Who is Billy Gill? – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #9

Who is Billy Gill? – SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge #9

Howdy, partners!

ALL main characters in SteamWorld Heist (including Billy Gill) have set personalities and backstories. Compared to SteamWorld Dig we’ve fleshed out the story and character arcs extensively! It’s something we hope you’ll enjoy discovering in SteamWorld Heist when we release it later this year.

But while it’s still a mystery we thought it’d be fun to hear what you believe to be the backstory of one of the robots! We’ve talked quite a bit about the game’s protagonist Captain Piper and her trusty crew mate Seabrass. But not much is known about the blue fishbot Billy Gill… He’s been in our posters and gameplay videos from the very start. But what’s his deal? Who is he, where is he from and what has he experienced?

This week’s SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge…

Guess Billy Gill’s backstory. It’s as simple as that. The easiest way is to write it in the comments below. But if you want to draw something or have anything else in mind instead, feel free to make your idea happen! There will be only one winner this week, just like last time. It will be the entry we think is the most fun and creative.

The winning entry will not become an official part of the official SteamWorld Heist lore since we’re nearing the final stages of development and simply can’t put in much more content. But see it as a chance of going nuts with creativity! The sky (or in this case, the galaxy) is the limit 😀


What we do know of Billy Gill is that he:

  • Is deceptively easy-going.
  • Looks rather fishy.
  • Has a cute smile and big, friendly eyes.
  • To our knowledge only speaks with one word: “Blub”.

Good reads for inspiration are the backstories of Captain Piper and Seabrass. Also, take a look at the SteamWorld game’s timeline for even more lore:

Billy Gill: A mystery wrapped in an enigma...

Billy Gill: A mystery wrapped in an enigma…

What you win…

If you win you’ll become a SteamWorld Ambassador and be among the first in the world to play SteamWorld Heist before release. The game will launch on one or two platforms at a time starting this fall, and prior to every platform release we’ll send you a download code for the full game. We’ll even add a few spares you can give to your friends. The Ambassadors also get access to exclusive information about the SteamWorld games as they progress.

Rules and how to enter…

Upload or link to your version of Billy’s backstory (and ask any questions) in the comments below. We need your idea by Sunday September 25th at 23:59 CEST (EU) / 5:59 PM EDT (NA). We’ll reveal the winner in next week’s blog update (Tuesday). By submitting your ideas you give us the rights to freely use them in our products, services and marketing materials. The winning entry will not become an official part of the official SteamWorld Heist lore.

You are completely free with your backstory, but let’s keep it safe for work and enjoyable for everyone. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • Legokung


  • Cameron

    Deep in the depths of a water planet known as “Aqua,” a volcano had just finished erupting. As the lava cooled on the sea floor, a mysterious being was deposited. It was a robotic thing that had a fish head. The creature immediately sprang to life and spent the next 20 years simply swimming around the planet, gaining a deep appreciation for all the fish and plant life it encountered. Its best friend was a sea sponge named Blub. Blub attempted to teach the creature how to speak, but succeeded in only teaching it his name. The creature continued swimming around happily telling everyone his best friend’s name until a group of sailor bots landed on the planet to do some fishing. One of the bots snared the creature, and was immediately impressed with its friendly demeanor. They named it Billy Gill, as whenever they yelled “Billy” the creature would come running. One of the sailor bots liked Billy so much he gave him his hat, and Billy never took it off after that. Billy eventually was taken off the planet where he has learned the ways of the universe, and though he has a cheery demeanor still, he has wizened to the fact that people take advantage of seemingly happy simple beings, so he keeps the facade but is very cunning underneath. Billy can be your best friend, or an absolute nightmare.

  • The world is ending; you have nothing to remind you
    of the planet you call home. What could Captain Piper possibly take with her to
    have some sort of memento to remind her of home? She obviously thought of this cute
    blue fish she randomly found in an ocean. But without some sort of bowl or
    container to have our fishy buddy be safe in, it had to tragically pass away
    from lack of water. But, worry not, Steambots are intelligent beings. With the
    help of science, Captain Piper managed to incorporate some of the parts of this
    fish into a Steambot! She named it Billy Gill. Because for some apparent reason,
    the only words it could speak was Blub. So it was only natural that his name
    begin with the letter B! Though she tried her hardest to make our pal Billy speak,
    the task was somehow impossible. To pay his respects for being saved by Captain
    Piper, Billy is traveling the space realm fighting these Space Steambots to
    find the source of all of this chaos that consumed the world above. What
    happens next is yet to be experienced; will we go gulp or blub…?

  • Thigolf

    Billy was a cleaner bot on the bottom of the sea, keeping it free of rubbish. During his long working career, he met a beautiful fishgirl that he instantly fell in love with. He cared deeply for her, and from that day on, he kept the place she swam around in the most clean of the places he had to clean. One day, however, a bunch of bandits stole a giant boat loaded with oil and accidentally crashed it, flooding the ocean with the deadly fluid. Billy desperately tried to clean it all, but it simply was too much: His fishy girlfriend got completely covered in oil, killing her, with her last words, as a fish, being “Blub”
    Billy vowed from that day that he’d only use “Blub” as the only word he’d say, and that he would always Keep up a happy personality so he wouldn’t be swallowed by grief. He’s now scavenging the biggest ocean of all, space, keeping it clean from rubbish – and bandits who could possibly harm other loving relationships.
    (That got kinda dark…)

  • Barakus

    Billy Gill, of the famed robotic clan called “The Deepwater Fins”, was hardworking and loyal, the pride and joy of Mama Gill and a valuable member of the exploration vessel “Icebreaker”, which was sent to discover the mysteries and hidden treasures deep beneath the frozen surface of Talus, the largest moon of Hephaestus, in the Los System.

    Tragically, on its way to Hephaestus his vessel was targeted by space pirates, who prayed on the weak and unwary travelers in that relatively safe system. The pirates ambushed and boarded “Icebreaker”, wreaking havoc among the flabbergasted explorers. Billy, who was serving as guard on the vessel did his very best to fend off the dastardly pirates, but soon it became clear that the vessel was lost. He did manage, however, to escort several scientists and his wounded captain to the escape pods, before boarding the last operational pod.

    From the pod’s porthole, he watched the pirate barge blast away the “Icebreaker”. The loss of so many dear friends scarred Billy’s cogs forever. A conscientious guard and loyal friend, Billy considered the destruction of the “Icebreaker” a personal failure. Never a robot of many words, Billy took a silent vow to avenge his crew mates and take the fight to the pirates, no matter what.

    Sitting at a bar in Imageformia, nursing a cup of crude between his metallic palms, Billy overheard a young, bold captain describe her plans to take on the pirates. Turning his googly eyes to her, he kept staring at the young captain, until he got her attention. “Are you interested in joining us, mate?” asked the captain. “Blub”, said Billy and nodded, smiling.

    The officer, one Captain Piper, nodded back. Billy wasn’t quite sure whether she could see through his earnest face, whether the young officer suspected that behind that single word lurked the nightmarish memories of the destruction of “Icebreaker”. Yet Billy was more than certain that, this time round, he would not let his captain down.

  • Anubis316

    Billy Gill is a simple robot, originally built for deep sea exploration, but Billy found it lonely at the bottom of the sea. Sure there were some sea creatures to talk to and he eventually became good friends with a clown fish and a Kraken. The 3 of them explored the sea together but one day a fishing boat caught his clown fish pal and they never saw him again. Billy’s kraken friend was so upset by this that she became secluded and was often unmotivated to go exploring. Billy realized it was time to move on and so he said farewell to his fishy friend with a big “blub” and he left to explore some new worlds, perhaps even above the sea. A few years later Billy was in a bar having fun talking with some random patrons. He found that late night in a bar people enjoyed his company and did not care that he could only speak fish. Billy eventually became a tourist attraction for Sprocket’s Bar and Grill where passersby would take pictures with him. He loved the attention and meeting new people so much he found that he actually got addicted to having his photo taken and developed a habbit of photobombing whenever he could. many years later he wound up traveling in space with a band of space pirates, his new friends. Billy loved them and was always by their side when they needed him. Bily did not become a pirate for the glory or treasure, he just wanted some friends to go exploring with again like he had so many years ago under the sea.

  • The Geek Guru

    Billy Gill is my favorite character! I love how he looks!!

  • Orion Hermans

    Billy Gill once was a robot used for disarming sea mines. Since he would be autonomous, no extensive vocabulary was needed. Having travelled far and wide in the oceans means he is a lot smarter than he appears. It also gives him an advantage for surviving in space, since he’s used to travelling. Other bots say he’s a good listener.

    I also think he has met Chtulu once. Just a hunch, though.

  • OhHaiMe

    (since I won last week this isn’t a real entry,but just for fun..)

    Billy was originally an entertainer,sent to boost the Royalist troops morale. Billy was the dancing half a of a comedy Song&Dance duo with his twin brother Gilly Bill.
    Billy raised the spirit of many weary solders with his jolly dancing and a well timed “Blub” to deliver the punchline on a joke (Billy and Gilly’s “Who’s on Blub” routine is still considered comedy classic to this day.)

    But as Scrapper attacks increased in frequency more solders were needed so Billy and Gilly were forced into service to fight for the royalists.
    Thanks to his quick footwork fared quite well on the battlefield,even becoming famous for his dancing what came to be known as The “Flamenco of Death” during battle.
    Unfortunately fate would was not so kind to Gilly as he was captured during battle and presumed dead. But Billy wouldn’t give up on his brother.Believing him still alive Billy went AWOL to find him. After months on the run with no signs of Gilly he was almost recaptured by the Royalists but was saved by Captain Piper. Feeling indebted to her and hoping that by travelling with her he might find some clue to Gilly’s whereabouts he joined her crew.

  • Atticus Albright

    Billy’s story starts with an ailing steambot engineer held hostage by scrappers. Years of designing mindless automatons out of the carcasses of innocent steambots finally took its toll on the engineer. Sanity lost, he fervently slaved over his greatest creation, a thinking, calculating, perfect killing machine. However, this uncogly creation could not only consist of the fallen, it required a mind to power it. For unknown reasons, he chose his pet goldfish, Gill, (who had been well hidden from the scrappers) for this purpose.
    This rather unorthodox conscious had some bizarre effects on the exoskeleton of the soon to be Billy Gill. Namely the enlargement of the optical receptors and corrosion of the audio systems. Apon first firing of the boiler, the engineer’s creation mowed down the scrappers but failed to protect the engineer. Stricken by the death of his creator, the steambot combined both their names and fled to the ice comets to avoid detection. Here he was found by Piper’s gang and feeling at home with the misfits, joined.
    Sorry, this turned out a bit darker than originally intended, I may have another crack.

  • Vix Chan

    Billy Gill is a aqua bot, spending most of his service on many Submarines and deployed on the outskirts of the sub for a very important mission.
    To be sure that the sub is sparkling clean and being sure that mutant-shark-squids don’t attack the sub!
    The sub was sent to a planet that has a 90% water surface, but is rich in minerals and gold from passing meteorites, this is why th sub was deployed here, to gain the vast amounts of riches.
    The sub he was working for however, was attacked for its booty!
    Billy Gill escaped by using his extrordinary fish like swimming abilities and joined up with Piper in order to take revenge for his fallen sub and comrades, and to take back the sunken sea treasure the sub he had been working on lost.

  • Wraith

    Short Interview with Billy Gill.

    -Me: Hi Billy what can you tell us from yourself?

    -Billy: Blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub.
    Translation: Hi everyone, I´m Billy and I´m a sailor, when I was a little robot-boy I always dreamed with travel all the 7 galaxy seas and meet a lot of people around the galaxy, so that´s why I enlist with the guys from Image & Form the best sailors in the galaxy.
    I have the luck to meet nice people and this encourage me to continue traveling. So far I have traveled a lot but still are a lot of places and people to visited, so my journey still continues.

    -Me: Oh I see, I few more word that you can share with us?

    -Billy: Blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub !
    Translation: Yes, always do good and good stuff will happen to you.!

    -Me: Nice, Thank You Billy, hope to see you again.!

    • Atticus Albright

      Billy: Blub Blub Blub Blub blub
      BILLY, you take that back!

  • Peace Boy

    He’s the next upgrade for Cybermen. UPGRADE COMPLETE.

    Sorry, I just like making references to things I like a lot. XD

  • Youabra

    Created after the “Steamapocalypse” (not sure how to call it, so i’ll go with that), Gill is a robot that was intended to communicate with marine life, but sadly after the disaster, he had no other choice but to leave Earth. After a accidental meeting, he decided to wander around the galaxy along with Captain Piper and his crew so he would travel around the universe, with the hope that, someday, he may find a place where he can finally “glub” along with other marine species, and fulfil his duties.

    • Atticus Albright

      If I may make a suggestion, how about Armagearddon?

      • Youabra

        Oh, that sounds cool. Changing it to that.

        • Atticus Albright

          Glad I could help

  • Izzy Otaku-ized Butler

    Billy the Gill. Youre regular every day rootin tootin, bubble shootin sardine looking to make a name for himself. Billy always felt like he was a fish out of water. An stranger in a crowd of yesmen and average schmo’s. Billy took it upon himself to get out of his ordinary town. But unfortunately Billy’s passion for sticking out ran him into trouble one day. Found near the scene of a crime, Billy was falsely accused and incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, unable to defend himself in his small town since “Blub” isnt a suitable defense (If only someone spoke his language). Billy however managed to bust out of the ranky dank prison cell, escape town and headed for the stars. Branded an outlaw and given the moniker Billy the Gill or Billy Gill for short, Bill looks to the outskirts of space to turn his luck around, have some fun, cause some mischief, and make it big. What awaits our little fish in the giant ocean of space?

  • Juan

    Mr. Billy Gill is an expert adventurer on a search for great riches… and revenge. Billy appears calm on the surface but in reality is tortured by regret because of past mistakes that will never stop haunting him. As a young ‘bot, Gill fought alongside bandits because he was orphaned and had no other choice. He hated the misery that was bestowed upon him everyday so he vowed never to live in rags again. From then on he always dressed in the finest styles. He fought long and hard to save up for his paradise in the stars, a luxury spaceship like no other. As he was nearing his goal, his old bandmate, Reginald Silvergears, betrayed him on a job, taking his life savings and leaving him for the scrapyard. The incident traumatized Billy and left him with a speech impediment. Despite this, Billy has kept his childlike demeanor and a hopeful visage for the future. Ever since then he has been on a path of redemption, no longer stealing with bandits, but stealing from bandits. Ol’ Billy the Gill has turned a new leaf and has only two things on his mind; getting back his life savings and getting his revenge on Silvergears.

  • Ritalink Sepulveda

    He started as a cpu, a mere computer but when armagedon came and the seas swalowed part of the land a Big wale ate the computer, the cpu was trapped for several years, but one day the wale ate a bunch of electric eels giving power to the cpu, he conected to other swalowed computers and a icee machine and start to develop his body. Thanks to the icee machine he is always full of sugar making him a happy guy. When the wale die he build a cyborg wale ship to roam the seas and travel for the lolz, ending up in the game

  • Vernatio


    • QuixoticRocket

      A tale full of emotion and intrigue, dashing bold adventure and excitement!
      Definite winner material.

  • Goombasareawesome

    Billy Gills creators beloved pet fish died,Luckily he used his technical knowhow to insert his memorys into a computer chip and built a body complete with head that resembled his lost pet,They lived happily until a great war threatened human existence,But even with Billy fighting alongside mankind it wasn’t enough,With every one on the planet gone(besides a small robot population in the west) Billy roamed Earth alone,That is until 1000 years passed and Captain Piper and Seabrass came across the barren planet and land there looking for a sign of life, which is when they come across Billy,They convince him to join them and he has been a loyal friend ever since.

  • James Kensel

    Gill is a primitive self-learning robot that spent a lot of time isolated from civilization. He lived around with aquatic creatures and learned their language and adopted their simple outlook on life, despite his inherent intelligence. Inspiration struck when he saw a normal Steambot pass through his territory and he followed them back to civilization, where he tried to make a living but was eventually nabbed by pirates/smugglers/mercenaries/whatever the badguys are and forced to work on their ship, earning him a general distrust for Steambots. Being rescued by Piper restores a little of his faith, and he behaves very friendly-like around his shipmates, but inwardly he remains wary of other bots.

  • Happy Masked Guy

    Billy Gill was once one of many ‘Bot Pride’ designed models, and the toast of the post New Retron Genesaic AI.
    A symbolic piece of artwork designed to instill in every bot the pride and humility of the great oceanic pools from which they lay claim to their heritage (the very idea of AI having been created by humans is profane, seen also by the bots choice of the ocean as their idealist heritage- vast, pure and from where all life emerged, humanity polluted these precious cradles of life beyond forgiveable levels.) Bots thought it best to purge the humanity stage of their heritage.

    Billy Gill himself is a lovingly restored model, who has become lost in transit between owners.

    His voice chip was only ever restored to ‘Blub’. This was too avoid misunderstandings between owner and artwork. Billy wanted more, and is out to discover the truth behind his production, and his relationship with the great mother oceans of Earth.

  • George Hofsink

    Billy gill was once the beloved pet of a young child who had a pretty good life until one day he flushed down the toilet by his owner who, now in college had no need for a pet fish. Fortunately he went up the pipes of the sewer up into a mad scientists laboratory. The mad scientist was named Doctor D.zaster. He was a technological genius who was very lonely in life. Billy crashed into a beaker holding an alien liquid that sprayed on top of him. He then fell into an exo skeleton the good doctor was working on, causing himself to assimilate with the suit and grow 6ft tall. He soon discovered that he was a steam powered cyborg! D. Zaster asked only if he could become his assistant. He agreed with a simple bulb (Billy had an advanced mind, but an extremely small vocabulary, he could only blub. Both d zaster and Billy had a new meaning in life, and would go on plenty of adventures. Unfortunately, aliens planned to take over the earth and he was bound to stop them. D zaster used an interdimensional catapult to shoot him to the moon where he met and became friends with rusty, joining the freedom fighters!

  • James M

    Billy Drill was a normal mining robot until that faithfull day of the fishing accident. He was rebuilt using sailor-bot parts, which are a constant reminder of the traumatic incident and all he heard during it… Blub.

  • QuixoticRocket

    Billy’s full name is actually Billiam Whistlefish Submersible Prototype 3 but he prefers to use the pseudonym Billy Gill to hide his prestigious and ancient lineage. He was actually hand crafted by an eccentric human billionaire captain and roboticist, and represents an alternate evolutionary path of the robot, powered by not only by conventional steam but also alchemical reactions produced by ingesting organic matter. Especially in the form of hamburgers which have become increasingly rare since the fall of mankind.
    Luckily one of Billy’s skills is that he is an excellent chef. Unfortunately none of his shipmates tend to care very much for organic food and think Billy’s habit is weird and disgusting, and so Billy often dines alone. But Billy’s emotion chip is of superior quality and he is never depressed by this; instead he always maintains a happy nature and constantly wears a smile along with his favorite sailor’s cap which used to belong to his beloved creator.
    Billy’s secret desire is to find his long lost siblings, Prototype 1 and Prototype 2 whom he has not seen since the evacuation of their doomed planet when they lost contact with one another in the rush.
    He can sometimes be found stargazing, wondering what adventures 1 and 2 have seen and where they might be. He doesn’t often talk about his past, but when feeling melancholy he will occasionally confide a few of his secrets to a sympathetic ear.

  • Ellibus

    Billy Gill was an ordinary fish that lived in the sea. But one day fished some steambots him and his friends. But Billy Gill survived and got to deck. The steambots found him and thought he was special (for it is he). But Billy Gill was badly wounded and could not move. So thesteambots buildt a steambody and put Billy Gill as the head. They connected his nerves to the body and did so he could control it. Then Billy Gill lived as an ordinary steambot and had to go into space in search of water and supples. But it diden’t go well and it was then Piper and Sea Brass found him. END

  • Ellibus

    (Can be improved by you guys)

  • Quomenic Diquero

    Billy Gill was created as a trout bot and to be fished for sport on the planet of Oakanowatron. He had been cought many times but the local robots simply castes them back. But one fateful night, tragic struck as the village was overrun by a band of pirates known as the Bulbs. The Bulbs use shattered light bulbs as weapons to defeat their enemies. Billy Gill and the other sport fishes were in aware of the take over but quickly found out as fish continued to dissapear. Eventually all of the local sport fish had been captured by the Bulbs, except one, Billy Gill. He escaped the pond before he had also been captured. He could have simply left, but he felt the undying urge to avenge his fallen friends and family. He took back over the entire village and almost all of the crew of the Bulbs with one of their own weapons, a shattered light bulb. After taking over, he had realized what he had done, we was no longer a simple sporting fish, we was a murderer. He watched as his friends and family were taken from him so the only thing he was left with the option to do is to track down the Bulbs and hunt them one by one. Billy is decisively easy going because he does his best to gain the trust of his peers before using them to gain information. He has a cute Smile and big friendly eyes because those were his final emotions before the tragic event he faced. His mind knows what needs to be done but his face still believes their is hope in the world. After wandering for a few years, he has successfully hunted many high ranking Bulbs but not all. On his quest to hunt down the final officer, a road block appeared. No one in their same mind would travel to the sector that his base was in. So he was added to the pirate squad of Captain Piper and one day hopes to finally hunt down the one that ruined his life… You know or something like that

  • wifishark

    Billy ALWAYS wanted to explore the wide open space, he heard tales from his grandpa about what he expirenced. So when he was old enough, he immediately jump on the first ship he could find, he even got to wear his grandpa’s hat. During his first journey however, it didn’t start off too well cause the ship he was on got attacked, though he survived, he suffered some serious damage. He was repaired but his voice chip was damage and only could speak in blubs. The cost for a new voice chip (since the model was VERY old) was way too much for him so he resigned himself to his way of speaking, trouble was it was tough trying to get bots to understand you since Billy could only speak “Blub”. So he became a mercanery, looking to gather enough money to get a new voice chip. He was having some difficulty with this new life choice though, he was able to catch some rouge bots but could never get enough funds for him to save up for his voice chip. Seems his grandpa’s tales were all exaggerated his dreams were starting to become nightmares at this point in his life, that is until he ran into a robot named Piper.

  • AndreasSD

    The story of Billy Gill is a rather
    peculiar one. It all started in Fintain, a town hidden in a valley floating on
    raft in a small pond. Fintain made their living excavating areas along the
    shore of the pond to find gemstones and other precious metals, which had washed
    up on that very same shore for centuries. Billy was not the first F.I.N.-Bot,
    He had two older siblings Nelly Gill and Kelly Gill. The F.I.N-bot’s was built
    by an old fisherman who invented and worked on steam related gizmos in his
    spare time. The fisherman was the leader of the town and decided to build two
    steambots to help the town become rich. However after building Nelly and Kelly
    and sending them off to the excavation site, the people of Fintain came and
    crashed the bots. “They ruin the lovely and quiet atmosphere in the valley”
    said one of the townsfolk. “They talk too much” said another. Devastated the
    old man ran to his small hut. He went to the drawing board and started
    designing. After working for a few days the old man heard cannons coming from
    the mountains. He scrambled, He had built Billy Gill, his last F.I.N.-bot. He
    was created out of the spare parts from Nelly and Kelly because resources were
    few. The fisherman used his fin shaped lucky rudder from his boat, to help
    Billy move more precisely. He gave Billy the friendly eyes from Nelly and the
    happy mindset from Kelly so that Billy would never feel blue (even though most
    of his metal parts were blue). The townsfolk had destroyed the chatterboxes
    that Nelly and Kelly had so instead; the old fisherman had to use a rusty and runny
    old tap from the sink. That meant that when Billy tried to talk he would make a
    small condensed water droplet fall from the tap which would result in a echoed “Blub”
    coming from his interior. The old fisherman gave Billy his sailor hat and
    quickly sent him to the excavation site. Billy happily started digging and
    found many rare and shiny rocks. But when he returned in the evening he found
    the town burning, Fintain was no more. The mountain bandits had invaded the floating log village and
    burned to the surface of the waters. Billy was hidden away in the dark and with
    his lucky fin, he stayed camouflaged between the tall orange grass growing on
    the shore. Billy never wanted to see anybody in such a terrible condition and
    swore to change the world to a happy and safe place. He would avenge his
    siblings, Nelly and Kelly (even though they were technically fighting along
    side him) He would also avenge his father, the old but inventive fisherman.
    With his fin held high and his sailor hat on his head he started his adventure.

  • Mar_Kell

    His story is a peculiar one, even for the standard of that world, and start long time ago in the depths of the sea.
    Centuries ago he was a simple fish, dreaming to become a star in an animated movie like some little guy who just went missing (probably beign called Nemo helped a lot, while Billy is too common). While he was fantasizing on his future as a star he end up in the net of a fisherman.

    That was just the first step of his new adventure: the man was taken by an alien ship along with his lucky catch (Billy, who can’t be catched without a lot of luck). Soon the aliens, who were some kind of evoluted fishes, saw that Billy was way more way interesting than a bearded man who was saying too many “Yarr!” and decided to bring him to their planet. There he trained himself to become a soldier able to defend all the fishes from the Fishermen (ironically that was also the name of the enemies of the aliens who took him away).

    Year after year he fought in a lot of battle becoming an elite soldier until, one day, he volunteered for the last (and hardest) mission of the war: sinking the enemy’s mothership. The battle took a lot from him to reach the goal, from his partners to his body: like in a big firework the huge spaceship exploded with flames and lights everywhere and he nearly died, but was saved but just in time. As an hero he deserved the best medic technologies, but the only way to save him was to build a robotic body.
    Once he recovered he decided that there were too many sad memories about the war on this planet, which learnt to call home, so prepared himself to go back to his good old planet and his old home, the Sea, alone.
    Sadly, as Ulysses know, the way back home isn’t always an easy and quick travel: a malfunction to the navigation system sent him on the wrong route and made the journey last longer.

    His ship was found by some scavengers (a couple of years before the story of the game), who where a bit surprised to find this weird robot among the debris who was asking about fishes made of “biological matter” (“for sure is some drunk guy who read too many sci-fi comics” was their thought).

    Later he met Piper and the others, and his skill helped him to beign recognised as an useful ally to be recruited. The damages to his memories, caused by the crash of the ship, and the new life with the newly met comrades made him forget a lot of his past but he still dreams of his glorious and adventurous past (wondering if it was real or just dreams). Anyway he is sure about two things: he envies anyone called Nemo and hates any kind of fisherman.
    And he is also going to be one of the stars of a great game, which is even better than a film =D

  • Peter K

    Not much is known about Billy, and he himself doesn’t let much either. What is known though is that he showed up one day in the docks and befriended capt. rather quickly with an honest *blub* and a bottle of WhiskOIL. What we’ve come to know later is that he’s quite the charmer and on the run from his latest LoverBot, none other than the singer Jackie Michaelson. It was quite a scandal too that made her even wrote a song about it, “Billy Gill is not my love-er…” or something to that accord. He’s also quite a talented Poker player. No matter what the situation he always manages to slip away somehow and tip the scales to his favour. What damselbot has he set his eyes on next? Only *blub* will tell.

  • Elias L.

    (I know next to nothing about Steamworld, but I wanted to take a stab at this. I hope you like it!)
    In a far-off world, there was an inventor named Libby. Now, Libby was a curious gal. She built many things, including her world’s first automated table-tennis table, soup bowls, and windmills. But one day, Libby discovered something shocking: a virtual encyclopedia from another planet. This thing had anything one could think of, and was constantly being updated right before her eyes. Libby scrolled through the pages, taking in this supernatural information, but one thing caught her eye specifically. It was an odd little thing: its eyes were on the side of its head, it couldn’t breathe any form of neon, and it had little flippy-flappy little dealies on its sides to let it move! Libby fell in love with the fish, and longed to have one for herself, even though her fantasy would never come true.
    A couple of days later, Libby had an idea: if you can’t have one, build one! She used the blueprints from the encyclopedia and sketched it out, but it just didn’t feel right. Libby just couldn’t figure it out! Something about its movements.. oh, right! The fish would be unable to move in the (decidedly-not dihydrogen-monoxide) neon atmosphere. Libby scratched out its side fins, and based the rest of its body on herself.
    After a few weeks of building, the fish-machine was ready to be activated. Libby closed her eyes, grinned, and activated the machine. It clanked, whirred, and rang a couple of bells, but the machine came to life! Libby smiled: she had finally made her friend.
    Just like its creator, the fish-machine was curious. It wanted to go out, and see the world- no, the galaxy! Libby knew what she had to do. Inside the laboratory was a small, cramped orb. There were a few buttons inside of it, as well as a couple of cables. She motioned to the orb, and the fish-machine got in. Libby did what she swore she would never do- she pressed the very important button. A countdown started playing. Libby knew that whatever she wanted to do, she would have to do it now. Libby took her favorite hat, and gave it to the fish as a keepsake. She then realized that she never gave the machine a name. Libby took a small device, and began recording.
    “This… is Billy. Keep him safe for me.”
    She handed the device to Billy as the countdown drew to a close, and he gave a thumbs-up (or as close as he could to one). 3, 2, 1…
    Blastoff! The orb flew out of Libby’s lab, and she knew her creation would be happy out in the galaxy.
    Once the orb was through the atmosphere, Billy looked down at his old home. He smiled to himself.

  • Lars De Vuyst

    The story of Billy Gill began deep, deep in the
    sea where an underwater factory was located. A factory where all kinds of robots
    are created to provide the Earth with all kinds of things. The robot employees
    of the factory began working on an important project. They were going to create
    a special robot that would be able to communicate with other robots from all
    over the world to negotiate over the future of the Earth. That is because
    planet Earth was going to become an entire wasteland.

    But things went horribly wrong. Billy Gill ended
    up being a complete disaster due to grave technical problems. He looked all
    fishy , had a weird smile and had confusing eyes (which means he would not be
    taken seriously). But the worst thing of all was that the only word he could
    say was ‘blub’. The robots couldn’t
    believe their ears. He was considered completely useless. Time had run out to think about another project so they decided to leave
    planet Earth as quickly as possible. But how?

    What the other robots didn’t know was that Billy Gill is a master mechanic. He
    built a massive spaceship in no time to escape the planet that was now almost completely covered in
    endless dust and sand. Billy Gill and the factory crew were now roaming in
    unending space, looking for any kind of lifeform.

    It didn’t take long to engage with their first encounter in
    space. They saw an enormous fleet of spaceships . Unfortunately, the fleet was
    not friendly. The space pirates attacked their spaceship with brute force. The
    crew of Billy Gill was divided on
    separate ships by the pirates. Billy Gill had only a Uzi gun to protect himself
    but that would not suffice.

    He was put in a room heavily guarded by 3 space
    pirates wearing fancy hats. Why the fishy fellow was deemed very important
    would remain a mystery. The only thing Billy Gill could do now was wait. Waiting for 2 brave friendly space pirates
    to come rescue him…

  • jmaster2710

    So I went full on overboard this entry…
    I made a little comic about Billy’s backstory. However due to the small amount of time I had left, I had to skip some frames XD
    I still hope you enjoy this! (Since it took way more time than I like to admit)

    Link to the comic:

    I love to hear what you guys think!

    • Atticus Albright

      It is fantastic! Really cool idea but my only critism is that the dialogue seems a bit off at times. Apart from that, great. Funny and I really like the drawing.

      • jmaster2710

        Thank you so much! 🙂 and yeah it could be right that the dialog was a bit of at times. That’s because I had only one hour left to work on it, after I spent 4 hours doing nothing else than drawing XD so I had cramp in my hand and was kinda mentally exhausted 😛 but it was worth it!

        • Atticus Albright

          Hey that’s fine, it would take me so, so much longer than 5 hours to create something like this as I have the artistic talent of a dead lemming.

          • jmaster2710

            Well 4 hours today 😉 spent a bit more time than that… But still 😀 and it can’t be that bad.

    • Hs00129

      Love it! Considering I lack any bit of creativity, I really hope this one wins. :3

    • Freakin awesome! I love it! 😀

      • jmaster2710

        Thank you so much! 😀 it means a lot to me that the art director likes my piece of art 😛 because I also really love yours!

    • Jakob Wahlberg

      hahaha, love it! /lead artist

      • jmaster2710

        Thank you so much! 🙂 like I said to Tobias Nilsson, I really love the art in your games, and I feel really honored that you guys like my art. 😀

  • Gaznor

    Billy Gill is more than a simple SteamBot; he is actually made up of two different bots. Floating in the vast reaches of space, Billy Gill’s humanoid body, missing a head, was picked up by a junk collector’s ship. Billy’s body was then sold to a SteamBot scientist that dealt with reconstructing SteamBots by using various parts, often ending in failure. The scientist combined Billy’s body with scraps of a fish bot that was from an abandoned SteamBot Aquarium. Both of the separate parts contained AI that the scientist was unable to remove. The body’s AI allowed Billy Gill to think and act like a proper SteamBot, but the fish AI forced Billy Gill to only be able to say “Blub.” Thinking that Billy Gill was unintelligent, the scientist forced him to leave, considering him to be another failure. Billy Gill knew that he did not want to treat others like the scientist treated him, and that’s why he always treats others with respect and is tolerant of other SteamBots. Perhaps Billy Gill will run into his creator again. But for now, he explores the expanses of space that he used to float around in.

  • Eddyson Dijkhoff

    Our tale begins a long time (in a galaxy far far away).
    Billy Gill wasn’t always fishbot. He used to be a fish just like you and me.
    But when the human degeneration came to be, his owners were worried about their little coldblooded
    friend. So they used all their smarts and strengths to turn Billy into Billy Gill, The first Fishbot.

    Billy Gill has had many adventures. But for today we’ll focus on his escapades with his space pirate crew the Gillbilly’s.

    The Gillbilly’s were a legendary pirate gang that roamed the seven galaxseas. They fought SpaceBears, Pirates and conquered planets but especially princesses. Our captain Billy couldn’t have pulled this off without his charismatic fisheyes and easy-going attitude that made him the loveable and easy to follow renegade authority!
    Of course we can’t forget about the golden filament, Billy’s legendary rifle.
    They say it can shoot bots from thousands of yards and penetrate the strongest of frames.

    But who can say, none live who have seen the legendary weapon except Billy…

    Drunk on power, fembots and whiskoil the Gillbilly’s were easily ambushed by Captain Igloil, The dirtiest and coggiest steambot in the known galaxy with more than a few loose screws. His name is revered as much as it is feared. Captain Igloil and his crew terminated all of the Gillbilly’s except for our hero Billy. Who he mocked even more by stealing his weapon, the golden filament.

    Billy dreams of one day regaining the ability to swim but his frame can’t go in to the water, because of the primitive technology at his steambotbirth.
    A man like Billy has more than one dream though, (re)vengeance.
    Billy Gill wants to redeem himself by reclaiming the filament and making captain Igloil pay.

    Billy Gill is modeled after Groot. Resilient, Strong, Bursting with comradery whilst
    only speaking in one sentence, no, one word… Blub.

    I had a lot of fun doing this!

    Me and my friend were brainstorming for days what to add and what not to add to the backstory.
    just want to say thanks for giving as creative freedom on one of your characters!
    Kind regards

  • Happy Masked Guy

    So guys, who won??