Win Official SteamWorld T-Shirts from Fangamer

Howdy, partners!

Many of you have been asking us for official SteamWorld merchandise and we’ve finally found the perfect partner in! We have a great selection of t-shirts and an amazing pin with actual spinning gears (!) ready to order from Fangamer’s SteamWorld shop.

Win a SteamWorld Dig T-shirt

Together with Fangamer, we’re giving away two t-shirts to a couple of lucky winners. This official SteamWorld Dig shirt was designed by the ultra-talented Nina Matsumoto and is made out of fabulously soft materials. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you; that’s gold-shimmering paint! The shirt is available in most human sizes and even comes with a cute Rusty sticker.

Rules and how to enter

Entering the contest is easy! Just leave a comment down below describing your ideal SteamWorld merchandise. We need your idea by Sunday, October 22 at 11:59 PM PT. We’ll choose our two favorites next week and send the winners one t-shirt each with free international shipping (including customs and duty). If we see an idea we really, REALLY like we might even consider creating your suggestion for real. There’s no real limit to what Fangamer can make, so dream big and surprise us!

Let’s keep the comments safe for work and enjoyable for anyone! Offensive entries will be flushed down a digital drain. By entering the contest you give us the rights to freely use your idea(s) in our products, services, and marketing materials without compensation.

Got what it takes? Hit us with your best shot!

  • scory

    A working, moving cog capsule. Just sitting on your shelf, turning gears and shimmering.

  • GearBot

    Dorothy & Rusty miniatures with articulable joints!

    • GearBot

      A pick axe bottle cap opener.

  • LRG

    The new icon of Dig2 as logo on the shirt 🙂

  • theluigiguy

    Steamworld clocks? The shape is naturally perfect and the clock face designs could be cool (maybe a mining animation?)
    (you could also have “steam” hygrometer on the side too!)

  • matt blankenship

    I would LOVE a Rusty plush with pickaxe! I know it’s nothing too unique, but that would be my ideal Steamworld merch! 😀

  • Macstorm

    Simple. Dorothy, Piper, & Rusty plushies.

  • Sam Brown

    Always looking for new figures to display on my desk. Rusty and Dorothy would be great additions!

  • Seung Kim

    Dorothy with Flint, and Rusty Amiibos!!!! Please. We all know this is what we want!

  • Paul Tamborello

    Why a hat, of course!

  • Sandy

    Id love to see an Amiibo. A long sleeve shirt would be awesome.
    Id like a set of pins, too.

  • Fen plushie. Where’s the love for the crazy little fiend? Extra points if it can glow when squeezed!

  • Latini Marco

    What about a smartphone cover with Dorothy and Rusty. That would be super trendy

  • Tar Valar

    Pillow (and blanket).

  • Late

    I’d buy Piper Faraday action figure.

  • Jeremy Hiebert

    Custom Heist posters where you get to choose only your favourite four team members. I got pretty attached to my faves after many replays.

  • JackmoveJohnny

    Steamworld Heist branded hats. Like actual hats from the game.

  • dextorboot

    A clock or watch with visible gears that puffed out a bit of smoke every hour or when an alarm/timer went off.

  • Stepherson Borges Dos Santos

    A Rusty Amiibo. 🙂

    • scory

      For some reason I can’t help but imagine this as a rusty “Rusty” Amiibo

  • Todd Buller


  • lumpof

    Amiibo’s…or a pick axe… 😉

  • John Young

    A gear keychain

  • I wish a Rusty Amiibo

  • Jeffrey Morse

    Rusty and Dorothy amiibo 2-pack!

  • Ryan

    I’d like a wallet with all the different treasure icons on it!

  • alexmichaud1981

    i would like big posters or even big framed images

  • TurdFurgy

    For some reason I’d like to see a Rusty shaped/themed lantern.

  • Aaron Hughes

    steam world (dig and hiest) new 3ds faceplates or a messenger bag with both piper and rusty

  • Kuba Czajor

    A series of figures of Rusty, Dorothy; plastic building of a cave and a lot of glossy minerals! 🙂

  • Joba

    A stetson hat like what Rusty is wearing 🙂

  • Joe Gosselin

    a watch with Rusty arms (one with pickaxe) to point the time to go digging.
    a night-light to plug in a wall outlet with Rusty blue glowing eyes
    a dynamite stick or drill shaped usb key
    a plastic water bottle with Steamworld desing (need steam to operate the day)

  • Mario Bodemann

    A colourful🎨, but vintage lantern🔥, as held by Dorothy or Rusty🤠, lit by colour changing leds💡. Thing is, it dims down after some time, if not shaken a bit.😴🕶️

    That our a jetpack… 😉 🚀👨‍🎤🤘

  • Sarah Bugg

    I’ve noticed a few other people comment this already, but I would love a Rusty plushie.

  • Phoibos

    Give us Funko Pops already! 😀

  • Roran86

    A statue from First4Figures, with a treasure block rock with cracks in it for the base, and Rusty posed to look like he’s drilling through it. They do some really high-quality work, as you can see:

  • Jersey Waiter

    A Nintendo switch carrying case with Rusty on it. Or a SWD red bandana.

  • YiHan Soo

    i would love to have Rusty striking his pick axe action figure and can use it as a can opener !

  • lordroto

    Would love to see some cool posters, as well as some Heist merch. The robot designs are so sleek in Heist I love them!

  • Alex Cheung

    Action figures would be nice.

  • lucas

    I’d like to see a mug or kettle of a robot head so it will look cool with steam rising out of the top.
    Otherwise, a pickaxe toffee hammer would be great or a datastick in the shape of a pickaxe or something 🤔

  • Ian Ulrich

    I’d kill for a replica of Rusty’s hat & pick as a wall mount.

  • Andrew

    I think the only right answer here is an Amiibo 2 pack of Rusty and Dorothy!

  • Brent Middleton

    I’d like a snapback hat that has a pickaxe going through a cog on the front, and “SteamWorld” right above the adjustable strap on the back in the classic SteamWorld font 🙂

  • Shaun Tastrom Fenton

    I would live some sort of Diary or Journal written from the perspective of Rusty or Dorothy! Like with notes on the creatures they’ve seen and they places they’ve been and the people they’ve met.

  • Blazinter

    I would buy figures of SteamWorld characters, from both Dig and Heist

    Also posters, definitelly

  • gerb1977

    SteamWorld Heist action figures with a cut out action ship, royalist enemies, swag, hats and spring action guns……no seriously it needs to get made quick because Kyle needs a good present for Christmas and that would make him have a video worthy meltdown!

  • TrufflezNChoco

    I’d love some jackets/hoodies with Dorothy and Rusty on the back. Logo on the front.

  • Pat

    Steamworld « treasure box » (à la Shovel Knight) for the Switch? 😉

  • Linus Petersson

    A Rusty hat. A steamin’ hot Rusty hat

  • Ivan Rios

    A switch cover with official artwork or even a carrying case would be nice. With goodies inside? Haha

  • Sparrow L. Plant

    2-4″ figurines with articulated arm and neck joints so I can dig for miniature treasure in my yard without complaints from the city!

  • Fvockusz Der verrückte

    i would love to have:
    -a Fen nightlight with neonblue lights
    -a keyboard with keys that are like dirtblocks/ores from the game (or just keystickers)
    -a thermo flask that has a fire-dungeon/lava design where Dorothy swims in (because she has the upgrade to do so)
    -a epic figurine of the Robosuit that used Rosie with a poor little Rusty in it
    (my favourite->) the 43’th Artifact from SWD2 signed by the staff!
    -a Dorothy-keychain-toy that is attached to the keychain by grappling-hook
    -a Fen-glow-in-the-dark-Sticker that show you the nearest light switch
    -a Generator (on of those that Rusty built) that you can turn on and off that plays the original “generator music” + cool lights
    -a box where there is one random ore(+gems) from SWD2 printed (so you can collect all the minerals you mined in rl) (=would also work great with SWH characters)
    -some SWD2/SWH sweets (like the vulcancoal or the orbs from SWD2)
    – cryptium figures with some code to decypher (a new code only to the buyes accessible)
    – a hydrotank-flask
    – the soundtrack of the trailer (maybe also longer)
    – the statue from the end of SWD as a mini-statue
    – rusty missingpaper thing from the beginning of Steamworld dig 2 as a poster
    -a “floating” vectron (from Steamworld Heist) (with floating i mean on transparent pillars)
    -an official Image&Form mug
    -a Rusty-Figurine that can be connected to the timezone you live in and makes bright blue light from his eyes so you can see what your doing on your table
    – a mobile soundbox in the shape of the jukeboxes from SWH
    – a vectronthemed USB-splitter
    – a swagbag-bag to carry your swaggy books and stuff

    (i that should be all thinks that nobody said until now)

    FVOCKUSZ Der Verrückte

  • Kimmy McLoughlin

    I’d love to see Rusty and Dorothy figures with a pickaxe and their chest furnace glows or they are surrounded by glow in the dark gems. You could also create a figure of each, both holding a pickaxe and lantern, the lantern is a kind of night light. See picture of similar nightlight characters to give you an idea of what I mean.

  • Jay Garrick

    I would really like to see a Steam world art book. I love the art style of your games and would thoroughly enjoy looking through concept art and reading through the design processes of the game.

  • Matt Woody Woodclart Woodward

    A Rusty pop vinyl from Funko would be an immediate purchase………..or a pixel pal! 😉

  • Nick Enderle

    I have an idea that would be a cross selling point for fans of hiest and of spg, a poster with the spg bots on it.

  • Martin

    Rusty amiibo that works on Minecraft for Switch and gives you random gems when breaking a block

  • Sythinii

    A desk lamp in the style of the game(s)

  • almohadani

    Some one-shot comicbook adaptation series of Steamworld. One for every Steamworld game (Four in total!), with diferent artists in all of them. I understand that maybe is to expensive to produce so I think that you can sell digital copies

  • The silent president

    A reaaaally big poster with a complete, detailed map of the mines from SteamWorld Dig 1 or/and 2.
    Also, a pickaxe pin or necklace.

  • Bison

    A black and white shirt of Rusty digging into the mines, around him you see gems in the dirt that are in color. Perhaps the sparks from the pickaxe also cast some color into the picture as well.

  • Bort

    I would like to see pins of the fire tokens or pins/plushies of the orbs from SteamWorld Dig. I love your games so keep up the great work!

  • RaveingRaven

    Dorothy’s headband and goggles! I would love to get a set of her sweet goggles.

  • Akumanne

    I would like to buy a poster of the map of the games. It would be cool to see poster themed like SteamWorld with complete map of the games.

  • Dorothy and Rusty themed pickaxes, and Steamworld themed land plots in the deserts of Arizona or somewhere else where the land is super cheap, you could put up ‘bots built from junk in the area, it would be very environmentally conscious and if the advertisements for the land I read are correct, a way for you to make some profit as a land baron.

  • Guilherme Amorim Lopes

    I know i’d buy tiny little snowglobes with tiny little dorothy and rusty sipping tea together, from the SWD2 end credits scene.

  • Erik Sanstad

    I’d love to see some novels set in the steamworld universe. A pen and paper RPG setting would be awesome as well.

  • Erik Carter

    The OST and T-Shirts are fantastic, but I would love a nice lithograph to hang on my wall.

  • Papayaman1000

    A SteamWorld Anthology, a hardcover book complete with concept art, plot notes, neat trivia, and maybe even small strategy guides, a la Hyrule Historia. That, or some Amiigos.

    • Awesome! A winner is you! Check your email for the coupon code 😀

      • Papayaman1000

        I have never squeed so loud in my life.

        • Daniele Cattin

          Did you get what you ordered?
          I’m from Italy and the t-shirt hasn’t arrived yet

          • Papayaman1000

            I got my shirt pretty quickly, but I also live in the US, so that probably helped a ton. I’m sorry to hear yours hasn’t arrived yet! Best wishes.

          • Daniele Cattin

            It arrived today: It’s Awesome!

          • Papayaman1000

            Alright, NICE! Glad to hear!

  • MrBleistift

    amiigo figures of course!
    What I would really like as well are SteamWorld LEGO sets. Do you know about LEGO ideas? You can post a concept of something you want to see sold as LEGO sets there and when it reached enough supporters (10.000 people who would like to buy this), and LEGO approves, the idea will become an official LEGO Product. This is why we got LEGO Minecraft, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, for example!

    If that sounds interesting for you, here is how it works:

  • spitta_andretti

    I’d absolutely love to see a Ignition Axe keychain (like in SteamWorld Dig 2), illuminated with orange LEDs, with a little switch on the side to turn the light on or off. That’d be so cool!

  • Ian Dreilinger

    Rusty and Dorothy figurines would be great.

  • (-_-()

    I would love to see a couple of steamworld figures similar to Funko figures, as the characters in themselves are just so good! They could be in a pose similar to the shirt pose (which I love!) or perhaps holding a pic axe and a lantern with fake glow made through slightly lighting the surrounding material orange. Thanks for considering or at least reading the idea!

  • Thanks for your awesome entries, everyone! It’s gonna be hard choosing only two winners, haha! Stay tuned!

  • Funko POP! 😀

  • Nick

    im sooo late 🙁

  • MrFoxGamer

    I’d like a Fen plushie, and posters would also be cool. Or you could have an ignition axe that can light up when a button is pressed

  • Enki

    Highly enjoyed this on the switch.

    Please please please make a steamworld dig 3.

    I loved the first and second game so much.

    I had to buy a shirt to show some more fan support.

  • spitta_andretti

    Hey, when will you announce the results? It’s been a month already ^^’

    • Hiyo! We’ve contacted the winners and are awaiting their responses. Sorry about the long wait! If they don’t reply before the weekend ends we’ll choose two new winners 🙂

  • Fvockusz Der verrückte

    hey its been over a month 🙁

    • Hi! We’ve contacted the winners and are awaiting their responses. Sorry about the long wait! If they don’t reply before the weekend ends we’ll choose two new winners 🙂

      • Fvockusz Der verrückte

        thanks for the answer!^^
        could i ask via what?
        like f.e. the disqus profile or?

  • Here’s a few things that I think would be cool. Steamworld lunch box, stick-on decals for laptops, and a contained toy stage like “Mighty Max” (it’s a toy set from the early 90’s).

  • Daniele Cattin

    It would be awesome if there was a blue baseball hat with a SteamWorld engine (like the gold one on the top right of this page) or the Image & Form games logo on the visor, Rusty with the pickaxe or/and other characters on the front (red or yellow image) and Rusty’s hand holding a lantern on the back.

    • Daniele Cattin

      *not engine but gear

    • Haha, that’s awesome! Check your email for the coupon code 😀

      • Daniele Cattin


  • We’ve contacted the winners and are awaiting their responses. Sorry about the long wait! If they don’t reply before the weekend ends we’ll choose two new winners 🙂

  • Jay Garrick

    I know I haven’t won now, but I am still excited about the possibility of more Steam world merch :D, can’t wait to hear if you’ll be adding anything new to the fangamer store

  • Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’ve finally reached the winners 😀

  • Lance Noel

    Rusty’s hat, no doubt

  • psycx

    A giant plushie Dorothy would be adorable.