner hats fits perfectly into the Steamworld Heist. Can’t wait for the hat dlc. You guys are sooooo amazing!!

    • Congrats! We’ll send your invitation soon. The hats will blend in perfectly!

  • Wraith

    Fantastic, Is always a pleasure to see your videos… and congratulations to the winners too.

  • AHHHH!!! I was one of the winners!!! 3< '''' ~ 636 I haven't gotten any emails yet about the results, 6w6 let me know if you need my email.